Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen:

June 2012

Remy arrived at his new house, straight from the Realtor office. He once again looked around the place that would now be his home, as well as that of his new baby. A girl, as he had learned today. He still couldn't believe he was having a daughter. It was both exciting and terrifying to him.

He had always wanted this, a family of his own to love and protect. The idea of a little girl running through these rooms already filled him with joy, however, this wasn't how he'd always pictured it, because the mom was supposed to be here too, to enjoy these moments.

Remy stood in the second biggest, or smallest depending on how you looked at it, bedroom of his new home. He thought, as he did when he bought it, that the room was hideous. It had lime green carpeting that were barely still intact and orange flowered wallpaper. He felt though that it would be a good room for the baby, when he finished redecorating it. Besides every room in the house looked like it was attacked by the 70s, and lost. The place was small; it had a tiny kitchen, a small living room, a small dining room/office, three tiny bedrooms, and a single bathroom. However, it had a nice fenced yard, was ten minutes from the school and was on a quiet street, plus he was running out of time.

He wanted everything ready by the time the baby arrived. When he'd seen the ultrasound this morning, he decided that everything had to be perfect for her… or at least as perfect as it can be when her mother still turned her head away to avoid seeing anything.

Shaking away these depressing thoughts, after all no matter how much he wished he could, he couldn't make Rogue want this child, he began measuring again. He had a lot of work to do still, and only about three months to do it. Logan and the girls had offered to help, and would meet him at his apartment in about two hours, so he needed to hurry, but he wanted to hurry and order the new carpeting as quickly as possible.

He finished measuring and then went back into the tiny kitchen as he once more looked over the house. He hung the ultrasound picture on the fridge on his way in, almost as proof to himself that everything was going to be all right, now though, he took it back down to return to his wallet.

He looked again at the grainy image of his daughter as he started to tuck it safely in his wallet. As he stared at the slightly blurry picture in his hand, it occurred to him that he was about to become someone's father. This precious little girl, who he already loved more than he ever knew he could love anyone, was going to be completely dependent on him; only him, thanks to HER rejection.

Not for the first time, this revelation terrified him. How was he supposed to do this? He didn't even remember how to give a child a bath without calling Logan. Logan! Had Logan ever even bathed a child? He didn't know what he was doing. Normally winging it until he caught on was he method in these situations (where he was in over his head) and actually they rarely happened. This time though, there was no way that would work. He knew that if he messed this one up, it wasn't just his life that he was gambling, but also that little girl.

Still, he didn't have a lot of people to turn to with this either. Among the X-men, he would most likely have found help and advise, except thanks to his deal with Rogue, he wasn't sure he was even allowed to mention he had a child. His family weren't exactly the best role models in child-rearing. Look at the crap they'd done to him.

Remy sat down heavily on the front stoop. He was suddenly feeling very lost and alone with this. What if he messed up? What if she hated her room, or the house, or her name? How was he supposed to know what she needed.

He sat there for several more minutes before pulling himself together and driving himself back to the loft. Logan and the girls were already inside, as both Laura and Jubilee had keys. Jubilee was busy putting away the last of his DVD collection and Laura and Logan were sealing the last of his kitchen boxes.

As soon as Laura and Logan saw him, they knew something was wrong. "What is it? Did something happen with the house or the, y'know?" Logan asked, aware that Remy hadn't told the girls why he was moving yet.

Remy shook his head, but then gestured to the roof access. He needed someone to talk to about his sudden fears He was going to be someone's father. He had no idea what he was doing and was frightened. Logan nodded and followed his friend to the roof.

"K Whats up, Bub?" Logan asked, as he lit a cigar.

"I don' know de firs' t'ing bout raisin no bebe." Remy replied, lighting a cigarette of his own, his first in about a week, he was trying to quit for the baby.

"Is that all?"

"Whatya mean, is dat all? Dat's huge Logan. I bout t' be dis chil's pere, an I not know anyt'in bout babies, aside from de occasional holdin o' one wit' dere mere righ dere case I mess up. Ain't nobody gonna be dere dis time Logan."

"So. Get help."

"Who? Not like I can ask de X-men. Rogue don' wan no one knowin, and half dem prob'ly t;ink I mess up more'n I do."

"What about a Nanny or yer family?"

"Non, and deff'ntly not." Remy replied.

"Al'ight then. Call Lee."


"Ya wanted her to come back with ya to start with, and ya need help. Solves both problems."

"Y' t'ink?"

"Can't hurt ta ask her." Logan said, standing up. "Worst she can say is no, then you gotta keep lookin. On the other hand, even then you ain't in any worse shape then before you tried."


"So. Stop bein such a pansy and call her." Logan said.

Remy nodded and Logan went back downstairs to ensure the girls stayed occupied while Remy explained the situation to his friend.

Remy called right away, though he feared missing her, as he wasn't sure of her schedule. Luckily she was home, it was her day off.

"Lee. I know it's a lot t' ask o' ya. Mais, I need you're help." Remy began.

"Okay, with what Rems?"

"I need ya t' move up here wit' me. Fore ya say no, de t'ing is… I need y' to help me wit' de bebe."

"What baby? Remy what's going on?"

"Mine." Remy began, then he rushed out the entire story at once, not leaving any openings for her to respond.

"… I'm sorry Rems." Lee began when he had finished. " Give three weeks, I'll be there."

"Merci. Y' don have y' rush none."

"You could have told me all this was happenin sooner, Ida been there for you."

"It's jus now sinkin in. Plus Green light on who I can tell ain't very big, 'cordin t' de agreement."

"I understand. I'm sorry, Ton-ton jus woke up I gotta go."

"Kay. Gotta finish packin anyway."

Remy headed back in to help finish his apartment, some things he was leaving, as he planned to keep the place in case anyone needed to use it, so the furniture was mostly staying as well as some of the kitchen items.

When he walked back in, he nodded to Logan to acknowledge he had made the call, then they all began moving everything downstairs. The boxes all fit into the back of Logan's truck, so the girls piled into Remy's car as they all drove over to his new place.

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