Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen

Spring 2007

As he walked back in,after speaking to Lee that morning, Logan was waiting for him. He had reached the stairs,when Logan stopped.

"Who are ya reportin to Bub?" Logan growled.

"No one, mon ami." Remy replied. "My loyalties be here. If'n you doubt dat, not much I's can do bout,hien?"

"What are you really up too, why are you here?"

"Why are you, Wolverine?" Logan nods to him and invited him to Harry's. Remy takes it as a peace offering.

Remy sat across from Logan as they finished off a seventh pitcher in the last hour. He was well past drunk, not that it would last long on either one of them.

"Y'know what,mon ami?" Remy stated.

"Wha's that?"

"Your righ not t' trust me. Done some really bad shit in m' time,me."

"What were ya doin down in them tunnels, anyway?"

"He said dey be sick, dey needin help. I jus' stupid, I believe 'im. Den de screamin start. I try t' get to dem, mais it to late. Cept fer dis one girl. Sarah. I gots her out. Gots de scar fer m'troubles too. Leastwise f' now."

"Who ya been callin out on the lawn. Still workin fer 'im?"

"Non, I be hidin from im de last year. I calls Lee. I done drag her into dis mess, showin up on 'er doorstep, bleedin. Got no choice,den to be movin 'er. Knew dey come after me. I owes her fer dat." Remy said.

" If ya already got a girl, why you all over Rogue all the time?"

" Hell, Lee ain' m' girl. Half de time I forgets she be a girl 'tall. She moi best friend."

"I get it."

"Bien. I cause not'in mais trouble fer her, don' know why she still talk t' me."

"Why do you still bother her then?"

"Can' help m'self. I owes her moren I can eva repay. She jus' don see it."


"She be one o' us y'know mais y' no tell no one, I's not t' say nothin. She keep it secret."

"Why's that?"

"Her Daddy ask 'er t' while he be dyin."

"Makes sense."

"Trace is great. He take good care o' her. No worries."

"Who's Trace?"

"Moi ami. I in'duce dem 'fore I's lef'. Dey great Always wantin me come back dough. Don' gets I no good."

They continued to drink, and talk, until the bar closed. Logan managed to get Remy to tell him quite a bit, mostly because alcohol loosened Remy's tongue. Logan was convinced the boy was no threat by the time he drug Remy staggering into the mansion. Remy was loudly, and off key singing what sounded like a drinking song as Logan drug him up the stairs. Xavier inquired after Logan needing help but he quickly sent a message back that he had it handled and to keep the others away.

Logan struggled Remy into the younger man's room, which was spotless but largely undecorated, a sure sign he didn't expect to be allowed to stay very long.

"Gumbo, ya otta personalize this place some. Least put out some books or something." Logan commented as Remy collapsed onto the bed.

"M' room at Lee's be dec'raded. She do it. I no good at stayin put." Remy mumbled.

"Well, nobody here's gonna do it for ya." Logan replied. " Ya planning on sleepin in yer boots?"

Remy sat up suddenly and yanks the boots from his feet, followed by his shirt.

"Merci, mon ami. Don' wanna mess de sheets non? " Remy slurred, Logan then walked out of the room, convinced the boy had it handled, and that no one else was going to bother him.

Briefly Logan wondered how much Chuck knew, but decided it didn't really matter. Either he knew and ignored it, or not. Either way it wasn't up to Logan to tell him.

The next morning, Logan sought Remy out on the roof. They sat there for several minutes, in silence, before Remy finally asked what he had said.

"You tol' me everything. Or nearly. Bout how you grew up. An how you ended up in that mess you're in. Then ya told me all about Lee, don' worry I ain't gonna tell anyone bout her. Ya also said a lot bout Rogue." Logan said, as Remy continued to stare out into the yard.

"So….ya gonna get me outta here? Tell em what ya know?" Remy asked several minutes later.

"Naw kid. It ain't like that. You ain't a threat, that's all I wanted ta know. Everybody here. Every single one of em has a history. Ya don' just pop up at twenty. I ain't the one to judge if who you were was right or wrong. I made lots of mistakes in my life. Trusted the wrong people. This place is about startin' over. But they judge ya anyway. Because they're still people. Relax kid, it's not my story to tell. I only wanted to be sure ya weren't here to hurt anyone. You're not, so the rest, it ain't nothin' to do with them" Logan said finally, before he stood, and climbed off the roof.

Remy stared after him for a moment, then shrugging decided to trust him. After all, either Logan meant it or he didn't, either way, Remy couldn't really do much about it. The whole thing did have Remy swearing off heavy drinking though. Clearly getting drunk was bad for him, it loosened his tongue far too frequently.

It wasn't until later that day that Remy learned both that Cyclops was a favorite target of Sinister and that they would be facing off against the madman, and his new troop of happy followers. Neither Remy nor Logan felt it was at all necessary to mention any prior connection Remy had to the group of villains.

Logan, however, watched Remy's reactions carefully. Though he gave the outward appearance of indifference, and possible mild curiosity, Logan could sense that squaring off against the Marauders shook Remy. As they flew to their location, Logan sat next to Remy. Hating flying himself, Logan simply appeared to the others to be trying to distract himself by 'messing' with the new guy.

"You going to be okay facin these guys? Ya ain't gonna choke or somethin?" Logan muttered.

" I'm good. What about Cyclopes, he gonna handle it?" Remy replied in a near whisper.

" Yeah. "

They landed a few minutes later, and the battle began. Logan watched carefully as Remy fiercely fought back Sinister's men. Any latent fear that either the boy was playing him or that he would choke was dispelled by the battle.

Gambit fought them as well as he had previous villains they had encountered since his joining the team, and even better, in Logan's opinion, just as impersonally. No one would ever guess that the boy had a vested interest in their defeat.

As they all reboarded the plane, Logan smacked the tired Cajun on the back. "You fif good Gumbo." He said as he walked by, this time sitting next to Rogue, while the excited and talkative Jubilee took a seat next to Remy. With his concern over Gambit's loyalties put to rest, Logan looked with amusement as the excitable girl spoke animatedly with the Cajun. Remy seemed to regard the girl almost as a little sister.

Somehow, by the time they had returned home a few minutes later, Jubilee had talked Remy into driving her to the mall. Logan simply smirked at Remy's attempt to drag him into it, with an assurance that he was sure Remy had it handled.

Seeing Logan relaxed over Remy spending time with both Rogue and Jubilee led the rest of the team to warm slightly to the young man, combined with Storm's own assurance that he meant no harm.

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