Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve:

Winter, 2007

January 3rd, 2007. 8:10 am, Boston, Mass.

Remy stood shivering at the door to the bus station. Lee was late, with every passing second, Remy grew more concerned. He hoped that this meant that she had decided he wasn't worth her time, not that she had been captured or something worse.

Remy was really beginning to worry, pacing back and forth before the doors. The last few months had not been kind to him. He had lost ten pounds he really couldn't afford to lose, gained several inches of hair, and hadn't shaved in a few days. Honestly, she probably would recognize him in this condition. What had he been thinking, showing up her anyway? He was just pulling her back into his problems like this.

As soon as Remy had decided he was just going to leave, Lee ran straight up to him, throwing her arms around his waist. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry I'm late. I was sure you wouldn't wait for me! Traffic was terrible, and the cab couldn't get through." She rushed out.

"S'kay. No need t' panic, Cher." Remy said, hugging her back, suddenly glad he had decided to come.

"Well, c'mon. I have the cab waitin t' take us to my place. We can talk there." Lee replied, pulling him along.

They were in the cab, on their way back to her apartment, before he was really aware of it. He had almost forgotten how she managed to always do that. He was suddenly more relaxed than he'd been in months. Although he was still afraid for her, and himself.

Remy had made sure that he had been sighted all over Asia and Europe before sneaking back to the US; however, he wasn't confident that they would stay away forever. Really, meeting Lee had been a foolish move, for both of them. He realized that she must have felt the same way about it, as soon as they walked into her apartment, because her living room was filled with boxes.

"Sorry for the mess." Lee began. "I'm moving next week. But I want ya to stay with me. At least until then. You should drive with me! That way I don't have to try to drive a moving truck, and you'll know exactly where to find me. Unless you wanna stay with me after I move too. Because that would be great too."

"I'll stay wit' ya til you move, af'er dat we see." Remy replied. "Where ya be movin t' ?"

"Indiana." Lee replied.

"What's in Indiana?"

"One. It's not Boston. I don't really like Boston. Two. I got a job in a bar, singing. Three. It's not Boston." Lee replied.

"You said Boston twice."

"I really hate Boston. I mean it's great as far as cities go. But it's still a city. And ever since the whole 'anti-mutant' thing started, I've been even more nervous about bein in the city."

"I understand dat one. So Indiana, Hein?"

"Yup. Anyway, I bought donuts for breakfast before I left. I hope that's okay. You look like you need something more'n that."

"No, dat's great." Remy replied quickly, as Lee began pulling out ingredients to make him eggs and bacon.

"Sorry, I ain't buyin a lot of food, cause I'm movin. I didn't think bout you needin ta eat too."

"Seriously, doughnut are great. Don trouble yerself none." Remy replied, even as his stomach told a different story. He hadn't eaten a proper sit down meal in weeks, instead just grabbing whatever he could, wherever he had managed to stop for the moment. And he hadn't eaten at all in the last day; he had been to intent on getting here.

Lee smiled at him, and handed him his breakfast, completely ignoring his protests. She then sat across from him, and waited until he began eating wordlessly. As soon as he began she started telling him all about their time apart.

"When I got here to Boston, I had just enough cash to rent a place for the month. I didn't dare try to draw anything from my savings, not that there's much in there anyway, so I started job hunting right away. I landed a job as a waitress in a diner the next day. However, it turns out that size does matter. I'm really very small, as the boss was quick to point out. So I kept looking for another job. Carrying heavy trays stinks when some of em seem t' outweigh you. So I found this job singing in a club. But it turned out to be a really nasty place to work. So I kept lookin even though I kept it, I needed the money. Then last week I finally got the offer in Indiana, and gave notice. Apparently the boss didn't like the idea of me quittin, so he fired me on the spot. So I began packin and waitin for you." Lee stated. "So what about you? How'd it go?"

"Well." Remy began, swallowing his last bite. " I flew to Madipoor, where I made sure I was spotted, did a bit of 'work', den hopped over ta Hong Kong, then Tokyo, Den I flew over, and repeated the process In London, Paris, Belfast, and Amsterdam. After dat I sneak over t' Toronto, and hitchhiked to Chicago. Den I tried to stay as low profile as possible. I took a job here or dere, but I changed my 'professional' name t' Gambit. Dat way even if rumors surface, I can't be traced. Not really. Den I made my way slowly to Boston, t' meet you." Remy recited, intentionally leaving out the close calls he'd had with HIS men. Lee suspected they had though.

Lee was determined, in the next week, to make her friend regain as much of his health as she could. With that in mind, Lee slipped silently out of her apartment early the next morning, while Remy snored on the pull-out couch.

She went to the grocery store on the corner, and quickly bought a week's worth of his favorite foods, or the ingredients to make them, in some cases. She then headed back to her place, slipping silently back into the door; and nearly screaming when he took a couple of the bags from her.

"Desole, I not try t' scare ya." Remy stated.

"S'kay. Ya jus startled me. You were still sleepin when I left."

"De door woke me. "

"Sorry. I was tryin to let ya sleep."

"I don' mind. Y' shoulda had me come. How far you carry all dis?"

"Bout a block."

"Oh good. You still should woke me."

Lee rolled her eyes at this comment. She had, after all, been doing this for months. He helped her unload the groceries, and make breakfast, and then they started packing again. Lee had almost finished packing before Remy had arrived, so it wasn't going to take long.

It also occurred to Remy quickly that she didn't have a lot of personal items. She had the necessities, like kitchenware, but they were all the cheap kind that you don't mind losing. This was a far cry from her apartment when they had first met.

Her original apartment had been a home, this was simply a place to stay. Remy felt terrible about that. Either she had been unable to afford to replace her things, or she had chosen not to. Either way, he was sure it was because of the way she'd been forced to leave her home, thanks to him.

Mostly, that sat around, and talked. Catching up on all that they had missed in the last few months. Remy quickly learned the reason for her sparse apartment was actually due more to her hatred of the city, than her fear of having to run again. She really didn't like it here, she wasn't really comfortable being in such a busy place all alone, and the neighborhood didn't boast a lot of chances to make new friends. Remy hoped her new home was a better fit for her, and that she could settle in easily.

Lee's plan to help her friend was semi successful. He would eat whatever she prepared, and he was looking a little better in his color. However, he was still too skinny in her opinion. When Lee commented on this, Remy jokingly accused her of trying to 'fatten him up'. She didn't really find the humor in this. She knew, from personal experience, how hard it could be to keep and maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight was not a good thing, and she was worried about him. He assured her that he was going to be fine. Not that she believed him, she let it go however.

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