Chapter 39

Chapter Thirty-Nine

April 2013

Remy picked up the rings on the way home, hoping that Lee would like them enough not to ask the price. She probably would anyway, but he could hope. He knew he had spent more on the ring then she would be comfortable with, if she knew, so if she asked, he was going to try to downplay it.

The engagement ring was unusual and had to be special ordered, as it included the birthstones of all four children, as well as a mixture of small diamonds. The wedding bands themselves were plain but inside was engraved with the names of the children, as well as their own and the infinity symbol, to signify that their new family was forever.

They weren't conventional, in fact had it not been for their current situation, the idea of marrying his best friend never would have occurred to him, but he still wanted to make it work. As far as he was concerned this would be forever, or at least the rest of their lives, and he wanted her to be happy.

When he arrived home, he was actually starting to become nervous over his choice, he was worried she wouldn't like it, or that she would think he was being presumptuous or overindulgent. It was, he realized, very similar to the Mother's ring he had given her for Christmas, which hadn't occurred to him until he picked it up, which is part of the reason he was now nervous over her reaction.

When he showed her the rings though, her reaction was better than he hoped. She loved them, and their deeper meaning. Lee was touched that he included the birthstones and names for the children or the rings.

With the rings out of the way, which was the part that made Remy the most nervous, he began planning the rest of the wedding in earnest. They only had a few days to get the details out of the way, and he wanted everything to run smoothly.

By Friday afternoon, he had gone over the plans several times and was certain that he had covered everything, including having the girls bring their bags in the trunk of his car when they arrived at school that morning. After classes let out, they only had to wait for Lee and the babies to arrive, before they would be on their way.

Lee had never been to the school before, and was rather impressed with it's size when she arrived. She rang the buzzer at the front gate, and waited, with the babies chattering to each other in the back seat. A moment later the buzz was answered by Kitty, who had been on her way out when it rang. "Hello, welcome to the Jean Gray School, how can I help you?"

"Hi."Lee replied. "I'm here to meet Remy and Logan, I'm expected."

"Who may I tell them is here?" Kitty asked.

"Lee Chevalier" Lee replied.

A few moments of silence followed then Kitty informed her to drive up to the garage, and Remy would be waiting for her there. When she arrived at the garage, Remy waived her inside, pointing to the space next to his own car, before pulling the luggage from his own trunk and handing it off to the girls. Logan joined them as Lee turned off the motor, and began unloading Lee and the babies luggage as well. Remy helped Lee get the babies, and their diaper bags from the backseat, as Logan explained. "Okay. Nearly everyone is out for the evening, however, Rogue and Kitty, along with two or three of the kids are hanging around somewhere. I told em we were taking the jet, but not where we were going, or who all was going, cause it's none of their business, and frankly there's a few of em that would invite themselves along if I did. So we are going straight down to the hanger, and if anyone asks questions, I'll tell em it's not their business."

"Okay. "Lee said, as she readjusted Addy, who was squirming in an attempt to get to Logan. Logan in turn smiled down at the baby, before leading them all inside. None of them had packed heavily, just one bag each, and Addy and Ton's stuff was packed together, so it should be a hug hassle. Though Remy and Logan were going to have to come back for the car seats and strollers.

It was on the second trip that they were spotted by Kitty, who asked where they were going. True to his word, Logan simply told her "On a trip." and wouldn't answer any other questions, from her or anyone else.

They were underway, just ten minutes after Lee arrived at the gate, and Logan announced that they would be in Vegas in three hours. Lee and Remy got the babies settled in, and the girls were entertaining themselves with their tablets, so they were all able to relax for awhile. The worst part had been when they took off. Lee had been quick to give Anton a sucker, and Adalyn a bottle to help keeping their ears from popping and bothering them.

Remy had arranged a Suite for himself,Lee and the children, and for suite had a sitting area, with a sofa, TV, love seat, end table, and a small four piece dining set. To the left was a large bedroom with a king sized bed, two night tables, and a dresser. To the right was a slightly smaller room with two double beds, a night table in between, and a dresser, both room had a large bathroom off of them, with a garden tub and shower, sink and closed off toilet.

Upon arriving they agreed that the babies, Lee and Remy would take the larger room, the Logan told the girls to take the smaller and he would sleep on the sofa. Though the girls offered to share a bed and let him have the other one, he refused, with a promise that if the sofa was very uncomfortable, he would accept the next night.

Once everyone had settled in, Remy and Logan went down to the casino, while Lee and the girls took the babies shopping. The girls insisted that Lee would need a wedding dress, and since Logan and Remy backed them up, she reluctantly agreed. She did however, inform them that then they all would have to dress up as well. So they were on their way to buy the dresses. Remy Logan and Anton were to go buy suits in the morning.

Remy had booked the chapel for the following afternoon, so they still had plenty of time. While the ladies were shopping, Remy and Logan were playing poker. Remy, of course, was happy with this plan, since he hadn't been to a casino in months, so he was enjoying himself. Logan was as well, so much so that they were both surprised when Lee came up to the table, and smiled down at them before asking. "Were you planing on going to bed tonight?"

"What do you mean, it can't be that late." Logan replied, before glancing at his watch and realizing even with the time change, it was well past midnight.

"Why didn't you come looking for us earlier?We were going to go out to dinner?" Remy asked, as he finished the hand and collected his chips.

"Oh I did, but y'all looked like you were having fun, so I just took the kids myself." Lee replied. "They're in bed now, but either you should sleep, or just stay up, otherwise you'll run late to the wedding."

"Nah. I would let him miss his own wedding." Logan replied. "But we should go."

"I wouldn't miss the wedding cher." Remy added as they gathered their things. "I won' even be late, mais we have to be up early enough to buy the suits."

They quickly headed back upstairs, and went to bed right away, since Remy and Logan still needed to go shopping. As they were attempting to sleep, Remy asked if they had had fun that afternoon, and Lee agreed, before asking if he had. They chatted for a few more minutes, before drifting to sleep, Remy in mid-sentence.

Logan woke the next morning, he assumed first, until he heard childish giggling coming from the girls' room. When he peaked in, he saw Anton in with the girls, playing with some stuffed animals on the bed, already dressed. The girls seemed to be having fun, and hadn't noticed him, so he went in search of the others.

In the other bedroom, Remy was just tying his shoes, when Logan poked his head in, Remy shook his head pointing to Lee and Adalyn still asleep on the bed, before leading him back out of the room. He explained " Addy was up a few times, strange place, I think, so I told the girls to make sure she was up about an hour before the wedding, and to go get Addy if she wakes first."

"Ah. So are we headin out, or do you need one of us to stay here? I mean if you were up all night too."

"No I'm fine. Let me just grab Ton, and we can head out."

They arrived at the suit store quickly, and the saleslady fawned over Anton, while they picked out their suits. The whole process took less time then they thought, so they decided to pick up lunch at take it up to the girls, instead of having them order in,as planned.

They arrived back in the room, nearly an hour before they promised to be back, with hamburgers from a fast food chain. The girls were in the middle of getting ready, so Jubilee enthusiastically took the food bags from them, and told them to go away. Adding that they would meet them at the chapel. Since they had not changed themselves yet, instead carrying the garment bags with them, Logan protested. Jubilee relented as far as letting them in to change, but insisting that they would have to leave as soon as they were changed.

Remy laughed at the teens antics, as did Lee from behind them. Jubilee, noticing the bride, again began bossing everyone about, insisting that Remy shouldn't see her, so Lee must go hide in her room, and then Logan,Remy, and Anton could change in her and Laura's room.

After she was settled back down, Logan divided up the food, asking the girls to feed and change Anton for them, before being nearly pushed into the room to eat and change himself. Remy had already been pushed in there and was still chuckling to himself as he changed.

Twenty minutes later, Laura knocked on the door and said. "Jubilee told me that I was to tell you that you and Anton need to be going now, or the ladies won't be ready in time...Lee added that she would really appreciate if you would take Anton with you, and that we will be along shortly with Adalyn."

"She don't trust us to stay away from the tables with out a chaperons. " Logan said.

"Non. Mais, we did miss dinner last night, so she may have a point." Remy replied.

"Little does she know, we could hit the tables anyway, or one of us could." Logan replied.

"Not before the wedding." Remy answered, though the thought of the casino was appealing. "Maybe afterward."

"Afterward, you'll be a new groom. Ya ain't going to hit the casino."

"Not that kind of marriage Logan, you know that."

"Yeah, but you said yerself, keep up appearances. How'd it look if you went to the casino just hours after your wedding."

"...I'll just have to talk Lee into coming too. I'll see if the girls will watch the babies."

"That'd work." Logan replied.

They guys had made it to the lobby by this point, and were debating where to spend the next forty minutes until the wedding, before they decided they should just wander around, so Anton wouldn't get dirty.

The ceremony went smoothly as expected, as the group made their way from the chapel. The chapel offered, for an extra fee, to take photos for their newlyweds, and after a brief discussion, they agreed. So they all were posed, in various groupings at Remy's insistence, including several of just him and Lee, but also several with them and the children, and a few of each of them. Finally they made their way back to the hotel, after giving an address to send the pictures to, and went upstairs to change. Remy then asked the girls if they would mind watching the babies after dinner so Lee could go with Remy down to the casino. The girls agreed, and they spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around their room, and celebrating.

They had ordered up a simple cake, and Logan went to retrieve it from a bakery across town, along with a list of requested supplies, such as soda for the girls and ice cream. They had a nice 'party' privately, before going down to dinner. They planned to have the girls take the babies back upstairs afterward, and hit the casino.

Laura and Jubilee had both taken pictures throughout the afternoon, on their phones, as had Logan with the LeBeaus camera. Jubilee, not thinking about it, had posted a couple of them on her profile page a few minutes before dinner. When it occurred to her that they hadn't told anyone where they were going, she apologized to Logan, and quickly took the pictures off, hoping that no one from school had seen them yet. Logan explained to Lee and Remy what had happened after the kids went back upstairs, but Remy just shrugged it off.

"I just didn't want any drama interrupting, like Kitty or Paige deciding that we needed a full scale wedding or Rogue catching wind and being upset. Don't matter now though, I planned to announce it to the staff of Monday." Remy replied. Lee nodding next to him.

Logan shrugged, but told them they should probably tell the girls that so that they weren't upset anymore over Jubilee's photos. They agreed, and told him they would meet him at the tables.

They returned quickly, since the girls were happy to learn Jubilee hadn't made a mistake, really, and had been given permission to post whatever pictures they wanted from the week end. When they had left, the girls were both busy setting the kids up to take more pictures. On the way downstairs, Remy thought about it for a minute before he sent Rogue a text warning her that the girls were going to be posting pictures of the baby.

Rogue responded that it was fine, as long as they didn't say anything about "You know what.". Remy assured her they wouldn't, and turned off his phone. The girls had already been told if they had any problems to page them, or to call Lee's phone, since Remy's needed to be charged.

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