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Star Wars: The Jedi Wars - Battle For The Jedi Order

By Jeff Walker

Scifi / Fantasy

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…



The Republic Senate is becoming increasingly aware of inner Jedi conflict as rumors of witnessed battles come to surface. The rebellion has begun to move in remote locations throughout the galaxy, as the Jedi continue their civil war and now attract attention outside the various temples and training camps. The conflict had remained secret at first, trying to keep the public unaware of any trouble within the Order, but now the battle is getting so out of control that it is also happening on Republic worlds where many have seen the struggle openly. The Jedi Council is now summoned to make an appearance before members of the senate committee as they begin a full inquest into their recent behavior.

Meanwhile, Jedi Master Jin Wan So'bal and his young Padawan learner, Yoda, are sent out with the other Jedi Knights loyal to the Council and trying to restore balance to the troubled Order. So'bal and Yoda are constantly chasing Oberon Sa'hee, leader of the Jedi Rebellion, as they scour every Jedi location to find him and stop his followers from sending the entire Republic into a massive galactic war.

Darth Bane and the remaining Sith have continued to watch this battle from a safe distance and prepare to make their move against the weakened Jedi Order…

A ship warps out of the star filled darkness of space and approaches a larger ship completely tinted in black. The lower side of the massive slow moving vessel opens a landing bay door as the smaller dark grey ship enters inside of it and rests on the yellow markings of where it is to land. As the door closes and the air pressure returns to normal inside the large bay, the small craft opens its door ramp just as a few creatures approach it with various weapons. Leading the group of armored aliens is a middle aged looking Caucasian human man, his neat appearance and stylish blue suit gives him an air of great wealth about him. As he stands at the foot of the ramp, which finally opens completely, a dark robed individual walks down with similar dressed figure and greets the man who bows to their presence.

"Welcome my lords, it is an honor to have you on our ship." The well-dressed man says as he bows.

"Rise my friend." The old sounding male voice says from under the black hood. "Do not be so formal on our account. It is we who are honored by you and those who wish to help us in our cause."

"Yes my lord." The man smiles. "All is prepared for the meeting. Though I don't think there has been such an event since the last time this was attempted."

They continue to walk away from the ship and as the well groomed man follows the leading robed figure, he notices the twisted black cane tapping on the ground as he walks beside him and looks up at the hooded figure.

"The Black Sun is grateful for this chance to work with you, but given your proposal and your obvious nature, my employers are a bit nervous about the risks."

Turning to look at him, Darth Bane now shows his wrinkled old red face and deadly eyes with a scowl that would make anyone recoil in fear.

"Risks do not concern me. And your employers should be thankful I did not go to one of their competitors to arrange this meeting. Do you not agree?"

The suited man nodded in fear and simply grinned. "As I said…we are grateful for this chance to work with you. Please, forgive me for even mentioning it."

Bane snickered at the man's obvious cowardness and looked over to his fellow Sith traveler.

"How I do admire the weak minded…they are so easy to control. Come Lord Gaul…we must prepare for when the others arrive."

"Master, I do wish you would reconsider this course of action." Gaul now speaks. "We cannot trust this criminal syndicate to help us. How do we know they won't just turn around and expose us to the Jedi?"

"Have faith in the power of the Darkside my friend." Bane sighs. "The Black Sun is corrupt and greedy…without the Jedi in their way, they can continue their criminal activities and expand their empire. They will do whatever it takes to have them removed from the Republic, even if that means agreeing to do business with us. They didn't know we had survived for so long, that it was with our influence that many of them became so powerful in the galaxy. Many of those of whom now must come together and repay the Sith for all they've done for them. And so they shall. This gathering of the various leaders is all part of my plan…you will see."

"I urge caution my Master." Gaul says as he stares at the man walking beside them and slightly eavesdropping. "Some have grown too rich and too powerful from our help…they may try to reverse the tables and end up betraying us."

"Nonsense." Bane scoffs. "I sense no danger from the likes of the members of The Black Sun, their minds are focus on money and other foolish matters. They will only be too happy to join with us in the fall of the Jedi. Their war is proceeding as I have foreseen, the Order will shatter to pieces and we will have our chance to wipe them out forever."

The old man's laughter echoes through the landing bay as they all walk out and head inward to the ship.


A group of five red and white small fighter ships zoom towards a blue-green planet and descend into its atmosphere. As they break through the dense clouds, they continue on towards a forest area that has a massive Jedi Temple sitting in the middle of the wooded area. A landing pad stretches out from the large structure, big enough for all five ships to sit upon as they land. Retracting back inside, the various pilots step out of the crafts and walk inside. Each one is dressed in a brown robe, with sand colored garments and Earth toned apparel. As massive door of the Temple closes, three similar dressed individuals meet the group of five.

"Welcome to Corellia Master Jin Wan So'bal." The leading Jedi bowed as he greeted the five. "We are honored by your visit to this temple."

Jin Wan So'bal removed his hood and smiled. Having aged a few more years, the facial hair he now bore in the form of a mustache and beard had given him a wiser look. His hair had grown longer and now is pulled back in the form of a ponytail as it keeps his appearance looking neat.

"Thank you Meril Suakat, we are very weary from the long travel, it has been sometime since any of us had some sleep, may we stay awhile before we continue on to Courscant?"

The man bows again. "Of course Master So'bal."

As the other four Jedi remove their hoods, the smallest member takes his off and looks up at the man in a beaming smile.

"Ask may I?" The green skinned youth speaks. "Managing with the war are you?"

The man notices the creature and recognizes him by reputation.

"Padawan Yoda…I'm glad to see Jin Wan hasn't rid you of his training yet. We've heard of your great success in discovering the various hidden rebels among the Jedi, even the discovery of Oberon as their leader. But do not worry about such things here, the conflict here is non-existent. I assure you we are safe…all Jedi in this temple are loyal to the Order to which they've come to serve."

Yoda nods at Jin Wan as he looks down and gives him a similar acknowledgement.

"We are glad to hear of it. But I must confess…the unrest we've seen in other Jedi temples must be in this one as well. Oberon has been rather busy making sure that every Jedi camp has some of his followers placed deep within each one."

Suakat looks at them both and gives a simple frown and a shake of his head.

"I've not had any trouble here Master So'bal I assure you, Oberon's followers have not reached this temple at all. I personally made sure that."

"I see…" Jin Wan says as he strokes his beard. "Then tell me Suakat, why is it that you are blocking your thoughts to Yoda here."

The temple resident paused as he heard So'bal utter that, taking a glance down at Yoda he could see the boy peering at him as if to scan his thoughts.

"I…I don't know what you mean?" He nervously muttered.

So'bal raised his eyes at him slowly again and stared at the man with intensity.

"I think you do…where is Oberon? Where are you hiding him?"

As Suakat stood there with sweat forming on his brow, the two Jedi knights beside him quickly switched on their lightsabers and placed themselves between Suakat and Jin Wan.

"Revealed your thoughts are…" Yoda says. "See through you I can."

"Oberon…tell me where he is!" Jin Wan screamed as his voice echoed throughout the large landing bay.

Suakat nervously smiled and began taking steps away from them all.

"There is only one Force…Oberon's new order will be the true path for all Jedi!"

Jin Wan, Yoda and the other remaining Jedi behind him quickly switched on their swords and prepared themselves for a duel.

"Come back here Suakat! Don't follow Oberon into the darkness…his way will only destroy us all!"

Meril Suakat quickly fled the scene and ran out of the landing area, as So'bal and the others tried to follow him, the two Jedi blocking their way began attacking them all. The five Jedi defended themselves from two attackers as they skillfully managed to keep them all occupied while Suakat escaped. Yoda slip passed the fighting group and began to run after the traitor. Jin Wan and the other Jedi continued to fight as they tried to out maneuver the two rebellious Jedi. Using the Force, So'bal managed to push the attackers away and made them crash against a couple of fighter ships a few feet away. The thrust against them was so strong that it knocked the two men unconscious and slumped on the ground defeated.

"Quickly, we must find Oberon!" Jin Wan says to his fellow knights.

The three creatures were all different in appearance and of varied species. One had dark eyes and tendrils on his head, another was female and dark green in skin tone and the other member had a squid-like head. Together they ran off with Master Jin Wan So'bal as they tried to catch up with Yoda.


Sitting in a room deep within the temple, Oberon Sa'hee, the old camel-faced former Jedi Master listened to a hologram communication of figure dressed all in white and wearing a similar mask that many of his followers usually wear.

"Something must be done about this Master Oberon." The flickering image spoke in a deep male voice. "Our brothers and sisters are being discovered far too often and the loyal Jedi of the Council are managing to contain us from the other Jedi."

"Forgive me my Master." Oberon says closing his eyes in shame. "The war has been progressing slower that I thought. But So'bal and his young Padawan seem to know how to see past my students minds and locate our group far too fast."

"Yoda…yes we know of him." The white-cloaked figure says as it slightly flickers as it mentions the young Padawan's name. "A powerful boy steeped in the will of the Force, he seems to be the key to locating our Order. Something must be done about him…"

Oberon opens his eyes with a questionable look. "What would you have me do my Master? Yoda grows stronger in the Force day by day…I can sense it every time our paths cross."

The masked individual tilts his head down to Oberon and almost seems like he's looking directly at him.

"Then perhaps you need to find a way to eliminate him before our Order becomes extinct."

"What?" Oberon gasps in horror. "You want me to kill the child? I…I…cannot my Master…."

The white robed man folds his arms over one another and gives a disappointed sigh.

"You must. Or this rebellion is sure to die…and the new order will never succeed. Is that what you want Oberon Sa'hee?"

"No…" The elderly camel faced man breathes. "Our new Order must happen. I shall do as you command my Master."

"May the force be with you Oberon."

"And you my Master…and you."

The image flickers off and Oberon rises out of his seat as he thinks of the terrible deed he must do. Suddenly the door behind him slides open and Meril Suakat runs in shouting at the former Jedi Master.

"Oberon! Oberon!"

"What is it Suakat? Calm yourself."

"Master…So'bal has come…and the Padawan!"

Oberon sneers as he hears this and quickly runs out of the room with Suakat, they dash down the halls of the temple and look for a new route to avoid the approaching Jedi Knights.

As the Knights scramble about the temple looking for Oberon, Yoda runs into a group of young Padawan students on their way to classes and pauses to talk to them all.

"Greetings fellow Padawans." Yoda smiles as he also tries to catch his breath. "Seen you have, Master Suakat?"

The children nod negatively in their reply. But one child among them, a boy with a norrow shaped human head steps out of the crowd and recognizes the green Padawan.

"Are you….are you Yoda?" The boy ask inquizitivly.

"I am he." Yoda bows. "How do you come to know me by name?"

The narrow headed boy smiles with delight and bows to him. "We've heard so much about you Yoda. Talk is everywhere in the temple about the Padawan of Jin Wan So'bal. We all think very highly of you. My name is Tahl, Vassul Tahl."

"Heard of the conflict have you between the Jedi?" Yoda inquires.

"We've heard nothing but about the conflict." Tahl says. "Our Jedi instructors have been warning us about for a few years now. Those that spoke to us about it seem to have been mysteriously transferred or disappeared. Most of us have become worried about what our new instructors are teaching lately. Some have been teaching us…new things…things I didn't think Jedi were supposed to do."

"Such as?" Yoda again inquires.

"Well…that we should embrace the Darkside, that the evil once there is now subdued. That the good and the evil should be made one and therefore make us stronger in the Force. To use our powers to control the fate of the galaxy."

Yoda sighs and shakes his head, its obvious Oberon's followers have been influencing the younger children in their trainning, it disgusts him to no end that any Jedi would do so. If it hadn't been for his Master instructing him from the very beginning, perhaps he too would have been instructed in a similar fashion and become a rogue Jedi of Oberon's order.

"Listen to those teachings you must not." Yoda says as he looks at them all. "Corrupt are those Jedi who teach it. Destroy the Jedi Council they are trying to do…listen to the will of the Force you must, with your feelings you need to stretch out with and hear the wisdom from within. My master shown me the way to listen he has, clearer mind have I from doing just that."

"So'bal is a wise Master, you are lucky to be trained by him. If his way has helped you to see clearer, then we shall try that also." Tahl says as he looks at the other children. "Come on guys, lets give that a shot…if Yoda can do it, so can we."

The children look at each other and begin closing their eyes, Tahl even closes his eyes as well and begins to smile as he realizes that Yoda was right. Hearing the Force seemed augmented with Yoda around, they could literally feel it in everything around them. As Tahl and the other opened their eyes, they all had a blank expression as they sensed the evil that was in their temple.

"Oberon…and others…they are here. They've been clouding our minds. I see it…like a wall surrounding us. I'm still not strong enough to see past it…but I feel it there nonetheless."

Yoda nods as he sees the understanding coming into their faces.

"Join us you must, stop those from subverting the Force and causing chaos amongst the Jedi. Come with me you will…to stop Oberon's escape."

Tahl and the others nod in agreement and follow the small green Padawan as he continues the search in the temple.


Jin Wan and the other Knights run from room to room searching for Oberon and Suakat, the various Jedi who seem surprised by their presence watch them with great curiousity. None seem to be aware that there is evil among them and rather then ask questions or get in Jin Wan's way, they stand aside and allow him to move through freely.

"Blast it all…where is Yoda?" So'bal grumbled. "We need him to narrow the search."

"Master So'bal." One of the three Jedi with him says. "Shouldn't we keep an eye on the landing bay? It would seem most logical that they'd return to steal a ship and escape."

Jin Wan stopped running around for a second to talk to the questioning Jedi Knight. The Squid like creature stopped in his tracks as the Jedi Master stroked his beard in thought and answered him.

"If this were any other…I'd say that would be the prudent call. But somehow I have a feeling that Oberon wouldn't be that obvious. Its more then likely he'll hide an escape ship either somewhere hidden in the temple…or outside of it."

"What of the Jedi in this temple Master?" The other female Jedi asks as she now joins in the converstation. "We should focus on rooting out those loyal to Oberon's order."

"Later Kara Firtala." So'bal grimaces with frustration. "It's Oberon we need to locate and capture. Use the Force and seek him out…relax your thoughts and let it flow through you."

"Sorry Master So'bal…." She nods in shame. "My mind is focused on the well being of the others."

Jin Wan pats her on the shoulder and gives a comforting smile. "They will be alright for now…I too wish to see them unharmed, but we must learn to set our sights on the task at hand. Now then, you and Yi Mon Vek go outside and watch for him there. I'll continue on through the temple and..."

"Master!" The squid-like alien suddenly shouts as he raises his head up. "I feel him."


"No Master, Yoda. I sense Yoda…he is on the lower level….and with others. Padawans…young learners that he must have run into."

"Oh no…" Jin Wan scowls. "Foolish child, he should know better then to take untrained learners to stop the likes of a Jedi Master. Come on…I fear for their safety!"

The three Jedi run down the corridor and try to find the stairs to lead them to the bottom of the building.


Oberon and Suakat enter an empty large training room, with no students inside, the two men close the massive doors behind them and touch the control pad beside it. As the room seals up, the floor suddenly opens wide and a small vessel rises up out of it. The wings of the ship unfold and the small two seater cockpit covering pops up as it awaits them. The markings are that of a Jedi craft, red and white but different in design than the usual fighter ship they use. A small green and orange astrodroid sits in it's specified area on the craft just adjacent the cockpit and makes it look as if it was part of the ship itself. The two rushing Jedi traitors stand near it and remove their Jedi cloaks. Both have white and black garments underneath, with a strage black symbol of a hand and a white eye in the middle of the vestment.

"My Master will be very disappointed about this…" Oberon gripes. "It seems that we've lost yet another temple to Jin Wan So'bal and that apprentice of his."

"What can we do, Master Oberon?" Suakat says as he readies himself to climb into the ship powering up. "There must be some way of steering them from our order."

Oberon holds on to the follower's white belt as he tries to get into the ship, he brings him to the floor and stands over him in an angered gaze.

"Kill them!" Oberon orders. "Kill them both…"

"Kill? Who? You want me to kill them?" Suakat says with a fearful gaze. "I can't kill other Jedi!"

"Desperate times call for desperat measures, Master Suakat. There have been many Jedi taken out for standing in our way…all must conform or the new order will not happen. My Master demands that both the Padawan and So'bal are to die…"

"But…but killing a child? We've never…I mean…he's only a Padawan, a boy that has no experience, not a Jedi Knight with skills to challenge us…Yoda is just a child!" The horrified man states.

"Are you questioning me? Do you not believe in the new order, Suakat?" Oberon asks with a calm gaze at him.

Suakat eyes him and realises that he must not disobey, Oberon would surly kill him for being disloyal and treat him no different then those who don't join. The man nods slightly and lets out a sigh of remorse.

"I…I shall do as you instruct. The force is one…the force is power."

"Then do it…show me and the others how much you want the force to be on your side." Oberon says as he points to Suakats lightsaber attached to his belt.

The Jedi traitor rises off the ground and grasps his lightsaber of the magnatized clip of his belt. Holding it up he looks at it and then looks at Oberon giving him a hard stare.

"I will not let them destroy our order, my Master!"

The sword switches on as he stares back, the bright emerald green hue of the sword lights up Suakats face as if evil has washed upon his soul. Oberon smirks as he sees the unquestionable loyalty come back to the Jedi master and then suddenly looks over to see the massive door of the room opening up.

"Stop Oberon!" Yoda screams as he and the children rush in. "Out of places for you to run!"

The ex-Jedi Master said nothing to Yoda, but mearly looked at Suakat and then boarded onto the ship. Suakat gripped his lightsaber as if to say a last minute prayer and then turned around to face the small green boy and the others.

"Padawans! Go back…or face your destiny."

The children, looking terrified to take on their temple's Jedi Master, switch on their swords and stand their ground. Yoda activates his sword and gives a confident glare at the man challenging him.

"Fear not, rely on the Force we all must to defeat him."

Suakat takes a few steps towards them and warns them again.

"The Force is not with you my children. I foresee great pain in you futures. Especially yours…Padawan Yoda."

Yoda runs in quickly as the children all follow him, screaming as they attack the kids begin swinging their swords at the Jedi traitor. The white clothed man was far too superior for them to take on, he quickly was able to subdue many of them by spinning the sabers from their hands and using the Force to hurl them across the room. Soon the only one still trying to match his lightsaber blows was Yoda, the boy was furious in his pattern, it was clear that trainning was helping in his skills. Still, the boy lacked control, Suakat was able to push the Padawan easily away from him as he continued to protect Oberon's ship. The vessel was already beginning to lift up and opened the side wall that didn't look like it was supposed to open at all. Like a gaping mouth the side of the temple opened up and Oberon's craft soon ventured through. Yoda saw that the former Jedi Master was managing to elude him and became angered by Suakat trying to prevent him to stop the evil Jedi.

"The Force is strong with you and your skill is growing…" Suakat grinned at him. "But you still have a lot to learn my young one."

The man kicked him in the chest and sent him sliding across the room's floor. Out reaching his hand, the Jedi traitor snatched Yoda's lightsaber as he used the Force again to bring to him. Now he had both weapons as he slowly walked up to the defeated Padawan learner, the children all around were too afraid to challenge the man again, instead they sat there helpless and full of tears.

"Now it seems you must learn the ultimate lesson of life…with pain…comes comes death!"

Yoda tries to stretch his hands out to use the Force but suddenly flinches from the sore chest that Suakat gave him. The man reaches up with both swords and swings down at the wounded boy, only to be stopped inches away from his face by another lightsaber. Suakat looks up and sees Jin Wan So'bal standing there looking into his face.

"That…"He growl under his breath as he holds back both sabers. "Is not the Jedi way!"

He flings the man back with his strength and stands in front of Yoda to protect him.

"Master So'bal, sorry about the previous meeting…" Suakat snickers as he twirls both swords around. "But it seems you're visit was most unexepected. Perhaps you should have sent us a message ahead of time so we could have properly welcomed you here."

Jin Wan smirks at the traitor and raises his eye brow.

"Indeed. No doubt it would have been a much more civil and a chance to let Oberon escape with out all the rush."

Suakat laughs again at the Jedi Master and shakes his head.

"And here we thought you'd understand our cause…the same path you were on not so long ago. You must see what is happening…the council is old and out of touch with the times. A new order must rise if we are to go on and maintain the galaxy."

"We're not the masters of the galaxies fate…only the Force is. And it does not see the Jedi becoming as corrupt as the Sith!"

The two clash as they run up to each other and strike. The buzzing sound of the swinging Jedi weapons fills the air, each time the two narrowly miss one another as they continue to battle, the Padawans tears now give way to a look of awe as they see the two masters trying to take each other out in a ballet of movements. Yoda finally gets up off the ground and closes his eyes as he uses some of the skills his master taught him. Pain no longer holds him back from using the Force, stretching out his hands again, he now uses all of his might and snares his own sword back from Suakat's hand. The Jedi traitor is surprised by the sudden retrieval and foolishly lets his guard down as he tires to reach out for the weapon in mid-air. Jin Wan So'bal sees the mistake and slices the hand off of the traitor. Suakat screams in pain and falls to his knees. His sword drops as he reachs over to the cortorized wound and holds it close to himself.

"With pain comes death, Suakat. Is that what you believe?" Jin Wan breathes heavily as he holds the tip of his sword near the man's throat. "That the weak must die if the strong are to succeed?"

The man still grunting in pain nods with no response, the pain is unbareable to him as tears now stream down his cheeks. Yoda watches So'bal curiously as he notices the Jedi Master bringing his sword up to strike the man down again.

"Shall I end your pain then Suakat? SHALL I?" He screams out loud.

"I'm already finished Master So'bal…strike me down and be done with it."

Yoda runs over to So'bal and tugs on his robe. "Master? Do not…"

Jin Wan turns off his sword and pats Yoda on the head as if it tell him he wasn't going to finish the threat. So'bal just stared at the defeated man hunched before him and gave a long sigh.

"Then you too have a lot to learn about the ways of the Force, Master Suakat. For you are no Jedi Master at all."

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