The Host Club's Misery Business


After what happened over the break I was sure nothing would be the same in the Host Club. The last thing I wanted to be seen as is a charity case, but they were all right there in the waiting room, if I didn't tell them Kyoya would have. No matter how slick I am I couldn't slide out of that one. I'm now at the door of the club room, my feet tried to stop me but my head told me to keep moving, not showing up today would only make things worse. But when I opened the door they were all in police uniforms, and somehow I thought of a strip club.

Tamaki was the first to come out of his pose, "Oh it's you Rikku, in that case go get changed, the guests will be arriving soon"

Since my "uniform" matched Haruhi's we were told to stand mirroring each other, like "Good cop/Bad cop". Haruhi obviously playing the good cop, and me with my hair covering my left eye, played the bad cop. As we got into our poses the door started to open, we thought it was one of the early-birds; the last thing we were expecting was some snot-nosed preschooler. But really, what the hell is a preschooler doing at a highschool host club? She points at us and jumps up and down shouting "debauchery".

She points to Kyoya, "You're the glasses character"

She points to Honey and Mori, "The boy-Lolita and the stoic type"

She points to the twins, "Twincest"

And then she points to me and Haruhi, "The bookworm and the emo kid"

Once she gets to Tamaki she jumps in his arms saying he's her "big brother". I can imagine what he'd be like with a little sister—even more annoying, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't have one.

"I wonder if "glasses character" is superior to "big brother"?"

"Does it really matter? I can't believe she called me "bookworm""

"Get over it; she called me "emo kid""

While the girl's "sparkle attack" was working on Tamaki someone poked their head through the door that appeared out of nowhere. He had blonde hair and blue eyes so he probably wasn't Japanese, it wasn't until a cat eared maid and Franken-butler put black clothes and a wig on him that I realized it was what's-his-face.

They did look alike, "Wait so the girl is what's-his-face's little sister?"

Kyoya glanced over at me, "Would it kill you to learn people's names?"

"Would it kill you to stop stalking people?", I shot back.

So to summarize what's-his-face is darker than I am and the girl is more pastel than the Host Club. But why does everyone expect siblings to get along anyway? I'd say to suck it up until your older and have no desire to even talk to each other, but of course Tamaki goes off in the opposite direction with a plan to bring them both together. But it wasn't until the floor started shaking that I realized it was too late to run. So far I think I've been pretty good with dealing with the Host Club's antics, aside from all those times I cussed them out, but today I didn't have the time. I had to apply for a part-time job at the grocery store, as Next of Kin I have to pay Ryuu's medical bills.

Everyone else leaves for the science lab while Haruhi and I to watch the girl. Since she was preoccupied with having "bookworm" read her Shojo manga I had time to work on a payment plan. I have a bill for 2,000,000 yen (roughly 20,000$)—damn Ootori hospital—one, I don't even want to know how many hours I'll have to work to pay that, and two, how the hell I'm I supposed to keep this from Ryuu? I've covered ER expenses at a normal hospital but this is insane, why does this hospital spend so much of frivolous things? But of course everyone wants to die in a bed with 100 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

I decide to take a break and go see what everyone else was up to, not that it's ever a good idea but I could use a distraction right about now. I've been paying hospital bills for a few years now, working enough to pay it and quitting before Ryuu got suspicious. It's an exhausting cycle but I do it because we're family, and he's the only one keeping me out of foster care. Even though some of what he does can be classified as child abuse I know he loves me when he's sober. He may not be the most affectionate person in the world, but we love each other. The scene at the science lab makes me wish I had stayed in the club room. Renge is beating what's-his-face to death… with a giant paper fan, Tamaki's confessing his love to a Haruhi manikin in a bathing suit, and everyone else is just watching the show.

"Well that isn't disgusting", I comment getting Tamaki and the twins attention.

Tamaki jumps, "Ah Rikku… how long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to know that you have some strange hobbies. Just what are you doing anyway?", instead of answering me he retreats to the universal emo corner and the twins start cracking up.

Haruhi then came jogging behind me, "What the hell Rikku, you couldn't have switched places with me and read to her!"

I shrugged, "Well I'm sorry, but I didn't think she'd want the "emo kid" to do the "bookworm's" job. And besides I had more important things to do"

While Haruhi was fuming at me the little girl came to the door and complained that the room was dark, but before she could start an all-out temper tantrum Tamaki picks her up and twirls her around in the hallway. I feel a twinge of jealousy come across me but I don't know why, scratch that, I knew why I just didn't want to admit it. But everyone had to stop and stare at what's-his-face when he had a flashlight in his hand and started chanting "I am a handsome princely big brother", or something like that, over and over until he turned the flashlight. I find it strange how shinning a 50watt flashlight in your face can be seen as a huge accomplishment, but apparently it can. Everyone stood applauding him as he held the flashlight to his photophobic face, I would think the light would strain his eyes by now but apparently that's not the case, still shining the light on his face he turned to his sister.

The bright light enhanced the crevices of his face creating more shadows, and at this his sister shrieked and ran away. The twins opened the shades to let some light in and saw the girl standing in the middle of the courtyard face-to-face with a cat. Alarmed by this what's-his-face glued himself to the window saying how his sister is afraid of cats, after that he jumped out of the window breaking the glass. I'm not paying for that.

I decided to go home and rest for a while before I went back out. When I got home I took my shoes off and started with my normal routine of preparing dinner, but as a got out the ingredients I heard an inaudible voice calling out my name. At first I glance over my shoulder to check to see if I locked the door, it's locked, I hear the voice again and it sounds like it's coming from one of the rooms in the back. I slowly climb the counter-top to reach the top of the refrigerator where the kitchen knives are kept, Ryuu keeps him up there because he thinks' I can't reach them, but I've been climbing things since middle school. I slide a butcher knife out and silently make my way to the back rooms. Since mine is empty whoever's here must be in Ryuu's room. I take a deep breath and quickly slide his door open with the knife drawn and ready to swing, but I didn't realize the voice was coming from Ryuu.

There he was lying up against the wall with tears streaming down his face. I dropped the knife and ran over to him to see if he was hurt, there didn't seem to be any blood or bruises on him, just his trademark beer cans. I did a full body check to see if he was sick or had broken something, but nothing turned up. Physically he was fine but the tears just kept coming.

He looked up at me and muttered through his sobs, "… Rikku", he closed his eyes and fell into my arms.

He's drunk, but I know the drill for this one too. I wrapped my arms around him and cradled him in my arms. His head was buried in my shoulder and his tears started to soak my shirt, yet I did not pull away. His body shakes with every sob. Once in a blue moon he'll get like this, in contrast to his violent and controlling actions, and just be vulnerable. It's times like these I know he needs me just as much as I need him. I'll just sit here holding him until he cries himself to sleep, and then tuck him in bed. That's how it has been and that's how it always will be.

I could feel him drifting asleep when someone knocked on the door, they can just come back another time. Just as I closed my eyes an even loader came through the door then they broke down the door and barged in: it was the police. About six of them surrounded the door. One pulled me away from Ryuu and backed me into a corner so I couldn't go near him; two others wrestled him to the ground and handcuffed him. Once all the officers cleared out of the room I ran outside calling after Ryuu, however an officer blocked my way. Ryuu struggled to come back to me but an officer slammed his head on the police car.

The officer reported to a man who I could barely see, "We got the child abuser, thanks for the tip Mr. Ootori", my eyes widened at the sound of that name. The officer blocking me left with the others as they drove Ryuu away, leaving me face-to-face with Kyoya.

I can't keep myself from growling, "What did you do? How could you just take him away from me?"

He answered me with an emotionless face, "I couldn't ignore what happened that night, so I called the police and reported the evidence I found. I did what was best for you"

I couldn't even speak; I was still trying to process what just happened. In a matter of seconds my whole life came crashing down on me, everyone I've ever loved in my life is gone. I have no one left to take care of me… I have no one left period. A car reading "Child Protective Services" pulls up and a woman with short dark hair in a suit gets out of the car.

She extends her hand out to me, "Miss, you need to come with me"

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