Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen:

Spring 2007

Remy slipped quietly from the mansion, near dawn. He casually strolled to the furthest part of the lawn, near the fence, and sat down. He lights his cigarette, and briefly looked around, to ensure that he was alone, before taking out his phone and hitting the speed dial for Lee.

"Hello?" Said the tired voice on the other end.

"Didn't mean ta wake ya, sorry." Remy replied.

" Remy?"


"Where are ya? How'd it go?"

"I'm in New York. Found de girl's people. Turns out she part o' one dem save de world groups."

"Okay. So they were able to tell ya what happened? I mean if she belonged to a group, how'd they loose her?"

" She got herself de-aged 'parently. She's not a kid after all."

"…. Okay that's creepy. How's that work."

Remy explained what they had said, which she said sounded like a SciFi movie, or comic book. He agreed. Then she asked what he was doing now.

" Well, I t'ink I'll hang out for awhile. Make sure it's all on the up and up. Dis 'professa' offered ta let me stay. Not sure I'm gonna. But I'm t'inkin bout it." Remy said, as he lit a second cigarette.

"Do you want to be there? Or is this another one of your 'redemption' plans?"

" Both, I think."

"Please be careful. I don't wanna hear bout you dyin on the news,Kay?. But good luck there, I hope you're happy."

"I will." Remy said, standing back up, as the sun came into view" And don' worry. I ain't tellin dem not'in bout you. Stormy hasn't either. Not dat she know anytin."

"So…Who is she?"

"I tol ya,wha happen was-"

"No,not Stormy. The girl you're thinkin bout stayin for."

"I have no idea wha your talkin bout."

"uh-huh Sure. I believe you."

"It's True!"

"Okay then…so who is she."



"And not'in."

"Okay I'll leave ya be bout it..for now. Remy,I love talkin ta ya. You know I do, but I just pulled a twelve hour sift and-"

"Okay,Cher. I'll let you go. Call me anytime. My new cell is de one I jus called ya on."

They say their good-byes, chatting actually for several more minutes, before he hangs up and heads back to the house. Logan was standing outside, he had been watching Remy talk on the phone for the last thirty minutes. He'd heard the newcomer slip from the house and followed him.

"S'up Gumbo?" Logan stated, as Remy approached.

" Not'in." Remy replied, stopping next to Logan and lighting another cigarette before going in.

"Who ya gotta call, that ya have to leave the house for?"

"A friend o' mine. Mais, I came outside so dat I could smoke, not to call."

Logan grunts in reply, not really believing the younger man. He hasn't decided whether he trusts Storms new friend yet. He was suspicious of Remy, partly because the man didn't share any real history with them, and partly because the 'kid' tended to act shifty. He wasn't completely convinced the kid wasn't an enemy spy. He also didn't like the way he tended to hang on Rogue.

He was trying to give Remy the benefit of the doubt, however, Remy really did make it hard. So he continued to stand there, thinking about it, even after Remy had gone inside, and presumably back to bed.

A few days later, Remy called her again, from the same place on the lawn, though much later in the day, closer to dinner time. They talk for nearly an hour as he sits on the lawn. She tells all about everything that has been going on with her, catching him up . Then he tells her all about life in the mansion and how he'd decided to stay, after all. He also told her all about Rogue and the others.

" Dey not afraid of my eyes, none of dem." Remy stated.

"Oh Remy, that's great! I'm happy for you. How do they treat you?"

"Good enough. Dey don' trust me none. Also t'ink I'm stupid, I pretty sure. I talk diff'ent. I can tell dey not trust me none, either." Remy said. "I ain't tellin em not'in bot me."

"….. You know you can always come back here, if you need to." Lee said after several minutes.

" It okay. I like it here."

"If you're sure. Jus' don get yourself killed."

She wished that they would trust him more. Honestly, she was sad for him, but it was his choice. They talked for a few more minutes, before he let her go, and headed back to the mansion.

Lee agreed, reluctantly, that he had put off his own life long enough, and that she was fine. Still, though, she was sad to see him leave. So was Trace, when Remy talked to him later. Remy asked him to keep an eye on Lee, to take care of her for him. Trace happily agreed. So Remy left the next day.

As he walked back in, Logan was waiting for him. He had reached the stairs,when Logan stopped.

"Who are ya reportin to Bub?" Logan growled.

"No one, mon ami." Remy replied. "My loyalties be here. If'n you doubt dat, not much I's can do bout,hien?"

"What are you really up too, why are you here?"

"Why are you, Wolverine?" Logan nods to him and invited him to Harry's. Remy takes it as a peace offering.


Remy sat across from Logan as they finished off a seventh pitcher in the last hour. He was well past drunk, not that it would last long on either one of them.

"Y'know what,mon ami?" Remy stated.

"Wha's that?"

"Your righ not t' trust me. Done some really bad shit in m' time,me."

"What were ya doin down in them tunnels, anyway?"

"He said dey be sick, dey needin help. I jus' stupid, I believe 'im. Den de screamin start. I try t' get to dem, mais it to late. Cept fer dis one girl. Sarah. I gots her out. Gots de scar fer m'troubles too. Leastwise f' now."

"Who ya been callin out on the lawn. Still workin fer 'im?"

"Non, I be hidin from im de last year. I calls Lee. I done drag her into dis mess, showin up on 'er doorstep, bleedin. Got no choice,den to be movin 'er. Knew dey come after me. I owes her fer dat." Remy said.

" If ya already got a girl, why you all over Rogue all the time?"

" Hell, Lee ain' m' girl. Half de time I forgets she be a girl 'tall. She my best friend."

"I get it."

They continued to drink, and talk, until the bar closed. Logan managed to get Remy to tell him quite a bit, mostly because alcohol loosened Remy's tongue.

The next morning, Logan sought Remy out on the roof. They sat there for several minutes, in silence, before Remy finally asked what he had said.

"You tol' me everything. Or nearly. Bout how you grew up. An how you ended up in that mess your in. Then ya told me all about Lee, don' worry I ain't gonna tell anyone bout her. Ya also said a lot bout Rogue." Logan said, as Remy continued to stare out into the yard.

"So….ya gonna get me outta here? Tell em what ya know?" Remy asked several minutes later.

"Naw kid. It ain't like that. You ain't a threat, that's all I wanted ta know. Everybody here. Every single one of em has a history. Ya don' just pop up at twenty. I ain't the one to judge if who you were was right or wrong. I made lots of mistakes in my life. Trusted the wrong people. This place is about startin' over. But they judge ya anyway. Because they're still people. Relax kid, it's not my story to tell. I only wanted to be sure ya weren't here to hurt anyone. You're not, so the rest, it ain't nothin' to do with them" Logan said finally, before he stood, and climbed off the roof.

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