Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen:

Winter, 2007

Finally, the day she was moving arrived. Remy went and got the smallest moving van available, and they began loading it. They were completely done, with room to spare, in thirty minutes. Lee then ran down to turn in her keys while Remy waited in the van.

" Well, look at that." Lee stated, pointing at her watch as he pulled away.

"What's dat?"

"It's ten forty-five, and we actually on the road. Not bad for people who rarely get up before noon."

"True. We're ahead of schedule den. We should stop for lunch."

"We should, let's stop now." Lee replied, pointing at a restaurant. Remy had been kidding, really, but he immediately stopped thinking that she was hungry.

As they ate, they discussed their travel plans, and agreed that there was no reason to rush. Lee had already secured her new apartment, via e-mails, and had received the keys in a package the day before Remy arrived. Her new job didn't start for another week, so they had plenty of time.

" Don' worry. We'll stay at de chain motels, Nothin scary bout them." Remy said with a smirk.

" Oh, haha." Lee said sarcastically. "That place was spooky, and you know it."

" Naw, just run down."

"Whatever. That's fine, I don't care where we stop."

They quickly got back on the road and were on their way. They drove until dinnertime, at which point Remy found a motel. True to his word, he picked a chain motel just off the highway, that was located next to a gas station and a hamburger place. They checked into a double room, and went to dinner.

Remy grumbling about disliking hamburgers as he ate three. Which in turn made her laugh (which was his reason for saying it.) Afterwards they returned to their room…and realized that it was to early for either of them to be able to fall asleep.

Several minutes later, while they watched TV, bored, Lee suggested that they play cards. Remy immediately perked up at the idea, so they played for several hours, in the end Lee owed him several thousand 'monopoly dollars' as they were claiming they had played with. They then finally went to bed, Remy insisting on taking the one closest to the door.

"You just don't want the bedspread with the mystery stain, I still think is ketchup." Lee replied.

" It's gotta be kool-aide, and I am just more comfortable close to the door."

" Unhuh. Maybe it's jelly."

" No. Can't be because it would look different. Clearly it's kool-aide."

" Your tired."

"Why do y' say dat?"

" Cause you suggested kool-aide twice."

"Probably, so let's get some sleep. We wanna be on the road early again."

They had been lying for several minutes, and Remy was nearly asleep, when Lee whispered to ask if he was still awake, he agreed that he was and asked her what was wrong.

" I think it may not be a stain at all, just an unfortunate color pattern. It isn't on the underside of the spread."

Remy laughed at this, for several minutes, Lee joining him a moment later, until the person in the next room pounded on the wall yelling for them to keep it down. Doing their best to calm down, they both suppressed the laughter until it was down to giggling. Though Remy set them off again, when he thought about it. They finally both drifted to sleep, far later than they had intended, and therefore weren't awake yet when the front office called to ask if they wanted another day. They were up and checked out in ten minutes. Though they then walked back over to the hamburger place for breakfast before moving the van and getting back on the road.

They arrived at her new apartment around midnight. Rather than move anything in, and risk irritating her new neighbors before she'd gotten a chance to meet them, they checked into another motel, planning to be up far earlier than they had the morning before.

They didn't examine the room with this in mind, and went directly to bed. Therefore they were up and checked out before ten. He then helped her unload the van and returned it while she organized the boxes. When he returned, he helped her unpack everything. She had already been well underway, having several boxes opened, and newspaper strewn about the kitchen and dishes stacked on her counters.

" We need to wash them all 'fore they're put away. You can either was dishes or unpack the living room. Wait now that I think about it, please unpack the living room, I hate hooking up electronics." She stated when he offered to help.

He set about setting up her entertainment center, while she quickly finished her kitchen, then they put her bed back together. After that, they unpacked the few remaining boxes and took out all of the trash, before Remy suggested the go to the used car lot.

Lee agreed, and they walked over to the Lot. With Remy's 'help' they finally compromised on a small, two door hatchback. Remy wasn't completely happy with her choice, but it ran well and she hadn't been severely overcharged. Afterwards, they found the grocery store, both sick of take-out already.

Much like when they had first met, she didn't again bring up him staying with her, however, he also didn't leave. He continued to sleep on her fold-away, because she honestly didn't have room for another bed. Her apartment was tiny. It had a Living/dining/ kitchen area, and a bedroom. The bedroom was barely big enough for her double bed, and dresser. The bathroom was off of the bedroom, so Remy had to slide past her bed when he had to use it.

However, they were happy enough with this arrangement. Lee generally walked to work, as it was only two blocks from her apartment. The town they had moved to was only slightly bigger than the one she grew up in.

Remy still frequently picked her up at night. Both because he didn't like the idea of her being out alone at three am and partly because he was still awake, and bored. During his wanderings of the town, Remy met, and quickly became friends with, Trace. Trace was actually rather funny in Remy's opinion, and he introduced Trace to Lee shortly after that.

As Remy had hoped, Trace and Lee began dating shortly after they had met, and Remy was suddenly far less worried about his friend. She seemed to settle into her new life here far better than she had in Boston.

Eventually, Remy decided it was time to go, having felt he'd invaded Lee's space long enough. She was doing well, and he had turned down several jobs already. One morning, he explained to her that he was leaving, and that he'd been asked to do a job in Chicago.

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