Once Again I

A Great Many Reunions

As she stood there her old friends could only look upon her with disbelief. This was the girl, now woman, who died before their very eyes. Here she was now, as lovely as the rising dawn.

The one they had loved and mourned was then before their eyes.

Nymeria looked to her old friends and how they have changed. Kili's beard had grown out, and his dark hair possessed white strands, that were not an effect of time, but of the starlight she had given to him. Gloin's red hair was now white. And Bilbo…

Bilbo was the same, perhaps a touch of white to his hair and his smile lines have deepened from years of happiness. As they looked into each others eyes it seemed as if there was a secret confession of their love for one another.

"My darling Nymeria." He barely whispered. He walked towards her and she to him, she leaned down, as she was a foot taller than he was, and they embraced. They pulled away and smiled as bright as stars at one another. Then a loud laughter broke the moment of silent understanding between the two. Gloin took her in his brawny arms and nearly forced the life out of her.

"Lass, you look good in red." He tugged at a lock of her hair

"And you look good in white." She replied, then turned to Kili. In his gaze was nothing but shame and sorrow."Why do you look sad my friend? Does it not gladden you that I live?”

"You gave up your life for my brother and I." he seemed too ashamed to meet her yes.

"Yes," she bit her lip, "You and your brother had much to live for. And you made a promise your mother and to Tauriel. I do not let my friends break promises."

"You should not have done it still. You had much to live for as well, you could have been happy."

"I have been happy, and I did live.” She retorted.

"I would like to introduce you to my nephew," Bilbo took the conversation to a happier tone,

"Frodo Baggins." He gestured to a young hobbit with thick black curly hair and large blue eyes. He looked at her in amazement. Knowing that Frodo was his nephew made her happy, though that did not eliminate the chances that he had a wife and children of his own.

"It is a delight to meet you, Mr. Baggins." she so sweetly said, "I will accompany you, on this journey if you would let me. It would be an honor to assist one so selfless."

"My Lady, it would be an honor to have you, I have heard of your bravery as well."She laughed

"Those stories must be exaggerated. And now I shall have to work twice as hard to live up to any expectations that you have." She looked to each member of the Fellowship, Legolas bowed his head. They did not spend much time together, but a mutual relationship had formed between them. The Hobbits have listened to tales of her, Nymeria thought this might cause issue. Then her eyes met Gimli's, he smirked at her

"My Lady." he bowed "Might I just say that your statute does not do you justice."

"Statue?" she half yelled.

“We wished to lay you to rest, but your body disappeared." Kili explained, "If we could not commemorate you with a funeral, we would do so with a statue."

"Lass, you are a well known legend in that part of the world." Gloin followed. Nymeria for moment almost wished that she was dead.

"Well I ,Nymeria, the woman not the legend, will join this Fellowship for it is the wish of Frodo Baggins."

"Ten, so it shall be, you will be the Fellowship of the Ring." Lord Elrond announced

"Great!" one of the Hobbits said, "Where are we going?"
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