The boy who fell in love


Noah Chang a young boy at Hogwarts fell in love with Holly Malfoy a young girl whom is already taken by Jack Wilson. But as we know Jack loves to go to parties and be with the popular crowd, As Holly a quiet young girl whom only wants to study and be alone. Noah is trying to hide feelings and just suffer seeing the girl he loved only to be neglected by the boy she loves.

Fantasy / Romance
Holly Elliott
Age Rating:

Chapter 2- The fight

Holly had been in Jack's room as they had been just cuddling. She then smiled as she kissed his cheek, "So babe, How about we take it a little further." Jack asked as he his hand slides down to her bum. Holly blushes as she then pulled away, "Jack. No I want to wait a little longer." She says softly as she looked down. "Come on, How long will we wait?!" Jack asked as Holly flinched a bit, "I don't know. But I don't want that now." She says softly as she felt her voice break a bit. Jack sighed and shakes his head, "See that's why I'm never around." Jack says.

Holly felt tears start to come down her face, "Did you cheat on me?" She asked as she wiped her eyes. "Yes, It was the night I was suppose to be at our little date at Hogsmede." Jack says. Holly felt her heart break as she then looked at him, "Another girl is worth more than me. So when you said you wanted me to be your first, You didn't? You already had sex!" She says as she was just mad. So many emotions. Jack jumped a bit as he heard her sweet voice raise. "Yes." He says and looked down. Holly started to just walk out of his dorm, "Babe! Wait!" Jack says. Holly shakes her head as she cried and ran to the black lake, Little did she know her best friend Noah was there. She was flushed red from anger, She then sat down by a tree.

Noah got up as he heard crying, He then walked over hearing it. He then looked down seeing Holly, "Princess, Are you okay?" He asked. Holly shakes her head, Noah then sat down next to her as he gently puts her on his lap. "Was it Jack?" Noah asked. Holly nods as she then cuddled him, "He had sex with another girl." She says. Noah frowned as he then just felt like kill Jack, He hurted his girl badly. He wanted to make sure the guy felt the emotions she felt. Noah kissed her head softly, "I'm sorry about that." He says.

"Jack he wanted to have sex, But I didn't want to. Then he said the night when he was suppose to be at the date, He was doing it with another girl." She says softly. Noah nods as he then got up, He then gently picks her up, "Noah where are we going?" She asked. Noah looked at her, "Well your going to my dorm to rest, I'm going to talk to Jack right quick." Noah says as he then takes Holly into the Slytherin common room and into his dorm. He laid her down gently, "Just rest princess I will be back soon." He says as he then walked out of the room. He then walked to Jack's dorm and knocked on it, "Who is it?" Jack asked.

"Noah." Noah says. Jack then opened the door and looked at him, "What do you want?" Jack asked. "Why did you cheat on my princess?" Noah says glaring at him. "She didn't give me what I want. So I went to someone who would." Jack says. Noah shakes his head as he then punched Jack in the face giving him a black eye, "That girl in my room doesn't need your procrastinating and your good for nothing excuses. She deserves so much better than you!" Noah says glaring.

Jack smirked and looked at her, "Seems like your in love with her Noah." He says as he got up. Noah punched him the face again, "Yes I am. I would be a much better boyfriend to her than you!" Noah says. "Stay away from and consider you and her broken up." Noah says. Jack then took him by surprise and punched him making his lip bleed. Then the two boys had a fight, But Jack got knocked out.

Noah then walked out of the room and walked to see Holly was under the covers cuddled up by a pillow. "Princess you okay?" He asked. Holly looked at Noah shocked, "I'm okay, But Noah your hurt." She says frowning. Noah smiles and looked at her, "It's just some cuts and bruises." He says as he wrapped his arms around the girl. Holly blushes and looked at him, "You did that for me?" She asked blushing. Noah nods and looked at her, He then leaned in gently and kissed her lips. Holly blushes and kissed him back.

Noah blushed and gently touched her cheek as he stroked it, "Princess?" He asked. Holly looked at him as she then pulled away, "Yes Noah?" She asked. Noah blushed and looked at her, "I lo-" He was interrupted by Linda whom came inside. "Noah...." Linda says. Noah then jumped up as he then seen the other girl. "Linda, I'm so sorry." Noah says. Holly frowned and looked at him, "I'm so sorry. I will be going to my dorm." She says getting up. Holly looked at Noah and then left his dorm going to hers. "Are you okay? You look hurt." Linda says worried as she came to his side. She then got up rushing to her dorm to get some stuff to help with his bruises. She came back, She then gently cleaned the blood off his face. "You didn't have to do this." Noah says. "I know. But I wanted to." Linda says smiling a bit.

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