Chapter 2

Chapter Two:


Spring, 2005


Remy was sitting at the bar in some small and kind of dingy roadside place just off the interstate, getting dunk. He wanted to forget everything. Less than three days ago everything in his life had been fine and now here he was, no home, no family, nothing. So here he sat with his fake id, planning on spending as much of the cash he had on him as he could drinking himself into oblivion. Because what would it matter?

"You know, you won't find what you're looking for at the bottom of that bottle" said a female voice behind him. He just took another drink, not bothering to look around.

"I've seen plenty of people try. It won't work. "The voice continued now right next to him.

He glanced up and saw the singer from the stage sliding onto the stool next to him. She was tiny, not more than 5'2. With her copper colored waist length hair and green blue eyes she may have been pretty, If he had been in the mood to care.

"And wha' exactly do you think I'm lookin for." he remarks snidely. He knows this game, having played it often enough himself, but he's not in the mood for it tonight.

"Redemption, Damnation, Salvation, the answers to the universe, I don't know, maybe even death. You tell me, it's different for everyone." Came the unexpected reply.

This crazy girl wasn't trying to hit on him...instead she seemed to be trying to analyze him. He didn't think he liked that any better.

"And what do you care? It's not like you know me." Remy states turning back to his drink, planning to ignore the girl.

"True" came her reply, as she signals the barkeeper "But that doesn't mean I can't see your hurtin'." She finishes as the barkeeper hands her bottled water, and sets a coffee next to him.

Great she's a good Samaritan. Out to save the world from themselves. He knows a sure fire way to run her off. It never fails. He turns to her and slides his sunglasses down so that she can see his eyes.

"Is that so, and I'm sure you just think you can solve all my problems, eh?" he states expecting her to back off.

Instead she simply raises an eyebrow. "Nope. I'm not a shrink or a physic. I don' claim ta be able to fix anyone. But I can tell you for sure you ain't gettin as drunk as you wanna be tonight." She says with a smirk.

"And why's that. "he says.

"Cause" she says as she slides off the stool" It's last call, why do you think I'm down here instead of up there?" she asks gesturing to the stage. For the first time he noticed how quite it had gotten. Looking around, he noticed he was the last patron in the bar. Damn. He was hoping to be a lot closer to drunk than this.

"C'mon Hun, you can tell me all 'bout it on the way." she says, grabbing his hand and pulling him to his feet, where he sways notably. He was drunker than he thought.

"Ed I'm gonna get this guy home, I'll see ya tomorrow." she says as she pulls him from the bar.

"Night Lee, drive careful." calls the bartender as the door swings closed.

"Ain't got no home, Cher, not no more." he says as she helps him into her car.

Not an easy feat, as he's almost foot taller and outweighs her by close to a hundred pounds. She sighs getting in herself, and pulls on the hem of her too-short dress.

"So are ya staying somewhere in town, or did you not think about it before hittin the bar?" she asks him. It's been a long night and she tired. But when she looks over at him, he just looks so lost. He mumbles something that sounded like a no and she sighs again heading for home.

"Well then I hope you're as safe as you look." she says to him.

As he drifts off he says " Ain't safe, me. Devil's own."

She smiles sadly at him. Some people just have no luck at all.

He woke with a start, but realized quickly he was lying in a strange bed, without his sunglasses on. Keeping his eyes closed, he feels around for them.

"You can open your eyes you know." comes a strange female voice from nearby.

What did he do last night? He'd gone home with a lot of women in his short life, but he'd never been too drunk to remember the next morning. This was going to be awkward. He couldn't remember anything. How was he supposed to address her?

"Cher, I'm sensitive to light, and I can't seem to find my sun glasses." He states after a moment.

Hopefully she'll hand them to her without making a big deal out of it. He feels his glasses press into his hand.

"I ain't going to doubt your eyes hurt this mornin', mister. I think you tried to drink the bar dry last night." she said close to his head. He slipped on his glasses and took a look at the woman sitting next to him. She seemed vaguely familiar. Oh, that's right, the singer on the stage. But how'd he end up in her bed?

"You were too drunk to remember where you were staying last night, so I let you come home with me." The woman stated, as if she could hear his thoughts.

At this thought he shuddered. The idea of telepaths bugged him a little. "So did we, I mean-" Remy tried to ask.

The woman laughed. "No. You're in my guest room, Hun. Like I said, you were too drunk to remember where you're staying." she said standing up, and offering him a smile. "Would you like some breakfast?" she asks. His stomach grumbles loudly before he can answer and she just smiles and tells him it will be ready in ten minutes.

"Lee" she states. Making him jump. He'd been lost in thought and hadn't really expected her to say anything while they ate.

"My name. It's Lee. I told you that last night; when I showed you to your room, but I doubt you remember as wasted as you were."

He blinks at her for a moment "Remy" he states.

"OH, I know, you told me at the same time, and I wasn't drunk." She smiles at him.

He wonders briefly what else he'd told her, before asking out loud. "Well, you told me bout your wedding, getting cast out, being adopted. Oh the devils own. You kept saying that part." she replies, taking a sip of her coffee.

"Oh" he states simply. Apparently getting to drunk made him a talker. He'd have to remember that. Hopefully this girl would just think it was random ramblings. Before he could think of a way to ask, she changes the subject, By asking him if he had a place to stay; caught off guard, he admitted he didn't.

He wasn't sure how or why, but somehow he found himself her temporary room-mate. If he was honest with himself, and he never was, he would've admitted he liked it here and didn't really want to go. Even if his new friend was random at times. She always managed to both make statements and ask questions the way she had that first morning. Somehow she managed to bleed all of his secrets from him. Strangely enough, he didn't feel any resentment for it. Something he'd never been able to say before, or since. Because she just accepted whatever he told her. There was never any judgment, or pity. She never even gave advice, not really. She just listened. And then she gave him herself back. Every secret, every memory. They were an odd pair. He still didn't really understand why she had him stay. Except he thought maybe she was lonely, just like him.

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