Once Again I


The midday meal was over with and Legolas had wandered off into the trees again, they would not see him again till evening. Everyone, except for Nymeria, had taken to smoking their pipe-weed. The smell of it mingled within the smell of life, golden light filtered down lighting the grass in which they rested. They sat in silence, sitting close together on the couches.

Nymeria had stretched her slender form on one of the soft couches, her shoes were on the wooden floor of the pavilion. Looking up to the outstretched branches, and through the leaves she saw a blue sky far above. She thought of her home, far beyond this sky that rose above her, and beyond all of the stars would be her home. These thoughts were so vivid that she could taste the salt of the sea on her tongue, and feel the sea's wind run his hands over her body.

A bitter feeling rose in her breast, that thought that she should never see her home again; she had not mind to ask Gandalf if she should be returned to the shores after this quest. She knew that she would be miss, but she was of no importance in ruling; if they would need one to appear in charge they could a distant relative that would be a little wit and rule through him or her. Going back was not a great desire in her heart, she would miss the sea and the soft sounds that it did make and how cool it felt in the Summer's heat.

She wished to be alone, even if just for a moment; without word or thought she slid her shoes upon her feet and walked away from the pavilion into the trees. The others were confused at her sudden change, too quickly did she move for them to ask any questions.

"What is wrong with Nymeria?" Sam asked

"Who could possibly know." Boromir in an almost bitter voice spoke, "She is as ever changing as the waters that she grew beside." he looked the path that she had taken and stood, "I shall go after her, to see that she is not distressed." He went after her with hard falling foot falls.

Far away from the Fellowship, in a clearing of tall soft grass that swayed in the breeze. There she let her knees fail her so that she could fall into the soft grass. The height of the grass hid her body. The branches of the tree did not cover the sun and sky so that her eyes could behold its blue vastness. The wind sang her a soft lullaby as she rested, till the loud pounding of feet overpowered the soft sounds.

"Nymeria." a deep and soft voice called to her. He knew that she was there, yet she made no sound and laid still as a statue. He came to her hidden form that was caressed by the grass.

"Why did you leave?"

"I left because I wished to be alone."


"Do you not know how to ask any other question." she rolled onto her side so that her lovely face was hidden from Boromir. He sat down on the ground by her,

"I can ask many other thing. Perhaps, wondering what you have been thinking of for the past few days."

"I have been thinking that you should not kiss a woman without her consent."

"Apologies , for my actions. They were inappropriate, it is only that I had no words to tell you of my heart." Nymeria's eyes grew, her face still hidden from Boromir. "I have felt for you like I have felt for no other. You are like no other, should you let me love you I will never betray you." Her fingers had wrapped themselves in grass, "Nymeria."

He looked for an answer in her. She did not love him in the way he wished for, yet she did not wish to hurt him, his heart was already heavy. In an instant she rolled over and sat up, taking his face in her hands she kissed him. His beard was rough on her soft skin, and her hands entwined in his hair.

Warrior's arms pressed body to body, a fire sparked in Nymeria's belly and she let her hands roam over Boromir. This kiss had started as a lie, on Nymeria's part, but now she was consumed by passion. Soft hands began to pry at Boromir's clothing, she craved the feel of skin upon her.

"Stop." Boromir said sternly, he restrained her wrists with one hand clasping both. He bent his head down, his eyes closed and brow creased, "We should not..." she knew he was right, it would be inappropriate.

"You are right, we should not." She pushed herself away from him, yet he brought her back to him and kissed her brow.

"I will take you to my city one day. If you would have it, if you would have me, I would take you to be my wife." she sculpted her smile with excellent craftsmanship, he thought her pleased and kissed her cheeks and hands.

"If this quest succeeds, then I shall marry you." she spoke boldly, moving herself away from him and whispered, "If..." She stood tall and looked the way from where she came. "Come, we should return." The fire that but a moment ago burn red hot, was nothing more than smoldering ashes. The promise that she had just made had sealed her fate, she was to become a wife to a man that she did not love. Perhaps an affection would grow in her, least the love Boromir had for her would turn into bitterness.

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