The Host Club's Misery Business

The Sun, the Sea, and revealed Fears

I was working on a few of my sketches while Haruhi was studying, I hand nearly forgotten the water-park and things were returning to normal. Well, the Host Club's definition of normal, that was until the twins stood in front of us with rows and rows of swimsuits behind them. They had picked out two swimsuits for us to "wear" at the beach.

I give the suits a onceover, "And just who do you expect to wear those?"

"Well you two of course!"

"I wouldn't try that if you value your lives." I monotone.

They ignore me, "Why not you two have the perfect bodies for it. Just look at Haruhi," they pick her up by the arms. "This uniform barely hides the fact she's flat as a cutting board; so this two ruffled two-piece hides her lacking feminine physic. Whil you on the other hand have to bind your chest to pass as a guy; so we selected this bikini—"


Tamaki hit the twins with a baseball bat, "You two better stop sexually harassing my little girls, I have had enough. Of. You"

"So does this mean we're not going to the beach?"

He rests the bat on his shoulder, "Who said we're not going?"

Haruhi and I questioned simultaneously, "So we're really going to go to the beach?"

We arrive in Okinawa and the twins start complaining, "why'd we come to Okinawa", "why didn't we just go to the Caribbean, or Fiji", well why don't you two shut the hell up.

"But did you honestly think commoners like Haruhi and Rikku would have passports?" asks Kyoya condescendingly.

"I'm right here ya know."

"I'm wasn't born in Japan, I have a visa."

I don't know why I just told him that, Kyoya pulled out his "stalker-book" and is now jotting stuff down like crazy. It turns out Kyoya invited all the guests as well, to keep them "entertained" I guess, so we're not changing into swimsuits. However I'm not sure if all of that was coincidental... We're sitting under a beach umbrella looking at the sea, Haruhi's sitting up "gym-style" while I'm laying down with my head cradled in my hands, a few of the costumers come up two us and ask if we want to swim with them. Oh hell no, they couldn't pay me to do that.

Haruhi turned to look at them using her "sparkle-technique", "I prefer looking at the sea from a safe distance." the girls then asked if they could join us.

"But why?" I ask. "You ladies have cute bathing suites, why not show them off?"

Harts filled their eyes and they left, I didn't have the patience to deal with that today. But me and Haruhi decide to get up and walk around, we see Honey with a bucket and he asks us if we want to go "hellfish shunting".

"I don't know Honey-senpai, this doesn't seem to be that kind of beech—", I grab her shoulder and point to the army of shell fish on the sand. "WHAT THE HELL?"

The day went on and I was helping Haruhi find shellfish, I was wading into the water on the other side. I met up with Tamaki and the twins on the beach, and for some reason Tamaki had a bucket of Habu snakes, "So is there some profound reason you're holding a bucket of poisonous Hubu snakes?"

Before I could get a reaction from him one of the ladies from before ran up to us. She had tears in her eyes, "Someone help, its Haruhi!" I dropped my bucket and ran to the cliff as fast as I could with Tamaki on my heels, we get there right before she's thrown off the cliff by a thug.

Tamaki has Haruhi in his arms as they come out of the water.

He puts her down on the sand, "What were you thinking? You against two boys?"

"It didn't matter that they were boys and I'm a girl, I was there so I had to do something!"

"That's no excuse you idiot, don't forget you're a girl!"

I come between Haruhi and Tamaki, "Haruhi, are you alright?"

"I'm fine Rikku." she answers.

"Good, in that case," I punch her in the face, not enough to knock her out... but hard enough. "What the hell were you thinking? You should have called for help... just because you dress like a guy doesn't mean you are one." tears well up in my eyes. "You're such a fucking idiot Haruhi." and with that I made my way back to the hotel. The whole club had this weird look frozen on their faces, I knew there were some real idiots in the Host Club, but all of them are just fucking retards.

The rest of the club made their way to the hotel and were in the dining room. Honey looks out the window, "It sure is gloomy outside, I wonder if it's going to rain?"

My thoughts race at the sound of the word "rain". Just because it rains doesn't mean there will be thunder.

"It's not just outside", Hikaru starts, "It's pretty gloomy right here." Kaoru gestures to me and Tamaki.

"Look Rikku, the boss we know, but would it kill you to crack a smile now and then"

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The twins shiver, "You know what, never-mind..." just then Haruhi came through the doors in a light pink frilly dress that made all the hosts fawn over her, even Kyoya. The crabs were set on the table, I decide to cut through the "awkward" crap and dig in. Eventually everyone else follows my lead. Haruhi starts eating the crabs and goes through them like water, Tamaki tries to say something but she ignores him immaturely. Tamaki get's fed up and storms out of the room and Kyoya follows after him. The twins confront Haruhi telling her that she should apologize, Honey agrees.

"I'm really sorry for making you worry you guys."

They all huddle in a group hug, "Ahh, we forgive you!" then they go on to say how cute she is.

"Oh and Rikku, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for making you worry so much as well" she looked at me with those puppy-dog eyes she didn't know she had.

"No, you're not sorry." I monotone. "So don't just say things half-heartedly without really meaning it." I got up and left the dinning room.

Everyone stared at me as I left, "That seems strange coming from Rikku-chan." Honey said breaking the silence.

Haruhi gave him a confused look, "What do you mean?"

"Well it always seemed like Rikku was so concerned with protecting you," Kaoru started. "But now it seems like she's letting you have it." Hikaru interjected.

"Protecting me?"

"You're hopeless." just then Haruhi got nauseous and turned green. Everyone rushed to get her to the nearest bathroom.

I stood in the dark hallway waiting for Kyoya to come out.

He smiled at me, "I'm impressed you came up with that plan by yourself, it worked like a charm."

My expression didn't waver, "You didn't tell her anything did you?" I ask ignoring his attempts at flattery.

"Not a thing. She thinks Hikaru and Kaoru beat up the thugs."


Tamaki had dived off the edge of the cliff after Haruhi. I go after the one who pushed her, I trip him up and kneed him in the chest causing him to double over but not quiet fall down. He recovers and tries to punch me in the face, I doge it, grab his arm and flip him. A bullet flies past me brushing against my hair.

"Just what do you think you're doing small fry"

He shoots at me again and I doge it, I get closer to him and he aims at my chest. He pulls the trigger but I push his wrist away, I spin behind him grabbing his wrist and twisting his arm so he drops the gun. I grab the gun and aim it at his neck.

"Now do you understand?", I move my finger from the trigger and hit his neck with the back of the gun, knocking him out.

The other one tries to get up, but he stops when I aim the gun at him. I move closer to him still aiming at him, when I'm close enough I grab his wrist, I twist his arm and force him to the ground. Once he's on his knees I break his arm and knock him out with the back of the gun

"This may be none of my business, but why do you always go behind the clubs back to do something like this?" he questions me.

I sigh, "You're right Kyoya…" I say. "It is none of your business. But do you really think it's a good idea to leave those two alone in there?"

He smiled and pushed his glasses up, "But of course, she's with our fearless leader after all. What could possibly go wrong?"

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