Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven:

March 2012

Remy barely slept the night before. Somewhere around one am, it really sank in what had occurred yesterday. In the next few months, everything in his life was going to change. He was going to be a father, a single father. Remy had always wanted a family, children of his own. However, he'd always thought those children would have their mother as well.

Remy waited until a decent hour, he assumed, about seven o'clock. Then he called Cece. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he waited while the phone rang. She answered about 5 rings in. " Hello?" She stated sleepily.

" How would you like a patient, in about 26 weeks?" Remy replied.

" Good morning to you too, Remy." Cece replied.

" Yes, good morning. " He laughs.

" Wait, what do you mean, a new patient?" She says, suddenly sounding awake.

" I mean, I'm thinking about bringing you in a new patient, and was wanting to make sure it was okay with you." Remy replied.

"... Is someone sick?" Concern in her voice.

" Non, nothing like that." Remy replied.

" Okay... I think I have an opening on Tuesday, let me check." Shuffling noise as she sets down the phone. " Yes I have an opening at one if you-"

" That won't work Ce. Can't bring em in for about 6 months." Remy responds, cutting her off.

" Remy, you're not making any sense, I'm still have asleep an-"

" I'm going to be a father. In about six months, and wanted you to be the baby's doctor." Remy rushed out.


" Cece?"

" You're going to be a father?"

" Oui."

" In six months?"

" Oui"

" and you want to set up an appointment now?"

" Oui."

" Are you serious? How are you having a baby? Who's the mother?"

" I'm serious. The usual way, I'm guessing, and it doesn't matter."

" ...Why?"

" Why, what?"

" Why does it not matter, Remy the mother always matters, what did you decide to adopt or something like that becau-"

" Non, it wasn't planned Cece, mais she doesn't want to keep the baby. So it'll be jus' the two of us, I guess." He answers, while running his hand through his hair.

" Okay. Well let me look into it, and I'll call you back. Do the others know about this? "

" Hank and Logan do." Remy sighed

" What about Rogue? I mean how's she going to take this?"

" She knows." Remy replied in a tone that indicated not to ask further. Cece, recognized the tone, though she hadn't heard it very often from him. She guessed silently who the mother was then.

" I'm sorry Remy." She says softly.

" I'll talk to you later, I need to run some errands." Remy replied.

Hanging up, Remy then tried to decide what all he would need to do that day. He also needed to figure out how to tell his friends about the baby, without breaking his agreement with HER. Honestly, this still felt like a bit of a dream, the reality hadn't really sunk in yet.

He picked up the phone again, and had dialed all but one number when he set it down. He couldn't call Stormy, because he didn't know what to say. Besides, she would be disapproving, he was certain. Recently nearly everything he did met disapproval from his friends.

With a heavy sigh, he started out of the door. He might not know how to share the news with everyone, but that didn't mean he was going to just sit and wait, there was lots of things that needed to be done before the baby arrived, and he was excited to start now. After all, maybe if he began planning it would stop felling so surreal.

As he made his way toward the Realtor office, he spotted a baby store, or more accurately, he spotted the display in the window. Without hesitating, he walked in the door.

He was immediately shocked at the sheer volume of baby sized inventory inside the store, and was about to turn around when the clerk saw him.

"Can I help you, sir?" She asked politely.

"Umm…I'm ac'ualy not sure. I saw de display an came in wit'out t'inkin." He responded.

"I see." The clerk replied, and she had, lots of times. "So whenja find out about the little one?"

"Yes'erday. Late afternoon. Jus' startin ta sink in I t'ink." Remy replied, still trying to decide if he should leave.

"Ah, so you still have a bit of a wait then. What in the display caught your eye?"

"…De Teddy Bear, in de cradle."

"Would you like a closer look? I have in stock more of the exact same bear and cradle." She replied pleasantly.

"May be t' soon t' worry bout furniture, non? I see de bear though."

She took over to the display of bears, and continued to chat with him as he searched through them.

"Do you have a preference?" She asked.


"Boy or Girl?"

"Oh, non. Jus healthy."

"Aww, that's sweet. Most who come in lean towards one or the other."

"Non. I jus wanna make em happy." Remy replied, feeling sad all over again.

She seemed to notice the change in his mood, and quickly changed the subject.

"I know it's too soon yet to look at the cradles, but if you'd like, we have a nice selection of unisex sleepers and outfits over here."

As Remy left the store Forty-five minutes later, he wondered how the woman had managed it, because he had gone in to window shop, for teddy bears, but he came out with two bags of various items.

He was completely undisturbed by carrying the brightly colored pink bags down the street, despite the occasional odd look he received, until he spotted Kitty and Bobby window shopping nearby. He still had no idea what he was going to tell the other X-men, if anything, about all of this, so he ducked into the first shop he saw.

Looking around, he realized this wasn't any better. He'd somehow managed to walk right into a lingerie shop. Normally this wouldn't have fazed him in the slightest. But then normally he didn't rush into a store in an attempt to buy an item, just to hide his other bags in so that his friends wouldn't see them.

Thinking quickly, he decided to go ahead a buy something anyway. After all, shopping in this kind of shop should not raise any eyebrows if he ran into Kitty or Bobby outside. So he randomly grabbed the first couple of nightgowns he came across and went to pay.

After thanking the clerk, he shoved the other bags inside as well, and went back outside, just as Kitty started to walk by.

"Oh. Hi Remy." Kitty said

" "lo" He replied.

"What're you up too?"

"Shoppin." Remy replied holding up the bulging lingerie shop bag slightly. As expected, Kitty just shook her head at the apparent volume of items he'd bought and said her goodbyes.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Remy decided to head back to his apartment to drop off his purchases before going to meet the Realtor. He reached his apartment just as Logan arrived as well.

"Camouflage" Remy stated seeing Logan's curious expression.

"For what?"

"Clothing mostly, and a teddy-bear…and for some reason I still don understan about a dozen bottles." Remy said.

"Okay then. I came by ta ask if y' needed anythin'

Remy shrugged as he unlocked his door and they stepped inside. "Goin t' de Realtor in a minute. Don got no plan af'er dat yet."Remy replied.

Logan waited while Remy hid his bags (no reason to leave them out where someone might ask questions), and they headed out to grab lunch after Logan reluctantly suggested going with Remy to the Realtor. Logan was attempting to be supportive of his friend. He wasn't completely certain how to do that, but he was going to try.

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