Chapter 32

Chapter thirty-two

December 2012

One week before Christmas, classes ended for the holidays and Logan brought the girls over to Remy and Lee's house. The girls would be spending the rest of the year with them, and until classes restarted in January. Laura and Jubilee were both excited equally to be away from the school and to spend time with the babies.

As soon as they dropped their bags in their room, they went to the nursery to see if the babies were watched the girls disappear, amused that they barely remembered to call their good byes behind them. Remy invited him to dinner, and Logan accepted after a moment stating. "It's the only way I'll actually get to say bye to 'em . "Amused.

"They're like that, every time they come over, run right to the babies' room." Remy replied. " Don' think they even notice me til dinner, most the time."

"It's true. They only love you for your cooking." Lee joked. " Good thing it was time for Ton to get up anyway."

Logan sat in the recliner, leaving the couch for Lee and Remy, as the girls and Anton's giggles could be heard. Neither girl had been away from the school, or rather in a home for Christmas in years, which made both Logan and Remy glad they had decided to have them stay with Remy, and a little sorry they had never thought of it before.

"Well even if we thought of it, we didn't have anyone to send them to before really. "Logan said finally.

"True. Logan, I've been thinking." Remy replied. "Now that I'm returning to school, why bother having the girls stay in the dorms. I can bring them with me just as easily."

"Good point." Logan replied. "I'll think about it."

Logan in fact thought it was a good plan, but he could see complications from the plan, including the question of where the girls were living coming back up, as well as missing them himself. However, if Remy was willing to take the risk of Rogue piecing it together, and possibly causing more friction between them, then was it fair for him to keep the girls in the dorms just to keep them near by? After all, they would only be a few minutes away, not on the other coast or something.

Logan left after dinner promising to return the next evening and think about Remy's suggestion. Christmas came quicker than Logan expected in some ways, and he was as usual up before dawn. He didn't want to arrive too early, nor did he want to explain where he was going if anyone noticed him leaving, so he decided to load the car then have breakfast before he left. None of the students remained at the school this year. Most went home, or went with friends to their families, and a handful had been set, like Laura and Jubilee, to stay with people near by who were associated with the X-men, but not living at the school. Kitty had decided, it had been good for the girls, like Logan had suggested to begin with, for them to be out once in awhile, and after talking it over with Logan, had made the arrangements. There only members of the staff that remained at the school aside from Logan, were Bobby,Kitty, and Rogue.

Logan was glad he had loaded the car first, when he came into the kitchen, since he had made sure to buy gifts for them all, not just the girls. Waiting in the kitchen were Bobby, Kitty and Rogue, all up unusually early for a day off. Logan grunted his hello as he poured his coffee, then sat at the table with the other three.

"It's too quiet without the kids here." Kitty murmured. "Couldn't sleep."

"I'm just excited. It's Christmas, I love Christmas." Bobby replied happily.

"I haven't been sleeping well." Rogue replied.

"I'm gonna go have brunch with the girls." Logan grunted.

Kitty looked up expectantly at this, half hoping they would be invited along. She wanted to meet the girls foster family, and she had gifts for the girls ready, along with the other kids. Though the other kids she had mostly already handed out, before they left. Logan pretended not to notice her look. He couldn't invite Rogue with out causing trouble, and he didn't want to leave her home alone for the holiday either.

Kitty gave up the idea of being invited and with a sigh asked if Logan would drop off the girls gifts for her then. Logan agreed, and Bobby and Rogue, along with Kitty went to go get their presents. Kitty suggested to the others that they may as well go put everything in Logan's car for him, so a few minutes later, when Logan went to find out what was keeping them, he found them in the garage just as Kitty opened his trunk.

"Put em in the backseat, trunk's full." Logan said as he entered the garage. The the three jumped, not noticing he had come his car was loaded, Logan headed out, the other three returning inside to exchange gifts with each other.

Laura, Jubilee and Anton are excitedly waiting when Logan arrives, the toddler picking up the older girls excitement were practically bouncing in their seats when he came in, with an armload of presents. "There's more in the trunk." Logan said, as he set the presents under the already crowded tree.

Remy and the girls helped him finish unloading the car, Anton following back and forth behind them,while Lee fed Adalyn a bottle. Then they began opening the gifts, Remy with Adalyn on his lap, Lee with Anton on hers, as Laura and Jubilee took turns handing everything out. Both girls were amazed at the number of gifts they received and thanked all of the adults repeatedly.

Laura and Jubilee received clothing and jewelry from Remy and Lee, a few books from Logan, and an iPod from Bobby with a music gift card from Kitty, and a locket from Rogue. Logan received a box of cigars from Remy, cologne (his favorite kind) from the girls, and a watch from Lee, Bobby, Kitty, and Rogue had all given him flannel shirts. Anton received clothing and toys from Remy and Lee, a new teddy bear from Laura, a new movie from Jubilee, toys from Santa, and (after he had asked) a puppy from Logan. A real puppy, which turned out to be an exciting gift for not just Anton, but the girls and Lee as well. Adalyn received clothing and toys from Remy and Lee, a new teddy bear from Laura (who attempted to apologize for being unoriginal), a doll from Jubilee, toys from Santa, and a photo album from Logan. Remy received a new wallet and clothing from Lee, cologne from the girls, burp clothes and diapers from Logan (as a joke) as well as a photo album. Lee received a photo album from Logan, clothing from the girls, books from the "babies", and a mother's ring from Remy, with all four children's birthstones. She thanked him for it with tears in her eyes, and he was relieved, since he had worried the gift would upset her or one of the others.

After lunch, Remy pulled Logan aside, inviting him to the garage for a smoke. Once out there they talked about having the girls move in full time, instead of just the week ends. Logan had been thinking about it all week, and after seeing how happy they were today, he decided it was what was best for them. Logan said he would handle the other teachers. After Logan put out his cigar (Remy had actually completely given up the cigarettes a few months ago), they went inside to talk to Lee and the girls.

Afterwards, Logan headed back to the school, intending to talk to Bobby,Kitty, and Rogue right away, as he expected Kitty to have the most objections to the new arrangements. He met them all in the kitchen, as Rogue prepared dinner, and told them he wanted to talk to them about something, he began as soon as everyone was sitting at the table.

"I decided, after visiting the girls today, that they aren't gonna be living here anymore. They're happier with their foster family, and it's what's best for em. I talked with Remy, and he'll be bringing them to school every morning." Logan began. "Now I know you all have some objections so let's get them out of the way now, so we can settle this."

"Is Remy actually coming back?" Bobby started. "I mean no one's even heard from him in months, how do we know he's even still in the area?"

"I told ya, I just talked to him. Yes he's coming back. I talk to him all the time." Logan replied.

"He told me he was coming back after Christmas, when I saw him a couple weeks ago. "Kitty added. "Will he get the girls here on time though, he isn't exactly reliable."

"You saw him?Where?" Rogue asked. " Are you sure the girls are safe where they're at?"

"Out." Kitty replied, as Logan shook his head. " Yeah, they're safe and happy." he added. "And they girls won't miss any classes, don't worry."

They all discussed it for a few more minutes, but Logan had already made up his mind, they could tell, so it was pointless to try to argue. They were all eating dinner when something occurred to Rogue, who asked suddenly. " They're at Remy's aren't they? That's where they've been stayin, and that's why you didn't wanna say anything."

"Yeah, Anna, they are. And he's been doing a very good job taking care of them." Logan said with a sigh.

"Wait, the girls are with Remy and-" Kitty began.

"That's what I just said, Kitty. They're fine. Laura spent a year on the road with him, and came home fine, happier than she left in fact, so leave it alone." Logan replied.

"Remy likes his privacy though. He's very secretive. You should make sure the girls know not to tell any of his private affairs around school." Rogue replied.

"Why not? I mean if he's up to no good, like going back to stealing or something, I think they should tell us."Bobby replied.

"I didn't send the girls to him as spies. If they see something, like him going back to stealing, they'll tell me, but otherwise, leave it be." Logan replied. Rogue sighed with relief quietly, and Kitty stared at her, noticing her tension.

After dinner, Rogue excused herself quickly, and Kitty decided it was time to talk to her friend. She had tried to find out what was wrong with Rogue, from everyone but Rogue so far. She realized the Rogue may be the only one with the answers. Rogue seemed to know Kitty was trying to pin her down though, because by the time Kitty was able to excuse herself as well Rogue was no where to be seen.

When Kitty searched for Rogue again the next morning, she learned from Logan that Rogue had left to spend the rest of the holiday with Magneto. Sighing in frustration, Kitty decided, since there was no way for Rogue to overhear, she could at least question him further about Remy and the girls.

"So, do you know this Lee? I mean you seem to know her pretty well to leave the girls with her and all, but still." Kitty said.

"I've known Lee for a while now, so has Laura and Ororo." Logan said. "I trust her and Remy to watch over the girls."

"Wait, Lee's a 'she'?" Bobby asked, walking into the kitchen. " As in Lee, Remy's buddy who moved in with him, Lee?"

"Yes." Kitty said. "I met her a couple weeks ago when I went to ask Remy if he was ever coming back."

"I thought you said you saw him out?" Bobby asked, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"Well, apparently Logan doesn't want Lee mentioned around Rogue for some reason." Kitty said. "I don't think she knows Lee's a woman."

"They broke up, a while ago. Who Remy lives with isn't any of her business." Logan replied. " Or anyone else's, so I don't want to hear about either one of you saying anything about this to anyone."

Both agreed, and Logan left the room before Kitty could ask anymore questions. After he was out of earshot, Kitty filled Bobby in on what she knew, which admittedly wasn't much aside from Remy,Lee, and two babies, along apparently with the girls, were living in the house he had bought a few months ago. She speculated on the relationship, but Bobby suggested that Remy may have bought the house, just so Lee and the kids would have a place to go, remembering the funeral last year. Kitty agreed that it was possible, but both agreed that Remy and this girl were probably a couple at this point, which is why Logan wanted to keep it from Rogue.

Both had noticed Rogue's attitude change over the last few months and felt that whatever falling out they had had was to blame. Bobby backed up Logan's theory that Kitty should leave it alone though, stating that interfering was likely to make it worse.

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