Chapter 29

Chapter twenty nine

July 2011

Remy and Laura arrived at Lee's place early in the afternoon, shortly after Trace had called to ask Remy to stay with her for a few days while he was out of town. The baby was due any day, so while Trace had to leave he was reluctant for Lee to be home all by herself right now.

He hadn't seen Lee in person since January a was surprised with how large her stomach had become, she could barely move. He shock showed on his face, and Lee laughed at him.

"What's the matter Rems, never seen a pregnant woman before?" Lee asked, teasing him.

"Oui, I have. Never seen a pregnant Lee before though, you sure there's just one in there?" Remy replied, poking her stomach. Lee glared at him, while Laura swallowed a laugh.

"Don't poke me!" Lee said. " Everyone's always wanting to touch me or poke me."

"Sorry."Remy replied, remembering Trace's vague warning about mood swings.

"It's okay, I'm sorry. I just...well I had to go out this morning and four random people walked up and grabbed my stomach. Four! I'm just crabby though. "Lee said as she struggled to sit on her couch. Remy wanted to offer help, but she had made it before he could, likely getting up was the hard part anyway, he decided.

Lee told Laura that she was in the baby's room if it was alright, and Laura went to go put her bag away. As soon as the girl was out of ear shot, Remy quickly explained both the girl's cutting problem and mutation, describing what had recently occurred in France. Lee nodded in understanding and asked him how things were with Rogue.

He had just finished explaining how Rogue had decided that she needed "more time" when Laura returned and Lee attempted to stand to make dinner. Remy offered his help, and then volunteered to make dinner, which Lee happily agreed to.

The next morning, Remy is awoken by Lee shaking his shoulder." Remy I think I'm having a baby"

Remy jumped out of bed, rushing about his room in a panic, as he threw on his clothes and tried to remember the checklist. He noticed then Lee laying on his bed ,laughing.

" What's wrong?" He asked, worried.

She pulls up her shirt to look at her stomach and stated in a serious voice" Yup, it would appear I'm having a baby. Or I swallowed a watermelon."

Groaning, Remy goes back to bed. "That's not funny!" he exclaimed. Throwing an arm over his face.

"Sure it was, you should have seen your face." Lee replied, poking him in the ribs. "and now we're even over ya callin me fat last night."

"I never called you fat!" Remy said, peeking at her.

"You asked if I was sure it was one, sounds like you're calling me fat, don'tcha think Laura?" Lee asked the girl who had appeared in the doorway, after hearing the commotion.

"It could be interpreted as such." Laura replied.

"You are all against me!" Remy said. "It's not fair, two to one like dat."

"It's your own fault for calling me fat," Lee replied with another poke to his ribs, before struggling to get up.

"Do you need help?" Remy asked, and Lee nodded with a frustrated sigh. Remy stood, then helped pull her to her feet.

She thanked him, and he couldn't resist another jab of "How much do you weigh now?"

She glared at him, and walked out of the room, announcing over her shoulder the war was on.

Lee spent the next two days torturing Remy, pretending to go into labor at various times, each time throwing him into a panic, and herself and Laura into laughing fits. Remy however, failed to see the humor in the situation, and repeatedly claimed they were ganging up on him, and saying that he should call Trace and Logan. The threat had no affect on Lee, who continued on partly because the girl seemed to enjoy it, and Remy continued to make comments toward her size for the same reason.

On the third morning after Remy arrived, Lee woke to her water breaking. She laid there for a moment, trying to decide if that was actually what had happened when a fierce contraction struck her. After it passed, she slowly climbed out of bed and changed her clothing. She thought about stripping the bed as well when another contraction came. Glancing at the clock, she was surprised it had been that quick, however decided she would have enough time anyway. She felt she couldn't ask Remy or Laura to do it and didn't want it to wait until she returned home. She was struck by a third contraction as she put the soiled sheets in the laundry, so she decided that she should ask Remy to help her after all.

She made he way to his room, where he was still deeply asleep. She shook his shoulder and whispered. "Remy? Remy, wake up."

"_mmmhmm_ whats at?" Remy mumbled, barely stirring.

"Remy my water broke." Lee said. "I need you to help me change the sheets."

Remy shot upright at the first part of the sentence and stared at her. "Your water broke?! Does' dat mean de baby's comin?"

"Yes, now come help me change-"

Remy jumped out of bed and began to throw on his clothes before turning to her. "You're not playing around again?"

Before she could answer she was doubled over by the strongest contraction so far. Remy saw the pain in her face and was spurred into action, throwing on the rest of his clothes he yelled for Laura as he walked over to Lee to Hold her hand and mentally go through the check list once more.

Laura arrived in the room as it ended, and asked what was wrong. "Lee's actually in labor this time, I need you to go get her things and put em in the car, while I help her downstairs." Remy replied.

"No, Laura go get dressed first, Remy come help me finish making the bed, we have time. " Lee replied now able to speak, since the pain had gone. "They say these things take hours."

Laura nodded and went to change, however Remy insisted Lee stay put while he went to finish her bed and grab her bag. Both returned to Lee with in five minutes, as she started another contraction.

Laura quoted what she had read on labor, stating that she felt they needed to head to the hospital at this point. Remy agreed handing Laura the bag, he picked up Lee to carry her to the car. Lee protested being picked up, but Remy ignored her.

He felt like he was beginning to panic, when Laura explained all that she had read. He didn't think he was cut out for this whole labor thing. What if they didn't make it? Would he have to deliver the baby? Could he deliver the baby? Lee, seeing his expression, told him he was over thinking it, and that everything was going to be fine.

They made it to the hospital just in time. The nurse even suggested that in the future they needed to arrive a little quicker, as Lee was already nearly ready to deliver. Lee explained that she hadn't really felt anything until her water broke. The nurse said sometimes it was like that, or that she had, but hadn't realized it, while she helped her change.

Remy and Laura were invited back into the room after that, as the nurse announced. "You're all set, I'm going to go get the doctor, it won't be long now."

"What do you mean it won't be long? I thought these things took hours?" Remy asked.

"Apparently, I was in labor for hours Remy. Remember the back ache I had yesterday? According to the nurse that was labor." Lee replied, as another contraction hit.

Remy torn between telling her he knew they shouldn't have wasted time making bed, and concern for her pain, said nothing as he held her hand. Laura going to sit in a chair out of the way.

The doctor came in to check her progress, and told her she could try pushing. Two pushes later, Anton was born. Laura, who had watched the whole thing in awe, cheered. Remy declined the offer to cut the cord with a shake of his head, and stating he was the godfather, not the father to the nurse. The nurse had referred to him as the dad twice.

As soon as everything had calmed down, and the three of them had been left with the baby, Remy called Trace, stating to the 'hello' " Congratulations, Daddy. Your son is here."

"What?! Why didn't you call sooner?" Trace asked, excited.

"Because Little Miss Know it All thought it would still be hours, but we only arrived at the hospital twenty minutes ago." Remy replied, with a wink to Lee so she would know he was just kidding. She rolled her eyes at him and stuck out her tongue in response.

"Can I talk to her?" Trace asked. Remy handed her the phone and ushered Laura out of the room.

Laura called Logan shortly after the arrived in the visitors lounge and told him all about watching the birth, in complete detail. She then told him about Lee pretending to go into labor the last two days to mess with Remy. Logan laughed at the other end and Remy shook his head. They returned to Lee's room after she hung up and promised to stay with her and the baby until Trace returned in two days.

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