The Host Club's Misery Business

Till the day it becomes a Pumpkin

It's the last block of the day and all of class 1-A is excited about Halloween. Our class is supposed to be putting on a Test of Courage Tournament after dark—not that I'm complaining—it would be nice to scare the shit out of these rich bastards. However, while the rest of the class is deciding what costumes to get, I'm talking to the superintendent, ordering the decorations, deciding where on the map the teams should be… but what do I look like, a secretary? I already knew three other people who'd be on my team, but that's only four, we need five. I head outside to organize the teams, Team A is done, Team B is done and so is team C, all that's left is Team D.

"Okay guys, so for Team D there's myself, Haruhi, Hikaru, and Kaoru. But we need a fifth member." I say to the rest of my "team".

"Oh no problem," says Hikaru. "Class rep will be our fifth member."

I glance over at the class rep, "Fine" I say marking him down.

The A Team comes out of the classroom, "Oh no, both Hitachiin's are on one team? You guys better not try any underhanded tricks."

"Oh we would never do anything like that," says Kaoru. "But we always have an ace up our sleeve."

Both twins lock me in a one-arm hug, "Say hello to our ace" they say. "Ouran Academy's resident emo: Rikku Suzuki!"

Here we go again. "Would you two quit calling me that? That snot-nosed brat says it once and now it's the word of the day! What is this Sesame Street?" {A/N: I do not own Sesame Street}

"Come on, don't be so modest," says Hikaru. "If anyone knows how to scare the shit out of people it's you. The way you dress makes everyday feel like Halloween!" This makes Kaoru deadpan.

"And just what's wrong with the way I dress?" I say subconsciously looking at my current ensemble. I've customized the blazer, pinning down parts of it with safety-pins, underneath I wear a red t-shirt and tie the tie around my neck. Is there something wrong with the way I dress? I shake it off, "Anyway, the superintendent said yes, the Halloween decorations are on their way, and I've mapped out each team's location's in the school. And if we don't want Tamaki on our case we'd better get to the club now."

When we open the doors, there's a graveyard and several deferent monsters waiting for us. Unbeknownst to most I actually planned everything for this one, Kyoya just took all the credit. So between this, theTest of Courage Tournament, and physically setting up for it—I'm burnt out. Kyoya and Tamaki were dressed as vampires, Takashi was dressed as Franken Stine, and Misukani was dressed as… a fluffy pink bunny.

"So… whose costume is the scariest?" Tamaki asks me.

I sigh, "Well to be honest… Honey's is just terrifying." I say. He gives me a look of disbelief, "Well just what did you expect from Ouran's resident emo!" I say directing that last part to the twins. I make a show of checking my watch, "Well anyway, it's getting late and we still have to set up for class 1-A's Test of Courage Tournament, so bye."

"Wait!" says Tamaki. "Why are you and Haruhi going?"

"Well we are in class 1-A, and I've got nothing else better to do." I answer.

[Later that night]

Everyone was in their positions and ready to commence operation: scare the crap out of each other. I, along with the rest of Team D, sat at the end of the staircase dangling a block of—what I think is—tofu from a string. I tug at the string, "Hey not that this isn't terrifying, but don't you think we could've gotten a prank that wasn't from the supermarket?" I ask.

"They were on sale." says Haruhi defensively.

"Oh no! I'd never want you to pay full-price for this crap," I say throwing it in Haruhi's face. "Alright, since we're short on time here's what I need you to do: Haruhi, go to chem. lab one and get the basin full of spiders and a large bucket. Hikaru, search all the art rooms for embroidery floss, floor polish, and a mop. Kaoru, go to the kitchen in the clubroom and grab a few large cookie sheets, flour, and lots of maple syrup."

Kaoru smiles, "Even though I have no idea where you're going with this, I'm a hundred percent sure it's diabolical." he says.

"Hell, you don't call me your ace for nothing."

[A few minutes later]

Everyone shows up with the supplies, "Perfect. Hikaru, go up to the landing and tie the floss to the banisters at the top and bottom, make sure to double them up. Kaoru, once he's done mop the stairs with the syrup and put the cookie sheet at the top of the staircase. Haruhi, move the tub over there." I order them.

"So Rikku," says the class rep. "Is there anything you need me to do?" he asks as I tie a strand of floss to the bucket.

"Yeah about that…" I say handing him the bucket. "You're not afraid of heights are you?" His ghost pops out of him but I pull it back down, "Well get over it! You're not going to ruin my plans over a little Vertigo! So here's what you've got to do: climb a latter and hang this bucket from the very, very edge of the chandelier. Then just fill the bucket with flour and, ta-da, your done!"

"I can't do that—"

"Well you're going to!" I yell. "Here I'll hold the latter so you don't fall, see." I hold the latter as an example. He nods and heads up the latter. And before long my vision is complete. "Perfect." I say.

Hikaru looks at my contraption skeptically, "So, just what is it supposed to, yeah know, do?"

"You'll see. Wait I hear someone coming!" I say. We all hide behind the stairs and wait. Soon enough someone dressed as the Clock Tower Witch comes down the stairs, they then trip over the floss and step onto the cookie sheet. Sliding down the stairs they try to grab a banister, to no avail since they're coated with floor polish. Once they get to the end of the stairs they trip on yet another piece of floss triggering the bucket of flour to nail them in the face as they belly-flop into a basin of spiders. Wait those spiders aren't poisonous are they? "Hey Haruhi, just what did the spiders look like?"

"Well they were tiny and black and had these red hourglasses on their backside, why?"

"Oh no reason," I say. "Just that those are Black Widows, the most poisonous spider known to man…" I hurry to the basin to pull the guy out of it. Damn he's heavy! "Let's see who's behind the mask," I say pulling the mask off of the guys head. But as soon as it comes off I instantly recognize him. Damn-it it's Tamaki! "Oh shit…"

Everyone runs away as fast as they can in opposite directions, I'm too shocked to even move. When I hear all of them scream I snap out of my trance to realize I'm all alone, "Haruhi? Hikaru?" No answer. Tears stream down my red-hot cheeks, "Kaoru!" I shout. I run, I have no idea where I'm going I just run. Eventually I trip over a pile of sandbags.

[Kaoru POV]

"Kaoru!" I hear a voice scream from outside the door. Soon enough Rikku's barging in and falls into my arms.

"Rikku what's wrong?" I ask her. But instead of answering me she just holds me tighter, "Rikku…"

She sobs, "I'm afraid of the dark alright!"

Afraid of the dark? "Since when? You always seemed so fearless…"

"Every time I'm alone in the dark I remember the times when Ryukyu locked me in the closet. Sometimes it would be days before he let me back out. I was so alone and I couldn't see…" she sobs even more. "I'm scared Kaoru!"

"But if that's the case then how could you stand being out there for that long?" I ask.

She stops shaking, "Because Kaoru was with me," she says. "And as long as Kaoru's by Rikku's side… Rikku's not afraid of anything." She's so vulnerable… I've never seen her like this.

"Does anyone else know?" I ask her. She shakes her head "no". I guess there's still a lot we don't know about Rikku… "Hey I think I hear other people coming, maybe you should wipe your face."

She vigorously rubs her face with her shirt sleeve as Hikaru storms in. We hug and Haruhi trails behind. She looks at Rikku's face, "Hey were you crying just now?"

"I wasn't crying!" she shouts. "My face just got read from running all the way here."

"Right" Haruhi says stretching out the "i".

"Anyway," I say. "We should probably go looking for the others, you know, admit defeat and all…"

[Rikku POV]

We follow the sound of whispers and they lead us to the schools botanical garden. We have a botanical garden?

"We were worried sick about you guys" says Kodakono. "Just where were you?"

"You should know," I say. "You guys are the ones who sent the Clock Tower Witch after us."

She looks confused, "What witch?" she asks. "It wasn't our turn."

"But if it wasn't you then—"

"W-What's that?" Renge and Kodakono ask pointing at a weird cat shaped shadow.

I take a look, "Oh it's only…" I look around to see I'm all alone. "What's-his-face's puppet."

[The next day]

"How did you guys not know that was the puppet-thing?" I ask jokingly.

Hikaru laughs, "Yeah now the whole class was deemed the kings of the cowards, except Rikku of course. She's fearless."

I laugh nervously, "Yeah…"

"Come on guys, let's get to class" says Kaoru changing the subject.

[Kaoru POV]

"When do you think he'll realize he's in love?" asks Rikku when the others are out of earshot.

I smile, "I'm not sure." When will I realize I'm in love?

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