Once Again I

On The River

The river took a quick turn, and no longer could they see Lothlórien. Nymeria felt te she would one day return to the city, but it would be a long time. They all turned their faces to the journey ahead.

All eyes were filled with tears, but Gimli was the one who had let them fall.

"Why did I come on this Quest, Legolas? I have known love and beauty and never shall know such again, this is the worst wound that I have ever taken. "

"Such is the way of life, my friend, to find an then to lose. Yet you have not forsaken your companions, and I am glad for that. The memory that you have of Lothlórien shall forever reside within your heart." Nymeria had taken his hand in her's,

"Maybe, thank you for your kind words. Yet I shall call fair, for I have seen true fairness in that of the Lady of Light. Nothing shall be fair to me, lest it be her gift."

And so they went forward, and Lórien became a grey shadow, far away in the distance.

The Great River was smooth, for the most part, and with Legolas steering the boat it went all the more smoothly. Nymeria's stomach still churned and her head was swimming, the wine had finally drowned her blood. She laid down as best she could in the small boat and closed her eyes.

"Are you alright Nymeria?" Gimli asked, his voice was full of sadness.

"I think that I have had too much wine. My head is spinning." her words slurred together, it was rare for her to be intoxicated or even to drink. She was not used to strong drink,

'At least,' she thought, 'it will help me sleep.'

"Goodnight, lass, I hope your dreams are as fair as that of Lady of Lothlórien." Gimli spoke to her, but she already was nodding off and could gather no words to respond with. She let her dreams come to her.

It took a long while for any real dream to come to her but when they did she wished that she could forget images that her mind conjured took from in the guise of strange shapes. Nymeria felt as if she was falling into the swirling colors that ran through her head. Soon the colors merged into recognizable things, and sounds came from the images.

Two young children were playing in on top of a grass covered hill, one a little girl with red hair the other a boy with a head of midnight raven. Each had a wooden sword in hand and they were sparring with one another. Nymeria thought them beautiful children and stepped forth to see them better, they stopped their play when their eyes saw her and smiles spread upon both of their faces.

"Ma!" in unison they yelled and ran to her with open arms, yet before she could hold them in her arms the dream fell away...

"Nymeria." Legolas gently spoke as touched her shoulder, waking her from the strange dream. Her head ached, as did her body, "It is morning." Legolas said softly as he could handing her a water skin.

"I can see that." she moved up finding herself to wrapped up tightly in blankets under a grey tree. She sipped on the water that he had given to her, her stomach churned at the new substance.

"Would you like breakfast?" Merry asked, she placed a hand on her belly trying to calm it after the thought of food came to her.

"No thank you." she almost whimpered, "I had too much wine last night, and now am paying the consequences." Taking another sip of the water that Legolas handed to her, she then forced herself to her up and gave the water skin back to Legolas. She began to fold the multiple blankets that someone wrapped up in; she must have been sedated quite heavily for someone to pick her up, placed her down and then wrap her up, without waking her.

She moved to Gimli, who was starting a fire. Boromir moved to sit near her, and she clenched her jaw; she sat almost too close to her so she instinctively leaned away. The sparks caught on to the kindling and a small fire began, Gimli placed bigger and bigger bits of wood on top till it was large enough for all to be warmed by it. The others ate a little as she warmed her hands by dancing them over the fire.

As soon as everyone was done eating they set off once more, Aragorn insisted that they leave very early and sail until deep into the night. The boats drifted down the stream with ease, Nymeria let her left hand drift over the top of the water every so often letting her fingers slip under the surface. Her head and stomach still ached, silently she cursed herself for drinking so much.

Legolas's face was twisted, his brow furrowed as if he were in deep thought.

"What plagues you my friend, and causes your brow to crease." She looked up to him, his distraught eyes met hers.

"The Great Lady warned me of the sea. She said that if I should see it, or even hear its sound, that the song of the West shall plague me, calling me to go there." He seemed sad about this, he did not wish to leave.

"I am sure that you shall not hear that song for a long while." Gimli said suddenly, he did not wish to loose his new found friend. She laid her head back down and watched the clouds pass over her, the water still touched her hand ever so lightly. For the rest of the day the sailed down the River, they were silent for the most part.

Every so often Nymeria would lift her head to see Boromir's boat drifting towards that in which Frodo resided. Boromir was losing a battle against the power of the Ring, it called to him. She would not deny that it had called to her, but her sense of loyalty was stronger than any desire that the Ring could give to her. And what ever the Ring promised to her were full of empty words, an allusion. In her heart she felt that Boromir would not last any longer against the temptations of the Ring.

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