Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty


New York

Remy was on a date with Rogue when his phone rings and he answers; seeing Lee on the window.

Remy Had taken Rogue out to dinner, they were on their way home when his phone rang. He glanced at the caller Id and said. " I'm sorry, mais dis is my friend, Lee."

"Go ahead and answer, it's fine. " Rogue replied, knowing that Remy enjoyed speaking to his friend but hadn't heard from them in a few weeks.

"Hello?" Remy answered with a smile at Rogue.

"Remyimgettingmarried." Lee responded.

"I'm sorry? I din't understand." Remy replied as he pulled into the gate.

"Traceaskedmetomarryhim" Lee rushed out again.

"Lee, slow down, I can't understand what you are saying." Remy said as he and Rogue walked inside.

"Trace asked me to marry him! We're getting married. You have to come, please, please, please. I need you to be a witness. We're just going to the courthouse, cause who all would I invite? But I want you there. You and Trace are the only people in the whole world who care about me one way or another, please. " Lee finally says in a slightly slower voice.

"Congratulations! Of course I'll be there, jus' tell me when." Remy said.

"Oh, oh yeah. Um the day after tomorrow, if you can make it? If not then next month because Trace has to leave town on business in three days".Lee responds.

"I'll be dere tomorrow." Remy responds and a few minutes later, hangs up.

Rogue had continued to stand with him in the hallway, as he had put up a finger asking her to stay when she had started to head up the stairs.

"My friends, Lee and Trace, are getting married de day af'er tomorrow. I'd like ya t' come wit' me, so you can meet em." Remy said to her.

"Remy, Ah wouldn' feel comfortable around all those strangers. They wouldn't know betta and someone would bump me." Rogue said. " Tell your friends Ah'm happy for them, and I'll send them a gift from me, but Ah think you should go on your own…or ask Storm, she knows 'em right?"

"Oui, mais Stormy's on a mission right now. It's okay, I understand. I'll tell em you are busy wit work." Remy replied, disappointed but understanding. "Well I need t' go talk to de Proff. Bout goin'"

Remy says his good-nights, and heads toward Xavier's office, as Rogue walks upstairs. He knocked on the door and Scott let him in. "Good evening, Professor, Scott." Remy began.

"Good evening, Remy, is there something we can do for you?" Scott responded.

"Yes. I need t' take off for a few days. A couple of old friends are getting married, dey wan me at de wedding." Remy replied.

"Of course. " Xavier responded. "When will you need to leave?"

" Tonight or tomorrow morning, they just called, said the wedding's the day after tomorrow." Remy responded.

Xavier and Scott confer silently for a moment before they agree and Remy heads off to prepare his for his leave and pack. He was nearly ready around four.

As he's packed, Logan came by, and watched him for a while before stating " Where ya goin' , Bub?"

" I'm going to a wedding, My friends Lee And Trace are getting married tomorrow." Remy replied. "I'm heading out dere t' be in it for em."

"Hpmh. I'd think the thought of a wedding would have ya running the other way." Logan said, leaning on the door frame.

"Not m' weddin, so no reason t' run." Remy replied back humor in his voice.

Logan barked a short laugh at this before he said. "I'll give ya a lift. Ain't no reason to pay for parking."

"Merci." Remy replied. "I have to head out in bout an hour though.

"I'll still be up." Logan shrugged. " Rogue know yer goin?"

" I invited her along…she said no." Remy answered closing his suitcase.

"Alright then. See ya in the garage. Oh the the couple congratulations." Logan said.

Remy barely knocked on the door, before Lee yanked it open, pulling him inside excitedly.

"This is the greatest thing that has ever,ever happened Remy,seriously, I didn't he was ever going to ask,didn't he even wanted to get married. But then he did! And I just had to ask you to come, because your my friend in the entire world,plus I wouldn't have ever even met him if not for you."She throws herself into his arms, as she continues to go on about the wedding and how wonderful everything is, and how happy her parents would've been.

" I wish they could have been here today." Lee says in a much quieter and somber tone. Remy tightened his arms around her, feeling how sad she is.

"I'm sure dey be happy f' you. Dey not want y' to be sad over dem not bein here." Remy said to her softly. She nodded into his chest, comforted by his words, though still sad. "So, is de groom comin' over or y' followin tradition?"

Lee shrugged and Remy pulled out his phone. " Trace. I'm over here at Lee's I t'ink she be missin ya."

" I'll be over in a little while. Keep her occupied… and no runnin off with my bride." Trace responds, the last part in a mock threatening tone.

"I do m' best, mais depend on how long y' take." Remy responded in the same tone.

Trace arrived about an hour with a pizza and movie. Remy let him in with a " So close, I was dis close t' getting her t' run way wit me."

"Where is she? She okay?" Trace responded.

"Bathroom. She sad, mais she's okay. I t'ink she she needed t' see you." Remy replied, shutting the door.

They spend the next few hours distracting her and cheering her up, before Trace heads back to his apartment. Remy helped Lee clean up and unfold the couch as she explained her plans for the future with him.

" I want a large house, a Victorian, at least six bedrooms" Lee began.

" Your over your fear of them then?"Remy replied

" Oh, shut up. It wasn't the house . It was the creepy motel in front of the creepy house. A week after I saw an incredibly scary movie. AND I was an eighteen year old kid running from super-villains trying to kill me and my best friend. I was freaked out. Not scared."

" Oh Okay" Remy respondd to her rant and smiled at her pouting.

So she carried on as if he didn't say anything" I hope I have at least four kids and a lab puppy. I Know it's silly to add in the puppy to my 'life is perfect' list, but I've always wanted one."

" I hope you get it all." Remy replied, with a smile.

The next afternoon, they sign the paperwork, and Remy laughs when he sees her name.

" Avonlee? Really, I never would have guessed that" he said, with a smirk.

" I wouldn't either." Trace stated.

Remy laughed at this." Wait you didn't know either" he asked.

Lee punched him in the arm, " You have to promise, right now, Remy LeBeau, to never tell anyone my name. My name is stupid,I hate it. Please, I only think of myself as Lee anyway."

"I won't tell, who would I tell anyway." Remy said.

"Trace, you too. I'm Lee, not Avonlee." She added.

"Yes, ma'am." Trace said. "If that's how you want it."

After both men agreed, they go out to celebrate. Trace and Lee drop Remy off at her place later, and she promises she'll be back in the morning. He tells her it's no rush. He plans to spend the rest of the week with her, because Trace asked him to last night, saying it wasn't fair to her to be all alone, just after getting married.

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