Chapter 25

Chapter Twenty Five

Spring 2009

Remy groggily reached for his phone as the familiar ring-tone buzzed. The room was darkened, thanks to the heavy drapes instead of the hour, though he had only been in bed about an hour. He had returned from a mission earlier in the day and hadn't slept well in a week. He groaned as he answered the phone divided between glad to hear from his friend and wishing he had turned off the ring for a few hours.

"Lo?" he whispered into the phone.

"...Did I wake you, I'm sorry." Lee said.

"No, is'fine. Wha's up?" Remy said.

"Well, I'm going to be in Manhattan for the next two days, but Trace had to work, I was wondering if you wanted to join me for a few hours?" Lee replied.

"What are you doing in Manhattan?" Remy asked sitting up.

"I have a audition at a club. If you're busy-"

"No, no, just tell me when and where, I'd love to see you." He said.

"This afternoon, at two. A place called The Club, I can text you the address." She said as he glanced at his alarm clock, to note that it was almost one.

"I'll see you there, I gotta go tell em I'm leaving and get ready. "Remy said, and they said their good byes, before he quickly changed, and went out in search of Scott or Charles.

Remy arrived at The Club just before two, Lee was waiting outside, and smiled when she saw him. He was surprised for a moment, seeing her in a dress with her hair pinned up, he hadn't seen her dressed like that since they had left Texas, not even at her wedding.

"You look nice." He said as he walked up to her.

"Thanks. I'm a little nervous." Lee replied, as she opened the door and they walked into the building.

Remy found a seat in the front as they set up the auditions, just behind the manager, and waited for Lee's turn. He hadn't expected there to be an audience, but there were several tables already full, as the singers began taking their turns.

Halfway through her set, Logan slipped into the seat next to him. " I was wondering how long you were going to stalk me." Remy stated not looking away from the stage.

Logan grunts and continues to listen for awhile. Finally he said " So that's Lee?" Remy nodded as Lee finished her set.

The audience clapped politely, and Lee came down off the stage to wait with the other girls. When all but Lee and one other girl had walked away, Remy slipped over to see what the manager had to say, as Logan watched.

First his smirked, then frowned as he watched Remy and his friend grow agitated. Finally Remy walked Lee over to introduce them.

"Logan, Dis is Lee, Lee dis pain in de a-butt is Logan." Remy said, with forced good humor.

"Nice to finally meet you. " Lee said. "Remy has told me about you."

"He told me a lot about you too, Darlin' nice to meet ya." Logan replied.

" He said that he don't want any trouble, that hiring mutie or mutie lovers would cause it. And that even if she is the best he's heard, she's not qualified,'cause of the company she keeps". Remy said a few minutes later, when Lee excused herself to the bathroom.

"Never changes." Logan replied in disgust.

"I shouldn't have come, he was about to hire her, then I walked up." Remy replied.

" You'd have come by eventually, better to find out now" Lee said from behind him. "Wouldn't want to work here anyway."

The three of them head out the door as she said this, earning a dirty look from the manager. Remy planned to spend the afternoon with his friend, and invited Logan along. Logan agreed, as Lee told them she needed to stop by her hotel to change, because she was tired of the dress, and she wanted to call her husband. They follow her back to her hotel, where she slipped into the bathroom to change as they waited.

"Do you think she's all right, is she always so quiet?" Logan asked after a moment.

"No, mais she'll be okay." Remy replied, as Lee emerged, pulling pins from her hair, in jeans and a tee shirt.

" I just so tired of this shit! Why does the whole damn world have to be so mean? They judge everyone all the time over everything. They don't know anything about me and my family, but still what do they do? They attack jus' cause we're different. Screw 'em I don' wanna work for a bigot anyway." She says suddenly. Remy staring at her in surprise, both over her tone and the choice of words.

"Cher? Are you okay?" he asked. Logan just watching.

"No I ain't Rems. I'm sick of it. Nothing ever changes. Ever." Lee said, calming slightly.

" I'm sorry. If I hadn't been there, they would have hired you. It's not fair to you." Remy said, hugging his friend.

" No one ever said life was fair. It's not your fault, and I meant it. I wouldn't want to work there anyway. What do you think would happen if they ever figured me out?" Lee nearly whispered, Logan barely heard what she had said, and pretended not to have heard it at all.

Logan offered to go pick some dinner up, while she called home, assuming the girl would want some time alone with her friend. Lee called and told Trace what happened, then the two sat in silence for a few minutes.

"...Well, you hate cities anyway, and besides, you want a baby, you don't want to raise it in the-"

"Stop." Lee said sitting on the bed. "I know you're trying to help, but stop."

"What is it?" Remy asked.

Logan arrived back at the room about twenty minutes later and knocked briefly as he walked through the door. He could smell salt water as he came in, and saw Remy laying next to his friend on the bed, she had drifted off to sleep. Carefully Remy got up, so not to wake her, and tiptoed over to Logan.

"I'm not leaving her tonight, I sent a text to Rogue a few minutes ago." Remy whispered, dragging Logan back into the hallway.

"Why?" Logan asked, knowing she had been crying recently.

"She shouldn't have come, not in right now. I think it must've been denial more then anything else. She was pregnant, until last week...I didn't know she lost the baby." Remy answered.

"I'm sorry." Logan said.

"Just found out, it was the third one. She's depressed, I can't leave her alone tonight. I'm putting her on a plane home tomorrow."

"I'll handle Chuck, not a problem." Logan replied.

"Merci. You wanna come in and eat? You bought it." Remy said.

"Don't wanna disturb her."

"It's fine, I talked to Trace after Rogue, he said to make sure she ate."

The men re-entered the room and Remy gently woke her. After dinner Logan said his good byes, and headed home. Shortly after Remy talked Lee into going back to bed, and turned on a funny movie for them to watch.

Remy arrived home after getting Lee on the plane the next morning. Logan nodded at him, indicating that he had talked to Charles, Remy didn't bother to worry about what Logan had told him, for now and just headed toward the kitchen to grab some coffee.

In the kitchen, he ran into a few of the other X-men, who were eating knows the looks he's getting from everybody. They all think he was out stealing something or sleeping around. He doesn't care what they think though ,they always judge him. Rogue knows where he was, and she doesn't care. Logan too. Why should he worry about the rest. He is annoyed by how quick they are to judge him, but also used to it by now.

Before he can begin his bowl of cereal, intent on completely ignoring the others, he is called to Xavier's office. With a heavy sigh, born more of exhaustion than anything else he grabbed his bowl and headed off. Charles would just have to deal with him eating in the office.

The meeting turned out to be short, Charles just wanted to offer his condolences and inform Remy that he should take a few days off to rest. Gratefully, Remy headed off to bed,telling Rogue he would talk to her after a nap on his way.

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