Possessive Mate


Mazie was a normal girl with a normal life. She heard all the fairy tales about princess and werewolves. But never knew she would live in a world full of them, let alone be the mate of an alpha herself.

Fantasy / Erotica
Keri Vaughan
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Chapter 1

I walked into the crammed hall ways as the students walked to their classrooms.

I use the term walking lightly. Only a few where actually trying to get to the classrooms, as others shoved each other and couples made out in corners.

I pulled my arms tightly around one another as I ducked and heaved through the mass of bodies.

Being 5'4 comes in handy sometimes. My face was hidden by the long dark brown hair that fell down my back.

I approached room 250 and walked in, no one was in there but a few students. "Hello you must be Maize Adams! Nice to meet you." The teacher smiled "Yes, thank you." I smiled shaking her hand awkwardly.

"Take a seat anywhere." She pointed to the array of desk and I chose one that was in the middle, not to far back but not in front.

Girl after girl filed in and I slowly started to feel more insecure, these girl where gorgeous , with long blonde hair and legs to match wearing perfect outfits. I was short, and had boobs and a butt, I wasn't fat, but I had meat on my bones, and instead of blue eyes, I had dark brown ones. I was on the opposite scale compared to these girl.

I pulled at my book and adjusted my reading glasses onto the bridge of my nose, I only really wore them for reading, but kept them on for class periods.

The bell rang and in came a whole group of people, I took a deep breath just get me through this day of school. Fresh start. New school. New people. Breathe Maize you can do this.

Derek's POV

I was walking down the halls with the pack following behind as everyone nodded their heads towards me and girls eyes looked like they were going to fall out of their sockets.. Yes I was the alpha of the town, but c'mon bowing in my presences is a tad bit much don't you think? But it works for my ego so I won't complain.

I walked into my first period and the scent of vanilla or maybe coconut filled my mind, it was the perfect mixture and I never smelt something so infatuating.

'Mate' my wolf purred. "New girl!' My friend howled at the same time, between our mind bond.

I turned to see the most angelic looking girl I've ever laid my eyes on, her dark hair covered her tiny face as she looked down towards her book. Her legs where pulled up to her chest as she sat in the desk, and her hand rested on her face.

'Our perfect Little mate." My wolf sang in praise watching her from afar. A growl erupted from deep below as I saw one of the pack members staring at her a little too long for my liking making everyone turn including my mate.

Her brown eyes fell in contact with mine as we held a moment as if it was only me and her.

"Oh shit. She's your mate." My best friend Spike laughed from beside me elbowing me in the side making me break out gaze, pushing him away.

She turned back around to steal a glance at me

making my wolf smile pridefully. She can't stop thinking about us already. I think confidentially.

She innocently tucked a piece o hair behind her ear and I've never been turned on by something so small and so fucking quickly. My jeans tightened against my crotch making me take a deep breath controlling my hormones and settling derek Jr. Down. I have to remember to take this slow and not let my wolf take control or I just might scare her off.

"As you might have noticed we have a new student, Maize, come and tells us about yourself and why you moved to Clearwater." The teacher smiled.

Maize. That was perfect, it fit her it rang innocent.

She slowly made her way to the front, her jeans fitted perfectly lifting her tiny butt up as her navy v neck hugged her light curves, that was covered my a white and gray north face jacket.

"Um h-hi" she quietly spoke looking down at the ground glancing up for a second before going back to the wall "I'm Maize. But you already knew that." She blushed embarrassed "I like to play soccer and read." She paused for a moment when the teacher asked she had chose to move here. "I uh moved here with my dad when my mom died a couple of months ago. He said we have family history here." She quickly spoke and scurried back to her seat hiding her face once again.

So she was shy. And Her mother died, my poor Lil bit. I wasn't there to help her through probably the worst time of her life. That broke my heart and also my wolves by the way he howled sadly in me.

"She's hot."

"Did you see her ass."

A few boys whispered, members of my pack.

'MINE' I growled to show my dominance making the whole pack in the room shift to meet my harsh glare.

'We are sorry alpha hale, our apologizes we didn't mean to say such hostel things towards your mate and our future Luna.' They spoke uneasy, I nodded signaling that it was ok to return to there class work.

I focused in on her all class period long, how when she was confused she would bite her lip lightly, making me almost moan at her tiny action, I knew I was going to be wrapped around that tiny finger of hers, I was already so weak for her and we hadn't even spoken yet.

"Dude, you're being a creep, I know she's your mate and all, but she is human, and doesn't get it, she will only think of you as some weirdo lay off." Spike laughed as the bell rung. I knew he was right but I was too stubborn to listen as the bell rang and sped out to catch up to the beautiful girl.

I saw the top of her head bob through the mass of people. "Mazie!" I called after her making her turn to me surprise covering her face. "Hey I'm Derek Hale." I introduce myself pridefully.

"Oh uh hi!" She smiled obviously a little surprised at me. "I'm Maize." She sticks her hand out in front of her and I notice a tiny mole on her wrist. "But you already knew that. I keep doing that." She shakes her head her cheeks flaming red.

"You are beautiful." I purred not being able to keep my eyes off of her. "Oh Thank you." Her face was the shade of a tomato at this point making me slide my finger down her soft cheek before speaking "anytime." I mumble still caught up in all that is her.

"Ill see you around." She weakly spoke turning to head down the hall. "Ill walk you to your next class." I smirked snatching up the schedule from her hand. "Oh perfect ill meet you at lunch."

She just nodded a small smile playing on her lips.

As we walked down the halls way I saw the guys eyes, eyeing her. But they saw my possessive gaze quickly focusing on anything but my mate.

"Here you are." I smiled waving my hand towards the door. "Thank you Derek." She quietly spoke

"I'll See you at lunch." I waved. "I'll come find you." I add as She walked into her room sitting down and pulling out her book looking up at me one last time before I walked away.

She was the perfect little mate, and I couldn't wait to make her mine.

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