Chapter 23

Chapter twenty-three

August 2012

Logan stopped Remy on his way out, the Friday before classes started. "Hey. We need ta talk." Logan grumbled.

"Sure. "Remy replied, hiding his concern as he followed Logan back to his office.

Logan waited until he was certain no one was around before starting. " I know you said no more missions… But I need ya to look into something for me. You'd only be gone a day or two, and I'll make sure no one gets word on where ya went."

"…Logan…" Remy began. "With things being as they are…she's already tryin to back out, saying I ain't up to it-"

"She won't know. I'm going to tell them all that I gave you the week end off, insisted that you were needing a break, despite your protest." Logan replied.

"Where will I actually be?" Remy asked, he knew Logan was going to send him anyway.

"I need ya to take a package to Summers. I don't trust mailing it, plus I want to know why he ain't talking to us right now." Logan replied.

"So. You invented a package to send me in to spy." Remy replied.

" Yeah. Normally I'd just send Rogue, but…"

"Yeah. Not a good plan now, no one here has caught on, but they're likely too."

"I don't think she'd agree right now anyway."

"Let me call home, then I'll head out." Remy replied.

"Okay then. Take the bird; you'll be back quicker than the airport." Logan said.

"…What do you have me carryin Logan?"

"You never ask questions."

" Non. I never used t' ask. T'ings change."

Logan jus grumbled a few minutes before answering. "Nothing you'd get busted for, but the airlines are tightened right now, and with your eyes…"

"Fine." Remy replied, no sure if it was true but willing to go along with it. He's be home far sooner on than if he took an airline. Though on the other hand it may make it easier for Logan o send him on a side job.

Remy stepped out of the office and looked around to avoid eavesdroppers as he headed toward the Blackbird in the hanger. He pulled out his phone on the way . He started to hit the speed dial, when Bobby walked up to him.

"Hey Remy. You remember when I took your dinner last month?" Bobby started.

"Not tonight Robert. I have things t' do." Remy replied.

"Like what? " Bobby asked, annoyed that Remy was ducking out.

"Ask Logan." Remy replied as the elevator arrived. He climbed on without another word, and the door slid shut on Bobby's protest.

Bobby immediately stormed off to Logan's office to demand answers. Bobby was annoyed by Remy continuing to get to slip out around here recently, Bobby had already talked o Logan about it before. He knew others such as Paige and Kitty had as well. He wasn't sure if Rogue had complained, but he assumed so. That may even be the reason why she was so distant with everyone lately.

With the conclusion had Remy had somehow tricked Logan into letting him walk all over the headmaster, Bobby nearly stormed into the office, remembering only after opening he door ha he should have knocked. Deciding it was too late now Bobby began. "Why is Remy refusing to do dinner tonight, he said to ask you."

"Remy refused to do dinner?" Rogue asked from her seat across from Logan. Bobby hadn't realized she was sitting there, but wasn't worried about it.

"Yup. I started o ask him, and he said he was busy and to talk to Logan." Bobby replied.

"I told him to go home for he weekend. He is run down and developing a cold. " Logan replied. " I for one don't wan to deal with a dozen super powered whiny sick teens, so I sen him away before he could pass it on."

"We never get sent away for the weekend." Bobby said.

"Catch a cold, then we'll talk. Though I sent you to your room, with orders to say away from he kids when you were sick his winter. Twice." Logan replied.

"But you didn' send him o his suite, you sent him away!" Bobby replied.

"…Bobby, I'm no sure if you noticed, but Remy doesn't have a suite on grounds anymore." Rogue replied.

"She's right you know. How you forgot when you helped pain his house is crazy though." Logan replied.

"You helped pain his house?" Rogue asked. "When he buy a house?"

"You didn't know that? I thought you just didn't want to help." Bobby said.

"I wouldn't have wanted to help." Rogue said. "But I didn't hear about it…So he's sick?"

"Yup." Logan said. " Now get going, I got paperwork."

Remy waited until he was in the air to call home, after his run in with Bobby. As he expected Lee wasn't upset with it, though she did ask how long he would be gone. He told her it should be just the week-end, before hanging up and wondering again what it was in the package.

He was tempted to look, but he also wasn't sure he wanted to know. After all, he would be delivering it either way, so maybe it was best not to know…on the other hand, maybe he should know what he was getting himself into. He was debating with himself still a half hour later, when his phone rang.

Checking his caller id, he saw that it was Rogue, so he put on a sick voice when he answered.

"So, you're sick. You moved to a new place but didn't say anything. And the Blackbird is gone." She said to his hello.

"Oui, I'm sick. Where I live is not'ing to you, and why would I know where the plane is?" Remy replied.

" Unhuh. So, where are ya really?" Rogue asked.

"On my way ' de drug store, den home."

"Logan knows wha your up to?"

"Of course, he sent me home."



"Where do you plan ta live with the kid?"

"…My new house"

"Is it any better than the loft?"

"Oui. You want pictures?"


"Just of de rooms, of course."


"Monday. I'll bring em in and 'show off' de house now da it's finished." Remy said.

"Okay. So where didja go really?"

"…Home sick. Talk t' Logan"

Rogue hung up and he sighed at the phone. He wondered if she may be softening to the baby, but didn't' want to get his hopes up. It was just as likely she was looking for another reason to talk him into adoption.

Remy suddenly really didn't feel well, though not for the reasons Logan gave. He wondered if it would ever stop bothering him how easily she was walking away. He no longer was even remotely curious what was in the package. He just wanted to get this over with and get home.

He arrived on schedule at Utopia, and was quickly taken to Scott by Magneto. Not his favorite way to be escorted but it could have been worse. The older man ignored him through the short trip and Remy was able to watch everything as they passed.

He saw nothing to be worried about, but then, he didn't actually know what he was supposed to be watching for was waiting for him in his office and Remy wordlessly set down the package.

Scott opened it and to Remy's surprise all that was inside was a budget statement. Why it couldn't be mailed or sent on a normal flight was beyond him, just as what he was supposed to be watching for. Remy was beginning to wonder if Logan just wanted him out of town for the day.

Why Logan would want him out of the way was another question altogether, which Remy couldn't figure out either, so when Scot offered him dinner and a room for the night before heading back, he agreed, hoping to figure out something along the way.

After Remy was shown to his room, he first called Logan to check in, then Lee. Logan was no more forthcoming in what Remy should be looking for. Logan did mention Rogue asking a lot of questions about Remy's new house.

He reassured Remy hat he hadn't told her anything aside from the cold story, and he said that the plane was with someone else. Remy was not really reassured by this, but had no choice at this point but to accept it.

Lee was jus as confused as he was but assured him no one had been by to bother her or anything. He talked to her for several minutes before hanging up. When he turned around, Emma was standing in the doorway.

After trying o cover his surprise Remy asked if he could help her.

"So, you've got a new girlfriend then?" Emma asked.

"Lee is my friend and roommate, not da it's any of your business. Can I help you Emma?"

"Why are you here?"

"I don't know. TO deliver a package and after that nothing.

"Then why didn't you head right back? Your girlfriend seemed to miss you."

"I don' have a girlfriend. What about the call you were listening into made you think I did?"

"Because I simply cannot imagine you living with someone and not dating them."

"Well, I'm not. Lee is my oldest friend, nothing more."

"Suuuurrree." Emma said. "So what did Logan want you to find in this little trip?"

"I don' know why don't you tell me?"

"We have nothing to hide around here, I hope the same can be said for the school."

Remy just glared in response as Emma smiled, before turning away, informing him on the way out that Scott had offered to take him around after dinner. Remy nodded in response before trying once more to get Logan to tell him what he was to look for.

"Why'd she follow you?" Erik asked walking up behind Remy, as he stood on a balcony, overlooking the bay.

"She didn't Erik. Anna don't even talk t' me unless she has to, we've both moved on." Remy replied , not bothering to turn around.

"Then why did she leave?"

"Dat, you have to ask her. She's your woman now, I wouldn't know." Remy said, attempting to keep the bitterness from his voice.

" Come on, LeBeau. Don't try that with me! Anna has barely spoken to me in four months! Don't tell me that has nothing to do with you." Erik said, forcing Remy to face him.

Remy restrained himself from hitting Erik, but he stormed past him without a word. Whatever secret Logan wanted him to unearth, he could just do himself, Remy was done being there. Erik followed him back to his room, still demanding answers. Remy refused to speak, he didn't want to violate the agreement, this close to the baby's arrival especially. Erik was pushing it though. It wasn't really in Remy's nature to back out of a fight, even an uncalled for fight.

"Why won't she say anything, did you two start back up?" Erik demanded as Remy finished sending Logan a text saying he was returning.

With a half laugh, Remy finally replied. "Non. Dat will never happen. Not even if she begged for another chance. She done too much for dat to happen…So have I. Your girlfriend steppin out on y' Erik it ain't with me."

"Why should I believe you? You were all over her before you left trying to get her back." Erik demanded.

"T'ings change. So do priorities." Remy said, as Scott approached them to demand to know what was going on.

Erik told Scott he wasn't sure what Remy was up to, but implied Remy may have stolen something. Before Remy could blink he was being dragged into a cell, and Scott was calling Logan.

So much for heading home. Remy thought, as Erik left with a smirk, waiting for Scott to join them, as Remy tried to remember what all was in his pocket that may cause him more trouble. Looking around the room, he noticed several changes to security, at which point he groaned and hit his head on the table. Now Remy understood why Logan sent him, to find the upgrades.

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