Once Again I

Under The Trees

When Nymeria woke, all of the others were just waking, Nymeria stretched her strong limbs. Instead of getting up she laid back down and just watched the leaves sway above her,

"Good Morning, Nymeria." Pippin called, he seemed to be a better mood. Nymeria felt that her mood had improved as well, she felt as if all of her pains had been drawn out, like poison from a wound. She smiled to Pippin

"Good Morning, how are you."

"Hungry." he answered without a thought, he scurried away looking for food. She cast her eyes to Boromir, he was sitting in deep thought but he felt her green gaze upon him. The muscles in his arms and back tensed, and he with a quick motion turned his his sight upon her. Her eyes searched in him for an answer to a question that plagued her mind. The answer was not there so she turned her eyes and mind away, and she to the other members of the Fellowship.

"Quel amrun." Haldir spoke as he approached, his smile bright. He was dressed for travel, Nymeria knew that he was to go back to the outskirts of the forest. She decided that she would miss their guide. He kissed Nymeria's hand and said his goodbyes to all; Nymeria watched him walk far away until she could no longer see the gold in his hair.

Food was brought soon after Haldir's departure, succulent fruits and hearty meats and cheeses were devoured. Nymeria spent most of her time on the sweet honey cakes that had been given to them, she always did love sweets. When the Fellowship was finished the beautiful Elves that had served the food took the empty dishes and silverware away.

A beautiful She-Elf, clad in a lavender gown with hair that was the shade of the darkest evening. With soft steps she came to Nymeria and spoke,

"The Lady wishes for me to tend to you." her voice was like the flowing water of a clear stream. She held out her hand for Nymeria to take, knowing that it would be rude to refuse the hospitality of her hostess, she took the Elf's hand. The Elf led her away from the Fellowship to a far away talan, it was unsettling to be away from but she supposed that it would be nice to be waited upon after such a hard journey.

The Elf led her through many twists and turns in the road, but Nymeria did not keep track of the bending path that she was lead upon. Morning sun had filtered down wards into the forest, setting it on fire with an amber light. Birds sang, and flitted about the branches of the trees; so distracted by the birds and the way that sun played with the leaves that she barely noticed the bathhouse that she had been led to.

She had been led to a bath house, she was bathed with steaming water and sweet oils. Her clothes were washed and mended with great care, they looked to be new when the Elves were finished. Her hair had a new found luster to it, and her skin was polished and had an incandescent look. A whole morning had passed by the time she was done, and she found herself to be in want of a meal.

She was escorted back to the Fellowship, all of them had also been bathed and their clothes mended. Legolas and Gimli were not there, the rest were sitting about not telling stories and singing songs.

"Hello, friends. Where have Legolas and Gimli gone off to?" she questioned, they all turned their heads in response.

"Legolas went off to explore the city, and Gimli went with him." Merry informed her, and she was glad.

"I am quite happy that they are getting along. Though I cannot imagine what their fathers would think of this new found friendship." She took her place by the Hobbits, who moved aside welcoming her.

"They should be joining us soon again, it is almost mid-day meal and they said that they would return to dine with us." Boromir spoke to her, she was surprised at his voice thinking that he would not wish to address her. His eyes held a distant cool, this informed her that he was truthfully hurt and had not yet found heart to forgive her.

"You look well, Nymeria." Pippin spoke after seeing the ice in Boromir's eyes, he wished to put an end to the strange tension that followed his words.

"Thank you, Pippin, it was a relief to finally bathe. One of the luxuries that is not permitted while on the road." she smiled, a duet of half-hearted groans of agreement came from Merry and Pippin. Boromir watched them as they delved into discussions of things of the past. Soon their conversations turned to the the journey to reclaim Erebor. Nymeria answer all of the questions that Bilbo had refused to, mainly because of the book he was writing and wished for no one to see it until it was completed. Pippin had allegedly gotten a look into it once, but did not get much out of it because Bilbo had come back too quickly.

Nymeria thought of Bilbo, and of the red bound book; he had told her of how he planned to end the book

'And he lived happily ever afterwards, until the end of his days.'

She hopped that he did. No matter his age, or height, she would love him and would always wonder what would have been if fate had been kinder. If they would have had children, would their ears be pointed or round. Would they be short or tall, curly or wavy hair. Such things would never be known, but another heart had been placed into her hands. A heart of a warrior who stood tall and proud, whose heart should be encased in steel. Now it rested in lily white hands that trembled at the thought of love.

Boromir sat far away from her with his back turned, his dark hair smoothed over his shoulders. He was not unattractive in any way, in fact he was quite handsome, and honorable. Qualities that most women of Nymeria's status should look for in a man. She should love him, but she did not. Yet she knew that she could.

The arrival of Legolas and Gimli broke her thoughts of such things; they laughed and dined together. Soon all were joyous, for a time under the trees of Lórien.

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