Once Again I

The Beauty Of Caras Galadhon

Soon after Boromir rejoined the group they began to resume their journey to Caras Galadhon. Aragorn was the last to leave the great mound, Nymeria heard him speak to the place, as if someone was there,

"Arwen vanimelda, namárië!" His voice was filled with sorrow, he looked to Nymeria and Frodo who were waiting for him, "Here is the heart of Elvendom on Earth, and here my heart dwells ever, unless there be a light beyond the dark roads that we still must tread." He then took the hand of Frodo, "Come with me." Then they left the hill of Cerin Amroth, Aragorn turned to spy upon it once more before leaving the hill. He was to never see that place again as a living man.

Their path was now through the trees away from the clearing, and the sun had set and the thick leaves of the tall trees hid the light of the stars from them. The Elves uncovered silver lamps that their way.

Nymeria walked at the back far away from Boromir who walked at the front with Merry and Pippin. He often turned around to look at Nymeria and often their eyes met creating moments with a potent awkwardness. They often looked away as quickly as possible, trying not to draw any attention. But Merry and Pippin noticed, they did not have the bravery to ask what was the cause of these uncomfortable glances.

The sun had just gone beyond the horizon as they emerged from the trees to a wide treeless area. Early stars of the evening were shining over them, they were so bright. A circle of trees surrounded the opening, the grass that laid in the field was an intense green that seemed to retain the light of the sun. On the opposite side of the clearing rose Mallorn trees higher than any that had been seen previously in the land. Nymeria could not guess the height of them, the stood like great towers. Haldir turned to the Fellowship, who were staring in awe at the trees

"Welcome to Caras Galadhon." he said, "Here is the city of the Galadhrim where dwell the Lord Celeborn and Galadriel the Lady Of Lórien. We must go round, for the gates do not look northward. We must go round to the southern side, this way is not short for the city is great." He led them to a road paved with white stones that led them Westward.

As they walked the night deepened and the stars rose, so great were the stars that the way seemed afire with stars. After a long while they came to a white bridge, across from the bridge was the gate of Lórien. The gate was strong and tall, illuminated with many lights.

Nymeria tried to see anyone that guarded it, but she could see no person. Haldir knocked and spoke then the gates opened without a sound. She looked once more to try to see any guards but once again there was no person. The gates closed as the Fellowship passed into the city, Nymeria could see no one but she could hear the many voices that rang downwards from far above.

Haldir led them through many paths and up many stairs, until they came to high place, before them was a wide lawn and a shimmering fountain. The fountain's water fell into a silver basin and was lit by silver lamps that swung from the branches of the trees. Past the fountain was the greatest tree of the forest, upon it rested a broad white ladder. By the ladder stood three Elves clad in grey mail with white cloaks hanging from strong shoulders, who sprang up as they approached.

"Here dwell Celeborn and Galadriel," Haldir informed,"It is their wish that you should ascend and speak with them." One of the Elven wardens blew on a small horn that produced a clear note, and it was responded to three time from horns above. "I shall go first, then let Frodo and Legolas follow next." Haldir informed, "The others may follow as they wish. It is a long climb for those not accustomed to such stairs, you may rest upon the way if you wish." Then up he went, followed by Legolas and Frodo.

The rest followed without hesitation, the ladder was odd; it was a strange concoction of stairs and a ladder. Gimli stopped about halfway up, Boromir chose to stay with him and rest. Pippin and Merry joined Nymeria after that, she smiled as kindly as she could to them. They responded in kind with half hearted smiles, but when she turned her gaze forward their smiles turned to worried expressions. Something strange had happened between her and Boromir and they wished to know so badly; they did not wish to upset her so the two of them kept quite.

Nymeria looked the the many flets that she was passing, many were empty, but a few had Elves resting upon them. The Elves were curious and took to staring at them, or more specifically Nymeria. The Elves of Lórien did not willingly interact with outsides, and she was something that not many had seen, a woman of the race of Men.

'Staring is rude.' she thought, the prolonged gazes of the Elves made her very uncomfortable, not that she would show them that. Her simple solution to this was to clench her jaw, keep her eyes fixed in-front of her, and ignore the silver eyes of the Elves.

When the climb upwards was over there was a wide talan, it reminded Nymeria of a ship's deck, just like the one that she sailed away on with her father away from her brothers and her mother. Nymeria shook that thought, she did not wish to think of her family right now. On the talan was a house so large that if it were on the ground it would be regarded as a great hall of Men.

Haldir decided to wait for Boromir and Gimli before entering the house, it was less than five minutes before they joined the rest. Frodo followed Haldir into the house, and the rest of the Company followed. There they found a great oval shaped hall, in the midst of it grew the trunk of the great Mallorn tree which the talan was built upon.

The hall held a comforting soft light, the walls were green and silver and above their heads rested a great golden roof. Many Elves occupied the hall, both male and female and all of great beauty. They all were quieted upon seeing the strangers, their eyes turned to see them. Nymeria clenched her jaw, and kept her eyes on the floor in front of her.

She looked up when Haldir stopped. Under a canopy of gold, on a platform sat side by side Celeborn and Galadriel.

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