Chapter 24

Chapter Twenty Four

August 2012

Scott returned to the interrogation room after about an hour. During that time Erik had come and gone twice, both times to demand why Anna was behaving so strangely. Remy would shrug in return refusing to say anything.

Scott walked in as Erik stormed out the second time, having overheard the questioning. He sat across from Remy saying nothing for several minutes, before he was sure that they were completely alone.

"Did you steal something while you were here?" Scott asked finally.

"No." Remy replied.

"Did you intend to steal something?"


"Why did Logan send you?"

"I don't know."

"Did Erik have reason to think you would steal something?"

"No. I haven't left my suite unescorted."

"Why was Erik questioning you?"

"Ask him."

"Was it for his own personal reasons?"

"Ask him."

"I heard him as I was coming in. " Scott replied in irritation. "Has your entire exchange been about Rogue?"


"If I released you now, would you agree to leave without complaint?"

"I was on my way out when you threw me in here. Got things to do at home."

"Okay. Come on then." Scott replied, gesturing from Remy to stand.

Remy hesitates for a moment before standing as well, and following Scott out of the room. They head back to Remy's suite and gather his things, before walking downstairs and past a glaring Erik on their way to the hanger. They had nearly arrived, when Emma joins them, and Scott stops them in the doorway.

"Remy would you submit to a mind reading, to ensure you are being truthful?" Scott replied.


"Remy, I want to believe that this was nothing, however with your history..."

"Summers, you either believe or you don't, mais right now, letting you read my secrets...they have nothing to do with my trip or Logan."

Emma had been standing there through out the exchange, and peeked in just enough to know it had nothing to do with Utopia...before Remy noticed her and slammed his shields down with a frown.

"Nothing I see inside your mind will go beyond us, I swear Remy, but we need to know you're being honest." Emma said, Scott stared confused at the two.

"Emma, I can't take de risk...too much is at stake. It has not'in t' do wit de X-men." Remy replied.

"How can we know that though Remy, you don't have the best record of honesty." Scott replied.

"I saw enough to know it has nothing to do with why he's here Scott." Emma stated.

"That doesn't mean it doesn't concern us." Scott replied. "For all we know he went and made another deal with Sinister."

"Dat's low, mon ami." Remy replied.

"No. That's facts. You've done it before, Remy." Scott stated. "If you aren't going to give us something...we may have to contact the school about this."

"Logan knows what's going on." Remy stated stubbornly.

"Because Logan has the best record of playing well with others." Emma replied.

"Fine. De two of you can look in my head, mais only as far as my intentions, and if you see anything more, you swear not to say anyt'in."

"Agreed. Unless we see something to concern us, like a deal with a villain." Scott replied. "Anything personal, we'll keep completely silent."

Remy reluctantly lowered his shields, as Emma connected with Scott then with Remy.

They walked behind Remy as he headed out of the building for the weekend, when Logan walked up to him, and asked to speak to Remy. They followed Remy into the office, and felt his concern over it. They watched as he tried to avoid the trip before caving reluctantly. He mentioned calling home, and a brief flash of a long haired woman and baby passed by them,before Scott could grab them they slipped away, as Remy pulled out a phone, they watched as he encountered Bobby, then headed to the plane.

Remy called someone, again the woman's face passed briefly past them, before he stared at the package, tempted to open it. Before he could decide, his phone rang.

He answered, and spoke to Rogue for a moment, they could sense his mixture of anger,pain, and hope when he thought of her, then they were landing, greeted by Erik.

Erik led them to Scott, as Remy did his best to ignore the other man. They felt his surprise at the contents of the package. His irritation at being asked to stay over.

Then Erik was standing behind him, as Remy once again tried to ignore the other man. This was where Scott was interested, because of Erik's accusations.

Erik and Remy began talking about Rogue, Erik accusing Remy of restarting a relationship with her. Though Remy both denied it and his feelings of anger and pain spiked, they also saw brief flashes of the night in December. Then the conversation the next day.

As Erik accused him again, they saw brief flashes of events that didn't completely make sense to them, Rogue and him yelling at each other, him pleading with her, him buying a house, then him standing next to Rogue as she laid on a bed in the med lab her turned away as Hank and Remy stared at a monitor. A tiny baby clear on the screen.

"What is this?" Scott asked the Remy standing next them.

"We made a deal. She wanted to abort, mais she agreed to let me keep our daughter, as long as no one found out, aside from Hank and Logan...Please, you can't say anything...if you do it breaks our agreement." Remy stated.

"We won't say a word Remy, we promise." Emma replied, as Scott nodded.

"I know what it's like, to loose a child, and them be out there somewhere." Scott added.

"Merci." Remy replied.

"Sorry we demanded to know." Scott added, "I'll do my best to keep Erik off of your case."

They pulled out of Remy's head as Erik approached them.

"So did you find out what he was here to steal?" Erik asked.

"No, Erik, but we did see your confrontation. He wanted nothing here, and he wants nothing from Rogue, he's moved on." Scott replied. "In the future do not accuse our guests for personal gain. Remy you are free to go."

Remy nodded and left without a word, before anything more could happen. Erik looked relieved at the others assurances, leading Remy to believe it was the reason for his set up.

He didn't really care though, all Remy wanted was to get home and sleep for a few hours. He also wanted to talk to Logan about his new no missions policy because this ordeal was the last straw.

Remy arrived back at the school around midnight, he had called ahead and was greeted by Logan, who had taken over the night shift as soon as he had received the call.

He gave Logan a brief run down of what had happened including that Scott and Emma now knew about the baby. Logan started to apologize before asking if Remy had learned anything about the system upgrade.

"Logan, I didn't look at it. I dropped off the package, then spent most off my time in a cell thanks to Erik, before heading back. No more missions Logan, at least for now." Remy replied.

Logan agreed, and sent Remy home, telling him to take Monday as well to help with the 'sick' cover story.

Remy managed to sneak out of the mansion, and walked down about a block, before being picked up by the cab Logan had called for him, as Logan had taken Remy's car home after dinner. When he arrived,the lamp in the living room was on, but the rest of the house was dark.

Remy hadn't called ahead, he hadn't wanted to wake his friend. So he intentionally left his coat and shoes next to the couch, so that she would know he was there. He stumbled tiredly into his room, stripping down to his boxers on the way, and collapsed onto his bed, not bothering to pull down the blankets.

Remy woke a few hours later, too the sound of Anton's giggling and Lee preparing breakfast. He pulled on his robe and stumbled out front still tired.

"G'mornin" Remy muttered as he walked into the kitchen. Lee, who had not seen Remy's coat, screamed and dropped the skillet.

Remy in turn yelled startled by her scream,and Anton startled began to cry.

"Jeeze Remy! When didja get back?" Lee asked, as she picked up her crying son, and Remy began to clean up the mess.

"I don't know, bout one...I left my coat out so you's know that I was here." Remy replied. "Sorry I scared you."

"It's okay, I'm just jumpy today, I haven't been in the living room yet either, so how was the trip?" Lee responded as she put the baby back down with a cracker, and returned to the stove.

Remy then sat down and told her the entire story, as she finished cooking and he fed the baby a bowl of oatmeal. After he finished, she expressed her concern over the others knowing, but he assured her they would stay silent.

"At least for a few months, after dat it won't really matter, I suppose, though I hope they never say anything." Remy said.

"I hope so too, so she didn't bug ya again, after the first time though? I mean she ain't going to try to cause trouble for you over it?"

"No, it's fine." Remy responded, as they began to clean up.

They spent they rest of the weekend hanging around the house, and finishing the last of Remy's baby plans. He was a little nervous when he realized that he only had about two months left.

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