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Star Trek: Genesis

By Jeff Walker

Fantasy / Scifi


A new ship in the late 24th century begins its mission with a young crew destined to rise in the ranks and learn about what it takes to make it on this adventurous five year mission.

Chapter 1

Star Trek: Genesis

Based on the tv series "Star Trek" created by Gene Roddenberry

"Genesis" is a created fan fiction series by Jeff Walker

In the late 24th Century…

Two decades after the legacy of the USS Enterprise 1701 - E, Deep Space Nine and USS Voyager.

The wars that plagued the Federation have now calmed to a lull and can once again move forward into a peaceful era. With Starfleet building new ships and continuing their original mandate to explore the galaxy, they once again boldly go where no one has gone before.

These are the bold new adventures of a young group of cadet friends who've graduated to the rank of Ensigns, sharing their lives, adventures and hopes as they voyage together on a brand new ship. The U.S.S. Genesis is a new Foundation Class vessel that carries a crew of over 1000…they are the young men and women officers to travel beyond the stars.

Mission 001:


Ensign's Log: Stardate 67468.79

What a rush it has been these few days. Having graduated from Starfleet Academy and assigned my first posting on the U.S.S. Genesis, I feel as if I need time to catch my breath from it all. It seems like only yesterday I was rushing to finish my midterms and trying to pilot a shuttle in a simulator, now I've been trusted into a brand new adventure and put on an untested ship with an equally untested crew. I hope that I can climb the ladder and reach my goal to become captain. A dream I've been waiting for all my life to come true, I'll do what it takes to make it to the top; with a bit of faith and just pure luck…I'll be commanding a Starship in no time. Maybe someday I'll be the one in command of this ship, Enterprise would be nice, but as a wise man once said, 'a ship is a ship'.

Orbiting the Earth, in stationary positions, a group of dry docks holding several large ships are flooded with activity as smaller vessels and construction drones hover about the massive structures. Inside the middle dry dock, the largest one the group, a black female officer sits in front of a computer with various controls displayed on a graphical interface. A low sounding hum climbs steadily as it rises in pitch, a bright light appears in the small room colored gray and maroon, the adult female officer navigates the controls to the Transporter as she guides the beam in and stabilizes the form. The bright light appearing on the round, faint-blue Transporter Pad now takes shape in a human form. As the humming begins to die down and the light dwindles, a young Caucasian male stands on the pad with a smile and a large green duffle bag slung around his back. The young man, not looking more then eighteen in appearance, has rich dark brown hair, brown eyes and the look of someone just waiting to begin a new life.

"Hi there!" The youth said cheerfully.

"Welcome to Station Port 5, Ensign. Please step down off the pad and head out to your pod designation." The woman announced in a bored fashion.

"Port 5?" He said looking puzzled. "Wait, you mean I'm not on the ship? I thought I was beaming directly there?"

The woman gave a brief sigh and pointed to the door as she raised her eyebrow at him.

"No, this isn't Genesis. The Transporters on the vessel are down at the moment."

"Ah." The young man simply nodded. "So where do I go from here?"

"What's your name?"

"Jason R. Kirk." He smiled and winked.

The woman was not impressed by his flirtative nature and rolled her eyes.

"And what shift unit do you belong too?"

"Beta shift." Kirk replied.

The woman gives a sigh and taps her console to locate the information.

"Beta shift, beta shift…" The woman sighed as she tapped her console to locate the information. "Your shuttle pod is two-one-one. Exit to your right and then walk straight down, the signs overhead will tell you the location of your pod. Please exit the room and make way for the others please."

The young man nodded gleefully and watched her emotionless expression as he took note that she wasn't welcoming him with more enthusiasm. Naturally, who would be? She's just an officer doing her duty that she's probably done a million times before and has been performing all day long. The well-groomed boy stepped down as she instructed and headed out the sliding doors that opened for him along the drab looking walls. As he walked through, the sound of the crowded terminal hit him; the whole place was full of new recruits and officers trying to locate their pods. The young man lifted the heavy sack against his back and made his way through the crowd like a lost tourist. His eyes darted around the large room that had windows everywhere he looked; the carpet was blue and grey with the occasional symbol of the Federation of Planets emblem printed on it. He took notice of how young the various races of men and women were as he strolled through the large deck, it seems that this crew was going to be just as inexperienced as he is as they head out into space. Like any young man would, he soon caught his eyes on a pair of very beautiful women, he noticed them giggling and peering over in his direction and in return he gave them a quick wink and a smile as he kept his eyes focused on them.

The two women where human, whether from Earth or some other humanoid planet, the young man didn't care. They were stunning in his eyes, both blonde haired and had a uniform that seemed to fit in all the right places. Grinning like an idiot, he turned around and kept walking backwards so not to miss them staring back. But as he kept grinning and looking at them, he suddenly ran into someone standing in his way and fell to the floor face down. The women laughed at his misfortune and walked away as they gave him a second glance. The young man shook his head from the impact and stared up to see an older Caucasian human ranking officer hovering over him. He immediately recognized the pips on the man's collar to be that of a Commander, the middle aged man with graying black hair folded his arms together and glared at him with contempt.

"Stand up, Ensign!" The man howled at him.

"Uh…yes…yes, sir!" He quickly replied as he came to attention. "Sorry Sir, I didn't mean to…"

"You should be focusing on looking for your shuttle location rather then worrying about your libido. Where are you supposed to be, Ensign?" The man grumbled.

"I'm…uh…looking for the bridge crew sir. I'm supposed to find Pod two-one-one, Beta Shift."

"Beta Shift, eh?" The man said as he calmed down. The sight of the young man shivering in his boots from his deep commanding howl seemed to make him chuckle as he quickly remembered the time when he was a hot headed young cadet like this one.

"Well then, Ensign…"

"Kirk, sir!" The young man replied nervously. "Jason Kirk."

"Well Ensign Kirk…" The man snickered. "I suggest you look up at the signs a bit more, that way you'll see that this side is clearly Delta Shift. Your group is down over there to the right."

The terrified young man looked beyond the officer and saw the location he was gesturing too.

"Thank you sir." He nodded quickly.

"Try not to run into anymore senior officers or else you'll find yourself assigned to another ship team. Got that?"

"Yes – yes, sir." Kirk saluted with hesitation. "It won't happen again, sir."

"Carry on then Ensign." The man saluted back and pats him on the shoulder. Giving a smirk and a slight giggle under his breath, the officer walked by him and allowed the boy to continue on.

As the gruff older officer left him standing there, the ensign let out an exhale of relief; he thought for sure he had screwed up and was about to be booted back to Starfleet headquarters. With that unpleasant matter out of the way, he picked up his green duffle bag again and walked with a calmer pace to the area the officer pointed too. Each section of the whole port had shuttle pod designations and color schemes for each level of command. Holographic signs floated overhead of each area to tell the young recruits of what section of command the pods were going too. A computerized male voice was randomly playing over the speakers as it was giving information about the time of departure for each section. Kirk dropped his bag on the floor and gave a sigh as he stood in the right area he was supposed to be in. Looking at the crew he was going to be traveling with, he tried to see if anyone there was worth talking too or even a ranking officer to report too.

"Hey Jason!"

A voice rang out over the noisy crowd. It was familiar to him, a male voice that he had heard numerous times and instantly smiled when he heard him calling. Looking over his shoulder, he saw a short Ferengi running up to him in a blue and grey uniform and smiling just as much as he was.

"Well, well, well. Hello there Ensign Narwk, good to see you again bud!"

"You too Jason." The boy grinned.

The two shook hands and quickly gave each other a quick heartfelt friendly hug.

"What the hell are you doing here guy?" Jason laughed and smiled at his friend.

"Well doesn't the uniform say it?" The sharp-toothed alien giggled. "I've been placed in the medical team on the Genesis, so it looks like the two of us are going to be stationed together."

"Great! Just like ol' times bud – you, me and – hey? Did anyone else from our cadet group make it here?"

"I looked." Narwk said shaking his head negatively. "Paltar, Davis and Karen were all assigned elsewhere. Paltar is on Deep Space Nine, Davis went to the research base on Nimbus II and can you guess where Karen went?"

"Ah crap no!" Jason replied, as he knew what was coming next.

"That's right…" Narwk laughed. "She got posted on the Enterprise."

"Damn!" The young man said as he kicked his own duffle bag lying there. "See, if I had just sucked up to old Admiral Riker a bit more at the graduation I'd be right there on that ship."

"Hey ya snooze ya loose. Like it states in rule seventy-seventh of Acquisition…'It's better to swallow your pride than to lose your profit." Narwk stated with pride.

"I'm going to find that book of yours, rip out that page and then make you eat it."

Giving each other a long stare with a silent moment, the two then break into laughter as they enjoy the humor of the friendly ribbing, and began to talk to one another about their days in the academy they endured.


"Look at them over there. You'd think were just going out for a training cruise."

A young Asian-Bajoran Ensign shook her head as she watched Kirk and Narwk grow louder in their conversation. Looking over at her Vulcan friend, a female Vulcan junior officer, she pointed to them and gave a sigh of disapproval.

"I tell ya T'nal, I'm not impressed with this bunch of misfits."

"Clearly they are not taking this mission seriously." The Vulcan woman stated raising her eyebrow. "It is highly doubtful they will be prepared for the realities of serving aboard a starship."

"I wonder if those two will be the first to go during our voyage." The young Bajoran Ensign smirks. "Wouldn't that be tragic for them."

"Your need to see these two perish is highly illogical, Ensign Lorna. But, are you suggesting that they will not survive this mission?" T'nal said with concern.

"Well, no – I don't mean they'll die or anything." Lorna snickered, "I just mean that the commanding officers will start to weed out the ones that won't make the cut. The ones that are nothing but trouble and not serious about their duties. I can see those two being the first ones booted off the ship."

The Vulcan female again raised her eyebrow and gave a simple glance back at Kirk and Narwk still laughing it up.

"Highly doubtful Ensign. I've read of others with such reckless behavior usually tend to be the ones who go on and eventually become Starfleet captains."

"What?" Lorna scoffed. "Are you insane?"

"I believe my mental factor is quite reasonable, Ensign." T'nal stated, "In fact if you study the Academy database you will find over two hundred and thirty two such cases on this matter."

The Bajoran woman looked over at the young men and lowered her eyes at them.

"And loose my chance at being Captain…to the likes of them? Oh, no. Not this ship – not this woman!"

The Vulcan officer looked at her friend with surprise as she began to walk away.

"Where are you going?" T'nal inquired.

"Just keep an eye on my stuff." Lorna growled. "I'm going to put an end to those statistics!"


A few feet away from those gathering at the shuttle pod terminal, a turbo lift signaled as it arrived to those waiting for it. A faint 'ping' sound occurred as doors slide open and a lone young Caucasian male walked out clutching a heavy blue duffle bag. A skinny youth, with a blue/gray uniform that all medical and scientific officers wore, carefully walked through the large shuttle pod area nervously. He wandered past the clans of young lower and mid-ranking officers as he made his way over to his selected location. He had a short crop of black hair; his eyes were deep blue and had a handsome completion. Like a timid rabbit in a den of wolves, he gazed quickly at the people passing around him without turning his head. His body language gave off the impression that he was not one for crowds and that he was feeling overwhelmed. Suddenly the boy flinched and rubbed his head as if something had struck him. A high-ranking Lieutenant Andorian male noticed the boy suffering and walked over to him.

"Are you alright?" The man asked.

"Yes – I – I'm fine, Sir." The young man gulped as he answered. "Could you direct me too – uh – the – the science team area?"

"Of course. Just down to the other end there and then to the right." The man pointed as he kept his eye on the frazzled Ensign.

"Th-thank you." The boy nodded as he started to walk past.

"Are you sure you're ok? You don't look so well." The Andorian asked again.

"I'm fine." The boy muttered back at him.

He quickly darted down the path the Andorian told him and finally located his group he was suppose to meet with. The boy plopped down on the ground and began breathing heavily; he kept shaking his head constantly as if he was trying to drum out the noise of the room. Each time someone spoke or laughed, the young man winced in pain. As his breathing became deeper and more heavy, the voices grew louder and louder to him. The room seemed to warp around and became a blur of non-stop chatter. Covering his ears, he ducked his head between his legs and began motioning back and forth while grinding his teeth.

"Ensign!" A voice spoke to him through the thick of the hellish buzz. It seemed strange to him that he could hear it so clearly. Once again it broke through the sea of chaos and caused him to focus on it. "Listen to my voice and let nothing else through."

The young man snapped out of his stupor and looked up to see a male Vulcan staring down at him. The man appeared to be in his mid-forties, but Vulcans tend to age differently then most humanoids, he could have been older then that for all he knew. It was then he realized that this was no mere officer, but a starship captain. The Vulcan noticed the boy was having trouble keeping focus and could sense this was no ordinary human crewmember.

"Are you alright?" The Vulcan asked with his right eyebrow poised up.

The boy was in tears as he stared at him; giving his face a wipe and standing to his feet slowly, the young man tried to keep calm.

"Sorry sir. I'm – I'm having some difficulty."

The Vulcan Captain took hold of the boy's face and looked into his eyes.

"I would say that you are. You're Betazain, aren't you?" He stated. "What's your name?"

"Ensign Liam, Sir."

"Ah, yes." The Captain nodded. "You are Admiral Liam's son. Ensign Markus Liam, if memory serves. I think you should go aboard right away and report to the Medic. The ship's doctor is busy overseeing his medical staff and waiting for the next group to arrive. A temporary medic will suffice until the doctor can attend to you're special requirements. Take shuttle pod two-one-one, it is leaving very shortly."

"Thank you, sir. But I – I can manage." Liam said firmly.

"Indeed." The Vulcan stated raising his brow again. "Nevertheless, I insist that you proceed to the ship and seek attention. Your father has already informed me of your condition and judging from your current state, I would say you are in no position to stay here and remain flooded with the minds of everyone here."

"I don't know if that's necessary, sir." The Ensign sighed. "I really am feeling a bit better."

"Don't let this moment of clarity fool you, Ensign Liam. I helped to shield your thoughts for the time being, but you need proper treatment if you are to work aboard this ship. Logic dictates that you should get this resolved before we begin our long journey together, Ensign. Walk with me, I will show you the way."

"Aye, Sir." Markus nodded reluctantly.

Picking up his blue duffle bag, Liam and the Vulcan Captain walked to the shuttle pod together. Others take note of the boy getting special treatment and a group of young officers in dark yellow and gray uniforms snicker at the sight. Many giving glib comments about the young man being a 'suck up' or 'Captain's pet'.


"A week? What do you mean I'll only last a week?"

Kirk yelled at the brash Bajoran woman, he stood there amazed that she would even say such a thing to him and placed his hands on his hips in anger.

"Exactly what I said, a week. One week and your done." Lorna smiled. "Captain T'vok is rumored to be a very stern and hard judge of character. The last time he commanded a vessel, a total of fifteen Ensigns and junior officers were replaced or transferred to some dead end star base."

"Is that true?" Narwk leaned in with a questionable gaze. "Or are you just pulling our Lobes?"

"Sarah Lorna tells no tales gentlemen." She said with a raised right hand as if she was giving a scouts honor. "Those that are reckless and headstrong will be gone in a week."

"So, guess I'll see you on the shuttle home then too?" Kirk laughed.

Sarah's smile soon curled down and gave him a glare of disapproval. Jason continued to giggle and shook his head as he reached down to grab his green duffle bag. As he stood up slinging it over his shoulder, he gave the woman a quick pat on the shoulder and smiled.

"Listen Sarah, I see what you're trying to do. You think I'm a threat to you. That's understandable, slightly on the jealous side, but cute nonetheless. "

"A threat?" She quickly squawked. "Trust me Ensign, you are no threat to me."

"Oh, of course." Jason snickered. "My mistake. I just figured that you were intimidated by me once I pass you up in the ranks."

"My, my – aren't we full ourselves?" The woman smirked as she squinted her pale green eyes. "If I didn't know any better I'd think you are challenging me."

"Maybe I am." Kirk said coming close to her face. "Think you can handle the pressure, lil' girl?"

"I can handle anything. So you wanna do this, huh? You and me – a race to be captain."

Narwk looked at Jason and leaned over to whisper to him.

"She's a bit nuts isn't she? Who does this female think she is?" Taking a moment to think for a second, the Ferengi tapped his upper lip and whispered back at him again. "Ten strips of gold pressed latinium says she doesn't make it."

Kirk chuckled at his friend's comment and rolled his tongue inside his cheek while thinking about the situation. The woman was dead serious about her challenge and the fact that her ambition was as large as his made it even more delightful to accept.

"I don't see why not? You're on." He replied as he shook her hand firmly. "May the best – man – win."

She continued to shake his hand and gave a laugh at his remark.

"This best – woman – will have you eating those words."

Narwk rolled his eyes and gave a slight sigh as he watched the two still shaking hands tightly and staring at one another with intensity.

"Hu-mans – they're all nuts."

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