Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen:

July 2012:

Remy was tired of contractors, delays, and most of all, he was tired of the nosy trouble making neighbor downstairs. She had complained to him every morning . As he thought of her, the woman climbed on the elevator. Suppressing a sigh, Remy scooted further over, intent on ignoring her. He had tried to be polite before, but that just served to make it worse.

" Mr. Lebarr.." she began, he cringed at the name change, not the worst she'd done. " That child kept me up again last night."

"I am sorry, Mrs. Hammon, the boy only woke once, and that was at five. Perhaps there's another baby in the building?" Remy replied.

"Hmph. I do not pay such a high rent to be inconvenienced like this sir! This is not a flophouse, nor a nursery."

"I agree madam. It's a very nice building, which is why I bought a loft in it. However, my house-guest is not treating the building as either a flophouse or a nursery. She lives here same as me." Remy replied, refusing to look at the annoying woman.

" I was told this is a child free building! I will be speaking to the manager today." She replied as she stepped off of the elevator.

Remy shook his head, as the doors re closed on the way to the garage. He knew beyond doubt that this was not a child free building, just as he knew Mrs. Hammon was renting the apartment from her sister, who was away in Italy on business. He also knew that she had no idea who she was just complaining to owned the building.

He had bought it, along with his loft last year, as a good investment. Now though, over the last two weeks, he was regretting it, because he had heard from the manager Stan, more times since Mrs Hammon moved in than he had in the year before. She's arrived about a week after Lee and Anton, and had complained every day since then.

"Three, two, one…" Remy muttered as he unlocked his car. On Que, his phone rang. " Good morning Stan." He replied without looking at the Caller ID.

"Expecting it already?" Stan replied.

"Yup. She met me on the elevator. What's her complaint of the day?"

"Apparently there was a baby left to scream all night upstairs, the heating vent in her bathroom doesn't work, and her husband feels the light in the kitchen is weak…also she claims the lease said the building was child-free."

"She doesn't have a lease, her sister does. I like Vivian Holton, and hate to do it, but I want you to remind her of that next time…and that subletting is against the lease."

"Do you want her evicted?" Stan replied.

"I do, but give her another chance, as I said, I like Ms. Holton, and would hate for her to return homeless." Remy replied, as he started his car. " Now you'll have to excuse me Stan, but I'm on my way to work."

Remy arrived at the School twenty minutes later, and was greeted by Kitty, who informed him that he was late." I was held up, Kitty, I'm here now." He replied, as he walked into Logan's office without knocking.

"You want to buy a building with a really annoying squatter?" Remy asked as her flopped into a chair.

"Bad morning?" Logan responded.

"Oui. That woman will drive me insane if the house isn't done soon. Contractor said three days, a week ago, and Anna has another visit with Hank this afternoon, but is trying to avoid me coming along." Remy replied.

" Take the day. Get the contractors under control, get rid of the squatter, and be back in the lab before she knows your back." Logan replied.

"Thank you, Logan. I was never here." Remy replied, as he walked back out, facing an angry Kitty, who he told to talk to Logan.

He then dropped in on the house, the contractors were surprised to see him, but he was pleased with the progress. All that was really left was the flooring… though he was irritated when they tried to tell him it would be another three days. " No. it won't. You have three floors left, and you need three days? When I arrived here you were all standing in my kitchen doing nothing. I want it done tomorrow, or I'll find someone else to finish." Remy replied. He was not usually so short, but it had been a long month and he was anxious to get into his house.

After they had agreed, he left to meet Stan, who was on his way to meet the annoying Mrs. Hammond. He was attending this meeting under the guise of being invited as the other party of the dispute. He arrived at the meeting just as Stan began.

"Ah, here is Mr. Lebeau now." Stan began.

"Good morning Stan. I'm afraid Lee couldn't join us, Anton isn't suited for business meetings and I must return straight to work." Remy replied.

"Mrs. Hammond would you like to begin?" Stan asked. After she muttered something about freeloaders and infants.

"Yes. I must arrive at work everyday on time. My sleep is being affected by the child's crying upstairs. It's parents are clearly too busy sleeping or whatever they get up to to attend the child." She said.

"Well, Ma'am, I inquired with the other neighbors. No one else on your floor or Mr. LeBeau's feel that the child has been unusually loud or disruptive. Nor did any of them hear him 'cry all night'. Furthermore, this building does allow children, I can assure you. I invite you to look over your lease once more and show me where it says otherwise." Stan replied.

"Mr. Leow clearly is friends with the other low life's on his floor. They are wrong though. Trust me sir, I am directly below him and can hear every footstep." She said angrily. " I do not have my lease on me, but I know that it's a child free building, have you seen other children in the building?"

"Actually, Mrs. Hammond. There are four families with small children in the building. You have no lease, your apartment was rented to a Vivian Holton, and subletting is against the lease. Therefore, either you are house sitting for Ms. Holton and felt claiming the lease gave you a stronger story, or Ms. Holton had you sign a secondary lease, which I assure you ma'am is not a legal contract." Remy said, interfering. " My name is LeBeau, not Leow, Lowell, Lebarr, or Laurence, as you have referred to me this week."

The meeting went on for another hour, without any progress when Remy excused himself to return to 'work'. He arrived back at the School twenty minutes before Rogue's appointment and let himself into the lab without checking in at the front desk.

Rogue arrived in the lab, along with Hank right on time. She frowned at Remy but she remained silent, as Hank preformed an exam. She left quickly afterward, before Hank could say anything.

With a sigh, Remy asked if everything was alright and Hank said all was normal before Remy thanked him and headed up to the office. Rogue was standing in the hallway, waiting for him. " I don't want you here next time. " She began.

"We agreed I would be allowed to all appointments." Remy replied.

"I don't wan to be around you. Everyone will catch on."

"You mean your boyfriend will. Don't worry no one knows I'm here, I took a personal day to deal with other business." Remy replied.

"What other business?" Rogue asked, suspiciously.

"You lost the right to ask me bout my personal life awhile back, Anna. We ain't friends, don't insult me by pretendin we are." Remy replied before disappearing around the corner.

"So your back to stealing then?!" Rogue called after him.

Remy heard her but continued on his way without response. He wanted to go back and defend himself, but what could he say, after all they really weren't friends anymore. As he got in his car, the contractor called to tell him the flooring was done. As soon as he hung up, he called Logan to tell him the house was ready so he was taking another day tomorrow.

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