Chapter 37

Chapter Thirty-seven

March 2013

They settled quickly into the new house with minimal stress, thanks in part to the X-men helpers, and in part thanks to the girls offering to take the babies out, while Remy and Lee unpacked things. Remy hadn't had a chance yet to talk to Lee, or read through all of the paperwork but was relieved to have signing out of the way from Rogue, who he thought would be the hardest to sell on it. Thankfully she was okay with the whole thing.

Now with the others gone, and the girls headed out to spend the afternoon at the mall with the babies, while Remy and Lee unpacked the kitchen and babies' rooms, Remy decided it was a good time to bring it up to her.

He had to find her first though. She had been in the Living room, when the others and the kids had left, but now she was nowhere to be seen. Not wanting to begin the conversation by yelling all over the house for her, he just began searching. She wasn't in the kitchen or dining room either, so he assumed she was in either Anton or Adalyn's rooms.

He found her unpacking clothing and toys in Anton's room, and judging by the pile of cardboard in the hall she had done Adalyn's things already. "Wanna take a break?" Remy asked from the doorway.

"I wanna be finished with this and the kitchen before the kids get back. Y'all have school tomorrow, and I don't want to do this part with the babies underfoot." Lee replied as she continued to unpack.

"I'll help, but I need to talk with you for a minute." Remy said, unpacking as well now.

"Okay, talk, and socks go in the top drawer." Lee replied, as Remy started putting the clothing away.

"I want you to adopt Adalyn, become her mom legally, that way if anything were to happen to me-" Remy started, before he could finish his statement though, Lee nodded and walked out of the room.

He sighed, mentioning his possible death was not the right way to lead into this request. Especially not in the heels of his recent mission, that still had her shook up. Running a hand through his hair, he sat on the floor and began unloading Anton's belongings, while he waited. Lee would return to talk to him, but if he chased after her she wouldn't talk about it.

About twenty minutes later Lee walked back in the room carrying a plate of sandwiches and a couple bottles of soda."Don't let the kids know we ate in here, it's against the rules." Lee said jokingly as they had their late lunch.

"I won't." Remy replied. "How much of the kitchen is left?"

"Kitchen's done, Dining room is almost done." Lee replied. "I work fast, at times."

"Well, I just finished in here, so I'll start on the living room when we are finished, you go a head and take of your room, or whatever you need to finish." Remy replied.

"Okay." Lee said. "...Remy."


"I'll adopt Addy, I would be delighted to call her my daughter. But not because you think you're going to die, or disappear, or anything." Lee said, holding up a hand when he opened his mouth. "Listen, I know as well as you do there are no guarantees in life. You could die driving to work tomorrow, I could get hit by a bus walking to the corner store. We aren't going to live like that though. We aren't going to spend all our lives planning on what ifs. It isn't fair to the children."

"I agree." Remy said. "Now here's the other thing, Logan asked, and I want to ask you. Do we want to adopt the girls as well?"

"Yes, we do...and you're going to adopt Anton. If we are becoming the joint legal parents of three of them, we're doing it with all four." Lee said.

"But what about-"

"I won't erase her birth mother, we can tell her she had a birth mother and me as well, and the same goes for my son. Trace will always be his first father, but he deserves to have a Daddy too. Let's face it Remy, he doesn't remember Trace, and he already thinks you're his dad." Lee said.

Remy thought about it for a few minutes, before agreeing. Truthfully, he loved the boy just as much as he loved his daughter, and much as Lee said, he would love to be the father legally of all four children, even if he was too young to have fathered the girls.

He then told her he would talk to Logan and his lawyer again about the other three, and that he had already gotten Rogue's signature for Adalyn. They continued to talk about the future adoptions, as they moved from Anton's room, back to the kitchen, then living room where there was still much to unpack.

Laura and Jubilee, meanwhile, were enjoying their time at the mall with the babies. Each girl pushed a stroller as they wandered around window shopping, and chatting. They had taken the babies to the food court shortly after arriving and bought themselves and Anton lunch, and now they had no other set plan. Jubilee suggested heading to the main floor where there was a pet shop, too look at the puppies and kittens. Laura agreed and they made their way back downstairs.

They were looking at a pair of little gray kittens playing around in the window display when Julian and a couple of the other kids came up to them. Laura and Julian were on shaky ground, as far as if they were still friends went after he had upset and insulted her while she was traveling with Remy.

Julian had been trying for awhile to apologize, and she had ignored him so far, because she had been really hurt by his comments. Jubilee just watched as Julian then tried again when he saw them.

After a moment, Laura replied. "I suppose we can attempt to be friends. However you must promise not to say such things to or about me again."

Julian quickly agreed, partly because he didn't want to draw out a fight, though he wanted to return to dating her, and partly because friends were better than her always walking away from him, as she had been doing. Casting around in an attempt to change the subject before she could change her mind, he settled on the two strollers the girls were pushing.

"When'd you start babysitting?" Julian asked, smiling down at the babies.

"About, what an hour ago, I guess."Jubilee replied. "no long really."

"No I meant, I didn't know that you were babysitting for anyone at all. Where'd they come from, a neighbor?" Julian said.

"No they are Remy and Lee's, we are watching them while Remy and Lee finish unpacking the house.

"Wait, Remy as in Gambit?" Julian asked. "You guys live with Gambit now? I knew Logan arranged for you to live with someone, but I didn't know it was him, and when did he get kids?"

"All of the teachers know where we live, and it's really none of your business." Jubilee said.

"Julian, Remy likes his privacy. Please remain discrete on this matter." Laura asked.

"He's using you as a babysitting service, it looks like to me." Julian said.

"We offered to take the kids out. We like the babies." Jubilee defended. "Lee almost never is away from them, and they have a lot of unpacking to do, so we were being nice. We didn't know we'd run into anyone from school."

Laura then pulled Julian aside, and asked him again to remain quiet about the kids, and where she and Jubilee were living. Julian reluctantly agreed, but was still upset that she hadn't said anything to anyone about where she lived, though if the teachers all knew, then he assumed they were okay with it.

Soon after they all left the mall, Julian headed back to school, the girls headed to their new home. The girls agreed they needed to talk to Remy about running into Julian, because even if he did promise he was bound to say something to someone, it was just who Julian was.

As soon as they got home, both girls explained to Remy what happened, and he replied with a sigh. "It's fine girls, you didn't do anything wrong. I think sooner or later someone would have said something anyway. Don't worry about it."

The girls were relieved that Remy wasn't upset, which meant to them, that he didn't think Rogue would be upset, and he reminded them his agreement with Rogue technically said he couldn't tell anyone she had given birth to Adalyn, not that he could never say he had a child. He then told them about the adoption plans, and asked how they would feel about it.

Both girls were excited over the idea, and soon had put their concerns over Julian aside, to go unpack themselves. As soon as both girls were busy, Remy called Logan over the latest issue. Logan assured him he would handle it.

Logan had pulled Julian aside and told him gossip wouldn't be tolerated. Julian agreed, just as he had with the girls. However, by Monday the news had spread that Jubilee and Laura were living with Gambit, someone named Lee, and a couple of babies. From there the story went wild, everything from they were using the girls to watch the babies while they did things like rob places to the girls were basically being forced to live outside of the school because Remy had some sort of blackmail on them and Logan.

By Friday, Logan and Remy had had enough of the increasingly wild stories, and Logan called an assembly. Logan pulled Rogue aside, and told her what was going on, that Remy was going to clear up the rumors the best he could. Rogue nodded in agreement, stating that it was for the best, as long as he didn't use her name in it.

Once the assembly was gathered, and quiet, Logan began. "Alright. It has come to my attention that there is a great deal of gossip going around about members of this staff and student body. I'll say this once, just once. It is never allowed that you are able to gossip about any member of the staff's personal life. It was in the student handbook that you were each given at the beginning of the year. Regardless, someone has started these rumor, and Mr. LeBeau is going to straighten out the situation. Remy?"

" It has come to my attention that there have been some rumors started over my home life. Now normally I am a private person,and feel that this is between me and the members of my family. However, I do not want for these rumors to effect your ability to concentrate in your lessons. Therefore I will tell you about my family. I will then give you five minutes to ask questions,though there are some that I will not answer. After this meeting,the subject is closed. Anyone caught speaking of the private matters of myself or any other teacher, will be punished. This has nothing to do with our ability to teach you, therefore this is a one time occurrence." Remy began. " Last year, my friend Trace Chevalier was killed in a car accident,he was hit head on by a drunk driver. His wife, one of my oldest friends,was left alone with an infant son, and I learned that I was becoming a father. The best solution for both of us was to have her and her son move in with me. Shortly after her son's first birthday, and before the birth of my" Remy paused briefly, glancing quickly at Rogue, though no one noticed where his eyes darted aside from Kitty and Logan."daughter was born, I asked Logan to allow the girls to stay with us over the weekends. I have known both girls for years, and felt they could use a break from always living with the X-men, a chance to just be kids once in a while. Logan agreed with me. The girls now live with me full time, not as babysitters, but as members of our family."

Rogue had left shortly after Remy's statement, when the children began asking questions. Kitty watched Rogue leave, something finally clicking into place, as Logan followed her out.

Kitty suddenly put it all together, and was wondering how she had missed it before, though granted she had assumed that both infants belonged to Remy's roommate. She had assumed that the woman had agreed to live with Remy because she was pregnant with an infant, not because he was having a baby. Now though, Rogue had been acting strange for the last year, Kitty could pinpoint it down to about the time she must have learned the baby was coming, she walked out instead of looking at the picture, and she had said it was her that had messed everything up. If not for that last part, Kitty would assume she had been upset that he was having the baby in general, but if she was the one who made a mistake... Kitty felt suddenly she needed to apologize to Remy again, and this time she needed not to dig or accuse but rather offer her support.

Kitty's attention returned to the room however, since the children were asking the questions she had been wanting to for months.

"What's her name?"

"My daughter's name is Adalyn." Remy replied.

"What about the lady's name?" and ,"How old is she?" were yelled out together.

"Lee and the baby is five months old." Remy replied.

" Who's the mother?",

"None of your concern" Remy stated, in a tone the said to drop it.

"Is this Lee chick hot?"

"I will not answer that one." Remy said

"What kinda name is Lee?"

"Her name. The only one you'll get too." Remy said, with a laugh.

"Are you sleeping with her?"

"That is none of your business, or anyone else's for that matter." Remy replied, using the no nonsense tone again.

"How do you know her?"

"I've known Lee since long before I was an X-man. She is one of my oldest friends." Remy said.

"Is she a mutant too, then?"

"We can and should have friends other than mutants, I don't base my friendships on mutant status." Remy replied, fitting a lecture into the statement while sidestepping the question.

"Do you have a picture?"

Remy nodded and pulled out a picture of Adalyn and Anton from his wallet, that had been taken at a studio, and began passing it around, with a "I want that back in one piece."

Logan found Rogue in her office staring out of the window. "Regrettin your choices Darlin?" He asked.

Rogue shrugged with her reply. "I can't change it now, even if I am. There's no goin back Logan."

"I know." Logan said, offering her a hug.

"I can't. "She said, muffled by his shirt. "I can't look at her picture. I can't see her happy in someone else's arms. I messed it all up Logan, and I don't think I can fix it now. Remy, he'll never forgive me for what I've done, will he?"

"No. He won't give you another chance to hurt him Darlin, that ship sailed when you walked outta the medlab without lookin at her. It's too late for him and you, I'm sure." Logan said. "Come next month, Lee will legally be her mother. But I don't think he would keep her away from you completely if you wanted to see her. If you could see how happy she is, you might feel better."

"What did he name her?" Rogue asked after nodding.

"Adalyn. Adalyn Marie LeBeau, after his mother." Logan replied. "Well Jean-Luc's wife, from what he said to me."

"I don't know if I want to see her. You say she's happy, and that's good." Rogue said. "But I don't think... Someone else is her mother now, it would be wrong to interfere, to take that away from her."

"I never said interfere." Logan replied. "See her yes, take her back, no you can't do that to her or Remy, or Lee. Promise me you won't."

"I- I don't know Logan, it is so weird." Rogue said. "I never worried, never thought about takin her back until I signed those papers and found out she already had a new mama. Then today, while he was talking about it...I don't know."

"You're jealous." Logan replied. "Are you jealous that you're daughter has another mother, or that Remy no longer wants you?"

"Neither. Both. I don't know." Rogue replied.

"Leave it alone, Anna. I know you well enough to know you're impulsive at times. Just let it alone, at least for now." Logan replied. "I'm sure, given time, if you want to Remy will let you see the baby."

"Do you really think he would? After everything that happened?" Rogue asked. "What about his 'friend' though."

"She wouldn't stop it." Logan replied.

"How do you know though?" Rogue said.

"I know her, I've gotten to know her over the last few months really well, though I wouldn't have thought she'd pull something like that before that. She's also adopting Laura, and Jubilee, but has no intention of keeping me away from them." Logan replied.

Rogue nodded though Logan could tell she didn't believe him really. The whole thing, her reaction, was kind of annoying in a way to him. She hadn't wanted anything to do with the baby, until after she realized that Remy and the child weren't just waiting for her. He didn't really understand her behavior, but he didn't want to get into a fight with her either. He knew she was upset, maybe even regretting her choices, but he also knew it was too late to change it now.

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