Chapter 38

Chapter Thirty-eight

April 2013

April marked the beginning of spring, via a thunderstorm, bringing in the new month. The rain began in the middle of dinner, and by the time Remy had gone to bed, around ten it had become heavy and cold. He was woken by a loud clap of thunder just after midnight, and before he could react, his door opened, Lee standing in the doorway with Adalyn in her arms. Wordlessly, he patted his bed and invited her in.

He was drifting back off, when another thunderclap stuck, close enough to shake the house, and causing Remy and Lee to both sit up with a start. As the sound faded, Lee jumped out of bed, Anton crying out from his room. With in minutes they had both babies settled again, and were trying to go back to sleep doing their best to ignore the storm.

By morning the fierceness of the storm had driven Jubilee and Laura into Remy bed as well, and he was squeezed against the edge of the bed, with Laura laying across the foot of the bed, and his legs, and Jubilee huddled next to her. Lee was laying with her head on his chest, and Adalyn wrapped in her arms, and Anton was sleeping with his head on his mom's stomach and the heels of his feet digging into Remy's side.

The bed was crowded, even Lucky had joined them around four, sleeping between the two teens. Remy had been awake for the last five minutes, woke by a kick to his ribs, and was trying to figure out how to extract himself from the bed without waking the others. The problem was solved though, when his alarm sounded, followed by the phone ringing. Everyone else began to stir, while Remy reached out and hit the alarm before grabbing the phone.

Logan was calling to check on them all, since the storm had been so fierce. Remy passed off the phone to the girls, after jokingly stating it had been so bad it had driven everyone into his bed, and extracted himself to grab a shower.

By the time he had finished, everyone was up, and both girls were getting ready for school while Lee and the babies sat in the kitchen, as she made breakfast. " Storm season's here." Remy said as he sat down. "I think we either need to get Ro to come over for a few months to stop it, or buy a bigger bed."

"It won't be that bad. That one was a really bad one last night. Normally the girls and Lucky stay put." Lee replied from the stove. "I know I crowd in on you though. If it bugs you-"

"It ain't bugged me from the start. Just, I almost fell outta my own bed twice last night. I think I need a bigger one." Remy said.

"I don't know if they make bigger ones though Remy, it's already a king." Lee replied. "Maybe another twin and pin it beside yours?"

"Maybe." Remy replied but before he could continue, the phone rang again this time it was Remy's lawyer, asking him to come in that afternoon.

By the time he was off the phone the girls had come into the kitchen for breakfast, and their previous conversation was forgotten. Remy asked Lee on his way out of the door if she was going to be okay today, since it was still storming. She said she was fine, and agreed to meet him at the lawyers that afternoon with the babies.

They arrived at the school without issue, despite the foul weather, and continued their day as normal. The girls caught up with Remy just before he was about to leave, and asked if he would care if they stayed over at the school for the night. The other kids were having a slumber party in the library, and they wanted to join in. Remy agreed, assuring them that it was fine before heading off to meet Lee and the lawyer.

"That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard." Remy said as they sat across from his lawyer.

"I know." the lawyer replied. He had just finished explaining to them that the judge they drew would be far more likely to finalize the adoption if they were married, in fact it was almost certain that he wouldn't finalize it if they weren't.

Lee frowned, saying nothing as they discussed what other options they may have instead for several minutes, before Remy asked her what she thought. She responded that she wanted to do whatever they had to to make the adoptions happen.

"Okay then."Remy replied. "We'll get married."

"Okay."Lee replied, as the lawyer watched on, she turned to him and asked. "Will that satisfy them then?"

"It should."The lawyer replied, and Lee excused herself when Adalyn began to fuss.

Remy came out a few minutes later meeting Lee and the babies in the lobby. He smiled at them and said to Lee as they were leaving. "I'm sorry. That was a rude way of saying that, I didn't even ask you if you would be okay with it, just kind of announced we were getting married, without any regard to your possible reservations on it and-"

"Remy, I'll marry you. I want to marry you." Lee said. "We get married, and it secures our kids for the foreseeable future. It's the best plan."

"Okay. I just didn't want you to feel we had to do this if you were uncomfortable with it."Remy replied, as he helped her hook the babies into the car seats.

"We should do it as fast as possible. How long do you think it takes here, do you know?" Lee asked as Remy started the car.

"I don't know. But we could go to Vegas. Get it done the same day we arrive, hit the casino for a few hours, haven't done that in awhile." Remy replied.

"I'm sure the casinos are the first thing you thought of too." Lee replied, with a laugh.

"Okay. So it's Tuesday now, I can book us a flight on Friday afternoon, now we need to decide if we want to bring all of the kids, or ask Logan to help the girls watch the babies."Remy replied already planning the trip. "Of course we'll need a witness, which Logan could do I'm sure, but then that means we have to bring all four kids. I kind of want them there anyway, but not looking forward to the flight with infants."

Why don't we call Logan when we get home and see what he thinks." Lee suggested. " You should let him know one way or the other before Friday."

Remy agreed, and pulled into a nearby mall. When Lee asked why they were stopping he replied. "We're getting married, you need a ring. We don' want the whole world thinking we got married on a whim, or for the kids. "

"True. We want everyone to think this is a 'real' marriage, or the judge may still have issue with us. Plus if we are doing this to give the kids a normal life, then they should get normal, not we got married for you." Lee agreed.

Remy nodded, and they got the babies back out of the car, heading to the crowded mall in search of a jewelry store. Remy's next hurdle, as far as he was concerned, was to talk Lee into picking a ring she wanted, instead of whichever was cheapest.

He watched her browse the displays closely, while she searched for a ring. He saw her continuing to debate with herself over which ring was likely the cheapest, until he asked her pointedly what her preferred style was then sent her to go in search of some new shoes for Anton while he picked the ring himself, telling her it was tradition for him to surprise her with it anyway.

An hour later he met her in the baby store, and suggested they eat out, which they rarely did, and she agreed. When they settled the kids and placed their orders a little later she finally asked. "So did you pick a ring?"

"Yup." Remy replied. "I pick it up tomorrow, and no I won't tell you anything else, it's a surprise."

"Why tomorrow, if you picked it out already?" Lee asked. "How much did you spend?"

"It doesn't matter." Remy replied. "I already spent it and I'm happy I did, I ordered our wedding bands as well, I hope you don't mind, though. I understand if you want to keep yours."

"It's fine Remy. As long as you didn't spend a small fortune on a piece of jewelry I'll love it." Lee replied. "And wedding bands are good too."

The waitress arrived then with their meals, interrupting the conversation, which Remy intended to change when she left anyway.

"So where do you want to stay when we get there?" Remy asked after the waitress left, while he cut up Anton's food.

"I don't know. You pick, you know it better than I do." Lee replied.

"Okay, good. I'll call Logan as soon as we get home, then make the arrangements." Remy replied.

Twenty minutes later, as they were pulling into the garage, Remy belatedly remembered his intent to buy a bigger bed. He remembered thanks to the rain starting again, and frowned at the weather.

"I forgot to go bed shopping." He reminded Lee as they carried the babies inside.

"It'll be fine."Lee replied. "It may not thunder at all, and even if it does, it's just the four of us tonight."

"It's going to thunder, I can see the lightening flash out over the city. " Remy replied. " It won't be as crowded tonight though, you're right."

"If you want we can set up the travel cribs in your room, and skip the whole part where we pretend the storm isn't going to drive everyone to your bed." Lee said.

"That sounds like a good plan, I'll go dig them out, and set them up now before bedtime." Remy said. "Then I'll call Logan."

"I can set them up while you call if you want just put them in the room. I think they're in the coat closet." Lee replied.

While Remy dug out the travel cribs, Lee settled the babies in the living room, Adalyn in her playpen and Anton with a set of blocks, before she went to set up the cribs and Remy came back to call Logan while he kept an eye on the kids from the dining room.

"Logan." Remy said after being transferred to Logan's office." You really should leave your phone on."

"Battery went dead, forgot to charge it." Logan grumbled. "Whatcha need?"

"I see." Remy answered." Lee and I are going to Vegas this weekend. Wanted to know if you wanna come."

"Sure." Logan replied. "Why Vegas though? Didn't think that was Lee's kind of thing."

"We're getting married, Vegas is fast and easy." Remy replied.

"You're what, since when?" Logan asked, shocked.

"Since, 4:15, so about three hours." Remy replied.

"Are you plannin on bringin the babies?" Logan asked, after a few minutes. Remy said they were and Logan replied. "We can take the Blackbird. Make it easier on everyone not being on a public flight. Faster too."

"Yes, that would make traveling easier." Remy replied. "I'll take care of the rooms and expenses."

"Do you want anyone else coming along?" Logan asked.

"Non. Want this to stay small."Remy said. "Plus inviting Anna would be in poor taste, as would inviting everyone but her."

Logan agreed, and soon after hung up, after promising not to say anything to the girls over the plans. Remy then went to find Lee, and tell her the news about the Blackbird.

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