Rain of a Child's Tear


Back home, Anna entered the dining room, and saw that Elsa was already there, sitting down to breakfast. Anna could not help notice the clothes Elsa wore. Her dark golden dress, decorated with green and red rosemaling over a light yellow shirt, were the same as her own. Additionally, she had re-done her hair in Anna’s style, with twin braids draped on her chest. She was not wearing her the silver crown; it was set on the table to her side.

What is this, payback for copying her precious ice gown? We’ll see about that! Anna thought. She straightened herself, and adopted her best regal poise. Elsa turned to her as she approached.

“Your Majesty.” Anna gave a small bow. “May I say I have never seen you look so lovely. You are truly a vision of beauty such as has never been seen on this world.”

The two sisters succeeded in holding each other’s gaze for a full five seconds before dissolving into laughter.

“It’s good to be home,” Elsa said as Anna sat. A servant brought Anna a plate of food.

“It is. That sure was a remarkable feast King Ragnar threw for us.”

“Yes it was. It was also nice of him to invite Kai, Gerda, and their families.”

“How many ice sculptures did you end up making?”

“I lost count. After the first two, everyone wanted one. I began to feel like a side show circus act.” Elsa ate another bite before continuing. “How’s Kristoff doing?”

“He just received several large orders from Cliffdale. Their fishing fleet is going back to sea, and they’re trying to refill their stock before winter gets too much deeper. Most of their fish stores had rotted when everyone just stopped caring.”

“I remember the smell. I’m surprised Kristoff has much in the way of inventory. At this time of year, ice supply runs low, and it’s not been cold enough long enough for new ice to have formed.”

“I told him he could cut up the rubble from the ice prison.”

Elsa put her fork down and lowered her head. She did not like thinking about that structure. “I guess it’s good that it will be used for something.”

“Are you going to make a new ice palace?”

“Not right away. I doubt we will get many visitors before spring. I may wait until then.”

Elsa looked at her plate for a few seconds. She looked up at Anna, appearing worried and concerned.

“Anna, what’s in me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Kai saw a darkness, a beautiful, dark evil in me.”

“He was sick, poisoned by those shards. You cannot take anything he said as the truth.”

“That mirror did not create lies, it distorted what was already there. He must have seen evil in me.”

“So you have a dark side. We all do.” Anna reached for the ring crown, holding it up as an example. “You wear this with your hair down despite Johan’s recommendation, and sometimes you cheat at snowball fights. That’s hardly evil.”

“He saw an evil in me that he did not see in anyone else. What’s in me?” Elsa said, growing more distressed.

“Maybe he saw your Power. After all, when your dark side gets together with your Power, it can get a little end-of-the-world, crazy scary.”

Elsa’s eyes widened a bit, and her shoulders slumped.

Anna waved her hands. “I don’t mean it like that. Just because you could destroy everything doesn’t mean you want to.”

Elsa looked even more distressed. Anna lowered her head a bit, realizing she was digging herself in deeper. She raised her head and caught Elsa’s gaze.

“Elsa, you are not evil. Look what you did in Cliffdale. You put the entire village ahead of yourself. No evil person would do that.”

Elsa closed her eyes for a moment. “You’re right. But Anna, what am I? Who am I? A circus act? The Snow Queen? A monster? The Queen of Arendelle? Who?”

Anna placed her hands on Elsa’s arms. “I’ve always known who you are.”


“You’re my sister, Elsa, and no one else.”

The Queen of Arendelle smiled, took Anna’s hand, and said, “I guess, in the end, that’s all that matters.”

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