The Host Club's Misery Business

My Reluctant Day Out

On my last day of summer vacation I just want to lie in my bed, even if it is my birthday. I've already told Akira and Julia that singing "Happy Birthday" and giving me a cupcake would be good enough for today, and even that's pushing it. After being torn away from my brother I have virtually no desire to celebrate anything—especially not my birthday. Today wasn't a good day for the Host Club either, all they've done is monopolize all my free-time and turn my life up-side-down, so I at least deserve one host-free day. I hear my door open, it's Julia.

"Rikku, one of your friends is here to see you, it's one of those boys so you probably should get dressed", Julia informs me.

I groggily get out of bed and try to find something in my closet that's "host-appropriate", but here's an overview of my closet: it's black. Since I really don't care I go with a sundress. I make my way over to the door—it's Tamaki.

"What do you want?" I monotone.

"Well in honor of, what I hear is a special day for you, it would be my pleasure if you would accompany me on a date." he finishes his long-winded statement.

"Who put you up to this?"

He looks genuinely offended, "Why Rikku, it is my duty as a member of the Ouran Host Club to make every woman happy, and since you, in fact, are a woman it is my job to make you happy as well."

I can't deal with this right now, "Well I'm not exactly sad at the moment, but I'll call you if anything changes, so bye." I slam the door but it gets caught on his foot that he stuck through the door ant the last second. Why would you do that when you're wearing sandals?

I open the door again to see he's favoring his other foot and staring at me with his puppy-dog eyes, "Fine, I'll go, but don't look at me like that." he smiles in victory.

I make him take me to Starbucks, I'll need caffeine if I want to get through the rest of this "date", so I supersize my order. But by the time I have mine in hand he's still at the counter trying to choose, he suggests sampling all of them and I try to imagine a Tamaki high off caffeine…

I quickly push him aside, "He'll just have an iced tea."

Once we both have our drinks we look for a table inside and have a seat. I turn down his date site suggestions while taking small sips of my black coffee, but he just keeps going. He sees me doze off.

"Rikku are you listening?" he asks, annoyed.

"No, I'm not", I answer bluntly. I sigh, "Look, why are you even doing this? But forgive me if I'm skeptical about a guy who knows next to nothing about me just up and decides to take me on a date on a day he didn't even know was my birthday. But of course you always have Kyoya for that now don't you?" his silence was confirmation enough.

"Well then tell me about you" he suggests after a few minutes of silence, "I remember Kyoya telling me you and Haruhi met in middle school."

I might as well, "I moved here during my second year of middle school (A/N: eighth grade).

*Flashback* Rikku POV

I finish adjusting my "sailor suit" uniform and head out the door. When I arrived at school two student council members were there to greet me, one introduced himself as Soma Ari, vice president, and Haruhi Fujioka, madam president.. By lunch she's manages to say two words to me, the rest of the time her nose was buried in a book. However with her being the only person I "know" I decide to eat lunch with her in the class room.

"Hey Haruhi, why are you class president anyway?" I ask her, "You hardly seem interested in the position"

"Well I couldn't care less about what I do, but it does look good on a highschool application", she explains, "I don't do anything if it won't look good on my application", she says while flipping the pages of her book.

She doesn't say another word to me all day, and pretty much the whole year. Graduation season came around for the third-years and thus highschool applications lined every inch of the bulletin board. I quickly grew bored of middleschool and decided to take the placement exam. After I passed they said I was free to start my first year of highschool, so I grazed over my options. All of which bored me. Then I overheard some students taking about how Haruhi applied for the Ouran Academy scholarship, well if she can do it so can I.

One day I came home and went through the mail, like always. Jury duty, for Ryuu, repossession notices', for Ryuu, everything had Ryuu's name on it.

"Damn-it", I say, throwing the mail on the table, "That letter should have been here by now—", I stop noticing a lavender envelope peeking out from under the white ones. I pick it up and see it has a wax seal with a cursive O on it. I got in

*End Flashback*

"Wait, then why didn't Haruhi recognize you when Kyoya brought you to the club room for the first time?" Tamaki asks.

I sigh, "I got a new haircut, so she forgot about me"

"Boss, Rikku, is that you?" a familiar voice calls out, "Hey, what's up?"

"Hey Hikaru, where's Kouru?"

"Getting us some cappuccino's", he says taking a seat next to Tamiki.

"Why are you guys even here? You're supposed to be at the products expo at the mall far, far away", says Tamaki.

Kouru shows up with their drinks, "One white-chocolate mocha for you, and one black coffee for me"

I raise an eyebrow, "You drink black coffee?" I question him.

"Hell yeah, I can't stand sweet crap", he answers.

"Same here. It's almost how people say you can't like Skillet and Avril Levine at the same time"

"Well duh, they're both my fave's", he answers.

"Anyway", Tamaki says redirecting the conversation, "You never told us why you joined the Host Club"

"Oh yeah, I "forgot". So it was my first day, by the time woke up it was already pouring down raining.


Try riding a skateboard with a ten pound messenger-bag in the pouring rain. Not easy. By the time I got to upstate Tokyo it was coming down so hard I could barely see, but the school was hard to miss. I speed up while crossing the street, but just as I'm crossing the parking lot a limo pulled up flipping me in the air and landing on the hood.

A black-haired guy in the guy's uniform got out of the car, "I believe you put a dent in my car"

"And you put a fracture in my spine!" I hiss at the pain, but hey, I've been through worse.

"Also, when the car stopped my glasses broke, so that's also your fault"

"Look, you go to Ouran, so you've got to be rich. You can take care of it yourself", I turn to walk away and notice all my work scattered and is now being pelted by rain.

I scatter trying to salvage them.

The guy bends down and helps me, "Here let me help you with that", he grabs my charcoal and looks at it.

I snatch it from him, "That's kind of personal"

He "smiles", "My apologies, Mr. Suzuki", I stare at him in disbelief.

"How do you know my name? Anyway look, I'm sorry about your glasses. But I'm pretty sure I don't have the money to reimburse you", I explain.

He "smiles" again, "No, but there is something you can do for me"

*End Flashback*

- With the Twins—

"Just what the hell was that?" questions Hikaru, "You were all over her, Oh those are my fave's too", says Hikaru.

Kouru folds his arms, "I don't know what you're talking about", says Kouru, "I was just making conversation"

Hikaru scoffs, "You haven't listened to rock music a day in your life"

"Well it's not any different than you being all over Haruhi", says Kouru, "Oh I can buy you lot's of Otooro"

"Don't change the subject!" shouts Hikaru, "You're in love with Rikku, aren't you?"

Kouru turns red, "I neither confirm nor deny that statement"

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