Chapter 30

Chapter Thirty

October 2012

Remy was torn from sleep, dripping in sweat and suppressing a scream. He'd been having nightmares all week, about labs. It had started when he had tried to talk himself into just hiding out down in Hank's lab until the baby came when Hank had said at Rogue's last appointment it would be any day now. As his heart began to slow, Lee crept into his room to check on him, she had heard him thrashing around and knew the dreams were back.

"You okay?" She asked softly sitting on the edge on the bed, Remy shook his head, and Lee nodded before laying down next to him.

"It was the lab again. "Remy said as she hugged him. "I hate that nightmare, I wish... Well I want to be there, I'm scared I'll miss it, but the idea of trying to hide out in Hank's lab caused the nightmares."

"I understand. You won't miss it though Remy, it's a five minute drive and Logan promised to call so did Hank." Lee said. Remy nodded, he had been rushing to the phone every-time it had rung this week, hoping for the news of the baby's impending arrival.

"You can't help the nightmares, Rems. It would be abnormal for them not to bother you, after everything." Lee said.

Before he could respond, his door opened again, with Jubilee peeking around the corner. She asked if he was okay and he nodded, gesturing for her to come in. A moment later Jubilee and Laura were both sitting on the end of the bed, waiting to see what he would say.

Remy skirted the dream, instead stating he'd had a bad dream, and that he was really just anxious for the baby to arrive. The girls understood, like Lee did. Though Remy was clearly the most anxious of them, all four were excited about the new arrival. The girls had also been here since Friday afternoon, and would be heading back in the morning, but they had seen him rush to the phone several times.

"Well, don't worry Remy. I promise, I'll call you if Rogue so much as looks uncomfortable. "Jubilee replied.

"She always appears to be uncomfortable, however I will call you as well, if she shows any signs of labor. "Laura added.

"See? There you go Remy, everyone's going to call you when it's time." Lee replied. "Girls, you need to go back to bed, Logan will be here to get you in a couple of hours. Remy you okay or do you want me to stay?"

Remy shooed the girls off as well, but excepted Lee's offer to stay, sure that the nightmare would return, despite everyone's assurances. He slowly drifted off to sleep, and was disappointed to learn he missed the girls when they left in the morning.

When the baby still hadn't arrived by the end of the week, Remy had started worrying about more, less tangible things. He worried still about missing the birth, but he also worried about the baby herself. What if she wasn't okay? Or what if she didn't like him or the house? What if she resented having to share a room with Anton? What if Anton resented having to share a room with her?

He brought these things up to Lee, who did her best to assure him. She told him neither baby would care about sharing a room, that the baby was going to love him, and that she wasn't going anywhere, so he wasn't doing this alone.

Temporarily assured Remy calmed down about it, but was stressed over the same issues again later that night. He couldn't do anything about if she was healthy or if she liked him, but he could about the amount of space they had.

Lee came in after getting Anton to sleep, to catch him researching real estate big enough to fit all of the kids at the kitchen table. She sat down next to him as he smiled over at her.

"Remy, we aren't moving right now. Even if you were to pay cash we wouldn't be able to move before she was born and do you really want to try to move with a newborn and a one year old?" Lee said.

" When I bought this house, it seemed a lot bigger. I don't know if the kids will be comfortable here very long. " Remy replied.

"So, we'll talk about it again in a couple of months, but right now it's one baby, one newborn, and the two of us here most of the time. The girls are fine on the weekends sharing, and the babies aren't going to care either Remy." Lee reasoned.

Remy agreed that moving now was not the best plan, after all, remembering their time crammed into the Loft while they waited for the house to be ready, and imagining it with three additional children. Lee suspected the house was just something for him to worry about to distract himself from his other fears. She knew he was still having nightmares, but didn't say anything.

Remy relaxed slightly, when assured again that everything was fine, and soon after went to bed. A huge clap of thunder shook his room as he jerked from sleep, but before he had a chance to worry, Lee was in his doorway, Anton still sleeping in her arms. Wordlessly, he lifted the covers and patted the bed. Lee quickly settled her son between them and laid down herself, as a second thunderclap stuck, just as hard.

"Still ain't over storms then?" Remy asked, as she buried her head under his covers, clinging to both him and her son.

"No, worse, I passed the fear onto Anton. He cries if he's left in his crib during them." Lee replied, muffled by the blankets.

Ducking his head under as well, Remy whispered. "You know hiding under here won't help, right?"

"You always say that, but it helps me sleep, even if it doesn't help protect me." Lee replied, smacking his arm, as he tried to pull the cover away from them both.

"Can he breath under here?" Remy asked, seriously. After thinking about it, Lee reluctantly allowed him to lower the cover, but snuggled closer to him instead.

"I'll protect you." Remy said, attempting to keep his face straight. Her fear of storms had always amused him, though he always tried to hide it.

"Make fun of me. Trace always did too. Don't change the fact that lightening scares me." Lee said in an annoyed tone.

Remy apologized and agreed that he shouldn't make fun of her, though they both knew he would continue to do so, just like she always made fun of him over things. As the storm died down a little they both drifted back to sleep.

By morning Remy was slightly stiff when he awoke. Lee was sleeping with her arms around her son, the baby on her chest, and then her own head and shoulders across his chest. Reminded of many nights from their past Remy suppressed the urge to chuckle at the funny scene before him and hugged his friend, while trying to readjust her slightly. Successful in a slightly more comfortable position Remy started to drift back to sleep, when his phone rang.

Reaching blindly for it, and hoping the sound wouldn't wake the baby, Remy managed to knock the lamp and clock off the nightstand before grabbing his phone. At the sounds of crashing Lee and the baby both jerked awake

Remy mouthed sorry as he answered the nodded, as she quickly took her son from the room as he began to fuss. Now would not be the best time for Rogue to discover he was living with her and her baby son. Luckily, however it was Logan on the other end.

"Everything okay over there?" Logan asked, both the sound of the lamp crashing to the floor, and Anton's first yell was heard before Remy had managed a hello.

"Yeah, just knocked over the lamp reaching for the phone, woke the baby." Remy replied. " What's up?"

"Anna's labor just started, she's on her way downstairs right now." Logan replied. " I'm leaving the door in the west wing near the stairs and the gate open."

Remy thanked him quickly, and hurried began to dress, as his phone rang a second time, this time to Jubilee, telling him that her and Laura had just seen Rogue heading downstairs. He thanked her and told her he was on his way.

Lee came back in as he pulled on his shoes, and he told her the baby was on her way. Before she could reply his phone rang again.

Rogue said. " I'm down in the lab, you can come now, if you make sure not to let anyone see you. Logan said something about telling everyone I was helping Hank with some clean up or experiment thing."

"I'll be right there, thank you Anna." Remy said, using her real name for the first time in months.

"Well, you're the one who wanted this, Gambit, you should be here for it." she replied. Remy took that as being as much of a olive branch as he would ever get. Of course he's extended as far as he was willing as well.

Deciding now was not the time to dwell on it, he quickly hung up and headed out of the house, Lee and Anton were in the kitchen as he passed through to the garage, and wished him luck, as his phone rang for the final time, this time it was Hank telling him the baby was on the way.

Remy slipped in undetected as he had parked outside of the gate, and came in the way Logan had per-cleared. The only people downstairs aside from Rogue were Hank, Logan and one else suspected any trouble, adult or child. It wasn't the first time Hank had recruited someone to help him, he had even attempted to grab Remy before, though he had been unsuccessful when he had tried.

By the time Remy arrived, Rogue was as comfortable as possible in her current condition, changed and hooked up to the had half expected things to go quickly, despite Lee's assurances, so he was relieved he hadn't missed anything.

Three hours later however, when she was still in labor, Remy was practically begging her and Hank for her to take something. He hated the amount of pain she seemed to be in, and wanted this to be over quickly.

Hank assured him that it wouldn't take to much longer, and Rogue herself began asking for pain killers then. Remy was relieved for her sake, and glad when Hank gave them to her.

A little while later she fell asleep, and after checking all of the monitors Hank stated. "I am going to the kitchen, would you like me to get you something?"

"No one is supposed to know I'm here Hank." Remy replied.

"Everyone knows she's down here assisting me, did you have breakfast before you came over."Hank replied.

"No, just woke up, when I got the call." Remy replied. "Okay, I'll eat, but make sure no one knows I'm down here."

"Of course." Hank replied. "You have another few hours ahead of you, it is for the best to keep up your energy."

"How long will the baby have to be here, in the lab?" Remy asked suddenly. He had no intention of leaving her side, but already the labs walls felt like they were closing in on him.

"Barring any concerns, a few hours while we run tests, perhaps sooner. I shall leave that decision to Cecilia, she should arrive any time now."

Remy nodded wearily, and Hank left to grab their lunch. Remy had started to drift off in a light doze when Hank returned, CeCe behind him. Silently, to avoid waking Rogue, Hank handed Remy his plate and walked over to the far side of the lab.

Thanks mostly to Logan's cover story Hank had been rearranging his shelves over on the other side of the room, so that he could point out the changes if anyone were to ask, not that he expected them to.

It was late afternoon before Rogue was ready to push, though Remy had stayed with her the entire time, both Hank and Logan had come and gone several times, while attending to their other duties. She was grateful for that, though he barely said anything to her. He simply held her hand when she needed, and sat there mostly. Being there helped her though.

Adalyn arrived a little before dinner time. She gave a hearty cry, and Hank asked if Remy wanted to cut the cord, Remy agreed, before they quickly wrapped the baby and took her across the room and began the exam, as Hank tended to Rogue.

Logan Hank and Remy had in turn all asked her if she was certain she did not want to see or hold the baby, who they had carefully avoided using's name or gender. and she declined.

Remy was disappointed in her, but was already expecting it. He followed CeCe and the baby into the next room. She was beautiful. She had green (her mother's) eyes and auburn hair. No visible mutations. Not that that would have mattered to him.

Logan talked to her for a moment longer, before offering her his hand. She understood his offer, and as the baby cried from the other room quickly accepted it. A minute later Hank gave her the go ahead, and she quickly dressed and went upstairs to shower.

Meanwhile, Cecilia finished Adalyn's exam, and told Remy she saw no reason he couldn't take her home, as long as he agreed to allow her to come over tomorrow to look the baby over. She then confirmed that he had someone there to help if he needed it and that he had her number.

He called Lee on the way and told her they released the baby right away. Lee and Ton-Ton met him at the garage door. Lee was excited to see the new baby and Ton-ton was enthralled with her. As they settled in, Jubilee and Laura called, having seen Rogue upstairs, and asked about the baby. They wanted to come right away, but Logan insisted they wait until Friday as usual, both to avoid trouble and to give the baby time to settle in.

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