The Host Club's Misery Business

Save me from the Jungle Pool

Classes have ended for the day and we were heading home, overall a peaceful day. But nothing is peaceful when the Host Club is involved. The twins grabbed me and Haruhi by the arms, a limo pulled up and Tamaki rolled down the window, "Excellent, take them with you."

We try to protest but they're already moving us to the car, "Wait. Where are we going?"

Next thing I know we're being dragged into a changing room by the twins. Two identical maids take us inside and close the door, next thing I know we're both stripped naked. Thousands of bathing suits line the walls of the changing room, this would be amazing if I wasn't freezing my ass off right now. The maids tell us they're going to help us choose a bathing suit—despite our protests. There's a reason I don't go to water-parks, I wouldn't be caught dead in a swimsuit. They go through many different ones before they manage to get Haruhi in a pink and white tankini, and me in a blue and white striped bikini. I put on a white long-sleeve cover up before anyone else can see me then I run out of there as fast as I can. I don't stop to even look at the hosts, how could they just bring me here without asking me first? There's a good reason I never come to water-parks.

Kyoya POV

I'm lounging in a shaded area watching the other hosts play in the pool. One of the reasons I brought them all here was so I could get them off my back for a day, kind of like planning my own vacation. But I knew if I wanted to shut Tamaki up I'd have to bring the girls, but I'm not exactly complaining either. Some downtime with Rikku could help me get some interesting data on her (and catching her in a swimsuit isn't bad either).But a pang of disappointment went over me when I saw her running past me in a long-sleeve cover up. Wait, what is she running from? I catch up to her and grab the end of her cover up, "Rikku, what's going on?" I pull at the end of it and she falls down.

The cover up is in my hand and Rikku is on the ground, I ignore the fact that she has a fantastic body and go straight to the fact that she's covered in deep scars and dark bruises. I stare at her in disbelief.

She shoots me a look, "This is why I don't wear swimsuits", she grabbed the cover up from me a put it on. I tried to reach out to her but she smacked my hand away, "Don't touch me… ever." she was almost raising her voice at me—almost. She continued to run away from me.

Rikku POV

No one was supposed to see me like this. I run as fast as I can, I don't know where I'm going, but anyplace is better than here. I hear Kyoya calling after me, but I ignore him, I speed up in fear of him catching up to me again. I'm at the edge of the current pool and before I know it I'm falling in, I don't have time to flail around before a giant current knocks the breath out of me. I'm drowning. I manage to get to the surface so I can take a breath, the current pushes me to a near-drowning Honey. I instinctively grab him as the current continues to carry us away. We pick up speed. Before I can brace myself my back slams against the wall of the current pool—hard. Honey gets out of the pool, the ending current knocks the air out of me and I start drowning again. But before water cold start filling my lungs Honey pulls me out of the pool.

"Are you alright Rikku-chan?" he asks.

I fight the instinct to be sarcastic, "I've been...ha ha… better."

I manage to dry off my cover up a little so it doesn't cling to my body. I do a once-over of our surroundings and have come up with a sound evaluation—we're lost. I mean really lost, we were in the deepest part of this moc-jungle. I try to come up with a plan, "Well now that we've reached the end we should follow the current pool. It should lead us to the others", I start walking the path of the current pool.

Honey flashes a big smile, "I know a way there that's way faster than walking", he sped-climbed up the nearest tree and jumped off of that tree branch to the next one.

I give him a smile back and join him on the branch he's on. At this height we can still see the current pool's direction, and at the rate we're going we'll meet up with the others in no time. Well that is if we don't get slowed down by the obstacles ahead—crocodiles. Honey and I nod at each other, I go ahead of him and jump onto the croc's back. Before he could snap at me I jumped off his back and Honey drop-kicked him in the jaw. However, there was no time to celebrate, Haruhi and Mori were about to be gunned down right in front of us. We climbed the tree in front of us and grabbed onto a vine, we then swung off the tree heading straight for them. We landed right in the middle of all the guards and immediately started attacking them—no one hurts my friends. One of the guards snuck up behind me and tripped me up, he came close to kicking me if Honey hadn't grabbed his leg and flipped him. The guards were defeated, Haruhi and Mori were safe, and everything was alright. Once Haruhi broke free from Tamaki's hug I went over to her.

"Those guards didn't hurt you did they?" I ask her.

Haruhi shook her head and put her hands up in defense, "Oh no, I'm alright."

"But I have to wonder, are you alright Rikku?" Kyoya shot me a concerned look that seemed unusual for him, but I knew he wasn't talking about me being lost in the jungle.

I look away from him, "Yeah, I'm fine." I answer him. But what did he expect? I wasn't going to talk about that in front of everyone, my only problem now is will he?

We all left the jungle and started moving towards the exit when the twins suggested going to the beach next time.

Tamaki dismissed the idea, "You idiots, they wouldn't want to go to place like that."

Haruhi interjected, "You know I actually don't mind the beach. I might not be into this whole water-park thing, but I do like the ocean".

"Water-parks I hate, but the beach I can tolerate." I added. Tamaki instantly changed in mind and announced next time we'd be going to the beach. And unbeknownst to me, seeds of love were slowly being planted.

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