Chapter 26

Chapter Twenty Six

September 2012

The school year was starting in the next few days,however Logan called Remy into his office when Remy arrived to tell him to take time off.

"Why? The year hasn't started and I'll be taking a few weeks soon." Remy asked.

"To ensure no one makes the connection. As far as I can tell, none of them have noticed her condition anyway, but in case any of them was her idea actually." Logan replied.

"She just wants me out of here. She keeps pushing me further and further away. I already agreed not to stay here, I already agreed to keep it a secret. You said you wouldn't let her kick me out ."

"And she's not gonna get to, but I'm offering you the entire semester, instead of the three week vacation you asked for, just think about it."

"I want to be here when my daughter comes Logan." Remy said.

"I'll make sure you're called, and get here in time, meanwhile, you get a couple of weeks off to finish getting ready, then a couple of months with her. Plus you can work out how you are gonna make the girls fit into your house."

"Good point. Okay, mais I'm going to go ensure She plans on telling me when it's time."

Remy went in search of his ex, finding her in the teacher's lounge, drinking a cup of tea and looking over her lesson plan. At nearly thirty six weeks, you still could barely tell she was different unless you were looking for it. Rogue's clothing appeared to be the biggest change, she had taken to wearing baggy clothing. However she hadn't gained much of a stomach either, Remy had seen that yesterday at her check up when she'd pulled up her shirt for Hank to measure.

That would probably bother her if she wasn't trying to hide it. He thought as he sat down across from her. "Morning." he stated simply.

"I thought Logan was giving you the semester off." Rogue replied without looking up.

"He did. I wanted to talk to you before I headed home." Remy answered, looking around to make sure the room had cleared out.

"About what?"

"This isn't going to change any plans, involving next months expected event, I want called when it starts." He said.

"Of course. But you ain't coming in to sit with me the whole time, Logan will be there, you can come when it's almost time, or after." Rogue said.

"I want to be there for it, we agreed." Remy said agitated.

"Fine. But not the whole time." Rogue said.

"Fine. Just don't forget to call me." He said as he stood. "You've been trying to back out of our agreement for weeks, Anna, it's not going to change my mind."

He left before she could respond before heading down to the Lab, he wanted to ask Hank to call him when the baby arrived, if she forgot to call, he knew Logan would too. Before he headed home.

As he was on his way out, Kitty stopped him, not yet included into the information that he was on vacation.

"Remy, I found you! Here I have your class list-"

Remy explained that he wasn't on the roster this semester and after assuring her he would be back the next one he headed out on his way home.

He arrived at the house, just an hour after leaving to a surprised Lee, who asked if everything was all right. He explained Logan's theory that it would make things less suspicious if he took off before the baby came, than after. Lee agreed that Logan was likely right, but asked if he actually wanted to take the extra time off.

He shrugged before changing the subject. "On the plus side, Logan thinks we can have the girls move in a bit sooner with this plan. About a week or two, but I have to get their room ready first."

"Okay, let me go get Ton-ton changed and we'll go shopping. I think you should remeasure the room first too, then we can order furniture." Lee said as she walked out of the room.

"We don't have to go right this minute!" Remy called after her. As he shook his head and got the measuring tape.

They were at their third store, when Remy's phone buzzed, excusing himself from the salesman, he stepped outside while Lee continued to listen to the man talk about the differences in the bunk beds they were looking at.

"How old did you say your kids were again?" The man asked.

"Fifteenth and Sixteen year old, girls." Lee said, as she shifted her son to the other hip. " They'll be here next week, so we need it as soon as possible, please."

"Okay, well at those ages you want one of these two, the ones in front are for lighter and smaller children." The man said, leading her away from the frames he had been showing her before, when he had assumed younger children.

Meanwhile Remy was outside, listening to Kitty ask him why he decided to take a vacation at the last minute.

"Logan decided, I should take the semester off. He felt I needed a break." Remy replied, as he ran a hand through his hair. " Why don't you talk to him about it?"

"I'm talking to you, Remy. It's been months of this. You leave early, disappear during the day, take random vacations, and now this...just tell me the truth." Kitty said. " Is Logan sending you on missions and not telling us?"

"Is that what you think is going on Kitty?" Remy asked, actually kind of relieved that she wasn't assuming he was up to something wrong.

"It's the only thing that makes sense. You can tell me, I won't saying anything to anyone else." Kitty replied.

"I can't tell you that one way or the other."

"Okay. Well then be safe and have fun on your vacation." Kitty said, assuming that was a yes.

Remy hung up, relieved that he didn't have to come up with a cover story, and Kitty was satisfied, at least for now. She would likely leave it alone, at least for a few weeks now. Smiling he headed back into the store as Lee settled on the sturdier of the two bunk beds. The salesman then when into which choice of wood they would prefer, and Remy was drug back into the conversation.

The salesman was offering the differences of light wood versus dark wood in a small space, when Remy interrupted with. "Would the cherry take longer to deliver or the oak?" as he took the squirming Anton from Lee, who smiled gratefully.

"Well, the oak is in back order, so it wouldn't be available until at least Monday, but as I said, darker woods will make the room seem smaller and-"

"We'll take the cherry, if it can be delivered in the next two days, otherwise we'll just keep searching." Remy said, having already been through this in the previous two stores.

"Let me go check with my manager on delivery times." the man replied, as Anton reached for his mom, frowning.

"He's getting hungry and needs a nap. One way or the other, I think we should head home for an hour or two." Lee suggested taking the baby back.

"I agree. Maybe I can talk the girls into watching him this afternoon while we finish." Remy replied.

"Just don't tell them we're shopping, Jube will want to go with us for sure, and I want it to be a surprise how we set the room up." Lee said, smiling while Remy pulled his phone back out to call the girls and the salesman made his way back over with an older man, presumably the manager.

Wordlessly, Remy handed Lee his card with a nod, and walked outside to make his call, as the two men arrived.

"I understand that you would like this model in the cherry, delivered with in the next two days?" the manager said as he arrived.

"Yes please. We need the girls' room completely set up before they arrive next week." Lee said, as she shifted the sleepy baby, and he attempted to get down again.

The manager nodded, looking at the toddler who was clearly working his way up to a tantrum, and said to follow him. Lee sighed gratefully and followed the man with a wave through the window at Remy.

"Now do you want the payment plan, or do you want to pay for it now?" The manager asked as the headed toward the sales desk.

"Which would be faster?" Lee asked.

"Cash would be the quickest process, however I understand that rarely can one afford to make a large investment at once, unless they planned ahead of time to spend several hundred dollars and the payment application only takes a few min-"

"We'll pay for it now, thank you."Lee interrupted, wanting to get her son home for his nap.

The manager smiled as he asked. " Now do you need any matching pieces? Desks,dressers, side tables? We have packages set up or you can pick and choose as you need, now we have a catalog here with the options, prices are on the side."

" Thank you." Lee said as she looked over the page, wondering if she should just ask them to hold the bed, and return in the afternoon while the girls watched the baby. Remy joined her a moment later, and after seeing the many options he agreed with her, so called the manager back over to them.

"Sir, would it be possible for you to hold the bed for the morning, and we'll come back this afternoon to look at the options?We need to get him home for his nap. We'd be happy to pay a hold deposit." Remy asked when the man came over to them.

The manager quickly agreed, and they were on their way home with in a few minutes. They arrived home a few minutes after that, the baby already asleep in the back seat. After they took him in and Lee laid him down in his crib, they went to look at the former den again, with a print out from the furniture store, to decide what would fit.

"My room is bigger, I should trade them." Lee said as they remeasure the room.

"Your room is next to the Nursery, it's best for hearing the babies, if anyone should trade them, it should be me." Remy replied.

"Because it's such a huge house I couldn't hear from down the hall an extra ten feet. You use your room as an office as well, it's more fair for me to trade." Lee replied.

"I don't think we need to worry about it." Remy said writing down the final measurement. "We can double check, mais I think your room would only give them another foot or two of space. You already made me switch you into the smallest bedroom, saying the babies would need more room. I'd planned on you having the middle room. Not that you were wrong, I can hear Anton as easily as you do at night how we have it now."

"Ha! The truth comes out. You're worried you may end up with extra baby duty." Lee replied with humor. As they headed to her room to remeasure at her insistence.

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