Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen:

June 2012

Over the next few days, Remy was extremely busy, any time he didn't spend at the school he was renovating his new house. First he tackled the kitchen, because in his opinion it was the most important. After all everything in it was outdated, from the monster of a stove, which had to be lit by hand, to the disturbingly retro wallpaper.

He hired a contractor to renovate the kitchen and bathroom, then got to work on his own in the bedrooms. By the weekend, when Logan came to check on him, he had ripped out all of the carpeting and primed the walls, the contractors had completely removed the kitchen and bathroom, and had, luckily, finished replacing the bathroom.

"Need any help?" Logan asked when he spotted Remy on a ladder in the master bedroom, painting the ceiling.

Remy startled slightly, not realizing anyone had walked in with his music playing. " Sure. Grab a brush." He replied, recovering quickly.

Logan nodded. "Ya plannin on doing the nursery today, or do ya think we can enlist some of the kids."

"I'm waitin til the kitchen's done to tackle dat room. Go 'head, call em in." Remy answered.

Logan nodded and went back to the school. He walked into the Rec room, where he found four of the kids along with Kitty and Bobby. "Alright. Anyone who ain't busy, come with me for a special assignment, wear crap clothes." Logan stated.

The kids looked at each other, but then shrugged and went to change, after all they rarely had special assignments and were bored. The teens weren't the only ones bored because Bobby and Kitty perked up as well.

"Hey we're not busy either, need us?" Bobby asked.

"Sure." Logan stated, after all, nothing incriminating was being done today. He'd just make sure to keep them out of the nursery, which just looked like a spare room right now anyway. He knew because he'd checked earlier.

Everyone was back and waiting in the front hall ten minutes later, as Logan walked up with Laura and Jubilee. They'd even managed to recruit two more of the kids along with Rachael and Paige. Logan sighed, while they'd be done faster, this also meant they needed to take one of the vans.

"So, what's up?" Paige asked as Logan arrived.

"House painting party for Gumbo." Logan replied.

"Will there be food?" one of the boys, Julian, asked.

Logan grumbled for a moment before reluctantly agreeing that if they did a decent job, there would be pizza.

Logan drove the van over, and everyone piled out. Kitty and Bobby organized the kids easily and they headed inside, where Remy was still in the biggest bedroom, finishing the last corner of the ceiling.

"Alright" Logan began " Julian, Victor you two hit the small room. Wait for Gambit to instruct you on what he wants done. Indie, Hisako you two have the office, again wait for instructions. Bobby, Kitty you have the living room. I'll go find out what else he needs done."

Logan then sought out their unknowing host to find out what all needed to be done. "Hey, Gumbo." Logan said, finding Remy still on a ladder, though now on the other side of the room.

"How many didja grab?" Remy replied, without looking down.

"Four of the kids and Bobby and Kitty…Paige, Rachael and the girls volunteered" Logan replied. "What do ya need done?"

"Yard needs work, and the smallest bedroom, and office. Living room needs it's paint, I got the other room handled."

"When are they comin?"

"Bout two weeks, maybe less if I can get de kitchen done."

"Who?" Bobby asked, as he walked into the room to find out what was keeping them.

"My friend 'n' kid is gonna stay wit' me for a while." Remy replied. "But I'd appreciate if ya didn't spread it 'round. Ain't no one's business but mine."

"Ah I see. Girlfriend?"

"Non. Now get out front an start paintin." Remy replied with a glare.

"Okay, I was just wanting to know what all you needed done?" Bobby asked attempting to change the subject, and avoid further annoying the other man.

"De paint's already in dere, I separated it all out by room. Just do the walls, and try not to get it everywhere." Remy replied.

"I'm gonna get Jubes and Laura to do the hallway. Where do you want Paige and Rachael?" Logan asked as if the conversation hadn't been interrupted.

"I don' know… they can finish painting the bathroom. The floor guys will be here Monday, and the Kitchen guys said they'll be ready for them. Don' know if I trust that though." Remy replied.

Bobby quickly went back out to the living room, and passed on the instructions, the others on the way. Logan made his way to the backyard, where he could easily see what Remy needed finished. The yard was overgrown, and everything had gone wild. Logan sighed and went to work. The girls joining him quickly.

Remy, meanwhile, had finished painting the master bedroom, and was walking around the house to make sure everything else was going well. He checked on Victor and Julian first, just in time to prevent a paint war. With a fierce glare and the threat of not only having to re paint the room, but also pay for the supplies, he managed to keep the boys from their fight.

Next he checked on the girls, who were working quickly and was pleased to see they were already nearly finished. Though it was the smallest room in the house, it was still impressive. He made sure to tell them that he thought so, before moving on to the Living room.

Bobby and Kitty had made progress in the room, but it still needed the most work in the house. Not wanting to do the nursery with so many people around, Remy then went to help Logan in the yard.

By the end of the afternoon, everything was finished except for the kitchen and the nursery. Logan called for a pizza delivery, and everyone was sitting around on the floor of the living room, covered in paint.

"You know what this place needs?" Julian asked as they ate.

"What's that?" Remy replied.

"Furniture. Seriously, where'd all the furniture go?"

"It'll be delivered on Friday. Don' wanna get paint on it, or have ta move it for the carpet people." Remy stated.

"…Oh, yeah I guess that makes sense." Julian replied.

Aside from the brief exchange, everyone was quiet, tired out from the long day. After the meal was finished, they gathered the trash, and began to , Logan and Jubillee were the last to go, intentionally straggling behind, to ask if he would need help with the other room the next day. Remy gratefully agreed, and they left before someone could come back in looking for them.

Lee, meanwhile, was nearly ready to move as well. When she had given her two week notice at the bar, the manager had responded by firing her on the spot, and had threatened to give her a bad reference. Lee had merely shrugged it off, and walked out of the building. She returned that evening when she knew he would have already left and dropped off her uniforms.

After that, she turned in her notice to her Landlord, who had a similar reaction, in that he decided that he wanted to begin showing the apartment right away, and informed her that he wanted the place presentable at all times. Lee was a very good housekeeper, but the idea of keeping the apartment looking like a showroom, when she had an infant and was trying to pack was unreasonable. So, that evening, the same one that Remy had hosted an impromptu pizza party for his volunteers, she called him, hoping that he would be okay with them coming early.

After she explained everything that had happened, Remy agreed that she should come right away. He also insisted that he would be happy to come down and help her travel back north. As soon as he hung up with his now relieved friend, Remy called Logan.

He was straight forward in the conversation, asking Logan to keep an eye on his new place, and let the contractors in. He explained what had happened with Lee, and that he needed to go down and pick her and the baby up.

"… So, what are ya gonna do with em until the house is ready?" Logan asked after he agreed.

"I guess we stay in de Loft. I know dat ain't ideal,mais don' see no choice. Can't stay at de house til dere's a kitchen." Remy replied.

"Ya still want the girls and me to tackle that room tomorrow?"

"Yes, dat would be very helpful. I'll leave instructions taped to the bedroom door."

"Got it. There's no need to rush either, we've got it all handled here."


After he hung up, Remy threw a few things in a bag, and took off. It would take him about a week, he guessed, to get home, with Ton-ton riding along, Remy estimated frequent stops. With that, and her current issues in mind, Remy drove straight through the night arriving at six in the morning at her apartment.

When she answers the door looking grumpy from being woken, all he can think to say is "It's not 3 am this time." Which made her laugh, as was his intent.

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