Chapter 35

Chapter Thirty-five

The team arrived at the motel, with no real hope of finding their friends. However they were surprised to see a section of the building gone, apparently burned. The fire was long out, and only a few policemen remained around the area. Logan stared grimly out of the windshield, as Rogue leaned forward out of the backseat of the rented van.

"Remy." Karma said simply from the passenger's seat. They all nodded. Logan climbed from the van calmly and approached the police line as the others watched. He spoke to them for several minutes before returning.

"A group took them, not sure who, they went west." Logan said pointing to his nose, causally, as if itching it, then in a louder voice he added. " Looks like were gonna have to stay somewhere else, someone started a fire here, they'll be outta business for awhile."

He climbed back into the van, ignoring the suspicious looks from the police officers. He started the engine and drove east, toward the motel the policeman he had spoken to suggested. " Tell me one of the has their tracker activated. They had to have been made."

Rogue pulled out the laptop they had the tracker's programs attached to and began typing rapidly, while the others waited silently. After a brief pause she nodded, and said "Remy and Kitty both have active comm badges, we'll have to hope Bobby is with them."

Everyone nodded at this, as they doubled back toward the motel they had seen, making sure to go down a different street, and followed the signal sent out via Remy and Kitty.

Kitty stirred briefly, moaning as she held her aching head and wondering what had happened, the last few hours temporarily forgotten. A hand covered her mouth as Remy whispered quietly. "Don' move pretend you are still under."

Kitty nodded, and Remy's hand withdrew as he became lax beside her as if he had never moved. If she hadn't known better, she would have assumed he was deep asleep. Closing her eyes quickly, guessing they may a have someone watching them, Kitty tried to piece back together the scattered memories.

Finally it came back to her in bits and pieces, the attack on their motel room was blurry but there. She wanted to ask if they had gotten the computers, but couldn't as they were pretending to be unconscious. She relaxed and tried to listen to the sounds around them to decide how bad it was. She could hear at least one person behind her, though she was unsure of what they were doing, it sounded strange to her, and she couldn't place it.

Eventually, she slightly opened her eyes, just enough to see, though not enough anyone would be able to tell they were open. She had been thrown on a bunk next to Remy ,and was facing the wall. Remy was facing toward her, so also the room beyond them.

Remy, who was silently watching their captors in the same fashion, mouthed to her to stay still, once more. She frowned but assumed he knew something she didn't and followed his instructions. After several more long minutes, a clanging sound came from the other side of the room, as the metal door slid open, then closed.

"They're gone for now, be back in a few minutes." Remy whispered, barely moving his lips, and she had to strain to hear him.

"Where are we?" Kitty asked, in the same manner.

"Don't know, woke up in here, bout twenty minutes ago, they've been back four times so far...they're checking on Bobby, he appears injured. We are in some sort of cell." Remy replied. "I've been waiting for you and Bobby to wake up. Can't make a move til you both do, and he's still under."

"What now?" Kitty asked.

"We wait a bit longer, see if Bobby stirs, if not, we figure out what to do with him. The others should be here soon, anyway. Judging by the light from the window, it's been hours." Sensing her excitement he added. " It's too small to get out of, and we are under some sort of dampener."

Kitty slowly, so that it was barely noticeable shifted until she was on her back, though it gave less room for both her and Remy on the bed, then turned her head so she was facing the room. She immediately stiffened seeing Bobby, but Remy nudged her, and she forced herself to relax.

Bobby appeared battered and covered in bandages in several places, whether it was from the fight in the room, or he had been injured after their capture, she wasn't sure, but it bothered her, especially since Remy had said Bobby hadn't woken yet. However she herself had been under until just a few minutes ago, and Remy hadn't been awake that long either, so maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed.

The men returned, and Kitty watched silently as they examined Bobby for a few minutes, before leaving again, never looking in the direction of the other two. Bobby was still completely under. Kitty couldn't tell if it was from his injuries, or from whatever they had used to knock them out, but she was nervous. She wanted to go over and check on him herself, but agreed with Remy that they shouldn't tip their hand.

Remy had determined that Bobby's injuries was what had their captors concerned, otherwise they would have checked all three of them when they came in, he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing of itself. It meant either they were concerned for the welfare of their captives, or they wanted healthy specimens. Either way, he was forming a plan for their escape.

He had no way of knowing how large the dampening field was, and considering Bobby's condition, they would both have to move fast and carry him, which was a problem, though not as much of one as having both teammates passed out like before.

He could also sense Kitty's agitation, she wasn't going to wait long before making a move, they just needed to make sure it was the right one. He knew there were cameras, at least the one over the door, probably more, he assumed they were listening too, which is why he whispered. As far as he could tell, the others should arrive soon, finding them once they got here, though would be a problem.

All three of them had been stripped and put into coveralls, which meant their trackers were hopefully somewhere in the compound, but certainly not in the room. As long as they brought Logan, he could find them.

Remy sighed, it was too big of a risk to just wait, now that Kitty was up too. He just hoped they could get out of this. He was avoiding thoughts of his daughter, and what would happen if they didn't get back from this. Every time it started to come to him, he shook it away, knowing if he thought about it it would be a distraction from this.

Finally he whispered. "Okay, here's what we are going to do."

They were close, according to the tracker, as they rounded the next corner, they saw a warehouse. Rogue smiled grimly. "According to this, that's where they are."

Logan turned off the engine, and everyone got ready. With in moments they were silently slipping into the building. Rogue had the silent hand held tracker in front of her, and motioned to the others to turn left at the first junction.

Logan however, put out a hand to stop them, as he smelled Kitty's perfume in the distance. He motioned the go right instead. After a momentary indecision, and whispered consultation, Rogue took Frenzy left, and Logan took the others right, in search of their teammates.

A few doors down, Rogue and Frenzy came to the location of the tracker, but upon opening the door, discovered a storeroom, of some kind, with no one inside. They debated going on, or meeting up with Logan, as Rogue put the tracker away. They quickly caught up.

Logan led them down two separate corridors, before locating the room their friends were being held in. He peeked briefly in the door's window, and confirmed it was a cell, and that it appeared empty aside from the lumps on the bed.

Logan quickly open the door, and stepped inside, only to be bashed in the head with an iron rod pulled from one of the beds. Under the dampening field, Logan quickly went down, just as Remy realized who it was Kitty had hit. Kitty quickly dropped the bar, while apologizing, as Remy shifted the injured and unconscious Bobby into a better position.

"Save it till we're outta here." Remy said, as Frenzy, Kitty, and Rogue helped Logan to his feet, where he swayed, not healing from his injury, but able to move.

They all quickly left the room, and much to everyone's relief the dampening field ten feet later. Logan recovered rapidly, as the abductors came around the corner.

Kitty and Karma Stood with bobby, as the others stepped forward to confront the men. The men were surprised to see not only the the captives had actually gotten out of their room, as they were coming to subdue them after they had taken out the camera. They were also surprised to see the other mutants.

Logan quickly took out their weapons, as Remy knocked the men over, the fight was over in minutes, and they threw them in the cell. Logan then commanded the others hurry before anyone else could arrive, and they headed back out of the ware house, escaping just as Scott's team arrived to take over, Logan carrying Bobby over his shoulder to aide in a quick escape.

Remy sat silently in the back of the plane. After they had gotten Bobby secured Logan and Rogue, along with their team had gone back to help Scott's team, leaving Kitty and Remy to watch over their injured teammate.

Remy was sitting so still, that Kitty became concerned that he was injured and came over to check on him. "You going to be okay?" she asked hesitantly.

"No." Remy replied, looking out of the window. "I'm not hurt though, go check on Bobby."

Kitty nodded, not sure if she should believe him, and returned her attention to Bobby. Bobby had finally begun to stir, just as the others arrived, moaning in his sleep. His injuries appeared to Kitty to be largely burns and cuts, likely received during their fight in the motel. She wasn't sure if that was better or worse, or if that was what was wrong with Remy. She knew the burns had to have come from when Remy blew the computers. He was likely feeling guilty over it.

She attempted twice more to talk to him while they waited on the others, but he wouldn't respond, instead he continued to stare out of the window. Logan walked up to him when he came aboard, and asked. "You okay Gumbo?"

"Non. We talk when we get back." Remy replied, not turning from the window. "Too many ears."

Logan nodded and Kitty frowned. Kitty was confused, but concerned with Remy. He seemed so depressed, she had no idea what had happened during this mission that made it so, but something had changed in his demeanor, she hoped it was temporary. She wanted to insist on being involved in this meeting, after all, she was a leader of the school and team. She knew they wouldn't agree, though.

Logan closed the office door and sat across from Remy, everyone else had stayed downstairs with Bobby, but Logan had taken Remy up to his office as soon as they knew Bobby was stable.

"Okay." Logan said, leaning back in his chair. "What is it."

"No more, Logan." Remy replied. "I mean it. No more missions. What if I hadn't made it back? What would happen to Adalyn? I am her sole guardian. Lee would have to petition to keep her. They would want to ask Rogue about it, it would be a huge mess, my baby girl stuck in the middle."

"Well, Rogue ain't jumping up and down waiting for a chance to cause trouble here Remy, I think you might be over thinking this." Logan replied. "I don't think Lee would loose anything, except you, if something were to happen."

"Lee don't need that either. Been through enough of that." Remy grumbled. " No. I'll teach. I'll train the kids to be our next generation of X-men, I myself am done."

"I'll keep you off the active roster. But I think you're reacting not thinking." Logan replied. "How many close calls have we had over the years, and you always make it back. This wasn't even a close call this time."

Remy stood, ready to leave the office, satisfied, for now that Logan wouldn't be sending him out again. They would talk about it again later, right now he needed to get home, and see his daughter. No matter what Logan said, Remy had faced the reality today of possibly never seeing that child again, and it tore his heart out.

Remy realized, when he reached the garage, that his car was gone, of course the girls' would have taken it home already, if they had ever come in at all today. So after calling a cab, he went to wait outside the front gate, having no desire to continue any further conversations.

When Remy arrived home thirty minutes later, he knew Lee had heard about what had happened, at least in part. The entire house smelled of pine and oranges, which meant she had spent hours scrubbing. Her typical reaction when she was worried. The girls were in the living room, watching a movie with Anton, Adalyn sitting in the play yard near them. Wordlessly, Remy swept his daughter into his arms, before stooping and hugging Anton as well, they girls exclaiming happily when they saw him.

Lee came rushing from the kitchen, vinyl gloves and scrub brush still in hand, when she heard the girls. Remy pulled her into the group hug as well, and they all sat there huddled together on the living room carpet for several minutes. The spell was broken when Anton began to squirm, wanting to watch his favorite character who just appeared on the screen.

"I was so worried something had happened to you, when Hank called the girls and told them school had been canceled for an emergency mission." Lee said, as her and Remy walked into the kitchen.

"I can tell." Remy said, looking at the newly polished cupboards. " I won't do anymore missions, don't worry, I told Logan that."

"What happened?" Lee asked.

Remy spent the next fifteen minutes telling her the story, including Bobby's current condition, and his own concerns, while she sat across from him in silence and he continued to hold his daughter close to him. Lee sat in silence as he spoke, never saying anything, but frequently frowning, and sometimes looking scared. Finally he finished his story, and they sat there for a few minutes in silence, before he added. " I'm going to talk to a lawyer, I want to make sure, if anything ever did happen to me, Addy stays right here, and you keep the house and everything."

"...Okay." Lee replied, before she stood back up, and continued to clean the fridge that she had been scrubbing when he came home. She hated to leave any job unfinished, and the idea of what had occurred the previous few hours terrified her.

Remy watched her for awhile, knowing she was upset still, but having know idea how to comfort her. He couldn't promise anything beyond what he already had, he wasn't sure if it had been fair to even promise that much. He never intended to go on a another mission, but he knew that he had vowed it before. Sighing, he went in search of his address book. He couldn't guarantee anything, but he could do his best to secure the children's future, all four of them.

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