Chapter 31

Chapter Thirty- One

December 2012

They had two weeks left before Christmas, and had finished decorating the day before. The house was strung with lights outside, and the small living room was almost dominated by the tree they had put up the evening before, while the girls were still here. The girls had helped decorating the tree, and the room, before they had to return to school for the week. Christmas Vacation would officially begin Friday, and the girls were spending they entire time with them, so they were trying to finish wrapping all of their presents before they returned.

It had begun to snow that morning and there was about an inch on the ground now, as Remy stared out of the window and watched it continue to build up.

"C'mon Rems! We only have about twenty minutes before Ton-ton gets up from his nap." Lee said, in a slightly irritated voice, shaking Remy from his daze. "We need to do this as fast as possible."

"Do want it fast or good? Cause it can't be both." Remy said gesturing to the pile of gifts on the bed between them.

"I could just kick you out, and have both." Lee said, pushing her hair off her face in irritation. They had been sitting here for the last half hour, and he had wrapped one present, before getting distracted by the snow.

"Y'know, this ain't a conversation I normally have in my bed." Remy teased. "Specially the crack about correctly."

"I don't have time for your silly flirting jokes Rems. Seriously." Lee responded. Remy frowned at this, because Lee was usually not this cranky over things. Of course he had no idea, she may always be like this over presents.

"Sorry." Remy replied. "...Are you okay?"

"...I'm fine, just grouchy, sorry." Lee replied, smiling at him. He didn't really believe her, but wasn't sure what was wrong, so he decided to leave it alone for now.

Twenty minutes later, they were almost finished with the presents when the doorbell rang. Lee looked over at Remy, who was pretending he hadn't heard it as he finished the last of Jubilee's presents. "Remy, you're going to have to get the door, my legs are asleep." Lee said, as she wiggled her feet.

Remy laughed loudly at this, as he stood to get the door before whoever was there rang again, and fell flat on his face. He hadn't noticed that his legs too had fallen asleep. Lee laughed at this, and now that her legs were somewhat recovered, limped out front to answer the door, before the bell could ring a third time and wake the babies.

"Hello, may I help you?" Lee asked as she answered the door to Kitty Pryde.

Kitty stared in surprise for a moment. She had known that Remy had a room-mate, his old friend 'Lee', but had no idea that Lee was a woman. Shaking off her surprise, she asked to talk to Remy.

Lee let in the still slightly surprised Kitty, as Anton began crying from the back. She yelled to Remy. "Someone's here to see you Rems! Stop kissing the floor and get out here."

Kitty looked confused still, so Lee replied. "His legs fell asleep, he landed on his face when he went to get the door. "

Kitty nodded as Remy limped into the living room, Anton on his hip. " I was coming, jus' had to grab Ton 'fore he woke Addy."

Remy stopped in his tracks when he saw Kitty. Before silently handing the toddler over to Lee and walking over to where Kitty sat, still looking confused and annoyed. Remy sat before saying anything, his legs and nose still hurt. Lee slipped out of the room, quietly, as Remy waited for Kitty to say why she had come over.

A few minutes of tense silence later, Lee came back through, and asked. " Will you be joining us for dinner?"

"No." Remy said, as Kitty answered " Sure." With a nod, Lee walked into the kitchen to begin cooking, after setting Anton in the play yard next to Remy.

Finally, Remy asked. "Are you going to tell me why you stopped by, or just stare at him?"

Kitty had been watching the boy play for the last few minutes, trying to piece together what she remembered of what Remy had said about his friend. She thought he had said something about the baby boy, but she wouldn't be sure. Though clearly he must have, at some point.

"Well... I know Logan asked me to leave it alone." Kitty began. "But I've been wondering. Are you returning to the school? You haven't been here at all this semester. If you aren't coming back we need to know so we can make plans for next year."

"Logan and I have already discussed this."Remy replied, irritated. "I don't see what it has to do with you. I'll be back at the beginning of the semester, however."

Kitty blinks at his cold tone. " I see, so then Logan actually does know what's going on? I mean he's not just -"

Remy cuts her off " Yes Logan is aware of he's not just giving me a free pass, which wouldn't really be a free pass anyway considering the amount of money I've dumped into the school,though I doubt you knew about that. Now if there was nothing else,you are welcome to stay for dinner as long as you can be polite to Lee and the children" Remy stands as he finished, as he heard Addy begin to stir.

Kitty watched him leave the room, and decided the best way to figure out what was going on was to stay for dinner, though Remy clearly didn't want her around right now. She was sure what was going on with him, but it was very strange that he had been out of contact for so long.

Kitty,who had helped paint when he had bought this house, so knew that the kitchen was small, and that there had been a dining room, was surprised when Remy escorted her to the kitchen a few minutes later.

"Only use the dining room for special occasions?" Kitty asked, trying to make conversation.

"We don't have a dining room." Lee responded as she set Anton's pasta on his tray.

"But, there was a dining room when we painted it last Spring." Kitty said, confused.

"Well, it's being used for other things." Remy replied, as he handed Adalyn to Lee and began setting bowls of pasta and salad on the table.

"For what though? You don't need an office since you aren't working at the school right now and-"

"It's a bedroom. " Lee responded, cutting off the question, as they sat down. She could see Remy's irritation growing.

"How old is she?" Kitty asked, trying to be polite and gather information.

"A couple months." Remy answered vaguely. " Anton is one."

" Ah. So is that why you took a break? To help out with the new baby?" Kitty asked.

Remy gave a non committal grunt similar to the one Logan often used when he didn't want to talk about something. Kitty fished around for another subject, but couldn't think of was tense, as dinner continued in mostly silence.

Kitty tried a few more times to start conversations that would answer her questions, but Remy wasn't responsive. Instead he took to glaring, as Kitty's questions became more invasive. Lee felt he was being rude, but didn't interfere in the conversation.

"So, are you two dating or something?" Kitty finally asked Lee, when Remy excused himself to go to the restroom.

"Or Something." Remy replied from behind her, before Lee could answer. "I think you should be going now, it's time to get the children settled in for the night."

"Okay." Kitty responded, frustrated at having more questions than answers at this point. Remy walked her out and returned to the kitchen to help clean up.

"You were rude. I thought you said you like Kitty." Lee said, as they cleared the table.

"I do, but I don't want my business spread all over the school. Kitty means well, mostly,but she's a gossip." Remy replied. "And she came here under the impression that I was taking advantage of Logan somehow."

"Okay. Still I haven't seen you that rude to someone in a long time, and never someone you said was a friend of yours." Lee responded.

"It's different with the X-men. I'm different with them. They all act like I'm up to something all the time." Remy responded. "It's harder to be polite to people who act like you're going to stab them in the back any second."

Lee nodded, and gave him a quick hug, before telling him she was sure some of them trusted him.

When Kitty walked back into the mansion, Logan was waiting for her. He wanted to know why she had run off at dinner time when it was her turn to feed the kids.

"I wanted to go see Remy, no one has even heard from him in months and I wanted to know if he planned on coming back. "Kitty said. Logan glared as he drug her to his office.

"So can't just go invading people's lives like that Kitty." Logan began. "I talk to Remy all the time, so no one is an exaggeration anyway. I asked you to leave it alone."

"You talk to him all the time? Well did you know he took months off to play house with some random girl?" Kitty responded, offended over Logan's tone and Remy's attitude while she had been there.

"He's not playing house, I would stop right there before you spread that one any further." Logan replied. "What he does in his personal life ain't your business."

"So you are in contact, you call him, or he calls you, and all of a sudden you trust him and know what he's up to." Kitty said, hoping to fish for the answers she couldn't get from Remy.

"I had dinner there the other night, do all the time." Logan replied. "I trust Remy, always have. The rest of you gave him no reason to open up to you."

"He's always hiding something! Lee's a girl Logan, I know that Rogue can't know that. She's been my friend for years." Kitty answered. "She hasn't been herself for months and I think it has to do with him!"

"Leave it be Kitty."Logan replied. "This doesn't concern you, and you'll only cause trouble."

"What di he do?" Kitty asked voice raising. "I know you know something. She's -"

"Ask her."


"You wanna know what's going on, ask her. But don't try to get me to tell ya, or Remy. Sneaking around trying to get dirt on Remy ain't gonna fix any of it. From now on, you wanna know talk to her."

"I can't, I tried, she won't talk to me."

"That should tell ya somethin'. I ain't your business."

Kitty sighed in frustration. She was only trying to help, but no one would let her. Rogue hadn't been herself in a long time, and Kitty knew it had something to do with Remy, because just mentioning his name upset the other was confused by it, since the two had remained friends after they broke up, then a few months ago Remy moved out of the mansion, and Rogue wouldn't mention him. Kitty was determined to find out what he had done, even with Logan telling her to leave it alone.

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