Chapter 10

Chapter Ten:

Spring 2006

They had crossed over the Colorado border when Remy decided to stop for the night. Their next 'official' stop was on a narrow mountain road that he had not driven previously, and did not wish to attempt this close to sunset.

He pulled off the highway, and began searching for a motel, finally finding one at the very edge of town. Lee just stared at the structure as Remy sighed and went to check in.

He rang the bell in the office, after double checking his sunglasses, and waited patiently for the manager to come out front. Finally, about ten minutes later, an elderly man, with a stooped back, and a cane limped into the office slowly.

"I'm sorry ta keep ya waitin'. I jus' headed up t' my house fer some dinner when I heard the bell, but I ain't moving like I used to." The man said gesturing out the window to what Remy assumed must be his house.

"Oh no, that's fine. I'm sorry to interrupt your meal." Remy replied in a flawless Midwestern accent.

"Thank you. Now what can I set you up with tonight?" The man replied, clearly relaxed without an irritated customer.

"I would like a double for the night please."

"Okay, well how many adults you got? Cause they all gotta be on the ledger."

"Just one. My sister, but she isn't feeling very well, do you think I could just write her name down for you?" Remy asked, while sliding his glasses down slightly, and willing the man to say -

"Yes, yes that's fine. Please just sign here, and here's your room key. Have a nice visit." The clerk replied.

Nodding Remy quickly left, after signing the ledger 'Aaron Peterson and Anna Peterson-Black' .Quickly inventing an entire back story about an abusive brother in law, and a cross country trip to save his sister if questioned further. Luckily he wasn't, because in his opinion his story was spotty.

After he returned to the car, he quickly pulled down to the last unit where they would be staying. Lee once more looks at the structure, in almost horror, with the idea of staying this place. Reluctantly, she gets out of the car as he grabbed their bags. She then slowly followed him inside.

Once he dropped the bags on the bed closest to the door, he turned to her, half expecting her to tell him to get lost. He was worried, with the fear rolling off of her, that she had decided he was no longer welcome. However, she seemed slightly calmer, and was closely examining the walls of the room. Remy was confused by this, but he just sat on the edge of the bed he'd dumped the bags on and waited.

Finally, she walked over to where he was and began pulling items out of her bag. Not wanting to intrude on her privacy, more than he already had, He decided it may be a good time to pick them up dinner. However, when he suggested this, her fear spiked all over again.

"This place is creepy. Like that movie I saw the other night, creepy." Lee says looking around.

Remy nods. "You can't leave until I finish my shower. I can't be in there by myself. You gotta stay in the room."

Remy chuckles. "You know it was just a movie right?" He says.

"Based on a real killer! Remy there's a freakin' Victorian out back! Please, just wait til I get out?"

Remy agrees, still thinking its silly, but relieved her fear isn't about him. He waits for her to get out, which doesn't take long. She's back out of the bathroom, fully dressed with her hair pulled back in a messy bun, seven minutes later. He then asked her if she wanted to go with him to pick up dinner. She was out of the door before he could finish asking the question.

At bedtime, instead of moving the bags, Lee wordlessly climbed into Remy's bed. When he started to move, thinking she didn't want to be that close to the door, she asked him to stay. Silently, he laughed, realizing she was still freaked out over that movie. She realized he was laughing at her, and frowned, before burying her head under the covers. She wasn't going to move, just because she was embarrassed.

They arrived at a cabin the next day.

They arrived at the cabin the next afternoon. It was a tiny place, designed, really for camping or hunting trips. It only had one room; the left half was the kitchen, living room, and dining room area. In the center was a fireplace and the bathroom, and on the right side was the bedroom.

The place was honestly tiny. The love-seat was old and broken, and too short for even Lee to lie on. The kitchen boasted an apartment size range and a tiny fridge that still managed to look huge in the space provided for them. The dining area contained a rickety table with two ancient metal folding chairs. The fireplace was most likely the nicest feature of the cabin. Certainly the biggest feature. Seeing it made Remy wonder how cold it really got up here on the top of the mountain.

The bedroom area may have been the biggest complication, if he had brought any other woman besides Lee. It contained a solitary double bed, with a sagging mattress, that was pressed completely against the wall on one side, as well as an old dresser, that was missing two of its four drawers. Any other woman would have either turned her nose up at the conditions, or thought he was trying to seduce them. Or both.

Luckily for him, Lee never thought of that, nor did she have a complaint about the cabin itself. So far she had taken everything about this trip in stride, which the exception of a certain motel he had promised never to mention again.

All Remy wanted to do tonight was rest. He'd figure out their next move tomorrow, but tonight he was too tired to think. Lee bustled about the kitchen, preparing them a small dinner from the supplies he had bought further down the mountain. So far, Remy had refused to let her go in anywhere with him. He was hoping that perhaps he had overreacted, and HE didn't know about Lee. However, if she was seen with him anywhere, this hope was dead.

He needed Lee to be safe. She was his best friend; if anything happened to her because of his mistakes….he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to forgive himself. He had decided, as soon as he was sure she was safe, here or somewhere else, he was going to leave, and then be spotted as far from her as possible.

He explained this plan to her as she made their omelets. Lee hated the idea, but reluctantly agreed. She knew that Remy was right and it was the only way to be sure that she would be safe from this.

"Howeva. Remy, ya gotta come back for me, as soon as ya can. Cause I'll drive myself crazy worrin, otherwise." Lee stated.

"I'll be back. I swear. " Remy replied. The idea of never coming back for her hadn't really occurred to him. After all, she had walked away from her life on his word. He couldn't just leave her behind.

After dinner, she quickly went into the bathroom to change for bed, exchanging her jeans for a pair of sweats, because she wasn't comfortable wearing actual nightclothes when they may have to run at any minute. Remy followed suit, and they climbed wordlessly into bed, Remy making sure to take the less secure side facing their room.

He was nearly asleep, exhaustion pulling heavily on him, from the events of the last forty-eight hours, when Lee rolled over to face him.

"Remy. About the tunnels." She began.

Sighing, and half-expecting she'd changed her mind about traveling with him, Remy rolled over to face her.

"It changes nothin between us. If ya try to get all noble on me, and stay away cause of it… I'll hunt you down." Lee whispered, now that they were facing each other.

"Okay." Remy stated, suppressing a grin at the idea of his tiny friend hunting him. He had pictured her bursting into a casino, hair windswept, scowl on her face, as she marched towards him, everyone there cowering in fear despite being taller than her.

"I mean it Remy. There ain't a place on earth you can avoid me forever. I ain't lettin ya go, jus cause you don't forgive yourself anythin'." Lee said fiercely.

Remy nodded wordlessly, and Lee rolled back over facing the wall. After a moment, Remy reached out and pulled her to him, needing the comfort of holding someone. She didn't protest, instead simple snuggling closer to him.

They stayed at the cabin for a week, as the temperature grew colder and colder, when Remy decided that they had really lost HIS men, at least for now. On the morning of the seventh day, Remy silently slipped from the bed before the sun had risen and began silently packing.

Lee had woken as soon as the sagging bed had shifted, and had silently watched him for a while, before slowly rising herself. As he finished packing the bag, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I gotta throw em off. I'll be back for ya as soon as I can. But I goin t' drop y' in town. You need t' take the first bus comin in. I'll know then where t' start lookin when it's time. Cause I can't leave y' here with no defense." Remy said, turning around so he could hug her back. She silently nodded. It was a terrible plan, but the best one they had.

As he drove away, watching her grow smaller and smaller in the window, he wondered if he really would see her again. In one dumb move he had taken her entire life from her. Then he'd left her all alone. She had begged, just as he pulled in, to let her come with him. He had gently refused, reminding her of the plan. Now though he felt more lost and alone than ever.

Lee sighed as the car faded away. She didn't like the idea of him facing off against them all alone. She couldn't make him stay though, and honestly, being with him would just put him in more danger if the caught up to him. Still, she wished she could be therefore him. Sighing once more, she walked into the bus station, and looking at the schedule board, she walked up to the counter.

"One way, Boston, please." She stated. The clerk wordlessly processed her request before she found a bench, and sent Remy a text.

_ 9amboston435_ she sent.

_ 138ambusterminalmeetuthere_ came the reply. She copied down the meeting information, before sending him a short good-bye, and throwing her phone into the closest trash can, she threw the sim card and battery into two additional cans along the way to board.

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