Chapter 34

Chapter Thirty-Four

February 2013

Remy and Lee had continued to search for a bigger house, however after settling into a morning routine it had seemed less urgent to them, so they were taking their time in the search. They wanted the girls included in the decision as well, since it was their home too, and they wanted them to be comfortable.

After searching the website, they agreed they wanted something big enough for the kids to have their own space, and at least one more bathroom. Surprisingly, there were still many homes to choose from, and the search was further delayed by having a full schedule during the week.

Remy and the girls arrived at school on the Monday before Valentine's Day, still discussing the latest houses they had searched. Logan walked up to them and listened for a moment, before asking. " How far away are you extending the search, that may help narrow it."

"Well. "Remy replied. "We don't want to be to close to the city, or to far away from the school, so this same general area. Actually the big debate now is what style we prefer."

"We all have an opinion. " Jubilee added. "Unfortunately, none of us have the same opinion."

"If I were you, I would narrow down the choices to a handful, then ask the girls, otherwise you'll end up staying put til they graduate and moving will be pointless. "Logan said. "However, I actually needed to talk to you about something Remy, not just throw in my opinion on the house search."

Remy nodded and told the girls he would see them later before following Logan to his office. Bobby and Kitty were already waiting there, and Paige came in a moment after them. "Okay Remy, here's the deal. We need somebody with experience on this one. " Logan began, and Remy frowned.

"I wouldn't ask if it weren't important." Logan continued. " We have a situation. It appears they are attempting to rebuild the Sentinel Program. This information is preliminary we aren't certain the extent of their planning at this point, which is where you come in Remy."

Logan pulled out a file containing the brief knowledge they had, which wasn't much at that point, more a suggestion, and a location. " We know where they are setting up shop, and we know they're planning something big. Cyclops and his team are searching for answers as well, but we need to get involved with this one."

"Kitty, Bobby, Paige, and you are going to head to Arizona where they've set up shop. We don't need you to engage them at all, or even let them know you're there, we just need surveillance." Logan continued. " You should be back in a day or two, a week at the most."

"We are ready whenever." Kitty replied, irritated that they had been delayed already. She had wanted to head out as soon as Scott had called last night, however Logan had insisted on waiting until today, so that he could brief Remy as well. She and the other two were anxious to get it over with, the resurgence of the Sentential Program scared them a great deal.

"Logan, can we talk about this for a moment...privately?" Remy asked, looking through the file. Logan nodded and sent the others from the room, before Remy continued. "This isn't going to be an easy in and out. I can tell you that just by looking at what we have. It's going to take at least a week if not longer, why is Summers shoving it on us? We are primarily a school. We are supposed to be the back up team not the primary one."

"Because they need information that only you and Kitty can get them. "Logan replied. " I know you are hesitant to engage in any battles or missions that may take you away from the baby for any length of time, but this one's important."

"They're all important Logan, that's the problem. Does Rogue know you're sending us? Why isn't she on the team. She is good at this kind of thing, far better than Paige." Remy replied.

"Rogue's aware of the mission, and she asked the same question actually. I ain't sending you two in together cold. "Logan replied. "You haven't even trained together since your personal issues started and we don't know how that may affect you as a team."

"So send her instead. Seriously, she is our best information gatherer, aside from me, and if she were to absorb one of the workers she would know everything we needed to know for this one. Scott can send in someone else for the heavy lifting." Remy replied. "I can get you past the security issues, and I can gather information, but there's a reason we were almost always sent in together."

"Not gonna happen. I know it would be quicker with her, but it would be messier too. We don't need you two fighting while out there, and as you said yourself, you can get past security, which is all we need at this point." Logan replied. "It's not a request, Gambit."

Remy nodded,and stood. "Well then I need to call home and tell Lee what's going on. You'll need to get the girls home for dinner too."

"Go home and pack, like you said it'll be at least a week. Tell her your going in person, give Jubilee your keys when you get back so the girls can drive themselves to and from school." Logan replied, and Remy nodded before leaving the office.

Kitty and the others were waiting outside, and Remy told them he would be back in about an hour, after he packed. Ignoring the groans of another delay, Remy headed off in the direction of the garage, he had a bad feeling about this mission, but it was a done deal.

Remy arrived home a few minutes later, and Lee was of course surprised to see him. He quickly explained what was happening as he packed a duffel bag, and Lee watched from his bed.

"I don't like it." Remy said. "Got a bad feeling about it. It may just be nerves, haven't been out on a mission since Addy. I don't really like the idea of leaving her right now either." Remy said, as he packed.

"It is probably nerves, just be careful out there. These kinds of people are very scary Remy. I see Logan's point. If they were able to reenact their program, none of us would be safe. "Lee replied, just as scared about the program as she was of him going on this mission. Telling him that she too had a bad feeling about it wasn't going to help though.

With in a few minutes, he was packed and ready, so he went to go say good bye to Adalyn, and then Anton, before he left. He hoped this whole thing didn't take to long.

When he returned to the school Rogue was waiting for him in the garage. " What?" he asked when she just frowned as he pulled his bag from the car.

"When you get back, we gotta schedule some practices together. I hate being benched." Rogue replied.

"That's fine." Remy stated, as they walked through the halls, while he searched for the girls to give them the keys to the car.

"I'll talk to Logan about it. We can get along long enough to do a mission. I tried to tell him that. " Rogue added, her tone almost accusatory, as if he had told Logan he wouldn't work with her, which is what she assumed.

"I told him that. He worries our personal issues would bleed over." Remy stated, silently agreeing with Logan, since it felt like a fight was about to break out between them, and all they were talking about was a mission, they both agreed she should be on. With a huff, Rogue walked away, still certain that he had refused to work with her, and he finally spotted one of the girls.

Quickly Remy walked up to Jubilee, and stated. "Got a mission, here's my keys, please don't wreck it or abuse the privilege."

Jubilee nodded, excited to drive Remy's convertible, which is what they had brought this morning, because Remy didn't like to let anyone drive it. She promised to track down Laura and let her know as well, and also to help Lee with the kids and the house search.

The team was in the air quickly, on their way to Arizona, they all hoped to be finished faster than Logan expected, but they weren't holding their breath. Kitty sat next to Remy, as soon as they were steady in the air.

"I know we haven't talked since I messed up a couple weeks ago, really. "Kitty started, talking quietly, so they wouldn't be overheard. "I really do want to apologize Remy."

Remy nodded, and replied. " I know you do Kitty, the problem is, you keep pushing. You need to accept it's none of your business."

"It becomes my business and my problem when it affects the team Remy. I don't know what happened between you, and I know you aren't going to tell me, but the fact that she isn't on this plane says just how bad it is." Kitty replied.

"I told Logan she belonged on this mission. I even offered to refuse to go, if they wanted her here, and she didn't want to be here cause I was. Logan turned me down on it." Remy replied. " Mais, you need to get it out of your head I'm some sort of villain here Kitty. What happened between us is personal, and it doesn't affect you or the team."

"Why can't you just tell me what's going on? First Rogue walks around all strange for months, the two of you never even speak anymore, Logan changes rosters to keep you apart. It is affecting the team." Kitty replied. "And it's affecting both of you. Whatever you did it can't be that bad."

"Why do you assume it was me?" Remy replied, before turning away from Kitty and pointedly ignoring her. With a sigh she gave up after a few minutes and moved back to her seat to go over the information once again.

They arrived quickly in Arizona and checked into a motel near the target location, before Kitty and Remy got to work hacking into the facility remotely. With in a few hours, Bobby and Paige were bored, and offered to go find dinner somewhere, while the other two waived them off, unconcerned, as they continued their work.

"Why are we even here?" Paige asked as they walked to the nearby diner. "We aren't doing anything. I swear Logan sent us to keep an eye on them, not to actually help with the mission."

"Probably. I'm sure you've noticed how frosty things are right now. "Bobby replied. "But the two of them are necessary to finish this. Logan knows what he's doing, I trust him."

"I ain't saying I don't. I'm saying we're the buffer, but we aren't important to it." Paige replied.

"Who knows, we may come in handy." Bobby said, as they reached the diner, and Paige nodded, not really agreeing, but dropping the subject.

They returned to the motel a few minutes later, as Kitty yelled triumphantly, getting past the barrier she was attempting. Remy nodded as his came down as well, and they were finally in the system. The other two were excited, thinking that maybe they were getting somewhere now, however, it wasn't long before they realized that had just been the first step.

Around midnight, Bobby finally announced he was going to bed, and went next door via the adjoining door. Paige had already fallen asleep in the bed closest to the bathroom a half an hour before. Remy was bone tired, Adalyn having been cranky the night before, and was nearly falling asleep in his chair.

After the second time Kitty noticed him nod off, only to jerk back awake, she said. "Go on to bed, I'll come get you in a couple hours, the program is basically running itself at this point.

Remy nodded and headed off to the room with Bobby, as Kitty continued to watch the screens of their laptops go over the program. She got up a few times, pouring herself coffee or going to the restroom, but was determined to let the rest of the team sleep as long as possible.

Around five, Paige woke, when Kitty accidentally knocked over her suitcase on the way to the restroom. She said to Kitty. "So do you have to do anything other than wait for it to tell you it's done?" As she pointed at the computers.

"Not really. "Kitty replied. " It's an automated program. When it's finished there will be more to it of course."

"Okay. Well since all you gotta do is wait, go on to bed, I'll watch and if anything changes I'll wake you or Remy." Paige replied, gently pushing Kitty toward the bed closest to the outer door. Kitty nodded as she collapsed onto the bed tired, and Paige took her place in front of the computers.

Everyone was still asleep when the computer dinged, stating that there was a problem. Paige stared at it for a moment before she rushed into the other room to wake the guys, then returned to wake Kitty. According to the monitor, someone had reversed the search, and had found their location.

Before any of them could react, bright lights shined through the windows, as several jeeps pulled into the parking lot. Remy cursed as he and Kitty quickly shut down the program and emailed the information they had so far to Logan, along with an SOS.

A team of men rushed into the room, knocking down the door, as they both hit send, and Remy started an erase program on his computer, that would destroy all files in it. Paige and Bobby stood in front of the others intent on giving them enough time to finish, as they began fighting the masked men.

Remy quickly joined the other two in the battle, as Kitty wiped her own computer, and started a second wipe on Remy;'s to be safe. Bobby iced several of the men and was fighting a few others, when a dart hit him and he collapsed. Paige following him to the floor a moment later. Remy was holding them off the best he could when Kitty calmly stated they were out of time.

As Kitty was shot with a dart as well, Remy ran to the computers, and charged them. A dart hit him as well, just as both computers exploded. He slipped into darkness, the last thing he saw was them tying up Bobby.

Logan received the SOS on his phone and rushed to his computer to better read the message. He frowned and mentally cursed the smallness of the team, Scott for asking them to do this, and himself for assuming they would go undetected. He called everyone to the Staff room, as soon as he read the first part over again, not bothering to read any of the information gathered yet, instead sending the entire thing to Scott, from both emails.

With in minutes he had briefed Rogue, Jonothon, Joanna, Rachel,Karma,and Hank, and decided they were going to Arizona themselves, Scott could back them up when he got the message. He left Hank to watch over the school, and cancel classes. So within ten minutes of getting the alert, a second team was in the air. They only hoped they wouldn't be too late.

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