Chapter 28

Chapter Twenty Eight

January 2011

Remy and Laura were in a diner working out there next stop when his phone rang, glancing at the caller id, and casting an apologetic glance at the girl he mumbled " Gotta take this."

Laura frowned, at first worried it was someone checking up on her, when he hit the button. "Lo Lee."

"Hi, Remy guess what?" Lee answered.


"Oh, you suck, you're supposed to guess." Lee responded.

"Okay, hmm, you baked something?" Remy said in a joking tone.

"Cause I'd call over baking?" Lee said, laughing as well.

"You're right. Umm, you're moving to France?" Remy guessed wildly, while smiling at Laura and holding up a finger to stall her questioning.

"Haha, no." Lee replied

"I give up, What?"

"You didn't try. Fine, how would you like to be a Godfather in a few months?"

"Well, I never thought about it but-Wait! Are you serious?!" Remy replied. " That's great!"

"Yup, Baby's due in July." Lee said.

"July? And you just found out?" Remy asked confused, and shaking his head when Laura once more started to ask.

"No, July, and we just had a good ultrasound. Everything looks fine this time, so I'm telling you."

"...I see." Remy said, thinking of her previous confession of losses, his tone turning sad.

"So what are you up to? Saving the world I suppose?" Lee asked, intentionally changing the subject before he could say something about before.

"No. Jus' one girl." He answered smiling at Laura who frowned again, realizing he was talking about her.

"Old times." Lee said. "You saving girls seems to have become a theme."

"Yeah, not just for me though. " Remy replied. "Think it comes with the job."

"The job that you started after your first girl?" Lee answered.

"I'll see you soon."

They said their goodbyes, and he finally answered Laura's questioning look. He explained that his friends were calling to tell him they were having a baby. She nodded then asked why he had mentioned her, and he explained that his friend had asked if he was with the group right now. She nodded again, and decided it didn't matter that he had mentioned her to people. He then asked her if she would mind a detour. Explaining that he'd like to visit his friends and introduce her to them. She agreed though reluctant to meet new people.

They pulled up to a darkened apartment building around three in the morning about a week later. Laura looked a the sleeping building as Remy turned off the engine. He got out before she could say anything and grabbed their duffel bags from the trunk. He was halfway to the door before Laura caught up to him.

In a low voice she said. "Perhaps we should return in the morning? It appears that everyone is asleep."

Remy, who hadn't slowed or stopped, smiled at her as he knocked on the door. " Lee is used to me arriving in the middle of the night. It's fine."

"I think many would consider it rude, Remy to arrive so late." Laura answered, worried to start off on the wrong foot with their hosts.

"I'm not bloody, drunk, or being chased by someone. Trust me, it's an improvement." Remy said, as the door opened.

Lee spotted Remy first, before the girl, and pulled him into a huge hug, reminding him, as always, how tiny his friend was. Laura continued to stare at Remy trying to decide if he was serious about showing up injured, drunk, and hunted, when Trace arrived at the door, and hugged Remy as well.

"Come in, Come in, before we wake the neighbors! I swear Remy night means nothing to you." Trace said in a joking tone, as he guided the other three inside.

"He doesn't. Never shows up during daylight." Lee answered, smiling up at Remy who still hand an arm draped over her shoulder.

"What's the fun in that? Sides I'm just getting you ready for those middle of the night crying." Remy said.

"Yeah, that's why you've been showing up at three am since we were her age." Lee said pointing at Laura.

"That an exaggeration. She's younger than we were, This is Laura by the way, Laura this is Lee, and that guy over there is Trace." Remy said, making the belated introductions.

Lee slipped away from Remy to go over to Laura, who tensed slightly, but relaxed quickly as Lee led her away excitedly talking to her about how nice Remy was and setting her up in the guest room. Trace shrugged, and asked if Remy wanted something to drink.

As the two men headed to the kitchen for a couple of sodas, Lee took Laura to what was clearly going to be a nursery, though it had a daybed across from the boxes of still packed baby furniture.

"It's a little crowded in here, I'm sorry." Lee said as she showed the girl the room.

"No it's fine." Laura replied, setting her duffel bag next to the bed.

"I could have Remy switch with you, or I could have the guys move this stuff to the storage locker, it's not like we need it right this minute." Lee said.

"No I do not mind. Is that for the baby?" Laura asked, pointing at the pile of boxes.

"Yeah, we've been buying things for years, Trace pulled it all out of storage yesterday...I told him not to yet, but he insisted."

Laura and Lee continued to chat for a few minutes, mostly about what Laura preferred to eat, so Lee would know for breakfast, before Lee left so the girl could go to bed. She stopped by the kitchen to tell Remy she had him in his usual room and say goodnight before returning to bed.

Remy wanted to ask, but Trace answered his look. "She's tired, been tired all pregnancy, she's not mad you're here or anything. In fact she said yesterday that she thought you were coming. It was her reasoning when she argued with me about pulling the nursery boxes out, saying you and your friend would need the space."

"You pulled the baby stuff out already? I didn't know you'd bought anything yet?" Remy asked, after nodding. Lee would expect him after the call last week and he had told her he was with Laura.

"I started buying baby stuff a couple of years ago, at first Lee did too, but after she had trouble carrying, they became like a bad omen to her, to go into baby stores or look at baby furniture. It's why she didn't want me to pull anything out yet." Trace explained. "She's worried she'll loose this one too, but the doctor says everything looks good. I pulled out the boxes to try to reassure her."

"Did it work? I've known Lee a long time, and things like that usually don't. "Remy said.

"No. I think it may have made her more nervous, but I couldn't think of a way to put it back, without letting her think I had no faith in this one." Trace said. " You guys actually showed up right on time, I can use Laura needing the room as an excuse, that way she's more comfortable, and I haven't made it worse."

"Good idea. It's not new though, as long as I've known Lee she's been superstitious about certain things, this particular one may be newer, but she gets like this anyway, and pushing just makes it worse."

Trace agreed, and they went to their rooms shortly afterward, both tired as well.

The next morning Trace announced he was going to clear out the boxes in the spare room to make it more comfortable for Laura while they ate breakfast.

Laura started to protest, but stopped confused when both Lee and Remy agreed to the idea. After they finished their eggs, Remy offered to help Trace and they left the dishes to Lee. Laura offered to help. While they cleaned up, Laura tried to figure out what Lee's name was after Lee informed her that it was a nick name. Laura had asked if it was common where she was from. The men returned as they were finishing the dishes, and laughed, Remy remembering the last girl who had tried to guess and Trace assuring her that it was Lee's big secret, and that he only knew it because he's seen her sign things.

Laura decided it must be some odd inside joke and let the subject drop as they all moved into the living room, and asked about the baby. Lee then started telling them everything her and Trace knew so far, which wasn't much because she was still early along.

Remy then caught them up on what had been happening with him since the last time he had been to visit, mostly focusing on his current travels with Laura, but leaving out details.

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