Chapter 36

Chapter Thirty-six

March 2013

Remy and Lee, along with the girls, had finally settled on a house, shortly after his mission, it was six bedrooms and three bathrooms, which was enough room for them all. As soon as the paperwork was signed they began packing.

The paperwork itself had caused a minor argument between Remy and Lee, when he insisted that her name go on it as well. She argued against it, stating that it was his money, and his pointed out that she would be living there for years. He then reminded her of their recent conversation over the security of the children, and she relented.

After everything was settled, and they had the keys, Lee and the girls left Remy in charge of the babies, while Lee drug them over to the new house to clean everything. Remy would have happily joined them as well, but Lee insisted it would take longer with the babies underfoot, and he should have some one on one time with the kids.

Shortly after she and the girls left, there was a knock on the door. Remy answered it to reveal Kitty, who he hadn't spoken directly to since the mission a few weeks before. He reluctantly invited her in, as he wasn't really in the mood for company, and had been in the middle of boxing up the bookshelves with Anton's 'help'.

Kitty smiled down at the toddler, as he waived one of the books at her, and yelled hi. Remy offered her a seat, and quickly traded the boy the stack of books for some colorful blocks before sitting down as well.

"Is everything alright?" Remy asked. "Bobby?"

"Bobby's fine, everything is fine." Kitty replied. "I wanted to talk to you. I haven't gotten the chance since the mission and I...I wanted to thank you for everything you did back there."

"Jus' doin my job, truthfully, it won't happen again. No missions for me no more."Remy replied.

"Logan said something about that." Kitty responded. "Are you moving?"

"Oui- Yes, on Saturday. Logan is bringing a few helpers by. He volunteered." Remy replied.

"He hadn't said anything about it to me, probably not to Rogue either, or Bobby." Kitty replied.

"Your going to want to help move?" Remy asked, as he caught Anton trying to climb into the box of books, and set him back in front of the toys.

"No, but it wasn't even offered." Kitty replied. "I've been trying for weeks to apologize for upsetting you and Lee."

"You already did, remember." Remy replied. "Drop it, please."

"I've been trying. I know you and Logan have both said it's none of my business. I know you've clearly moved on, too. I just...I'm still worried about Rogue- and you- she never even tries to talk to you anymore. I can't remember that last time either one of you actually talked to each other. I just don't understand what you could have done to make the rift so large that it can't be breached and-"

"I didn't." Remy said.

"You didn't what?" Kitty asked.

"I didn't cause the rift. Stay. Out. of. it."

"Remy...every time you two fight, you try to make up with her, this time, you aren't even trying."

"No, I'm not." Remy replied. "This is none of your business Kitty. How many times do you need to be told that? It's been months of this. You wanna know why no one mentioned I was moving, or invite you to help? Because every time you manage to catch me alone, you start this crap again. "

"Why won't you tell anyone what happened?" Kitty said.

"Because I can't Kitty. Just let it go!" Remy said, raising his voice slightly, and causing Anton to jump and cry. Glaring at Kitty, he went over to the toddler to comfort him.

"Maybe someone should say something. Instead of skirting around all this."Kitty said, annoyed and hurt that Remy had yelled at her. " Aside from Logan, does anyone else know that you are refusing to stay on the active roster because you are to busy playing house and avoiding Rogue to bother anymore? Does Rogue even know that your very best 'friend' is a woman?"

Remy stiffened, as Kitty continued, implying and accusing Remy of using Lee and causing trouble with Rogue for his own selfish reasons, until he finally snapped. "First of all, I never lied about Lee, if y'all assumed she was a homme that's your own problem. I never even implied Lee was male. Assumptions always come back to bite you in the end, so don't blame me. Second, why does everyone always think you must protect Rogue from me, huh? Why am I always the bad guy? Did any of you say a damn thing when she left me to die in Antarctica? No! Did any of you side with me when she threw away everything we had to hook up with a man old enough to be her grandfather? Did you defend me when she accused me of making up a funeral to get outta classes? I'm done with all of this! Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, I haven't tried to mend the fences because of what she did? Believe it or not, Ms. Pryde, there are things in this life that I can not forgive. Get out of my house, my kids don't need to hear what you really think of me."

"But I-" Kitty started.

"Get. Out." Remy said, cutting her off.

Before either one of them could say anything else, Lee and the girls walked in, Lee calling "We're back! It turned out they sent a cleaning service, so there wasn't that much to do and, Oh! I didn't know we had company."

"She was just leaving." Remy said, continuing to glare at Kitty. Kitty stood undecided for a moment, before nodding, and walking to the front door.

"I just want to help." She said as she opened the door.

"You just want to meddle." Remy said. "Next time you're feelin nosy, talk to Rogue. I don't want to see you come round again."

Kitty nodded once more and closed the door behind her. She was upset over how the conversation had gone, somehow every time she tried to apologize she walked herself back into the same fight. Remy was never going to tell her what happened, though why he 'couldn't' tell was confusing, Logan wouldn't say anything, Lee got even more defensive than Remy when she tried to talk to her about it. Kitty sighed as she drove home. If she had any hope of fixing the rift in the team, and her friends, she was going to have to bite the bullet and ask Rogue.

Rogue would likely be mad at her too, However, Logan seemed completely aware of whatever was going on, yet he also seemed to be making no attempt to get Remy and Rogue to make amends. Kitty didn't get it, at all.

Meanwhile, as soon as Kitty was gone, Remy tried to calm back down, the tension of their fight had upset Anton, which actually just served to upset Remy more, so he excused himself and stepped out to the patio, using the dog as an excuse. As he watched the puppy run around the snow drifts in the back yard, Remy tried to decide what to do next. Kitty wasn't going to back off, no matter how many times he told her to, she was going to keep digging and digging, until she undug the truth. Remy wasn't sure how Rogue would react then. With a sigh he decided he needed to talk to Logan, and Rogue, about this.

He needed to talk to Rogue anyway, but had been putting it off. He needed her to sign a stack of paperwork his lawyer had created so that Lee could legally become Adalyn's mother. Of course, he also needed to talk to Lee over the whole thing. He hadn't had the time to thoroughly go over the papers after his lawyer had them delivered yesterday.

Deciding to deal with that bit later, after he dealt with Kitty, he pulled out his phone and called Logan." Logan, We need a conference, you me and Anna." Remy said when Logan answered. "I'll meet you both at Harry's in about twenty minutes if that's okay."

"I'll track her down, we'll be there." Logan replied, guessing this had to do with Kitty, again, she had gone out to 'run errands' a little while ago. Logan then in turn called Rogue, using the intercom system, and asked her to come to his office.

Remy sat there waiting, bottle of beer in his hand, though still untouched, when Logan and Rogue appeared next to him. After they ordered as well, Logan asked him what was going on. "Kitty's at it again." Remy said.

"At what?" Rogue asked.

"Houndin Remy, trying to get outta him why y'all don't talk anymore." Logan replied. " I told her more than once to let it go."

"She's going to keep digging and digging, til she finds the truth." Remy said, glaring into his bottle. "Less you talk to her, tell her to back off yourself, maybe."

"How can she find out? We agreed Remy not to say anything to anyone! " Rogue said angry.

"And I haven't, mais it's still a matter of record ain't it? You signed the paperwork, it's all there for someone like Kitty who knows how to dig." Remy replied, just as angry sounding.

"If you'd just agreed to adoption, she wouldn't be able to find it so easily!" Rogue replied.

"So sign it now. "Remy said, deciding to bring up the paperwork after all. "Let my friend Lee adopt the baby. I have the paperwork in the car, had it drawn up after our last mission."

"I thought you wanted to keep it?" Rogue replied.

"I'm not giving the baby up. Just securing the future." Remy said.

"Fine, go get it, I'll sign it now. Til it gets finalized I'll get Kitty to back down, then she'll have nothing to find." Rogue said.

Remy left without another word, returning quickly with the still sealed envelope. He quickly opened it, and shifted through it until he found the pages labeled. "Birth Mother sign" with several little stickers. He handed the pages over to Rogue, who briefly skimmed the page, to ensure she knew what she was signing, but was careful to avoid reading any actual details on the child, or it's new family, that may be included. She signed a moment later before shifting the pages to Logan and telling him they needed a witness.

After it was taken care of, and Remy had put it all away, they discussed further how to cut Kitty off with her intrusions. Rogue agreed that she was the one who would have to handle this one, and Logan relaxed, soon Remy did as well when she promised not to turn him into the villain.

As they were getting ready to leave, Remy thanked her for cooperating with the paper work and said to her. "I promise you Anna, you have no fear for this child, Lee is a good mother." before he walked away.

Rogue stood there stunned for a moment, it had never occurred to her, even while signing the adoption forms that Remy's friend was female. She turned to Logan who, recognizing her surprise said. "Ya never figured that one out? I knew way back."

"How far back?" Rogue asked.

"Almost since he moved in. He told me so. Actually so did Ro and Laura."

"He never told me, though."

"He assumed you knew, just like Kitty. Kitty tried to make a fuss when she met Lee at Christmas though."


"It's done. " Logan said. "Plus ya could have gone with him and met her any of the dozen times he invited you along."

Rogue nodded. Logan was right after all, it was done now. They were done. She wanted them to be done, so why did it bug her she never knew his best friend outside the X-men was a woman she couldn't figure out. Deciding not to worry about it or analyze it, she shrugged, agreed with Logan and walked out with him, focusing her attention on trying to think of what she was going to say to Kitty.

The next morning, Rogue tracked Kitty down in her office. Kitty was on her computer, filling out student reports for the mid term results when Rogue came in and sat across from her. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Kitty finally said hi.

"Hello."Rogue replied. "I came by, because Gambit told me last night you've been questioning him about our issues."

"I'm sorry, I know I've been too aggressive, I'm just worried about you, it's been a year of it, Rogue. I was going to come looking for you today to talk to you about it too." Kitty said. "You've been so strange and distant, since Remy moved out of the house, and you never talk about it. I know he must've upset you pretty bad with whatever happened and-"

"It wasn't him." Rogue interrupted. "I ain't telling you what happened, because that's between us, but It was me, not him, this time Kitty. I messed up our friendship, that I was trying to build. Messed it up so bad I don't think I could fix it if I wanted to, and I'm not sure I do, so I do nothing, and he takes the brunt of the blame, because I'm solemn, and he's determined. That don't make it his mistake though. You need to leave him be over it."

"Does everyone know about what happened aside from me?" Kitty asked.

"No. Logan knows. And Scott, because they need to know. Only people who it affects know, and that's how I want it, so please stop digging. If you truly respect our friendship, you'll leave it be." Rogue said. Kitty nodded and Rogue rose to leave the office. "Thank you Kitty. I know you were wanting to help."

"Will you ever be able to be friends again? Or at least work together again?" Kitty asked.

"Don't matter." Rogue said as she reached for the door. "Remy's retired from the active roster and will remain that way."

Rogue left before Kitty could ask anything else, and was going to go out when Logan asked everyone to come to the rec room. Sighing she headed in that direction, Kitty a step behind her. Bobby joined them a moment later, to both women's delight.

Logan waited until everyone had settled and began. "Okay, here's the deal. The other team needs volunteers to help them with this thing they were dealing with, I need at least one, no more than three volunteers now."

Rogue and Frenzy both immediately raised their hands and Logan nodded to them, however when Bobby tried to join as well, Logan shot him down instead accepting Jonothon. When Bobby frowned, Hank reminded him he was still healing and wouldn't be of much use anyway. Soon the team left to pack and Logan adjourned the meeting. Everyone was starting to stand, when Logan said. "I almost forgot, I also would like to know, who wants to volunteer to help Gambit move this weekend?"

Kitty and Bobby both volunteered. Kitty because she wanted to make up with Remy and Bobby because he wanted out of the house. Hank, Rachel, and Logan would also be going. Logan informed Karma that she would then be in charge of the students while they were gone and she agreed. With that settled, Logan re-dismissed the meeting, telling everyone to be ready to head out at seven the next morning.

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