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The Transformers: Generation One Universe Series

By Jeff Walker

Scifi / Fantasy


The G1 series is relaunched in this bold new retelling of the heroic Autobots vs. the evil Decepticons. Come and read the new adventure!

The Journey To Alaxon

" Hear my words and feel my spark Cybertron...I am he who is called Primus. I was the first of our kind to ever be created, the first to ever be given life by the mighty supercomputer of Vector Sigma and I was the first to defy the evil that held us back for so long. I am the beginning, I am the ending and I am the face of those who will all come after me. I gave you hope as we liberated ourselves from our bondage, a new home to call our own as we took the planet of our slave masters, and I shone the light in our darkest hour as Unicron came to destroy us all. All these things I have given you, but without all of you I could not exist, for you are the true legends of Cybertron. As I leave you to become the everlasting spark of the Matrix, remember to learn to live in peace, every faction, every individual, every spark that comes from this world and others. I shall see you all again in the Great Spark beyond, as we will once again be reunited in harmony and living as one mind again. Remember me my Cybertronians, let all that receive this Matrix of Leadership, guide you all with wisdom, passion and courage. This is the everlasting collective spark of those who will follow after me and give the power to guide those who have yet to come.

We are of Cybertron, we were once slaves but now we are the writers of our own destiny. So let it be said forever in your sparks.

Until the day my children...Until all are one with me again. ”

- Primus OM-001, The First Leader of Cybertron

A world made of metal hangs in deep space. A war ravaged world full of activity of energy weapon fire and explosions. The planet looks dull and gray, the many years of war have tarnished its once beautiful look and the old, burned out ruins stretched out across its plains show its age. A planet once peaceful and tranquil has now become a drained, burned out shell of a world that those on it still call home.

The planet is Cybertron.

Two warring factions fight on the surface of this doomed planet, a group once known to be a labor class type of robot, The Autobots. The other was once used as a military and slave overseer class of robots, The Decepticons. For millions of years the two have long fought each other, Decepticons believe they are the destined rulers of Cybertron and the Autobots were made to serve them. But the Autobots believe that no one faction should rule another, they believe in equality and freedom for all...even for the Decepticons. The two factions long war engulfed the other outlying factions on the planet, their war made many leave the world and seek peace elsewhere. Some remained but ended up either being wiped out or incorporated into the two dominant warring factions. It was a time of great darkness, victories came and went as each war passed, but the Decepticons and the Autobots would never see eye to eye. Of the many wars there were the major battles that were termed ” The Great War “, each one lasted for thousands of years, with no almost no end in sight. To gain a new foothold on each of these Great Wars, new body designs were needed to shield them from the devastating attacks. Some improved on a method that once was only given to a select few of Cybertronians long ago, a helpful disguise called, Transforming. This Transforming was only an alternative mode to help out in production or moving from place to place on Cybertron, but when each side learned they could mimic objects, vehicles or even everyday items, it brought into the war a new strategy of attack.

Decepticons made this transforming a priority; they made them into every thing imaginable, improving each new soldier as the years went on. The Autobots preferred sticking to ground based vehicles or some that could fly, that way they could keep moving as the Decepticons attacked or tried to make an escape. And that is how the planet has been for all this time, since the days of their great leader Primus; the wars have never truly stopped. But there are those who hope to bring about the end of these futile conflicts and bring about a new age of harmony to their world. The planet is in its Fourth Great War; a massive transport carrier robot named, Optimus Prime, leads Autobots. A great descendant of the original Primus, once a lowly dock worker named Orion Pax, rebuild during the war to lead them all to victory and freedom. Megatron is the Decepticon leader, a sliver polished robot that can transform into a large energy plasma cannon or as a hand weapon. His size in robot form is just as big as Optimus Prime, making them an equal challenge for one another. His goal is to rule the planet with an iron fist, to wipe out the Autobot faction once and for all, and then spread out into the galaxy to begin his new empire. The Fourth Great War has taken its final toll on the broken planet, the precious energy they need to stay alive, fuel their weapons and power the entire world is nearly exhausted. Energon, a power that all these ” transformers ” must rely on must be replenished or their race will be doomed. So as the Decepticons and Autobots fight, both build ships to send out into space, a last ditch effort to find the key to winning the war and the salvation of Cybertron.

The Decepticons have become obsessed with keeping their foot hold on Cybertron, but try to hinder the Autobot’s plans to find more energy before they do, and as their enemy prepares to leave the planet, Megatron orders a massive attack on their heavily shielded launch base. Strangely designed jets fill the sky above as they clash with one another in a brilliant display of aerial stunts and weapons fire. The surface around the base is full of combating transformers, Autobots and Deceptions in hand-to-hand and distant weapon combat. An energy shield that continually sparks as the blasts from enemy fire hits it from every angle protects the large golden yellow structure. Inside the domed tower sits a large space vessel standing straight up and aimed at the top of the building inside. The war pounds away outside while the Autobots fuel the ship, pack the cargo and scatter about their duties within. Standing at the base of the ship is a rather large red-blue robot, his size and stance gives him a look of great authority, and well it should. For this is the leader of the Autobots, the one that has been given the Matrix of Leadership, a mantle of power handed down to those who will some day lead them all to freedom.


The scream from a smaller yellow Autobot causes the leader to turn around and face him. The small soldier salutes him and talks to him out of breath.

" Sir! We’ve managed to scrounge up some more Energon for the voyage...but it wasn’t easy...”

Prime nodded at his salute, which soon made the small soldier relax his arm. The tiny robot was yellow and black, but his voice gave away his apparent age of not being too old.

" Excellent much more is it? “, the leader inquires.

" Well...uh...Jazz and Cliffjumper are bringing it in. They said it was about 98 Deco-Quads. ”

Prime clenched his fist and tried to calculate the amount in his head, ” Hmm...just enough to power our main weapon on board. Good work...wait a minute...where did they get it from? ”

Bumblebee laughed, ” Trust me Optimus, you don’t wanna know. ”

Out in the distance, down one of the many damaged streets and roadways of Cybertron, two alien shaped road vehicles come racing down the road. One looks white, with large wide lights on the front and to long strips on its sides. The other is all red, small in size and has a small plasma cannon on its roof.

" Nice going Jazz! “, a voice booms out of the red vehicle, ” I almost had him in my sight and you make me miss the shot! ”

The White vehicle pulls up closer and hollers back, ” Aw cram it man! It wasn’t easy for me to take energon out of their booster rocket with you trying to knock off Megatron! Hmft! Face it’re out of your league.... let Prime be the one to put Megatron in the scrap heap! ”

" Yeah well...I still say I could have done it. Uh oh.... My sensors are picking up two unwelcome visitors! ”

Jazz switches on his monitor device inside his car like interior; a screen on the dashboard shows two shapes in purple heading straight for them.

" Aw crap...I suppose that will be Starscream and his goons. I guess we didn’t lose them back there under the overpass. ”

As the race towards the Autobot launch base, a group of slender looking Cybertronian jets come flying in above the roadways. Almost on top of the two Autobots, the jets all fire at the speeding road vehicles. The lead jet is gray with red stripes and a large Decepticon Icon on either side of its dorsal fin and small wide wings.

" How dare you steal from the Decepticons!! I will personally rip out your sparks and squeeze the very energon life force out of them!! “, The jet says in an irritatingly squelched voice.

Jazz just laughs as he maneuvers the shots raining down on him from above, ” Promises, promises Starscream! You’re all talk and no bite.... so no Autobots for you to fight! HA! ”

Cliffjumper beside him, also missing the shots, laughs as well, ” Hey Starscream!! Here’s an energon surge that’s right up your tail pipe! ”

Cliffjumper’s small plasma cannon, aims right at the hovering jet and fires straight at the Decepticon. The blast knocks out his right engine causing him to wipe out two of his following jet commandos.

" GAAHHHH!!! “, the Decepticon screams as he goes crashing into them.

The two Autobots laugh and continue to increase speed to the base, with two jets still on their tails they continue to dodge the blasts coming down.

" What a moron...One shot and he’s down for the count. Megatron must be proud of him...ahahaha! “, Cliffjumper shouts to Jazz.

Jazz begins sending a transmission to the base, ” Autobot base one...come in...Get ready for us cause were racing on in!! Wooooo!! ”

The two drive on and in the distance the happy Autobots can see the base, all around it war still rages hard.

Out in the battlefield, three Autobots quickly react to the many enemies around them, shooting their weapons and looking around on all sides. The first robot looks rather old in design, slightly damaged from years of wear and tear, his body colors a dull pale green and light sea blue. His handling of a gun is more then just experience, its full of calculated shots and rock steady performance. Kup is his name; a decelerated officer of many wars, now continues to fight for the Autobot cause. The two robots fighting with him look more like twins from a distance, their head designs and color sequences are the only thing that tells them apart. One colored deep yellow is Sunstreaker, the other a lush bold color of red is called Sideswipe. Having been created at the same time, the two act very much like twin brothers, often sharing the same thoughts and even the same impulses. The battle makes them giddy with delight; their skill at shooting Decepticons is masterful, but by no means at good as Kup. As they all shoot away a Decepticon soldier creeps up behind Kup ready to strangle him to death. Sideswipe sees the attacker in the corner of his eye and whips around firing his large white hand cannon at him. The blast wave rips through the soldier and streaks right past Kup’s head as well. The Decepticon lies dead at the old salty Autobot’s feet, his gaze of amazement makes Sideswipe and Sunstreaker laugh.

" You damn Punks!! “, Kup screams at the two, ” Watch your energy strength on those weapons for Primus’s sake! You could have taken my head off as well with that shot! ”

Sideswipe shakes his head, ” Oh Kup, lighten up will ya! I did ya a big favor and this is the thanks I get? ”

Sunstreaker now butts in, ” Yeah old timer...relax before you spring a gasket or something. Just keep fighting and lets get it over with, huh? I need a new wax job before we leave! ”

" Old Timer?! You ungrateful bunch of....“, Kup gripes soon wear off as he turns back to fight the Decepticons, ” I’ll show you young brats how to kill these Decepticons...The Right Way! ”

Kup scowls away as he rapidly fires his blaster at hordes of Decepticon soldiers in front of him. The blaze of his gun illuminates the air and soon lays waste to many enemies trying to move in on him. Sunstreaker and Sideswipe glance at one another as they watch the old man go ballistic, they simply shrug their shoulders and help the aged transformer finish the job. A few feet away more Autobots fight along side a massive robot, a towering blue and white Autobot, with a head that almost resembles their leaders. But this is not Optimus Prime; this is their commander, Ultra Magnus. He’s a bit more bulky in body structure, and really doesn’t share any real similar features to Prime, perhaps only his head design. The smaller Autobots around him are half the size of many of the Autobots, mainly called Minibots, but formidable soldiers nonetheless. The four bots stood proudly around the massive Ultra Magnus, all trying to get their shots at the many Decepticons trying to take over the base. Suddenly a red light and beeping noise activates on the large commander, his arm panel flashes as a signal comes in to him. Tapping the glowing icon, a small microphone and a protruding antenna slide out of his head-helmet.

" Ultra Magnus...“, the voice is Optimus Prime, a garbled, static filled transmission he makes to the commander, “...the ship is nearly ready. Jazz and Cliffjumper have just radioed in, so you need to give them cover when they show up. ”

" Rodger that Prime! “, Ultra Magnus says, ” We’ll try to give them a clear way into the base, but we’re not going to last much longer out seems Megatron has launched every Decepticon he can spare to stop our plans. ”

Optimus Prime signals back, ” He’s getting desperate Magnus...he knows if we get Energon before him, we’ll have enough power to strike back. Just buy us enough time so that Jazz and Cliffjumper get through, once they’re inside start pulling every one back in. The shield will have to keep us protected until the very second we can take off. ”

“You got it Optimus...Ultra Magnus over and Out! ”

The receiver folds back into his helmet and he peers down to the fighting small robot in front of him. A tarnished deep green and yellow minibot, his head is shaped like a sliver half round helmet, with a chiseled hard face sticking below it. Ultra Magnus points down to him and as he speaks to him, the mini-Autobot turns around to hear his words.

" Brawn! We’re expecting our delivery men soon.... take lead and clear a safe road way for them to charge through, once their inside fall back to base. The shield will begin to re-cover the entrance the second their inside.... you’ve got two minutes to get everyone back in before it seals completely again. Understood? ”

Brawn salutes his commander, ” Yes Sir.... one safe passage to home comin’ up! ”

Looking over at the various Autobots around him, he screams out loud enough for them to all hear, ” Ok you lug nuts! Follow me! We’ve got job to do.... fall in and make a path!! ”

The many Autobots soon run behind him and begin shooting an opening near the road where Jazz and Cliffjumper need to come rushing through to headquarters. As the push the Decepticons back, the bright glow of the two Autobot vehicles lights can be seen in the distance, above them are the jets still pounding away trying to shoot them off the path. They get closer and closer to the area, the sound of their engines at full speed soon gets louder as they come right on in the path cleared by their friends. Re-joining the fight from above is Starscream, he tries to nosedive directly down towards them, firing his weapons and rushing down at full thrust.

" I will not be defeated by two mangy Autobots!! DIE YOU PATHETIC FOOLS!!! ”

Unaware to Starscream, Ultra Magnus comes running in and protects the speeding couriers, his gun aims right at Starscream and fires away. The impact of the shots singe the Decepticons structure and manages to explode the front part of his jet nose cone. The shockwave barrels him past the road and comes crashing into the ground, once again he manages to fall into a group of his own soldiers, as they were too late to get out of his way. Ultra Magnus blew the steam off of his gun barrel and smirked.

",! ”

He then runs behind Jazz and Cliffjumper as they finally enter the base, He turns around and signals to Brawn the time has come. Brawn sees Ultra Magnus motioning and gives the order to fall back. All of the Autobots quickly retreat into the large compound, some keeping fire as they help each other rush back inside. The Decepticons slowly move in as the area becomes exposed, but as Brawn and two others beside him make the final steps in, the shield totally seals behind them. All now are safe inside...for now. Starscream transforms out of his jet mode, now he stands in his grey and red colors, his head dark black and his eyes glowing an evil shade of red. Shaking his fists, light in blue color, he lets out a loud scream of anguish.

" Gaaahhh!!! We almost had them!! ”

Suddenly a voice transmits to him, sounding very much like a radio signal that Magnus and Prime used, only this voice was that of the Decepticon leader, Megatron. Most Decepticons have internal radio receivers, Starscream being one of them, so while he stands there in fury, Megatron gives the whining soldier his new orders.

" Come in Starscream! This is Megatron...Answer me! ”

Placing his hand to the side of his head, Starscream holds it as if he has a headset attached to it, ” What is it! I’m busy! ”

" Busy are you Starscream?! Not from what I’ve witnessed it isn’t...” the leader says to him in a gruff tone, ” You forget I can see the entire battle from above...thanks to my truly loyal spy Laserbeak! ”

Starscream looks up and sees the small bird like creature hovering above them all. The scowl on the whiny Decepticon shows he wasn’t too happy about it.

" Oh.... alright then. What is it you wish...mighty Megatron? ”

" Fall back to headquarters...“, the leader now calmly commands.

Appalled by the order, Starscream outwardly refuses, ” Are you insane?! Their all trapped inside now.... we have a chance to defeat them once and for all....”

Megatron now screams at the air commander, ” Don’t argue with me you sniveling spineless dolt!! Just do as I say! The Autobots are too well guarded now for us to make a dent.... besides.... you’ve managed to wipe out more then enough of our forces to even make a foolish attempt like that!!”

" As you wish....“, Starscream soon recoils, ” ...But my strategy was working perfectly...if you are so afraid to lead on. Then perhaps I should be the one to take over....”

" SHUT UP!!” the leader screams again, ” Get back here with the others quickly, or I’ll personally rip out your heart and turn your hide into my new boots!! ”

Starscream could finally hear the seriousness in his leader’s voice, and gulped in fear of the transformer’s rage, ” Yeee.... Yeeesss Megatron. At Once! ”

The sound of the signal breaking off soon made Starscream call out to the remaining force of the Decepticons. Many of which had stopped shooting as they looked near to exhaustion.

" Decepticons! We’ve been ordered to fall back! Return to base.... Transform and Retreat! ”

Following Starscream’s example, the evil transformers all switched modes and followed quickly behind him. They all collectively transport back into the heart of the Decepticon territory, straight on back to the very core of where their base resides. Inside the Autobot Base, the many Autobots listen carefully as the shelling stops. The sound of the Decepticons retreating causes them to burst out into a joyous cheer, it’s a brief moment of victory for them and soon they quiet down as they return to performing their various tasks. Ultra Magnus walks over to Optimus Prime and salutes his leader.

" Mission accomplished Optimus! Jazz and Cliffjumper have brought the added energon and the Decepticons have retreated back to Iacon city. ”

Optimus salutes back and then pats his large friend’s shoulder, ” Excellent work Commander Magnus. I’m glad to see you didn’t get yourself killed out there. ”

“It was a bit tricky out there...but I managed as always. How soon can we lift off? ”

Prime looks back at the ship and sighs, ” Anytime now. But Magnus...I...I want to ask a favor of you. ”

" Sure Prime...any thing for my best friend. Just name it...”

Looking back at his good friend, Optimus Prime’s eyes show some reluctance in his request he’s about to ask, ” I want you and a few stay behind. ”

" What! “, the commander couldn’t believe it; his eyes grew wide at Primes request.

" Listen Ultra Magnus, this is a dangerous mission. Megatron for sure has his ship fueled and ready...he’ll no doubt try to follow us until we’re dead. I need someone to stay behind and keep the battle going here on Cybertron while were gone. The solar system of Alaxion is no place to make our last stand; I’d rather collect the energon from the target planet there and be back home in time to finish the Decepticons once and for all. ”

Ultra Magnus still couldn’t believe he wasn’t going with his brave friend, ” But’ll need all the help you can get. You’ve got the female Autobots staying behind...surely Elita One and the others can keep the Decepticons at bay until we come back? Besides who’s going to watch your back the next time one of Starscream’s goons creeps up on ya? ”

Optimus Prime laughs at the comment, a memory of one of their encounters during the long war causes him to reflect on the moment, ” Yeah you did save my butt that day didn’t you? Ahhh...those were good times my friend. But if this mission fails I’ll need someone as strong as myself to keep this band of misfits going. One day you’ll be great leader...perhaps even better then myself. ”

" You can keep it. “, Ultra Magnus soon smiles and shakes his head, ” I’m not a leader Prime...I’m just a soldier. Following orders is what I do best. ”

" I know my friend...“, Optimus Prime grabs the commander’s hand and shakes it, “...that’s why I need you to do this for me. Our survival depends on having sacrifices.... one out in the stars and the other staying home to fight the good fight. I promise, we’ll try to quickly get enough energon and come back to all of you, let’s just pray miracles happen every day. ”

Ultra Magnus nods at his wise leader’s words, ” Maybe we should call it faith of the heart Prime...all our hopes ride with you and the crew. ”

Optimus Prime walks away and heads over to the massive ship, as Prime goes walking by, he notices one of the computer terminals nearby scrolling many images on the screen. Looking closer he can see a small attachment device sitting on top of the terminal’s table. The device has a peculiar snake like metal arm plugged into it, the video screen is flashing images of the detailed blueprints of the ship, their mission, the solar system they’re headed too and everything. The small icon on the side of the device is barely visible and it displays that of the symbol of the Decepticons. Optimus Prime’s keen sight makes out the markings and soon realizes there is a spy among them.

" Intruder alert!! We’ve got a Decepticon inside!!! ”

Transforming off of the computer terminal, the Decepticon spy enlarges as he takes form, the dark blue and sliver robot begins to make a mad dash as he tries to escape capture. Optimus Prime goes running after him, the sound of the noisy alarm blaring overhead, Kup and his security officer Prowl run down to see what the commotion is about just as the Decepticon goes past them.

" Soundwave! “, shouts Kup.

Now a horde of Autobots chases him down, some block his only route out and others begin to converge beside him. Feeling trapped, the yellow-eyed Decepticon suddenly presses down on a button on top of his chest. A whooshing sound accompanies a panel opening up from his chest plate as it flips open.

" RAVAGE!! RUMBLE!! EJECT! “, Soundwave says in his resonated monotone voice, ” Operation...Escape! ”

Two large flat cartridge shaped objects spit out of his open plate, they soon transform and take form as they land on the ground in front of him. Ravage is a black savage looking creature; four legged, with massive razor sharp claws on all four feet. It’s head looks slender with one red eye beaming out of its dark features. Rumble is a light blue-ish purple, with some sliver chrome features and two large back weapons that attach to his back. Suddenly his arms transform into two massive pile drivers and starts to impact them to the ground.

" If Autobots do happen to surround you and block the door...then get ready to move out of the way cause here comes Rumble to rock the floooor!! ”

The pile divers smack the floor repeatedly; the motion and strength cause the whole area to generate a sizable earthquake. The Autobots shake and fall as the wave hits them, no one can stand on two legs and keep their balance while this happens. Soundwave quickly turns and makes for the doorway, but Prowl soon comes running up and grabs the robot’s feet. Prowl is a black and white looking Autobot, his helmet bears a large red ” v ” shaped fin on the front of it. He keeps a solid hold on the Decepticon as they fall to the ground, Soundwave screams as he is captured and soon calls for help.

" Raaavagee!! ”

The large beastly black creature comes hissing and roaring towards Prowl, a massive swat to his head knocks the Autobot right off of the cowardly Decepticon. As Prowl tries to get up again, Ravage pounces on him and opens its mouth to him. Inside that mouth are various large jagged teeth, all of which comp down on the security officer making him yelp in pain. Soundwave once again takes advantage of his freedom, he manages to reach the control panel and quickly open the door. His fingers move so fast on the keypad it’s as if he knew the exact sequence in which to open it. The door opens up and part of the shield gives way, just enough for him and his crew to go through. As he runs on out, he calls back to his helpers and continues running once it’s done.

" Ravage! Rumble! Retreat! Retreat! Reeeetreaaat! ”

Rumble stops his pile drivers and speeds out the open door awaiting him, like wise for Ravage, letting go of Prowl and as quick as lightening sprints out the door. As soon as they all leave the door shuts back down again, the Decepticons managed to escape, Optimus Prime laying on the floor pounds his fist in anger. Prowl gets up holding his shoulder in pain, walking over to him is Kup, who doesn’t seem too impressed with his actions.

" What the hell.... I gave you instructions to keep this inside secure Prowl! ”

Prowl just lowered his head, ” I’m sorry Kup.... I got sloppy I guess...I promise it won’t happen again.”

Kup continued to harp at him, ” You’re damn right it won’t! I didn’t train you for years on end just to screw up this mission! That’s it...I’m taking you off of the Ark, I’ll go in your place and I’ll make sure the security is lock tight! ”

Prowl quickly raised his head, his eyes filled with intensity, ” NO! I’ve trained my whole life for this Kup! You can’t take it away just because I missed the one Decepticon....”

" One Decepticon is one to many....I’m sorry kid, but if you can’t spot one of their spies then everything I’ve taught you is for nothing. ”

Kup was being overly dramatic about the situation, but Prowl was an up and comer in the ranks of his security force, easy to follow orders, loyal to Kup and the duty of protecting the base. But one thing Kup always felt about the young Autobot was that he was too over confident, Kup always made his men trust that inner gut feeling, that safe is never safe enough. Prowl tended to overlook certain things, little as they may be, he never believed they could be a threat. Kup believes that every thing, big or small can be a potential threat, even in times of peace. Now the old security chief thinks the young robot isn’t prepared for this mission at all, no thanks to having Soundwave slip past his fingers. Optimus Prime overheard the two bickering, he knew that Kup was being a tad hard on the kid; he walked over to the old salty warrior and gave his advice.

" Kup, the boy said he was sorry...I believe he means it. ”

" I’m sorry Optimus Prime, but that’s no excuse for his mistake. I should be the one to go. ”

The leader just sighed, ” This is isn’t the time to change positions Kup...we have to launch right away. Prowl is still the best man for the job and I need you hear to keep the others safe. The Decepticons know when were going to launch.... personally I think we need to go this very moment while we have the upper hand. ”

Kup twisted his face and looked back at Prowl, ” Fine.... the kid can go. But you better be on your toes soldier, cause if I hear you screwed up again.... I’ll be the one kicking you down back to the lowest rank imaginable. You got that? ”

Prowl raised his head and saluted the warrior, ” Yes Sir! I won’t let you down again, Sir! ”

The young Autobot turned and nodded at Optimus Prime, then ran over to the ship as the many others were starting to load and board the Ark. Kup shook his head and looked up at Prime again.

" Dah! The young...They always think they’re so invulnerable. I wish you’d think about this again Prime, some of these young cadets need more training. ”

Optimus Prime takes hold of the old man’s hand and shakes it, ” They’ll do fine...this is the time for our turn around. Goodbye you old rust hound, I’ll miss hearing your stories about the old days of Cybertron. ”

" You too Optimus, I’ll try to keep these slackers in check for ya while your gone. Take care and Good luck. ” Kup smiles and grips the leader’s hand firmly.


On the other side of the city, in the more densely filled city region of Iacon, the large building housing the Decepticons and their ship sits in a purplish dark hue of lights. Inside the massive building that bears the Decepticon logo largely on the outside, the troops are all preparing their ship for flight as well. Sitting in a hovering massive throne, the slivery evil leader Megatron sits in it as he watches final stages of its completion. Megatron’s streamline sliver shell still shines as if it was only built yesterday, on his right arm sits his black colored fusion canon, when transformed, it sits on top of his cannon mode as a targeting device. As he sits there in his large hover-chair, Starscream and his jet brethren walk up and raise their arms up to their chest. The standard salute to the leader of the Decepticon armies, Starscream does not salute, he’s never liked Megatron for thousands of years. He’s slowly begun to question the evil robot’s leadership ever since Optimus Prime managed to prevent their kind from winning the war long ago. Megatron almost had complete success before the fourth war began, but when Prime came into the scene the war began to take a turn for the worst for their side. The Autobot’s strategies became more aggressive, well planned and even found the courage to battle on without fear. Once loyal to Megatron long ago, the air commander had little respect to show for him anymore, this sliver polished transformer had lost his luster in Starscream’s eyes. For him, it was time to begin a new leadership, time for a radical change that would bring about new ideas on how to win the war, Megatron’s days were over, time for Starscream to lead. That’s how he felt about it anyway, but he was alone in that assumption, no one else felt the way he did. And rather then try to take the throne himself, he’d have to wait until Megatron either died, or betrayed them all. Then the air commander could convince the others to join him and takeover as leader of the Decepticon Empire. For now, he will be cautious, patient, but one day his day will come.

" Tell me Starscream...“, Megatron speaks to the air commander in a rather sarcastic tone, “...why is it that you always rush in without a plan. Or even heed to my advice? There was a time you were as loyal to me as any other in here. ”

Starscream smirks at the leader, ” Those days are long gone, and this war would have been won by now if I had been the leader. ”

Megatron rushes out of his chair and backhands Starscream in the face. The slap to him was so forceful it caused him to spin ninety degrees and fall on the floor face down. The air commander slightly dazed tries to get up, and hold his face from the devastating blow his leader gave him.

" You traitor!! If I didn’t need your services so desperately I would kill you right here! Don’t ever question my authority again, Starscream! When I say pull back...I mean pull back RIGHT AWAY!! Am I making myself clear? Or do you need Thundercracker here to draw you a schematic?! ”

The other soldiers all laugh at their leader’s taunt to Starscream, as the air commander looks up he sees Thundercracker mocking him. Thundercracker is almost like a clone to Starscream, in fact the bulk of the air defense team he commands are all very much similar in design. Thundercracker is all light blue with some black features, he stands over Starscream holding out his hand and gesturing with the other of writing out a schematic for him. Seeing his own troops laugh at his misfortune makes him feel betrayed, he’s the reason many have lasted so long in his ranks, but now like him their all getting overly cocky. Wiping the leaking oil slick from his cracked mouth, the transformer stands up again and faces Megatron. The leader still stands there in front of him waiting for an answer, his eyes are a deep bright red, and a certain evil lurks behind them as any would see from staring at them too long. The scowl on his face shows that he’s mad, as hell at the air commander, being so disobedient to his command is very insulting to him.

" No...Mighty Megatron. I.... I submit to your authority. You...are the Leader of the Decepticons. “, Starscream says in a humiliated tone.

Megatron Smiles, ” That’s very good Starscream. Just like the obedient dog you use to be...excellent. Now then, I can finally tell you of my plan...”

Laserbeak comes swooping down from the top of the building and right onto Megatron’s left arm, like any well trained type bird, the loyal spy comes straight to him. The quick return gives the leader a sense that something is wrong, but not sooner was he startled by Laserbeak’s entrance, when Soundwave comes running up to the leader. Megatron sees his spy is in a great hurry to get to him and turns to face him as the soldier stops to salute.

" Report Soundwave. ”

Soundwave lowers his arm and begins to speak in his usual monotone voice, ” The Autobots discovered my presence, and they are preparing to launch at any given moment. ”

Megatron’s face soon sports and evil grin, ” Perfect. The time has come for the ultimate finalization to my plan. Tell me Soundwave.... did you download the information I requested? ”

The manifold mouthed blue sentinel nods, ” I have the detailed charts of their primary target. They are heading for the system of Alaxon. ”

" Excellent Soundwave...well done. Now we have them.”

The leader soon calls to all of his warriors in the entire building; all of them stop in their jobs and pay attention to their ruling leader.

" Decepticons! The time has come to crush our enemies forever! ”

The roar of the crowd signaled their happiness of this day, screams of death and chanting of “Kill the Autobots ” rang out in the entire structure.

" Together we march into victory! Board the ship, prepare the guns and begin the countdown to blast off! “, The leader screamed aloud again.

As the excited throngs of Decepticons start to board the ship, Megatron looks over to one of his soldiers walking over to him. A big purple colored robot with a head looking rather flat and barrel like, in the center is a single yellow eye as the rest is black like a void. His right hand resembles more like a large protruding blaster weapon; the see-through design shows the pulsation of the energy powering it. Transformed, he is able to form a mighty large hand weapon and can act like a long-range cannon, much like Megatron. The Decepticon bows upon approaching his leader and awaits his orders.

“Ahhh...“, Megatron speaks, ” loyal city guardian. I have a task for you...”

The yellow eye flashes as the purple guardian speaks, ” I am yours to command Megatron. ”

" The minute the Autobots take off and the shield starts to drop, have your warriors attack the building. Make sure they spare no one. Once the Autobot ship is out of the launch bay...Level it! Completely! Understand? “, Megatron says to him.

Shockwave salutes the leader, as the details of his plans bring him much joy, ” You shall have it Megatron! I will have Cybertron completely Autobot free upon your return! ”

The evil leader laughs out loud, ” Cybertron will be ours again! Shockwave I leave you to take command until my return. You are loyal Shockwave.... A rare thing these days. ”

Megatron looks at Starscream as he utters that phrase, one that seems to make the air commander squint his eyes in anger. Shockwave bows and goes off to fulfill his duties as instructed. The Decepticons continue to climb aboard the ship, the sight of which looks more like an organized army marching into battle. Megatron walks over to the elevator that will bring them to the bridge of the ship, as Starscream walks with him, the air commander can’t help but wonder what Megatron’s plans are.

" What now Megatron? Surely you don’t intend to let Shockwave handle this on his own? You and I both know the Autobots will survive and come back to destroy us. We should attack the entire base with the ship still in it! That way we would be certain of an outright victory. ”

Megatron doesn’t even glace his way, still walking towards the ship elevator, he calmly tells the commander of his strategy, ” No moron! We need to make sure that Optimus Prime is well away from this attack; if he survives and rounds up the few others that do as well.... he could be just as dangerous as before. No...we need to separate them, put a big distance in-between their only strong leader and the only surviving forces left on Cybertron. That way we can be sure that neither Prime nor his few followers here will ever rise up again. How I’ve dreamed of this moment.... Optimus Prime.... my greatest adversary...gone from this world at long last! ”

Starscream begins to see what the leader has in store for them, and smiles just as evil as the leader does, ” Yes...Prime won’t know what hit him! With no one to organize a new movement here and inspire the troops.... the Autobots are as good as extinct. HAHAHAHAAH!! ”

The two board the elevator and rise up to the bridge level. The echoes of their laughs resonate throughout the building, the sound of doom for all Autobots, as the war is about to begin.

Inside the Autobot Base, the ship is being cleared of all surrounding equipment and debris, Optimus Prime finally makes his approach to the elevator that will bring him to the bridge. As he opens the doors to it, a female voice calls out to him. He turns and sees Elita One running towards him. Elita one is pink and white, while she is a robot, her body is sculpted to that of a human female. Her head is adorned with two large protruding antenna spikes and two smaller ones just separated between them. They are all built into her helmet that looks more like warrior head gear, pink in color, but decorative nonetheless. Her face is a softly chiseled, blue eye that shows compassion, and her lips a soft hue of pink as if she is wearing lipstick. This is the model most Cybertronian women look like, so few are there any on Cybertron, she must have been a template for those that came after. Megatron despised women warriors, sexual preference wasn’t really in the nature of transformers, since they don’t copulate or produce children on the biological nature, and it is a useless creature to him. Females were created long ago as a pleasure line or as additional slave helpers by their creators before Primus’s liberation. Autobots are the one group that seems to generally care for these women; the two seem to share a need for companionship and mutual emotion. Decepticons always felt that to be a weak trait in that faction, mercy, compassion and disgusted them. Megatron decreed that any and all females on Cybertron were to be destroyed, for they were a ” burden on society and a danger to Cybertronian life “. Thanks to him, only a handful of female warriors remain, those that were once part of the Decepticon faction now have joined the Autobots for protection. Elita One is the leader of the Female Autobots, her strength of spirit is what led them to survival, and shown Megatron the universal truth inherent in all women...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Optimus Prime and Elita One were destined lovers; they’ve fought beside each other in many wars, as if they were perfectly made for one another.

" Prime! Don’t Leave! “, Elita One begs of him.

" Elita! Go Back! Get to the lower levels with the others!!” Optimus screams at her.

She finally reaches him and hugs the Autobot Leader tightly, ” I can’t bear to part from you my love.... let me come with you...I want to be with you always! ”

" My dearest love...“, Optimus holds on to her gently, “...This mission is too dangerous, I would sacrifice the whole of Cybertron to be with you forever. But you know that you’re needed here.... and I’m needed on that ship. ”

She looks up and stares deeply into his eyes, ” I...I know. But I will miss you so much. Come back to me my love...come back to me in one piece. ”

Optimus Prime holds her face in his hand, ” And you.... stay safe.... and look for my return, for one day, we will be together again. If not now...then in the great spark of the matrix! ”

They lean into one another and kiss passionately, an odd thing for a robot to do, seeing how there is no stimulation in that area of their face, but these are Transformers, more advanced then any robot ever built in the whole universe. Love became natural to these advanced machines, which now all think and feel, like any developing creature in the galaxy, love always manages to bring two sexes together. The fact that neither one of them can truly feel the others lips touching is irrelevant to them, it’s the action of affection that makes it worth doing. This imitation of kissing is as close as they can get to being physical with one another. But that’s love for you, logic, reasoning and small details are inconsequential when two people deeply care for one another. Optimus Prime has no lips to kiss her with, the manifold covering his face up to his nose makes short work of that. But it doesn’t matter to either of them, as the long lasting lip embrace shows, two lovers saying a world at war. Optimus Prime finally pulls away from her and back ups a bit.

" Go Magnus and the others. The Decepticons will no doubt take advantage of this moment; I need you to be safe.... I need all of you to be safe until my return. ”

Elita One holds her lips and nods; ” I’ll give them a good fight Prime.... just come back to me safe as well. ”

Rather then saying another word to each other, Elita One goes running off wiping the simulated tears coming out of her Optics, Optimus Prime enters the elevator and watches his girlfriend as the doors shut in front of his eyes. The lift activates and sends him up to the bridge. Ultra Magnus was watching from the shadows, he didn’t mean to eaves drop, but he wanted to make sure his friend got aboard safely. Elita One soon discovered him standing there, the tears welling up in her eyes made Magnus walk over and comfort her. Inside the Ark, Optimus Prime took his command seat on the bridge, he sighed and slowly sat down into it. At the helm of the ship was Ironhide, a red and grey old soldier who seemed very built and blocky, and a sure sign that his design was from an older time. Beside him sat hound, an all green commando Autobot who had a missile launcher sitting on his shoulder. The missile launcher is part of his robotic design, capable of many feats, creating holograms, detaching to become a weapon and even just as a regular explosive missile. Hound is a tracker, a damn good one at that too, he knows when Decepticons are about, like he could almost smell them. Operating various functions around the bridge is like a who’s who of Autobot soldiers, all from various walks of life and of different ranks. Bumblebee, Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Prowl, Sideswipe, Huffer, the list could go on and on. Needless to say, the large ship was full of Autobots ready to fulfill their mission. Ironhide started the countdown, his voice crackled in an unusual southern type twang, a personal trait that makes him distinct from the others. Optimus Prime was growing impatient, counting down to blast off really made no sense to him, if they were going to go, and then it was time to literally go.

" Ten...nine...eight...“, Ironhide counts in his voice.

Optimus Prime shakes his head, ” Oh for love of Cybertron...Just hit the switch! ”

Ironhide smirks, ” Heh...yeah I told them you wouldn’t care to stick to procedure. Let’s light this baby! ”

Ironhide’s finger taps the glowing large button in front of his hand, the sound of the engines revs up and soon the building fills with smoke and fire. Standing just out of the way, Ultra Magnus and Elita One watch the ship as it starts to take off, the rush of flame and smoke builds as the ship begins to rise up slowly. As the ship begins to move upward towards the top of the building, the large domed top unfolds and opens itself out of the way of the ship passing through. The outer shields on the Autobot base buckle and soon de-materialize, the building is now vulnerable, just what the awaiting Decepticons had been hoping for outside. As the ship slowly rockets out of the building, Shockwave and his commando units attack the unprotected Autobot structure. Thousands of Decepticon solders come running out of nowhere and begin shooting at the building, the Autobots guarding outside and at the opened domed part itself. Streams of air jets come screaming through and begin to bomb the base below them. The Ark finally clears the building and makes it’s rush upward into space, with the shields still down, another Decepticon bomber comes through, one that’s carrying a massive bomb attached to it. Optimus Prime watches the monitor; it’s a reversed camera that’s aimed at the building below. In the image he can see Ultra Magnus and Elita One still inside, just as the jet drops its bomb into the bunker. Rising out of his chair, he screams at the monitor as if the two could actually hear him.

" NO! Magnus! Elita! Get out of there!!! ”

He’s helpless to watch the horrified looks on their faces as the bomb drops and explodes on impact. The massive chain reaction begins just as the shield comes back on again; the sight also horrifies Kup standing outside.

" Oh God no! The shield! It will keep the explosion inside and they’ll all be killed! ”

Sure enough, the shield manages to contain the bomb’s blast within the area in it. The violent explosion rips the building to shreds and soon stresses the shield to its full capacity. All around the shielded explosion, the Decepticons continue their attack; Autobots fight for their very lives as the enemies march forward. The last thing any of the Autobots see on the ship is their brave kin struggling to stay alive. Optimus Prime slumps back in his chair; the shock of seeing his friend and lover destroyed is a crushing blow to him. The sight of it all infuriates Ironhide, slamming his fist on the controls; he soon tries to turn the ship around.

" Those Decepticon scum!! Don’t worry Prime I’ll have this ship turned around faster then you can say....”

The leader screams at him to interrupt, ” NO! Don’t you dare change our trajectory! We must continue forward no matter what! ”

" But Prime!! “, the old red and grey Autobot hollers back.

" No Ironhide, this mission is too important to worry about what’s happening behind us. If we don’t get that energon then none of us will survive this war, we all knew the risks of this mission.... even those who gave their lives. Now keep those coordinates locked in and maintain your position. Understood? I said….is that understood, Soldier!!”

Ironhide remained silent as he stared at him, so did all the Autobots watching the drama unfold on the bridge. Optimus Prime looked around the room and saw all the shocked faces of his soldiers; they all seemed rather displeased with the order he was barking at the old Autobot. Bringing his eyes back to Ironhide, the two stared at each other until the old red and grey Autobot gave in.

" Yes...SIR! Alaxon it is then...” Ironhide grumbled as he turned back to the controls.

The other Autobots went back to their duties, not a word was spoken as they continued on, and Optimus Prime sat in his chair and stewed on the moment. Hound leaned over to Ironhide and asked him a question.

" You think any of them will be alive when we get back? ”

Ironhide grips the control panel tightly in anger, ” If not...I got me a score to settle with Megatron...and one with our leader as well. ”

The ship clears Cybertron’s orbit and heads out into deep space.


Down on Cybertron’s surface, in the Decepticon quarter, another ship begins to take off from the ground. The Nemesis, the Decepticon battle cruiser that Megatron and the others are using to chase down Optimus Prime. The vessel rockets off of the planet in hot pursuit, the sleek and fully armored ship has a faint purple tone to it’s metal, the colors of Decepticon technology. Inside the many warriors sit, Megatron has his own command chair, a large over elaborated throne that is placed in the middle of the bridge. On the large view screen in front of them all is an image of the Autobot ship leaving into space. Soundwave operates the helm of the ship, one seat only for him as he steers the mighty battle cruiser, he frantically pushes buttons and activates switches as the ship moves ever forward. Suddenly he turns around to view Megatron behind him a few feet back, a worried look in his eyes soon makes the Decepticon leader lean in to hear what he has to say.

" We are low on fuel energy...we do not have enough to break orbit! ”

Megatron’s eyes grow wide, ” How can that be? ”

Turning back to the controls, Soundwave fiddles with the computers and turns back to give his worried commander the answer, ” There is a failure on the starboard engine! It wasn’t refueled after the Autobot’s took the energy from it! ”

" What?!” Megatron screams in disbelief.

Getting out of his chair, the leader stands up and walks over to the various soldiers at their stations. Eyeing them all, he shakes his fist and raises his voice at them. Most tremble in fear at the very tone of his anger, but ones like Starscream don’t even flinch.

" Who was responsible for overseeing repairs to the starboard engine? Answer me!! ”

Starscream looks at him with great ease, ” I was supposed to be in charge of that, but since you gave me the order to follow those Autobot thieves...I gave the job over to Jetplauge, I told him you wanted it done right away. But you know how Jetplague is...”

" Where is he? “, the leader asks.

" Why right over there, Mighty Megatron. “, the Decepticon says with a smile and pointing in the robot’s direction.

Sitting by himself near a computer console was Jetplague, the only jet in Starscream’s bunch who doesn’t look like a clone of them. His head is shaped more slender, a mouth shield covers his bottom face and his light purplish-grey color shows that he’s not the cheeriest of fellows. As Megatron walks over to him, Jetplague remains in his seat and looks generally bored.

" Get up you! “, Megatron demands.

Jetplague reluctantly rises up and faces him, ” What do you want now? ”

The insulting tone doesn’t impress the leader at all, ” Why didn’t you repair and refuel that engine like Starscream asked? Well? ”

Jetplague sighed, ” I didn’t really feel like it. This war is a bore; I was one of the best flying stars of Cybertron until this sham of a war happened. The only joy I get now is doing the bombing raids over the Autobots, which is where we should be instead of this....*yawn*...waste of time. ”

" Your right...we shouldn’t waste our time, Jetplague. “, the leader smiles at him in an evil look.

The Decepticon leader grabs hold of him and punches right through his chest, reaching into his inners, he yanks out the robot’s energy absorber. Jetplague’s face is full of pain and shock, the leader holds the absorber in his hand and shows it to the now dying robot.

" Now we have the means to repair that oversight you made.... thank you Jetplague...your services are no longer required. ”

The Decepticon keels over dead; the leader stands over him and kicks his laying carcass on the floor as it leaks oil and fluid all over it. Megatron tosses Starscream the absorber and points to him as he catches it.

" that absorber into the starboard engine port and be quick about it! Or else you will be joining your...ex-bomber star here. Just be grateful that it was his stupidity and not yours. ”

The slivery evil leader goes walking back to his awaiting chair, while Starscream looks over at his dead air bomber; the sight of the body makes him recoil in fear. The absorber in hand, he raises out of his seat and stares at it.

" Thanks for covering for me Jetplague. But as they say.... better you than me. ”

Megatron sits back down in his chair and leans back to get comfortable again, ” Soundwave! ”

The blue and sliver spy turns around to face the leader calling him, the leader again points as he talks to him, giving the Decepticon soldier his new instructions.

" Reroute all power from the front main weapons and transfer it into the damaged engine. The energy absorber Starscream is installing will automatically refuel that tank, which should be sufficient enough to break Cybertron’s orbit. ”

" As you command Megatron. “, the monotone resonated voice says back to him.

The ship rises out of Cybertron and quickly follows behind the Autobot flight path, with their home world disappearing in the background behind them, the ship maneuvers deeper and deeper into space.


The Autobot Ark continues to blast through deep space, for now, all is calm inside the massive vessel. The warriors all continue to monitor the ship and keep busy in their tasks, but within all of them is a sense of loss as they’ve witnessed their fellow Autobots demise on Cybertron. Optimus Prime strolls through the many corridors of the ship, looking at each soldier and wondering if what he has done is the right path to their salvation. Mostly he’s thinking about Elita One and Ultra Magnus, to witness the horror of their faces as the home base blew up was more then he could bear. The war had lasted so long he has forgotten what peace was like, Elita One and he had plans for the future, they would build a life for one another and live in total harmony. Now thanks to the Decepticons, all that is now moot. As he enters back into the main bridge, he can see the look of doom on each face gazing upon him as he steps in. Ironhide had been chatting with Prowl and a few others, but once Optimus Prime entered they all hushed down and stared at the leader like he was the most evil person in the room. The Autobot leader could feel this uneasiness, he and Ironhide fighting about not turning around to save the others was a rather heated moment. Prime bore a heavy burden, being leader meant having to make the most split decisions whether they are for good or for bad, but it always had some consequences to it no matter what. One thing is for sure; if he hadn’t kept going then they would be just as dead as those they had left behind. Energon is a must now, their survival depends on it, and there can be no turning back until they have enough...a one-way ticket, with no certain future. Optimus Prime walked up to Ironhide who now is staring him down, sticking out his hand in friendship, he asks the warrior for his forgiveness.

" Ironhide...I owe you an apology my friend. I know you meant well, but you must now that we couldn’t go back. We all had friends and loved ones back there...your a good soldier and I’m sorry I had to pull rank on you. ”

Ironhide’s face continued to look cold at him, but looking at his leader and down to his awaiting hand for a handshake soon melted that dead face look. A smile crept into the stern proud warrior, he did indeed finally see Optimus Prime’s point, and perhaps he just needed to cool down to think about things properly.

" Aww.... Shucks Prime. “, the southern sounding Autobot says to him, ” I can’t stay mad at you...hell you’re doing your best in the worst situation imaginable. Those Decepticons are all getting to us.... guess I just was too hard headed to see the importance of this mission. I forgive you Prime, just as long as you can forgive me for ever doubting you ”

The two shook hands firmly, the long war made them good friends throughout the many sticky situations and both have a stubborn attitude that always seems to clash from time to time. Optimus Prime never thought of his Autobot comrades as soldiers, more like good friends fighting the good fight. This is why so many of them remain loyal to him, he’s a well meaning robot who always lends a helping hand, he always thinks of others and treats them all with respect. They see how he listens to them and asks for their advice when he himself cannot think of any other strategy, they also see that he is truly destined to lead them all, carrying the Matrix of Leadership is a calling like no other. Not since the days of Primus have any of them felt so strongly about a leader, doomed as they may be, at least Optimus Prime made them last as long as they did. Shaking the hands, Prime and Ironhide settled the argument once and for all. A sigh of relief washed over the other Autobots all witnessing the touching moment, the tension was gone, now they can relax.

Optimus Prime lets go and gives a friendly close fisted tap onto Ironhide’s chassis, ” Thank you my friend, I forgive you too.... you old cast iron bulkhead you. ”

The two shared a laugh, as did some of the others near by. Suddenly, alarm sounds were going off, the room was flashing red from an overhead light that signaled danger was close by. Prowl looks down at his console screen and his eyes soon spot the intruder the ship was warning them about.

" Prime! We’ve got company! ”

Optimus looks over at the black and white colored security chief, ” Decepticons no doubt...”

" You got that right. “, the robot shouts back at him, ” And man are they ever gaining fast! ”

The leader sits back down into his command chair and starts to order his men around again, ” they’re not done with us yet. That’s fine.... we’ll give them a fight to the finish! Ready all weapons! Ironhide get back to the helm and prepare to fold space.... we’re going to Alaxon no matter what. ”

Ironhide sits back down and quickly punches in the sequence on the computer board in front of him, ” You got it Prime! Alaxon or bust! ”

Outside the ship, the various panels on the outer hull pull back and spring out large unfolding gun cannons. Each one aims backward as they prepare to target the approaching Decepticon Nemesis. The sound of them all charging pulsates and the ships main engines begin to also grow louder as it revs up to fold space. The Nemesis is quickly catching up from behind, the ship looks menacing as it tries to overtake the Autobot vessel. Megatron sits inside watching as they inch closer and closer. A evil grin on him shows his inner cruelty, he thinks about the destruction of the Autobots and the death of Optimus Prime, no were else to run, their victory is almost at hand. Soundwave’s sensors soon detect the activity happening on the ship in front of them and quickly informs his leader of the situation.

" Autobots are preparing to fire upon us! “, he says in his monotone computerized voice.

Megatron leans in, ” Maintain the course Soundwave, charge the main outer guns, I want to cripple that ship no matter what! ”

" We cannot sustain it for too long...Energy has been greatly lowered from the redirection of power to the engines! ”

The leader seems concerned by that bit of information that Soundwave interjected, ” Yes.... that did set us back. Very well...we must forego the main weapons; keep the shield up at all costs. This ship will not yield to these Autobots...”

Soundwave studies the enemy vessel again and reports again, ” They have begun to build up power for hyperspace! ”

Megatron looks shocked, ” What?! They have enough energon for that? So Optimus...I’ve underestimated you once again, you’ve managed to scrape up enough power to make a jump, eh? Probably just enough to get you there...but I’ll bet by the time your ship finishes the journey you will have nearly exhausted your fuel. I know when to finish them all! ”

The Autobot ship begins to fire back at the Decepticons, the rapid energy blasts scour the Nemesis, the shields buckling as the various impacts strike it. The Decepticon ship shakes and quakes at the incoming fire, Megatron holds on tightly in his throne like chair, while the others struggle to hold on. Inside the Ark, Optimus Prime watches the results on the monitor, the Nemesis still continues to rocket towards them at an accelerated rate.

" You just don’t know when to quit do you Megatron? I know you too...You don’t have enough energon for the voyage as well. Well now its time to eat our dust. Ironhide! Activate the jump! ”

The command from the leader instantly makes the old red robot push the button to fold space, the ship’s engines glow a bright burning blue, soon the ship stretches and leaps away into the vast distance quicker then a blink of an eye. The Nemesis now alone in space as they just miss the Ark. Megatron pounds his chair and stands up, his arm stretches out and points at the viewer.

" Damn you Optimus Prime!! Follow him Soundwave...Fold space and pursue! We’ll meet them on the other side and begin the slaughter! ”

The Nemesis’s engines glow a vibrant purple hue, just like the Ark, it stretches and quickly leaps off into the void of space.


In the solar system of Alaxon, the various worlds hang in space as they orbit the one yellow sun in the center of it all. Gas giants, asteroid ringed worlds and some developing planets all sit silently. One world in particular is in a flux of violent volcanic eruptions; constant asteroids and meteors bombard the small third world. Two dead moons orbit it and sometime shield the planet from the various impacting rock, one moon looks smaller then the other, but it looks to be the more stable one. Not too far off from where it sits, a massive light flashes and soon a ship comes streaming out of it. Miles away from the third planet, this entering ship is the Autobot Ark, now slowing its engines to cruise the distance between. Inside the Autobots all see they’ve come out of the hyper jump, Hound and Ironhide continue to fiddle with the controls as they power down the engines. Optimus Prime sighs with relief.

" We made it...Well done Autobots. We’ve entered Alaxon then, lets get ready to collect the energy! Power all gun turrets to that third planet. Hold our position and open up the’s going to take all our energon to fire on that world to make the core unstable and eject into space. Perceptor! Are your ready with those calculations? ”

He looks to the left and a few feet beside him sits a red-black robot with a large shoulder mounted cylinder attached, his light blue forearms bear round sliver implements and his hands are black. His dark colored fingers feverishly tap away on his console as he figures out the precise numbers to begin the process. Perceptor is the resident scientist along with Wheeljack, who stands behind him checking his work. Wheeljack is white with some sliver elements to him, two head mounted triangle-like shaped ears stick out of him, slightly sliver and a bit see-through. A manifold that looks more like rippled lines of metal put on top of one another covers his mouth. Together the two, Perceptor and Wheeljack, have been waiting for this day to arrive. They personally picked this system and planet for energon consumption due to its infancy and lack of life living in it. Perfect to take what they want, without having to endanger any other creature’s lives. Optimus Prime made them check and re-check that possibility before they came, he wanted to make sure that no life was taken needlessly for their benefit. With everything in place, Perceptor gave his results to Prime.

" I’m ready to begin Optimus Prime...the planet is perfectly ready for harvesting. “, the snooty sounding robot says back to his leader.

" Good...lets get this over with and get home fast...”

Just as they prepare for the extraction, another ship comes warping out a few feet behind them, The Nemesis. The Decepticon ship powers down it’s engines and soon is in clear sight of the Autobot vessel. Inside Megatron’s ship, the leader sees them and orders Soundwave to attack.

" Now Soundwave...Open fire at them! ”

As the Decepticon soldier tries to push the button, he reports a problem to the awaiting leader, ” All weapons are offline! I do not have control of the main battery! ”

" NO! I will not be denied so close to victory! “, Screams Megatron.

Starscream comes walking up behind his throne and explains what happened, ” It seems the jump into hyperspace drained our resources, the shields are at forty percent and the main engines barely have enough power to get us back home. ”

" Daaah! I will not let that ruin our victory! Open the air lock; I’m going to make sure they don’t get the chance to retaliate! ”

Flying upward, Megatron slips through a portal that opens up in the ceiling, another panel opens on the outer hull and the leader comes out of it onto the surface. The Ark in plain sight of him, he transforms into his cannon mode. His side arm, now sitting atop his cannon, acts like a telescopic tracker and targeting lock. The ship now in his view, the targeting system flashes red as it now has perfect aim at the Ark’s engines. Inside the Autobot ship, more alarm systems sound off, Prowl once again looks at the monitor and sees the ship behind them again.

" Decepticons!! ”

Prime turns on the rear view screen and zooms in on the top of the vessel, he now can clearly see Megatron aiming for them, but he is too late to do anything about it.

" OH NO! Hang on everyone! ”

Megatron releases the full might of his energy blast, the Ark’s engines explode from contact of the Decepticon leader’s strike, Megatron unleashes two more at them and causes the back end of the ship to smolder in flames. Transforming back into robot mode, Megatron revels in his destructive blow against them. The Ark starts to drift and move from the shockwave of the explosion. Inside the Autobots are tossed about like rag dolls, Optimus Prime gets up off the floor where he landed and barks orders at them all.

" Autobots! Repair the ship and be prepared for another attack! Megatron isn’t done with us yet...”

No sooner had he said that, when the Nemesis begins to pull along side and Megatron speaking into his chest communication device, orders his Decepticon soldiers what to do next.

" Activate the tracking beams and hold them! Decepticons prepare to board and attack!! ”

The Nemesis opens up two large devices along side the ship; two massive green beams come out of it and grip the Ark. Now stable together in space, four large extending metallic tubes come out of the Nemesis and drill into the Ark’s hull. The Autobots inside can here the drilling on the various levels and prepare for an invasion. Optimus Prime picks up his massive hand weapon out of his chair’s side holder and loads an energy cartridge into it. The other bridge crew arm themselves and stands ready for the intruders as well. The tubes cut through the Autobot ship and soon expose the opening for the Decepticons who all come rushing out into the corridors with their weapons blazing. On different levels of the Ark, the battle ensues, weapons fire at one another, fists pound away at each other, and a horde of Decepticons lead by Starscream make they’re way for the main bridge. The bridge is the only place that wasn’t attacked yet, but Starscream and the others manage to rip through the metallic doors and begin to pour in. Optimus Prime and the others duck for cover and fire back. Pinned down on either side, they try to take each other out. Suddenly a massive explosion rips out the top of the bridge’s ceiling, as the debris comes crashing down, and the large open hole exposed to space, Megatron comes flying down and fires away with his arm cannon. Optimus Prime takes the moment to leap up and tackle the Decepticon leader to the floor. They struggle with one another and each get a quick sucker punch in, the two fight hard with one another and soon find themselves locked in head grips.

" Give it up Prime! “, the evil Transformer says to him, ” The age of the Decepticon Empire is at hand! ”

" You wish Megatron, I’ll never give in to the likes of you! I’d rather kill us all then see you rule Cybertron any longer! ”

Megatron laughs, ” Who says you’ll live to see my rule! This is your day to die!! ”

" No Megatron, its all of ours!! ”

Optimus Prime punches Megatron in the face, cause him to fall back onto the floor. Optimus rushes over the control helm and activates the only working device, the massive energy collector. The collector moves and points backward from the ship, with one large thrust, the massive energy wave sends the ship spiraling towards the developing third world. The sudden shock of the Ark leaping forwards sends all of them to go crashing back. As the ship rockets forward, the Nemesis attached to the side of it begins to buckle and snap off. The Decepticon ship, with no crew on board to steer it, spins helplessly into the planet as the gravity brings it crashing straight down into it. The Ark continues to blast forward into the developing world, the G-force pins all of them down where they are, Prime holds on to the controls as the force tries to push him back. Megatron soon comes crawling up beside Optimus and grips onto the computerized console for dear life.

" Your insane!! I’m indestructible Prime!! What hope have you with this madness?! You still won’t be able to survive and Cybertron will still belong to the Decepticons!!”

Optimus turns his head to Megatron and sees the fear in the leader’s eyes ” May be.... But at least you won’t be leading it for much longer either.... lets see just how indestructible you really are...”

Looking back at the planet they soon see themselves rushing into atmosphere, the sky gives way to the violent, turbulent, volcanic activity taking place on the surface. The ship speeds straight down towards a rather large mountainous volcano, brimming with liquid hot magma and fiery ash dropping all around it. Optimus sees them heading straight for it and Megatron lets out a large frightened shrill of a scream.

" Dear Primus.... let this not be the end. We are with you...Till all are one! ”

The ship finally collides with the surface and rips through into it in a fiery explosion of nuclear proportions, a large cloud of smoke and vapor billows to the top of the sky as the impact causes the largest burst of lava to eject all over the globe. The planet shakes and huge earthquakes split open the land all around the impact crater, the last thing we see as the world continues to be born in this new solar system.

End of Chapter one

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