Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen:

Spring, 2007

Lee was once again woken to the knocking at 4 am. She shot straight up in bed, recognizing the similarity to what had occurred nearly a year ago; When Remy arrived with demons on his heels. She quickly threw on her robe, and shoved her gun in the pocket, just in case.

Lee opened the door, to find Remy standing exhausted on the other side. Next to him stood a young girl, no more than twelve or thirteen. The child was too tired to stand, leaning heavily on the equally exhausted man.

Lee wordlessly held the door wider, and gestured for him to come in. Gratefully, Remy lifted the child into his arms and carried her to the couch. He set her down gently, and then collapsed himself, onto the floor next to her, his back leaning against the front of the couch. His head leaning back against the cushion.

Lee went to her closet and pulled out a pillow and blanket for the girl. She tucked the now sleeping child in, before gesturing for Remy to follow her. Reluctantly, he stood, and followed her into the tiny bedroom. She shut the door, and sat down on the bed.

"You can sleep in here tonight. Outta room everywhere else. What happened?" Lee asked, as she slid to the other side of the bed, effectively blocking herself in.

Remy gratefully pulled his boots, then shirt off, before digging through 'his' drawer and grabbing a pair of sweatpants. After he quickly changed, he laid down, and looked at Lee. Unfortunately, she was still awake and waiting.

"I found her while on de job. She fell into de pool. I pulled her out, then got her outta there. She be chased by dem. Twas a bad situation all around. So den we escape. I ask her where she goes. She don' remember. Not anyt'in really. Then it comes to me. Dis could be my chance at redemption, savin dis kid. So Imma goin find her people an get her home."

"Remy, it's wonderful that you're helpin her. I think you should, but please stop sayin that. You don't owe a debt to anyone for that. You were a victim too."

" Lets not fight bout dat one no more."

Sighing, Lee agreed, mostly because she was exhausted, then they slowly drifted to sleep.

The girl,Ororo, woke the next morning, and was momentarily frightened. She was in a strange place, lying on a couch, covered in a blanket. Yet she didn't really remember getting here. The man who had saved her last night was nowhere to be seen. She sat up, scared. Maybe he'd dumped her somewhere? But where, and with who? He'd seemed nice enough last night, but she didn't really know him. What had he said his name was? She could remember that either. It had all been so surprising.

She looked carefully around the room, as the events of the night before returned to her. Jumping into the pool, being pulled out by the strange man. How he had rescued her, and promised to take her somewhere safe. That he would help her find home. Maybe this was the 'safe' place he had meant.

The girl realized then that she had to use the bathroom, but she was nervous about trying to find it. What if she was supposed to stay put until he returned for her? However, after several minutes, she couldn't wait anymore. Slowly she got off the couch, and quietly tiptoed thought the room, searching for the bathroom. Aside from the front door, there were two doors in the room. The closest, it turned out, led to a pantry. The second, led to a small bedroom.

She cautiously tiptoed into the room, hoping to find the door to the bathroom. She spotted the partly open bathroom door on the other side of the room. She also noticed, as she crossed the room, the man from last night. He was lying in the bed with some strange woman.

First the girl crept into the bathroom, and was on her way back into the living room, watching the couple on the bed, on the way, and tripped over his boot. She fell, nearly soundlessly, next to the bed, and attempted to pull herself back up without waking the occupants of the bed.

Remy woke at that moment, to find the child's face less than a foot from his own. He was startled, and jumped slightly, waking Lee, who's head had been resting on his chest. Red-faced, the child quickly apologized, and rushed out of the room.

Groaning, Remy quickly went after her, Lee following behind, as she put on her robe. They caught up with the girl as she sat nervously on the couch. Lee smiled at the child and wordlessly headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Remy sat next to the girl, and asked if she was alright. She nodded, then after a moment, asked for his name again, embarrassed over not remembering. He smiled at her, before stating that he was Remy, and then pointing into the kitchen, also introduced Lee. Lee waived at them, then turned back to the pancakes.

"So Lee's your wife?"




"But, you were in bed together."

Remy was spared answering by Lee calling them to breakfast. However, the girl again questioned why they were sleeping together. Lee replied that she'd been out of beds. The subject was changed, by Remy, when he asked the child if she remembered anything about where she had come from.

She admits that she doesn't, becoming sad at the idea of being forever lost. Lee then changed the subject, by asking if the child had anything to wear. Again, the answer was no, this time given by Remy. Remy then asked Lee to watch the girl while he ran to the store.

Lee didn't work that night, so Trace came over to join Remy and Lee, along with the young girl Remy had dubbed 'Stormy'. Trace brought them all dinner; Lee had called him earlier and told him that Remy was back right now. Trace was happy to see his friend again.

They all had a good time, however, Remy said that they wouldn't be staying long. He needed to help the girl figure out where she belonged and get her home.

The next morning, Lee watches Remy and the girl drive away. She was worried for Remy and the girl. Though Lee knew that Remy would keep that child safe, sometimes it felt like the universe was out to get her friend. Who would keep him safe? Because he never seemed concerned about it for himself. Sometimes it felt like everything was always on the verge of destroying him….and all she could do was watch, and hope that she was close enough to pick up the pieces.

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