Chapter 27

Chapter Twenty Seven

September 2012

The bedroom set for the girls arrived on Monday as promised, and the deliverymen helped Remy put it together. Despite the brief debate, they agreed to leave the rooms as planned, with the girls taking the former den.

Logan had promised to bring the girls over for dinner that evening so they could let them in on the plan, though both Logan and Remy agreed that the move wouldn't happen until Friday afternoon. For this semester they had decided the girls would still live at the school during the week, and Logan would bring them over and pick them up, since a lot of the staff now assumed Remy was out of town, thanks to Kitty.

Thought Remy was annoyed she had spread the rumor, it also worked in his favor as far as the others connecting anything odd about Rogue to him. He had only a few weeks left before the baby came, she was due in the middle of October and it was now the third week of September. He was both excited and frightened at the idea, as well as a little sad, that even this close, Rogue hadn't budged on anything as far as knowing about the baby.

He accepted it, that she wasn't going to be part of this child's life, but it still hurt him that she wanted nothing to do with their daughter. He decided not to dwell on it though, instead focusing on making the best life he could for the four children now in his care.

The idea actually scared him at first, one child being dependent on him was scary, four was beyond belief for him, he'd worried what kind of role model he could actually be. He had no real idea how to care for them either, the girls were easier, they were already nearly grown, but Addy and was where he always had to remind himself that he wasn't doing this all be himself. Lee was going to help him, and Hank, and Logan were offering advise already. Though neither other man had raised a child as far as Remy knew, so maybe it wasn't as big of a comfort as he took from it.

If push came to shove he could probably call Tante Mattie, she had taken care of him and many other children certainly she could advise...he wasn't so sure he wanted his father to know about Adalyn though.

If he could pull it off, so that no one knew who her mother was, Remy could seek help from the X-men as well, he just had to come up with a believable cover story, and prevent any of it violating his agreement with Rogue. For now, he dropped the idea, not wanting to dwell on ways to do it.

Logan and the girls arrived just in time for dinner, as planned. Lee served everyone spaghetti while Logan and Remy chatted and Jubilee made faces at the baby, and Laura sat at the table politely.

After everyone was settled, Logan and Lee looked pointedly at Remy, he cleared his throat. "So, Laura, Jubilee, we were wondering...I was wondering, well Lee and Logan were too."

"Remy, you're rambling." Lee said at the same time as Logan grumbled "Out with it, Gumbo." and the girls stared at him.

"Yes." he said, clearing his throat. "Would you two like to live here with me?"

"Really?" Jubilee asked.

"Yes, Lee and I would love for you girls to live here, too." Remy said.

"I haven't lived anywhere but with the X-men in years! "Jubilee said. "I'd love to."

"Why?" Laura asked.

"Because, we love you Laura." Lee said, while Remy replied. "We love you both."

Laura stared at them for a moment before turning to Logan who smiled to her and nodded. "I would like that very much, thank you." Laura finally replied.

"Good. After you eat, we'll show you your new room. Lee picked it all out." Remy said.

"Yes I did, unless of course you hate it, then Remy did it." Lee joked.

As they ate, Logan explained the weekend plan, and Remy reminded them it was important to not talk about home, especially the new baby. The girls were fine with both. Afterward, Remy took the girls and Logan to show them their new room.

Friday afternoon the girls arrived and they invited Logan to stay for dinner again. Later Logan and Remy stepped into the garage for a smoke, since there was no smoking allowed in the house (and Remy had mostly quit).

"So, you decided what you were telling everyone bout where the girls go on the week ends?" Remy asked, knowing Logan hadn't decided last time they talked.

"Yeah, I'm going to tell em it ain't any of their business." Logan replied.

"That won't work. Kitty, for one, won't stop asking." Remy pointed out.

"Yeah. It'll work til I think of somethin."

"She'll just ask the girls."

"Yup. I'll come up with something before Monday. Hell, maybe I should just tell em the truth. Found those girls foster parents willin to take em on the weekends so they could have a chance to see normal families."

"That probably would work best, the closer to the truth, the easier it is to tell the story. Less your trained to lie." Logan grunted in agreement, as they headed back inside, for Logan to say good bye to the girls.

Plan in place, Logan headed home confident he could stave off any problems, though he hadn't counted on both Kitty and Rogue noticing his arrival without the girls as soon as he returned. The women descended on him as soon as he came in, wanting to know where the girls were, and why he'd taken off with them. At first Logan started with the none of their business story, but when they wouldn't back off, he snapped at them.

"I found them a place to be normal, on the weekends. A family that'll treat them like their own kids. Neither one of those girls ever had that. Kitty you remember how important getting to talk to your family was growing up here, imagine if you didn't have one. Rogue you didn't have one, how hard was that on ya?" Logan said. "I am just tryin to do right by them girls. Doin the best I can, and since I'm their guardian, as I said, it's none of your business."

Kitty nodded and walked away, after stating she thought it was a good idea and Rogue agreed. Rogue stared at Logan for another minute, biting her lip before she asked quietly. "Are they with Remy? Is that why you're using the generic 'family' term?"

"Remy isn't really any of your business either, at this point. He's fine, he's ready for next month, and done everything you asked. Don't try to use me to find a way to back out on him." Logan said. He hated being harsh with her, but she had tried before to get him to tell her things about Remy. He didn't want to be in the middle of it. "How are you doing anyway?"

"Oh fine. Everything's fine. With any luck I'll be back to full duty soon." Rogue said.

Logan nodded and they continued to talk as he led the conversation into safer territory. They headed off into the kitchen to get a drink of soda as she talked about the classes and students. He couldn't ask her, but often wondered how she could love her students so much but not want this child that was her own. Could she really have decided she hated Remy that much, or was it something else?

Logan had tried to figure it out, but he wasn't the best at these conversations, and he didn't know how to approach the subject without rocking the boat. He had tried to ask her questions about the pregnancy directly before, but she would shut down when he did. It was like she was acting like it was happening to someone else, not her.

Logan didn't know what to do, honestly, and he didn't have anyone to ask to talk to her. Normally he would ask Kitty and Rachel, they were her friends, but they didn't and couldn't know anything about it. Meanwhile Kitty and Rachel both seemed to be under the impression that the rift between the Southerners was something that Remy had done.

Rogue sensed his change in mood and asked him what was wrong. Logan just shrugged and muttered something about missing the girls already before excusing himself and heading toward his room. Rogue shrugged herself, sad for the rift created between her and Logan.

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