The Host Club's Misery Business

Is this the End?

"Hey, hey, hey! That's not a sack of potatoes! Be careful with it!" I yell at some delivery men. But my God, everyone knows you don't treat chiffon like cotton… wait did I really just say that? I'm starting to sound like the rest of the club… But that's when they pull up in a horse-drawn carriage, ok, sorry—had a small WTF moment. "And just what is this?" I ask Tamaki.

"What does it look like?" he replies.

"Really, Tamaki?" I question him. "You could afford to feed Africa with all the money we're wasting… Do you even know how much we've spent so far?"

"We aren't wasting money!" Really, that's all you heard me say? "And I donno, ask Kyoya. Hop on!" he says, holding out his hand.

I let out a small sigh before taking his hand and climbing into the carriage, "You should lighten up Rikku. It's not that big a deal." says Haruhi.

"You may not consider it a 'big deal', yet; how could you when you're not in charge of the whole thing? Or that you're not supposed to make this whole thing go off without a bang," I say adding an eye twitch at the end. "By the way, I am way too hyped off of caffeine…"

"We can tell," said the twins.

"Easy for you to say," I say once we're off the carriage. "You don't have to work with those guys." I say gesturing over at Tamaki and Kyoya.

Once the Fair had begun the entire club were acting flamboyant as ever, trying hard to impress the parents. I, however, had to let the caffeine simmer out of my system before I interacted with any of the guests. But that's when I heard a loud slap and saw Kyoya with his face red. It was his father. I can't say I wasn't expecting this…

After the scene is over I wet my handkerchief and dab the spot Mr. Ootori had hit, "I'm sorry it happened so soon… I thought he'd at least wait till after the fair, but I guess I thought wrong."

He takes the handkerchief and ties to fake a smile, "I'm alright Rikku. No need to worry." And with that he walks off.

Tamaki was still in shock, "Was Kyoya hit… because of me? Because of the Host Club?"

I fake a smile, "Don't worry Sempai, everything's going to be alright."

*Tamaki's thoughts*

Did Rikku just call me Sempai?

"Hey, where did Sempai go?" I ask Kyoya.

"Who?" he questioned me. "You mean Tamaki? He's escorting Lady Éclair per orders of his grandmother. But since when do you call Tamaki 'sempai'?"

I sigh, "I had to say something to get him to relax… But just who is this Lady Éclair?"

"She's of the Tonaire family, a group who's been buying up a lot of companies in Japan lately. But that still doesn't explain why she's here for Tamaki…" he says. "But really, Sempai… That was the best you could come up with?"

"Well sorry—" was getting slapped in the face the best that you could come up with? Nah, that's too bitchy even by my standards.

Later in the day we all changed into our butler costumes, all except Tamaki… Shouldn't he be done with that Éclair Ton-Ass? But that's when he and Éclair stood at the top of the stairwell, "We have an announcement; Lady Éclair and I shall be engaged after I depart for France after the Ouran Fair. Therefore, the Host Club will be dissolved proceeding the fair. That is all.

No… no, it can't end like this… Is this the end?

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