Once Again I

The Old Greenwood

Nymeria laid in sleep for a long while, her red hair splayed beneath her and her rose petal lips parted. Even when she woke she did not wish to open her eyes, there was no darkness in this land, no evil had scared it and she was at ease. No sorrows tormented her here; in time she opened her green eyes to the lovely lands.

Light seemed to flow in the air like streams, she waved her hand through the light and it reflected off of her skin. It swirled within her eyes bringing light to the hidden gold in her eyes. A shadow came over her, taking the warmth away. Her eyes adjusted to the darker light to see Boromir, he was smiling over her his silver eyes gleaming and dark hair blowing slightly in the wind.

"Good morning, Nymeria." he offered his hand to her, and she took it firmly. He pulled her up, she was nothing more than a feather to him.

"It is so beautiful here," her voice seemed softer, "I feel as if I were in a song." Boromir looked upon her as she gazed in wonder at everything around them.

'You are the song.' He thought, the sunlight was playing with her form and dancing with her eyes.

"You feel the power of the Lady of the Galahad." Haldir spoke, "Would it please any of you to climb up with me to Cerin Amroth?' he gestured to the great mound with the ring of trees upon it. Sam, Frodo, Nymeria and Boromir all wished to go, Boromir wished to go because Nymeria wished to go. During the night apart from her, he did then know that a moment away from her would turn into a thousand centuries.

So up they went up the mound past the rings of trees to the tallest tree where they climbed the twirling white ladder.

Haldir was the first one up the great ladder, and he was halfway up before one of them began to climb. Frodo and Sam were the next to go up the ladder, then Nymeria and Boromir. The climb took less time than Nymeria had estimated, in less than twenty minutes she was upon the white flet that overlooked the lands for miles.

In the East rested massive trees, or perhaps a city with green towers. All looked to the East, all but Nymeria who faced Northwards to a dying forest. She knew that forest, she had seen the same darkness sicken the same woods before. Haldir had taken notice of where her eyes lingered,

"There lies Southern Mirkwood, the darkness upon in it come from Dol Guldur. We believe there is where the Enemy now dwells, his powers are now tenfold of what they once were."

"I traveled through the Northern forest long ago. It was dark as well, full of dying trees." she was sad to think of it.

"It used to be a beautiful place, but the evil had devoured the life that did once rest there. Here you can see two opposing forces that will one day clash." He said referencing the light that rested here and the darkness that seem closer than ever. "But not yet." Haldir breathed before turning away and going down the ladder, Frodo and Sam followed quickly.

Nymeria lingered looking upon the dark cloud that hung over Mirkwood, and Boromir stood admiring her.

"Does it not seem sad?" he looked to her

"What makes you sad, Nymeria?" he spoke softly in a deep voice and stepped close behind her.

"It makes me sad that something that was once so lovely, could become like that." She threw her hand out in the direction of Mirkwood. He felt a great pain in his heart, he understood such things. His fair city of Minas Tirith had turned from a white city to a grey city. He wished to see the beauty of it restored, and believed it possible.

"Aye, it does sadden me. I have seen this not only here but in my own city. The White City,

the place that once had my heart is now succumbing to darkness. It will be restored one day, I feel it in my heart." He breathed, "I am to leave the Company soon, I can only go as far a Gondor."

"I do believe that it is too early to be talking of depart" he stopped her speech by spinning her around by grabbing her forearm making her face him, then he tasted her lips. She tasted like a sweet honey wine on a cold Autumn night, he poured all of the passion that he had for her in that kiss. Nymeria was surprised and pushed him away with force.

He had realized what he had done, but she was already going down the ladder.

"My Lady, I'm sorry." he called to her, "My Lad," he stopped himself "Meria!" he shouted drawing the attention of the elves. She would not listen to his apologies, or the calls of her name.

She made her way through the ring of trees once and down the mound. There Aragorn was sitting with somber look upon him, he was talking to Frodo; she thought it might be rude to interrupt so she joined Merry and Pippin. They were sitting in a comfortable silence and were happy to have Nymeria join them. Her cheeks were red not only from moving so quickly but also the embarrassment that she felt. Merry and Pippin noticed the blush, but Pippin was the courageous fool to ask about it,

"Are you alright, Nym, your cheeks are as red as your hair." she half smiled at this and lied,

"I just am a little out of breath from the climb down." her cheeks tingled. She gazed up the mound to see Boromir emerge from the ring of trees, he was too far away from her to tell what the look on his face was; so she did not know what he was feeling, but she could guess.

He must feel as humiliated as she did, and betrayed for he had trusted her with his worries. Perhaps he understood that he had startled her and she panicked, soon this would have to be discussed. That coming conversation was one that Nymeria would wish to avoid for as long as she could.

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