Chapter 4

Chapter Four:

January 2012

It was not a call Remy had ever expected to get. Certainly not at 4 am. He had only been in bed about two hours, when the buzzing, accompanied with the song "Lean on Me". Grumbling, Remy reached blindly for the phone. He knew it was Lee, otherwise he probably would have ignored it. But he'd tried to call about five times the night before, so not answering would be rude. He finally hits the right button without opening his eyes.

" Look, I know I said call as soon as you get the message, but you really cou-" Remy starts, but is cut off.

" Remy..." Lee says on the other end, and he can tell right away something is wrong.

" Lee? Cher, what is it?" Remy asks sitting up.

" There...There was an accident." Lee says so softly, he almost couldn't hear her.

" Wha' happened, who's hurt? Is Ton-ton-"

" The baby's fine Remy. " Lee states. " Trace is gone. He was on his way home an-" whatever else she was going to tell him was lost when he dropped the was dead.

He picks the phone back up a moment later, just in time to hear "Drunk driver".

" I'm on my way, I'll be there this afternoon. " Remy states as he climbs out of bed and begins dressing.

Lee needed him to come. So he would be there for her, she'd done it often enough for him. Picking back up the pieces, seemed to be what she was good at, but how was Lee supposed to cope with this? They just had a baby just a few months ago; little Antone( Ton-ton), his godson. How could this happen?

He went into school in the morning,mostly to tell Kitty and Logan he needed some time off. He walked into the office, an hour before classes were to begin and said to Kitty " Is the boss man in?"

" You know he hates when you say it like that." Kitty replies.

" Fine. Is Logan in his office?" Remy asks.

" Yes, but he a little busy, is it important?" Kitty replies, while looking through some paperwork of her own.

" I need some time off." Remy states.

" When?" Kitty asks while buzzing Logan.

" Now." Remy replies as Logan steps out of his office.

" And why that?" Rogue asks from behind him, making him groan.

" Trace, y'remember my friend Trace? Trace died las' night." Remy replies.

" Take whatever time ya need. Tell Lee I'm sorry." Logan replies.

" How'd you find out so fast?" Rogue questioned. " I mean how do we know this actually happened and you're not just wanting to play hooky?"

"Anna, name once, just once in all the time you've known me, that I lied about someone diein' ta get outta here." Remy replied, angrily.

She acted like he was making it up. Like he would lie to get out of his duties. Why did she act like this? How often did he really abandon the needs of the children? He fumed.

" Remy, we both know you're still mad. And when you're mad you're impulsive." Rogue states, crossing her arms.

Again, with his past mistakes. Like she was so perfect, like she'd never just up and left. Whatever, he didn't need this, not today.

" I'm not the one who lies around here Cher, at least not recently." Remy replies, venom in his voice. Logan and Kitty told him to take all the time he needed, so he will. " If we're done here? Okay I'll call when I get back,Logan."

" Call when ya get a chance, so we know ya got there in one piece." Logan replied and Remy nodded, heading out the door, already distracted with what needed to be done.

Lee had always been there for him. From the first night they met she had seemed intent on helping him. Even when he couldn't even care about himself. Remy turned off towards the highway,he was taking a flight, though he hated to fly anymore, with the trouble they gave mutants, but he needed to get there fast. Perhaps he should have asked Logan to have someone drop him off. But then, he was worried they'd want to ask a bunch of questions about where he was going and why. He owed it to her to do this. But he didn't expect his teammates to understand. They all saw him as immature and selfish, which, honestly was how he had wanted them to see him to begin with, when he hadn't planned on staying long. Now it may be to late to change their view of him.

Now wasn't the time to worry about it though, because right now, Lee needed him and so did Ton-ton. He would also try to talk them into moving closer. He'd even get a bigger place and offer to let her stay with him if she wanted to. They needed each other, just like they always seemed to. She was all alone again, and him. He might as well be. It could wait,however. First he must help with Trace,because there was no way he was letting Lee do this all alone. It was the least he could do. No one should have to handle all of that alone. She'd already had to before anyway, when her family was taken from her. He couldn't allow her to face the same burden with her husband.

He was so lost in thought, Remy barely noticed the hateful looks and rough treatment that had become standard at the airport. He simply filed silently to his seat and stared out of the window. Not really even noticing how quickly the the plane filled up, or even the girl sitting next to him. The girl who was clearly trying to get his attention, and shamelessly flirting with him. It wasn't until she reached over him to close the shade that he glanced at her. Even then it was only to tell her to leave him alone. He just wasn't in the mood for flirting today.

The woman was clearly insulted, but he couldn't bring himself to care, not really. He simply turned back to the window, and his musings.

He spent the rest of the flight trying to decide the best way to bring up Lee and Ton-ton moving home with him. Because he knew that they didn't have enough in their savings to support her and Ton-ton, not even long enough for the settlements and insurance to come in. The problem, really as he saw it, was that Lee never liked asking for help. She gave it freely, but never asked for it. She wouldn't be asking though, so maybe he could convince her.

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