Chapter 21

Chapter Twenty one

July, 2012

Remy and Lee had settled into the new house easily. She already seemed more comfortable away from Manhattan. Since it was summer, the school and Logan, decided to take July as a break, meaning that Remy only had to come in to prepare meals on his scheduled day.

He had noticed that very few of their teammates had noticed the pregnancy, for which he was grateful. In fact he was pretty sure none of them had, really. Rogue had taken to looser shirt way before her stomach had begun to expand and she wasn't getting very big at all. He had asked Hank on the side if that was okay, and Hank assured him that mother and child were perfectly healthy, and some mothers just do not get very large when pregnant. Rogue, meanwhile, had taken to ignoring him completely. He still was hoping she'd change her stance on the baby, but it didn't look good for it. She still had about ten weeks to change her mind though.

He sincerely hoped she would, and not, as she assumed, because he wanted her back. He wanted it for his daughter. He wanted this baby to have a family. It couldn't be a traditional one he'd always hoped to give his children. There were far too many betrayals involved for that, but still. He had to figure out how he was going to explain this to his baby girl one day.

He sighed heavily as Rogue walked out of the med lab, before turning to Hank for the update. Afterwards, he went in search of Logan and the girls, to invite them over for dinner. It was Anton's first birthday, and he wanted to celebrate it, but he didn't want to advertise his personal life to the whole school. Especially as they tended to assume everything he did was negative until prove otherwise.

He then walked into the kitchen and looked around, spotting Bobby first. "Okay, I have to get going, but Bobby will be preparing dinner instead."

"What? I never agreed to that." Bobby replied.

"I already cleared it with Logan. I have stuff I have to do today. I'll take you day next week." Remy said.

"How do you know I don't have things to do?" Bobby asked.

"All you have to do is put the roasting pan in the oven for twenty minutes, and warm back up the rolls, Bobby. I already cooked it; it just needs to be reheated." Remy stated.

"Oh. I then, I'll trade you for next week." Bobby replied. "I didn't have any plans tonight anyway."

Remy started to reply to this, but just shook his head and left. He was on his way to pick up Anton's cake, and dinner, before heading to the house. He had almost made it to his car, when he realized SHE was leaning against it.

"Is there something wrong?" Remy asked, concerned for the baby.

"Yes. Yes there is. You really think you'll be able to take care of it, when you can't even handle making dinner without running off?" Rogue replied.

"What does trading, one time with Bobby have to do with my parenting ability? I had plans, I cleared it with Logan. In fact Logan is coming over as part of my plans." Remy replied.

"Wait, Logan said he was headed to a party this evening. You're throwing a party and expect me to believe you grew up enough to raise a child?" Rogue said.

"What I do in my free time isn't your concern, Anna. Nor does it have anything to do with my care for this baby. Why the sudden interest anyway? Are you wanting to change your mind?" Remy stated.

"No. But I think you should. It's not too late to give it good parents." Rogue replied. "It's not going to work Remy. Keeping it isn't going to make me want you back."

"What makes you think I'd take you back Anna?!" Remy said irritation clear in his voice. "Oui, I would love if you decided you actually wanted something to do with the child, mais, you and I are history. Either way, I'm holding you to our agreement, I'm keeping my child."

"Fine, play your little game, but don't whine to me when it interferes with your 'personal' time!" Rogue said as she walked away.

"It will BE my personal time! My life already revolves on making the best choices for the baby." Remy said, after her.

"Yet, you're throwing a party on a week night. "Rogue said as she left the garage.

"And you refer to her as it." Remy grumbled as he climbed into his car and drove away.

Logan drove the girls over to the house about forty-five minutes after Remy left, and they arrived five minutes before Remy. Jubilee had only met Lee in passing and had never seen Anton, was nearly as excited as Laura to see the baby. Laura hadn't seen Anton since he was born, until Lee moved North. She'd been having dinner with them once a week since Lee and Anton had arrived.

As soon as they walked in, the girls swarmed the baby, Jubilee asking if she could hold him. Lee agreed and handed over her son as Laura smiled at the baby and Logan stood back. He smiled as he watched the girls fan over the small child, and thought once more about Remy recent request.

It would probably be for the best for both girls, if Logan agreed to let them live, at least part time, with Remy and Lee in a 'normal' home instead of at a school. Neither girl had ever really had a chance to be with a family.

Logan told Remy he would think about it, and there had been no ill feelings in either direction for the request, but Logan as on the fence. On one hand, they could offer the girls a chance at normal, on the other hand, he wasn't ready to give them up. The two of them hadn't been living at the school that long together, and Logan was trying to do right by them both. He was just not really sure what 'right' was.

This line of brooding was interrupted when Remy arrived with the pizzas and cake. Soon the party was underway, as Anton gleefully enjoyed the attention and the tastes of new foods. They gave him small pieces of the pizza, ripped apart, and then they handed him a slice of his cake.

After staring at it for a moment, he shoved a tiny fist into the cake bringing a handful to his mouth as they all watched. He then squealed in delight as he ate the rest of his piece, most of it ending up in his lap, on the floor, and smeared on his face and hair.

Lee, Remy, and the girls all took pictures of the child's delight, before Lee cleaned him up, and they offered him his gifts. As with most babies his age, he was far more interested in the wrapping paper than the gifts underneath.

Finally, when Lee realized he was about to get fussy, she excused herself and took Anton to bathe and put to bed. Laura and Jubilee offered to clean up the kitchen and Remy agreed before he and Logan stepped into the garage 'to smoke', as Remy had banned smoking from the house.

"So. Hat di want?" Logan asked.

"Who?" Remy replied.

"Rogue, she tracked you don in the garage, I saw her come back in right before you pulled away." Logan answered.

"She said that she heard I was throwing some party, though not the kind I just threw, and that clearly I wasn't ready to be a Daddy, so I should let her give the baby up." Remy replied.

"She said that over a party?" Logan asked, eyebrow raised.

"She started, before she pieced together the party, she started out with me trading Bobby. She thinks I want the baby in an attempt to get her back." Remy said, feeling the anger and disappointment rising again. " I would never take her back, not after all this! Mais I would love for her to change her mind and want to be part of her daughter's life."

"I hear what you're saying…but I don't think it'll happen Remy. I've tried talking to her too. She's unmovable on this one." Logan replied.

"Pssh. She's unmovable on everything. It's just this time you and I agree she's wrong."

"Yup. Can't change her though, Gumbo. Ya just gotta do what ya can for the kid." Logan replied. "…I've been thinking about your offer…"


"You sure you have enough room here for four kids?"

"The girls can have my office. Lee's in the smallest room. The babies are going to share, least for now." Remy replied. "I move my office to my room, and we're set."

"I'll see what the girls think. I think you should wait til the baby comes though, no need to stir people up anymore before then." Logan rep[lied.

"You may be right about that." Remy agreed.

Logan put out his cigar, and went to gather the girls as Remy followed to finish cleaning the mess. He certainly didn't want to leave it for Lee. With all the sugar and excitement, it was likely it would take her awhile to get the baby to sleep as it was, and she would be tired as well.

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