Chapter 33

Chapter thirty-three

January 2013

New Year's seemed to arrive overnight. Remy couldn't help but think about how different everything was from last year. This time a year ago, he had been wondering if it was even worth it to go on, now he had a houseful of people to care for and love. Now he had a family. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't how he had always envisioned it, if he could have changed things for Adalyn, for all of them, he would. However they had each other, and he hoped that would always be enough for them. There are many things he would change about his life if he could. Many mistakes he would take back in a second. But Addy wasn't one of them. He'd never in his life been happier.

Lee too, found herself reflecting on the last year, last few years. She still missed Trace, she supposed she always would, however her son was happy, and thanks to Remy she had three wonderful girls to take care of. In short, she'd created a new family for them all. Trace would be proud. She was happy, for the most part, and glad the children were too. Though she still couldn't understand how Anna could have just walked away from Adalyn, she herself loved the baby as much as she loved Anton.

Laura and Jubilee adjusted easily to living full time with Remy and Lee. They too were happy to be here, and with the changes the last few months had brought them all. Both the girls and Remy were looking toward the rest of the school year with both excitement and dread. For the girls it was simple, in that it was school and they weren't looking forward to all of the aspects of it, for Remy it was more complicated in a way. He missed the team, missed his friends and missed the students. However, he knew things would be different now. His agreement with Rogue made it have to be that way. Though he made sure along the way, that he didn't have to hide his child from the others, just her mother, that still posed a problem.

He had called Ororo a few weeks ago, shortly after Adalyn's birth, to tell her about the baby. Ororo had been happy for him, but concerned for the baby and Rogue's feelings. He had not wanted to risk upsetting anyone, and had refused to say who the mother was, leading to Ororo's concerns. Though he assured that Rogue was aware, and that they were truly over, by asking her to leave Rogue out of it, it still left her worried for both of her friends.

The first morning of the new semester began hectic and early. With two teenagers, Remy, and a potty-training toddler all waiting to use the same bathroom, it posed a problem. Lee was busy in the kitchen trying to make breakfast for everyone, while feeding Adalyn her bottle, while Remy, half shaven was helping Anton out of his sleeper to use the potty, and the girls crankily waited their turn for the bathroom.

"You don't even take as much time getting ready, I should go next." Jubilee complained.

" No makes no sense, if I am faster than you, then shouldn't I go first." Laura replied. "You were first yesterday."

"Girls, you'll both get your turn, mais right now Anton needs de room, I'm almost finished." Remy called from the bathroom.

The girls continued to argue, while Remy tried to finish shaving and the baby sat on the potty singing, when Lee appeared in the hall. "Okay, breakfast will be ready in five minutes, girls use the mirror in my dresser to get your make up, Remy Logan's on the phone."

Remy nodded, and went toward his room to change and take the call, Jubilee rushed into Lee's room and Laura joined Anton in the bathroom to finish getting ready. Lee shook her head and glanced at the clock, they were cutting it short today.

Remy appeared first in the kitchen, to say that Logan had just called to remind them that they were to be at school a half hour early today, because there was an assembly. Remy had forgotten, as had the girls, which put them behind schedule. Logan had told him not to worry, and they were still going to be fine.

Lee called a five minute warning to the girls, and got Anton into his high chair, while Remy took over the last of the breakfast preparation, pulling the rolls from the oven, and piling the food onto platters. With in a few minutes everyone was eating and talking loudly over what they were planning to do today.

"We need a bigger house." Remy said suddenly to Lee. The girls stopped talking to stare at him, while Lee turned her attention from Adalyn, who was nearly asleep in her lap.

"We already talked about that a few months ago." Lee replied. " We decided moving with two babies was crazy and it would be to stressful."

"Trying to get three people ready in the morning, with a potty-trainer, is stressful. The girls need more room, and so do the babies. Your room is practically a closet." Remy replied. " I'm just saying we should look into it."

"Okay. I'll try to look at some sites today during nap time, to see what's available." Lee said. She agreed that the bathroom situation was not going to work long term, though the idea of movie with everything else that they were doing right now sounded daunting to her. She and Remy agreed to discuss it further after school, as he and the girls headed out of the door.

Remy and the girls arrived on time, just as the bell rang, and the kids all filled the halls. Laura and Jubilee rushed to catch up with the crowd, and Remy headed to his office to put away his briefcase before the assembly. He was on his way back out of the room, when he saw Kitty leaning against his doorway.

"Cutting it pretty close." Kitty replied, attempting to joke with him.

"I forgot we had to be early today, otherwise we would have been here twenty minutes before the bell." Remy replied.

"I was kidding Remy. I'm sure getting two girls and yourself ready will take getting used to." Kitty replied. "Plus the little ones underfoot."

"Lee's there to help too, and don' go talking bout the kids round here." Remy replied, though relaxed now that she wasn't giving him a hard time.

Kitty nodded in agreement, deciding that mentioning no one else was in the office wing would be a bad way to start off the attempt to befriend him. Together they walked toward the meeting room, where everyone was gathered, mostly in silence. She asked how the girls were adjusting as they grew closer to the room, and with a shrug he replied. "I think we need more bathrooms."

Lee straightened out the house, then settled the babies in for their nap before looking at the real estate as she had promised to. She pulled up the site, and was searching it, when the puppy, who the girls had named Lucy, began crying. By the time she had finished with the puppy, Adalyn was awake.

By afternoon, Lee had given up on looking at the site until Remy and the girls came home, between the babies and the puppy she was running around most of the morning. She hoped he wasn't irritated that she didn't get to it, but the kids were having a cranky day.

She decided it may help if they went out for awhile, plus she needed to buy a few things for dinner, so she packed them up to head to the store.

Twenty minutes later she was stressed, and both kids were cranky, while she waited at the check out. She however hadn't looked at the time before leaving, and was surprised to see Kitty in line ahead of her. Kitty, and Bobby, had gone to do the weekly shopping.

"Hi." Kitty said, spotting the stressed mother.

"Hi, Kitty, right?" Lee replied, while handing Adalyn her pacifier.

" , this is Lee, Lee, Bobby." Kitty replied.

"Nice to meetcha. " Bobby said, as he loaded groceries onto the belt.

"We needed groceries, you aren't running late. " Kitty said, seeming to notice Lee's thought process, "They don't let out for an hour."

Lee nodded, and hushed Anton, who was beginning to fuss as well. "How are the girls adjusting?" Kitty asked.

"Oh, the girls are doing great. We enjoy having them with us." Lee replied.

"Remy said something about moving this morning? Well, actually, he said you needed more bathrooms, so I assume he meant moving."

"Maybe. Depends on what we can find. " Lee responded, now unloading her groceries while Bobby waited for Kitty. Kitty waived him away, stating she'd be right there. With an eye roll, he walked out of the store.

"Do you need any help? Getting to your car I mean. They both seem fussy." Kitty offered, hoping to get to talk to Lee a bit longer.

"Sure." Lee replied, as both women reloaded the cart, hoping to avoid any awkward questions, but not wanting to be rude.

Kitty walked with her to the car, chatting, and trying to fit in questions that may give her some idea of what was really going on. Lee was dodging them though.

"How long have you known Remy?" Kitty asked finally, frustrated that most of her previous questions had been dodged.

"Since I was seventeen, he was eighteen." Lee replied. "We met at my work. " she added before Kitty could ask.

"So you knew him before-"Kitty began.

"I knew him before all that yes." Lee replied, cutting her off, and sounding irritated. "He's been my best friend for years, unlike some people I stand by him, even when he makes mistakes."

Kitty was insulted at this. She knew full well what Lee was referring to, and felt the need to defend herself, by adding that she just wanted Lee to know what had happened. After all she was living with him, as were her kids, she should know what he had done before. "Not that I'm saying he's a bad person, cause he's not, but still, I thought I should make sure you knew he had a...past. "

"I was there for most of it, or at least a phone call away. I probably know more about than you do. " Lee replied, strapping the kids into their car seats. "I find it rather rude that you seem to think I would endanger my child by being around someone unsafe. Remy wouldn't hurt these kids. If you don't believe me, talk to Logan, or did you give him this talk too?"

"Of course not! Logan is well aware of Remy's activities." Kitty replied.

"So am I. Why do you care so much?" Lee asked. " Y'all aren't that close anyway."

Kitty sputtered for a moment, trying to think of a good reason to explain her gossiping. She wasn't sure herself why she had brought it up, after all, she meant it when she said he wasn't bad, and she didn't think he'd hurt Lee or the children. Lee however was now completely defensive, and it was unlikely that Kitty would learn from her anything about what had gone on last year, even if she knew.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. "Kitty said. "I was really just wondering how well you knew him, I guess. "

" Why?" Lee replied, still sounding angry.

"Do you know why him and Anna aren't talking to each other anymore?" Kitty asked bluntly, deciding to go with the direct approach.

"Yes. If they wanted you to know, they'd tell you, why don't you ask her." Lee replied. She was now getting in her car, as well, the conversation over as far as she was concerned.

"Wait. She told you what was going on?" Kitty asked through the window. Sounding surprised.

"Nope, never met her." Lee replied. " Good bye Kitty."

Kitty made her way back to the school van, where Bobby was standing. At his questioning look she replied. "I think I messed up that conversation. I was trying to see if she knew anything about the Remy and Rogue thing, but I brought up his past, to see what she knew, and she flew off the handle. "

"You know Remy and Logan will hear about it then. Why'd you bring it up?" Bobby asked, not really understanding her obsession with their friends' break up, anyway.

Kitty sighed, and explained she didn't really think about it, she had just been trying to gauge how well they knew each other. She then said that Lee said she knew what had happened, but would say anything about it. Bobby shook his head at her. They headed back to the mansion, Bobby trying to convince her it may be better if Kitty just told Remy and Logan about the conversation before they confronted her with it.

By the time the returned to the school, Kitty was worried that this was going to go badly. She couldn't explain herself why she'd brought it up, how was she going to explain it to Logan and Remy? She still wanted to know what happened, and why every time Lee was brought up, Logan or Remy changed the subject. Making her way inside, and feeling almost bad for herself, she sent a team of students out to help Bobby, on her search for Remy and Logan. She only hoped Remy was still here, because she didn't want to try to explain it twice.

She found Logan and Remy in Logan's office, discussing Remy's new class-load, when she knocked on the open office door. "Hey guys, got a minute?" she asked.

"Sure Kitty, what's wrong?" Logan asked, and Remy nodded.

"Well...I kind of ran into Lee and the babies at the store, and I was chatting with her, and I think I upset her." Kitty said, sitting on the edge of her chair.

"Upset her how?" Remy asked.

" asked if she knew about things you'd done before, and she went off on me about thinking she would endanger her kids." Kitty said.

"Kitty. Why would you do that?" Logan asked, while Remy frowned at her. " Are we going to have to deal with someone bringing it up every year forever?. It's done. Plus bringing it up to Remy's friend...I don't even see the point."

"As I said to Lee, I don't think Remy is dangerous, or that he is bad, I guess I was just trying to figure out how well you guys knew each other." Kitty said.

"...Is this about Rogue again?" Remy asked, annoyed.

"Yes...No...I dunno." Kitty said. "I'm just worried about her Remy. She hasn't been herself in months."

"I agree. Mais, if you wanna know, ask her." Remy said. "Don' harass my friends."

Before Kitty could say anything further, Remy excused himself and left in search of the girls. Kitty apologized on his way out, and he absently nodded. Turning back to Logan, all he had to say in response was for her to fix it.

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