Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Winter, 2008


Remy called Lee from New Orleans,around three in the morning, shortly after he made it himself. He had debated waiting until morning, or not calling at all. He probably would not have, if not for the bottle of whiskey he had already finished.

"Hello?" Came the sleepy reply from the other end.

"They left me. To die. in Antarctica. Because of what I done in the tunnels. They found out and they left. She left. It's over , I knew that they would if they ever found out." Remy stated, as he stared out of his window, wondering what he would do now.

"Remy?" Lee said, as she processed what he just said. "Where are you now?"

"My house, in New Orleans." Remy replied, as he opened a second bottle. "Not really anywhere else t' go when ya screw everything, cept home."

"Stay put Remy, I'll be there as soon as I can, just please stay there." Lee stated.

"Got nowhere t' go, less I runs outta whiskey." Remy slurred.

"Four hours, max….try to get some sleep." Lee replied.

She hung up and climbed out of bed, as Trace sat up, and began shoving things in a duffel bag. "What's going on?" Trace asked.

"Remy called drunk from New Orleans. Apparently those friends of his ditched him somewhere cold…he said something about Antarctica, so I assume somewhere cold, anyway."


"They found out about his past, the tunnels thing, and kicked him to the curb." Lee said as she zipped the bag closed and began changing.

"Is he okay? I mean was he hurt?" Trace asked as he got up and began packing himself.

"I don't think so. Hunny, I need to go as soon as possible, he's already at least one bottle in, but you can't , not until you call work." Lee said as he shoved things in his own bag.

"I'm going to claim family emergency. I'll be just a couple hours behind you, and don't want to worry about packing later." Trace replied.

Trace then took her to the airport, and then headed to his office.

Lee arrived at Remy's place about three hours after his call. She had to knock several times before he opened the door, swaying and blurry eyed as he stood in the doorway.

"Wha' are y' doin here, cher?" He muttered.

"You called me Remy. C'mon, lets get some coffee in ya." Lee replied, as she led him inside.

As she prepares him the coffee, and some eggs, he spilled the entire story of his mock trial and her reaction to it.

"Then she threw it at my feet…" Remy trailed off.

"It's okay, you don't have to talk about it, Rem." Lee said.

" It was so cold, mais, dat wasn' de worst part. De fact dat I was right, dat no one would want t' be round me when dey knew de truth, dat was the worst. I almost just laid down, y'know…"Remy replied, as he finished his story.

Lee walks over and hugs him, kneeling next to his chair. They are silent for a long while while he tries to compose himself, before she says. " They don't deserve you, cause they don't see the real you, Remy. I've known the whole story since the day after it happened, and never ever left you to die. Trace knows, he never left you. Logan too."

"Mais." Remy started.

"No Remy." Lee says looking into his eyes. "You ain't evil cause she broke up with you. You said yourself, you weren't even sure if that was actually her, or your own guilt."

"I know-"

"Good. Now, are you okay? DO you have any injuries that need to be looked at?"

"No, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?You did just walk through all that snow and ice, and with everything else"

"Any injuries are small, I'd rather treat em m'self."

"I understand. "


Lee then cleaned up the kitchen, while Remy went to 'take a nap'. She assumed, correctly, that he was getting back to his bottle, but she had no idea what else to do for him. Trace arrived a few minutes later, and Lee let him in, before pointing up the stairs when he asked for Remy.

Trace found Remy in the Master bedroom, staring t the unmade bed and drinking a bottle of whiskey. Trace cleared his throat when his friend failed to notice him. Remy looked up with a nod, before returning his attention, to whatever he was actually staring at.

"I'm sorry, Remy, I can't even imagine what I'd be like if Lee just left me like that." Trace said sitting next to Remy and shaking his head as Remy offered him the bottle.

"Dat would never happen. She is loyal t' me an' I'm a screw up. She loves you and you ain't, never happen." Remy replied.

"That wasn't what I meant. I meant I can't imagine hurting like you are…I can't imagine how I would handle her giving up on us…" Trace replied. Remy looked at him sharply, but Trace assured him nothing was wrong before he could ask.

They sat and talked awhile longer before Lee came up. She watched them from the doorway for a few minutes before inviting herself in.

" Come with us, we want you there"Trace says,finally.

"No. I don' t'ink that's de best idea right now."Remy replied.

"Why?" Trace asked.

"I think, maybe I just need some time by myself, travel y'know?" Remy said.

"Well, I'm staying with ya, until you are okay again, Rems. No argument." Lee said.

They stay with him a couple of more weeks, before Trace has to return to work. Trace insists she stay with Remy a little longer.

She watches him try to drink himself to death. It reminds her so much of when they first met. But as she said then, she's not a shrink or a psychic. She can't fix this for him. Trace called nightly to check on his progress, but it was never any better really. Lee tried to talk Remy into coming home with her a couple more times, but he continued to refuse.

Lee found his address book one day while cleaning up his room for him. She started to call the mansion, twice, but hung up before the first ring. She wished she could make them see Remy the way she did, but she knew she couldn't' started to put the book back down when she spotted Logan's cell number. She copied it, and Storm's before replacing the book, still unsure if she would actually call either one of them.

The next morning, she found a note thanking her for all of her help and telling her he was on his way to Europe. He added that he was sorry for dragging her into his problems. The tone of the note, and the fact that she knew he was still drinking heavily, helped her decide to try to contact his other friends.

She started with Logan, who, as usual, was grumpy when answering the phone. She had only spoken to the man a handful of times, but was sure she had reached the right number.

"Logan, it's Lee. " She began. " I need to talk to you about Remy."

"Darlin. He's gone. We looked for him, but couldn't find him. " Logan replied. " I'm not –"

"I know all about what happened Logan. That's why I'm calling. He took off this morning." Lee replied. " I don't know what the hell you people were thinking leaving him like that, but right now…I've never seen him this low, I'm scared for him."

"Wait." Logan said, as she heard a door open and close as Logan got out of his jeep. " You mean you've seen him?"

"Yeah. I was here with him for weeks. He ain't stopped drinking the entire time." Lee replied.

"Alright, I ain't tellin the others anything about this…do you know where he went?" Logan asked.

"Not for sure. Something about Europe." Lee replied. " He ain't coming back to his place, so I'm on my way home, I just wanted to update you… someone needs to tell him you don't all hate him…unless you do."

"Nah. I knew about all this a while back. Ro don't either." Logan replied. " She might know where to look for him, I'll call her later."

Lee agreed and finished getting ready to go home, she hoped Logan could work it out, though she had mixed feeling about Remy returning to the mansion, as it scared her after what they did, she knew it was what he wanted.

A few days later, Remy called from his usual spot on the lawn, to tell her he was back at the mansion, and how Ororo had found him, and invited him back. Lee didn't mention calling Logan, and apparently no one else did either.

He told her that he was staying on the property, and that things were still tense but that Rogue was talking to him. Remy explained that Rogue had apologized, and though he was still hurt, he wanted to forgive her and move on because he still loved her. He told her some of the others were still tense around him, but he hoped it could be repaired because he wanted to stay.

,"Whatever happens, if they hurt you a second time, I would never forgive them." Lee said, not really happy with how easily he accepted their anger.

"It ain't always that simple." Remy replied.

"I don't care." Lee said. "You already paid for it, they need to let it drop, there isn't any reason to continue to punish you for something that happened way before you met them." They spoke for a few more minutes before he hung up, and returned to the boathouse.

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